Freedom under attack

I’m still out of the country, so I’m blogging from my phone, but I’ve gotten word that apparently the wretched, conniving, rights-destroying, cowardly gun grabbers  have cooked up a plan to destroy NoVA Armory in Arlington. 

According to an email I got from the store, the County is holding a public hearing in an attempt to overturn the store’s certificate of occupancy.


Neither Dennis Pratte nor his landlord were notified of this public hearing. 

And they weren’t notified by the Arlington County Board, but by a neighbor. I suppose these authoritarian swine were hoping Dennis and his landlord wouldn’t show up and defend themselves against these odious attacks. 

After all, it’s much easier to bully your victim by stabbing them in the back. It’s much preferable to destroy your prey when they least expect it. 

According to an appeal filed by gun-grabbing filth Julie Young, Emily Hughes, Bernadette Brennan, Grace Chan, and Nathan Guerrero, because the store advertised “wholesale prices,” it operates as a wholesaler, vice a retailer, and therefore, its application as a “retail space” contains false information, and therefore its certificate of occupancy should be revoked. 

Now, I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but the legal definition of a wholesaler per U.S Code is that the establishment generally excludes general consuming public as a matter of established business policy and confines sales to other wholesalers, retailers, and industrial or business purchasers. Retail sales are made to the general consuming public and involve small quantities of goods and services. 

I would think the gun grabbers’ case would be relatively easy to dismantle, since the definition has everything to do with the quantity sold and the customer to whom it’s sold and only occasionally with the discount. 

However, I doubt that’s the issue at hand. 

These maggots hate freedom. They hate the fact that a store selling a product they don’t like has opened in our area. They hate that they can’t force the store to close its doors, even though it engages in lawful business. They hate the fact that they can’t bully Dennis Pratte into surrendering his right to operate his business. 

So they’re doing everything they can to impede his right to freely and lawfully do business by using government force and being a general nuisance. 

I’m betting they’re counting on Dennis giving up if they just bully and badger him enough. 

Please don’t let that happen!

Please attend the hearing if you’re in Virginia and let your voice be heard. I can’t be there, but I hope you are!

WHAT: Board of Zoning Appeals meeting to revoke NOVA Armory’s Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

WHEN: Tonight, Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00pm

WHERE: Arlington Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development, Room 307, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Don’t let these bullies destroy a legitimate small business. 

Don’t let them decimate a family’s livelihood. 

Stand up for your neighbors’ freedoms as if they were your won, because it’s the right thing to do. 

Stand up for freedom, because the use of government force, strong arm techniques, and legal manipulation is ethically wrong. 

Stand up, because it might be your business and your family next, if these shitgobblers don’t approve of your business!

Stand up! 


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  1. I don’t know what the local rules are about holding a public meeting about a specific business without notifying the business owner, but generally speaking, these things are supposed to appear in the newspapers. However, if there is no local paper delivery any more, who would know except the people who want to vote this guy out of their community?

    Personally, I think he should lawyer up and sue those silly bitches just for this, because without his being present for a hearing, how can he fight back? This isn’t, after all, the Soviet Union, is it?

    On the other hand, he might be better off taking his business AND his TAX REVENUES to another area, like West Virginia – not too far away – where he and his TAX REVENUES would be welcome. And he could move just across the state line, too, to make it easy for his customers to find him.

    I do not understand what the real problem is, other than it’s a bunch of New Yorkers or Californicators trying to take over the world and turn it into a welfare camp.

    That’s enough to make anyone gag.

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    1. Sara, they ARE suing. I’m guessing that’s why these motherfuckers have doubled down on their efforts.

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    2. His customers could _find_ him if he moved just across the border. But they couldn’t _buy_ anything. At least not without having *another* firearms store _in VA_ to which the purchased item could be delivered, the background check performed, etc.

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      1. West VA is hardly right next door, it’s an hour and sixteen minutes one way from Arlington to Harper’s Ferry. Assuming there’s not a metric shit tonne of traffic. I’d have no trouble with driving that far for something I wanted, but I know many people who will piss and moan about a twenty mile drive.

        And of course GWB pointed out you’d need to find another VA gun store to do business with him in that event (unless, of course, you drove all that way to buy just mags, ammo, holsters, etc…).


    3. They could move to Frederick or Clarke Counties and stay in Virginia. Loudon & Fauquier Counties are evn closer and probably more hospitable.


      1. And allow these gun grabbing scum to run yet another lawful business out of town? No.


  2. I think the store owners have a duplicity case against the board if the owners did not receive a Mailed notice but adjoining businesses did, newspaper notice or not.

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  3. If they’re basing their argument on advertised “wholesale pricing” they’d better close down every mattress store in the country as well.

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    1. I know, right? That’s why I think they’re just trying to be a nuisance and bury the store in legal crap.


  4. EndOfPatience

    I wonder if Julie Young, Emily Hughes, Bernadette Brennan, and Nathan Guerrero realized their addresses would be published in the Board of Appeals Agenda Item?

    (Grace Chan seems to have the cowardice of her convictions and didn’t provide her address.)

    I also wonder if the scumbags realize they’ve told every robber, rapist, and serial killer in the area that these are likely gun-free homes?


    1. In many parts of the country, your occupancy of your HOME is qualified upon it’s having a certificate of occupancy – i.e. meeting codes, being safe & taken care of, etc.
      We mostly never see them, except at major construction closure, but… what if someone could research the homes of Julie Young, et al to see if there are ANY code violations, and petition a similar hearing to toss one or more of them out of their homes? Might make the point, right?

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  5. Not the first time this has happened in Northern Virginia. McLean is basically next door to Arlington and has even wealthier residents.


  6. Even the county staff think this is plain harassment based on their responses to the complaints. These people need to take a line from Frozen and “let it go.”
    If only the owners weren’t such fools (really, suing everyone?) and effectively playing a part that lefties could have written themselves, this would be far more entertaining.


  7. Can’t attend, but I am going to do my best to buy something from them when I am in the area next month (yeah, it can’t be a gun without some hoop jumping, but surely they have something I can use).

    Anyone know of a good shooting range in the area?


    1. There’s an Android app put out by NSSF called “Where to Shoot” that works great for that.


      1. Hah! Well It appears from googling NoVA Armory, that they have a shooting range right there. Makes things simple.

        The bad news is, my Colorado CHP isn’t recognized in VA until 1 July (a rather glaring non-reciprocity goes away then). The good news is, that as near as I can tell open carry is legal even in that part of VA.


    2. I don’t know that the app shows members only ranges like the one I belong to, which is (oddly) just on the other side of DC.


      1. If it’s for finding places you don’t know about to shoot at, then it should not…the members only range will refuse you admittance.


    3. There’s the NRA range just a few miles down I-66 from there.


  8. A few days ago, I read an article by an Ivy League law professor to the point that the left has “won the culture war” and it’s time to make their enemies pay.

    I ask: if they’ve won the culture war, then why have they got to rely upon intimidation, lawfare and lies to get what they want?


  9. AnotherSteveinVA

    SteveInCO: There’s the NRA HQ range in Fairifax, another (Blue Ridge?) in Chantilly (SW of Rt 50/Rt 28 intersection), and another in Ashburn.

    I’d go, but as I don’t live in the People’s Republic of Arlington, my opinion counts of zilch.


    1. I’d really rather deal with a pro-gun range.

      (Given the NRA’s consistent support for (some) background checks I don’t consider them pro-gun.)


  10. I live here. Can’t make the meeting, although I think it would be good to go. It’s not the only game in town tho. There are FFL holders in Arlington if you want something delivered. Otherwise you just need to drive farther out. Not West Virginia. There’s a good place in Manassas for example. Not such a big deal, but I would like to fight these overbearing jerks for the principle of it.


  11. Thanks Arlington. If my business ever gets big enough to need a DC area office, I know where not to site it. You’ve made my life easier.

    And yes, my business is actually of a nature where a DC area office makes sense (government oversight).

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    To get to live stream

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  13. Audio only at

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  14. Stone in Denver, Mountain in Colorado

    So what happened. ??


    1. I just got word the panel ruled IN FAVOR of NoVA Armory! We won!

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      1. Ghost Rider 6

        Well, good deal. And I hope the panties of the whiny little bitches (of both sexes) who filed the complaint are in a very uncomfortable wad today.


        1. “very uncomfortable wad” is WAY too good for those shitstains.

          They need to get their nads chewed up by that upcoming lawsuit.


  15. […] it impossible to make a living in the firearms industry. If the antis can't manage that, they will do their best to shut down new gun stores on the theory that they can at least keep us from gaining ground. It's an abuse of power, but […]


  16. Admit it; you’re over there setting up the new missile shield.
    I knew it. Fake writer…..really a missile guidance systems specialist.


    1. If so I’d say “high time” given how we threw Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus a few years back.


  17. That last post did not include the “” that I thought I typed.


  18. Seems like it is high time NoVa armory sues these people for trying to shut down a legitimate business, taking away their civil rights, or something, if their not doing so already. I probably missed the bus on this, but I should think that the NRA would get their legal team involved pro bono on this. This is the type of lawsuit that they need to be helping with.


    1. They’re suing. See

      Unless their lawyer is a complete nitwit, I’ll expect this latest thing to be tacked on to the complaint including, if need be, adding more names to the sixty four offendants…whoops, I mean “defendants.” (No, I really did mean “offendants.”)


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