You will get what you deserve

Dear low information voter dick nozzles –

Well, it looks like the Hairy Hemorrhoid will be the GOP nominee, and I have to say… 

Well done!

You clamored for cheap and classless. 

You applauded ignorance of foreign policy and economics. 

You praised vulgar attacks and lies. 

You ignored unrealistic promises and flip flops on issues you claimed were important to you. 

You worshipped gaudy arrogance. 

You ignored clear authoritarianism and disdain for the Constitution. 

And you have won. 

Now you can expect the GOP establishment you claim to hate so much to genuflect and fellate Trump’s tiny little pecker. 

You can expect all those Democrats who voted for Trump in the primaries in order to secure the weakest possible opponent for Hillary Clinton to vote for her in the general election. 

You can expect anyone with any principles left in the Republican Party to either write in anyone but Trump, vote for a third party candidate or sit this one out. 

And now that they have helped secure the weakest possible opponent for Hillary, the leftist media will go on the offensive, trot out every possible attack, drudge up every skeleton from every Trump closet, and make Trump look exactly like the shit flinging monkey that he is. 

You will wind up with President Hillary Clinton, and it’s no less than what you deserve. 


Because you have sold out your supposedly “conservative” values for the promises of a cheap, narcissistic, arrogant fraud. You have turned your anger into irrational obtuseness. You have turned away from liberty and constitutional principles, because you were angry, and you wound up throwing out the baby with the bath water. 

And if by some miracle, the Hairy Hemorrhoid winds up in the White House, you will get exactly what you claim you hate about Hillary Clinton. 

A slick, despicable, lying, vainglorious shit goblin with no respect for your rights and contempt for the Constitution, which he thinks he can circumvent and bend to his will. 

You will have deserved it, you gibbering, deluded chimps. 

Because voting for a complete mockery of your principles just to stop a democrat =\= upholding your principles. 

Remember that when you wind up exactly with the kind of statist shit show you dread. 

You deserve it.


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  1. I’ll be sitting this one out; there is no conceivable way I’d vote for Trump, Clinton or Sanders. Trump is running on a platform of “I’m beholden to no one.” And I expect he will govern rule that way. Whatever President Whimsy can get through congress.

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    1. At least vote Libertarian, to get that movement pumped up a bit.

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  2. I will vote for Trump, not because I support him, but because I think that a raging leper is better than an unbalanced, harpy, with delusions of adequacy, whose only accomplishment is to be able to lie without any indication of remorse.

    God have mercy on this nation. Anyone who believes our political system is better than Boliva’s need his head examined.


    1. If a leper was running, I’d vote for that.


  3. roy in nipomo

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
    ― H.L. Mencken

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  4. I hate to say that I have known all along that it would come to this. Clinton vs Trump. Rolls off the tongue like Fraizer vs Ali. If only it were that simple. I don’t think that there is a bit of difference between the two. At least I live in a state where my vote means less than zero. But I don’t care as I have always voted my conscience, starting with John Anderson when he ran against Regan. However, this may be the year I formally abstain as a form of protest. But yes, what an election cycle. All that nonsense and this is the best they can come up with? I am saving money up, and will be buying a new gun and some ammo this month. I have a bolt action shotgun, and need something better. Plus, who ever has enough guns?

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    1. I’ve been saying it for months…It will be “Oh, SHIT!!!!” versus “Hell NO!!!”

      The funny thing is most of the liberals I know have agreed with me.

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    2. At least vote Libertarian, to get that movement pumped up a bit.

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  5. What she said. I’ll probably be voting for Austin Peterson (L) or one of the Constitution party candidates after I do some research. The Angry Orange Man will never get my vote.


  6. “You will wind up with President Hillary Clinton, and it’s no less than what you deserve”

    The sad part is, it’s everyone’s privilege to bend over to be assraped with a twelve gauge rusty steel wire bore brush dipped in twelve molar sulfuric acid for four solid years.

    But did they have to bring ME along for that ride?

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    1. Aaargh… that first paragraph should end “…for four solid years, if that’s what they really want.”


  7. And another thing, Nicki, it’s astounding how you’ve managed to capture how I feel.

    Now I know I’m supposed to say “how I think,” but honestly, my emotions are right in line with what I think, they are based on it.

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  8. Well. Looks the country will get the president it deserves rather than the one it needs.

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  9. Gary Johnson. He’s the only ethical choice at this point. (And was from the start of this election cycle.)

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  10. So who are the best 3rd party candidates out there? Is there any one that people like us could seriously get behind, and might also have a decent chance of being palatable enough to democrats that they may vote for said person instead of Hillary since she is almost as disliked as Trump.

    If we act now to get people moving in the same direction, maybe, just maybe we could have a strong third party turn out. I still would not expect to win, but could you imaging even one state going to a third party.


    1. I keep reading about GOP politicians and voters talking about third party options, but they’re usually couched in regards to building a party from the ground up; since many wings of the GOP have explicitly courted the Libertarian vote….why would they not now support the LP?

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      1. While I have not looked into it my self, I have Heard the Libertarian party is full of crazy SJW type nonsense, and so there are many libertarians that don’t like the Libertarian party.


        1. There are all kinds of libertarians in the LP. Some of them are, in fact, that batshit crazy. Part of the reason I left the LP.


        2. Gary Johnson is no SJW, but like any party, the LP base does have it’s share of Trumpanzee type idiots.


    2. In truth, there are only two real parties — Democrat and Republican. The other parties are just people pretending that they have some effect. They don’t, they just come across as clueless people.


  11. Truer words ne’er spoken. Day like this are when I’m glad I’m not a Republican…as I’d have a serious moral dilemma with regards to my party. Since I believe the general election is now Clinton’s to lose….it would be fitting for the GOP to die the death it deserves. Perhaps something worthwhile can rise from the ashes. Sadly, I fear the Senate will flip left in November as well…….a fate far worse than President Clinton.


    1. RE: Serious Moral Dilemma, Anyone?

      I’ve had that with the GOP since Boehner refused to stop Obama’s riding rough shod on the Constitution of the United States. And that includes his successor replacement, Ryan. Classic Meet the new Speaker. Same as the old Speaker.

      As for the Senate ‘flipping left’….isn’t that part and parcel of what the Balance of Power between the Three Branches of Government is all about?

      But I doubt that that is going to happen. More and more people are realizing that the Democratic Party has not been interested in them at all. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be looking to truly radical people like Sanders. Or running to Trump, as opposed to Hillary.

      In the meantime, back on the Balance of Power, I would think that Trump doesn’t have the sort of ‘power’ over members of Congress or the Supreme Court that I suspect Obama has. [NOTE: Look at Chief Justice Roberts and his bizarre decisions on Obamacare. He indicates he’s going to vote against it. And then, at the last moment, supports it. Looks like some kind of ‘leverage’ at play to me.]

      So I think if Trump is elected president, he’ll have to walk the straight and narrow with Congress. Otherwise, the GOPe types in Congress will impeach him.

      And based on that, I sure hope he chooses a good Vice President candidate….. 😉


      1. Is that why Boehner endorsed Trump as his buddy? No. Trump is part of the establishment. He’s bribed every politician possible on both sides. No.


        1. RE: Boehner

          And when was that?


        2. That would be last week, when he also compared Cruz to Lucifer. The only reason you “don’t know” is you don’t want to.


        3. RE: Boehner’s ‘Endorsement’

          April 2016?

          Ever hear of political ‘sabotage’?





      2. I doubt we’ll ever see an impeachment by one’s own party. Ever. Neither major party has that much integrity.


        1. As long as Trump abandons any pretense of his platform, you won’t. If he doesn’t approve amnesty, Vichy and Harry have more than enough votes.


        2. RE: Congress Impeaching Trump

          If the GOPe hates Trump as much as some people here think, I wouldn’t put it passed them to impeach him.


  12. IMO the GOP did this to themselves. People could really give a rat’s ass what kind of conservative Trump is, they want somebody who is not a politician and has a pair. History will tell if it is right or wrong, but what we have been subjected to by the so called “Conservatives” the GOP can take a high flying fuck.

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  13. RE: Low-Information? Moi?

    Hardly. Rather, I think most of US who like Trump over the GOPe and Hillary types are at least as intelligent as you are. And in many cases—myself included—more so.

    As for whether or not Trump will make a good president. You never can tell until a candidate is in office. Look at Obama…..

    Obama is the reason I call for a new amendment to the Constitution of the United States. One that allows for the recall of elected and appointed federal officials when Congress refuses to use its impeachment powers. To deal with such officials who say one thing, but when they get into office do the opposite of their campaign promises or do nothing to fulfill them.

    As for the GOP, it needed a serious ‘overhaul’ or to die in the first place. Since the distaff ran for the state assembly, I’ve been very much involved with local and state politics. To include being a county delegate to GOP assemblies.

    I have to say that I’ve been VERY disappointed with the state-level GOP. It is, in my personal and professional opinion, corrupt and uncaring for the interests of the counties, let alone the rank and file membership. And my observations indicate that the national level organization is the same. And probably WORSE.

    So, are you going to vote Democrat? Hillary? Sanders? Whomever? Or throw away your vote?

    You could always go for TRUE ‘evil’…..

    Cthulhu for President — for when you’re tired of choosing the *lesser* of the two evils.


    1. Oh, how cute. Really. You think you’re more intelligent than I am. You have fun with that.

      Enjoy what you have reaped.


      1. RE: Intelligence

        Could be. You a member of Mensa or Intertell? You ever been elected the LocSec, i.e., chair, of a major metropolitan chapter of Mensa? I was the LocSec for the Denver chapter, before I moved away.

        In my first week in Basic Training, I was recruited to be given a Warrant and work for the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). Then in AIT, the company commander put me in for West Point Prep. But too many combat vets were coming back and getting in.

        As for ‘enjoy what you reap’…..

        ….may I remind you that YOU’RE IN THE SAME BOAT…. 😉

        So whatever happens, we all need to—as the Boy Scouts put it….

        ….Be Prepared…..


        1. Could be. You a member of Mensa or Intertell? You ever been elected the LocSec, i.e., chair, of a major metropolitan chapter of Mensa? I was the LocSec for the Denver chapter, before I moved away.

          In my first week in Basic Training, I was recruited to be given a Warrant and work for the White House Communications Agency (WHCA). Then in AIT, the company commander put me in for West Point Prep. But too many combat vets were coming back and getting in.

          Jesus Christ. Arrogant AND ignorant. A dangerous combination, given the fact that your response to any actual facts about Trump was “Huh… he’ll hire good advisors.” Dude, whatever. Some of the biggest morons I know are Mensa members, despite their assessed IQ.

          I may be in the same boat, but I’m not there by choice. People like you drag me along for the ride, and don’t think for a moment I won’t be kicking and screaming in protest all the way!

          As I said. Enjoy. It will either be the female statist or the male one. Either way it will suck. Thanks bunches.

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        2. RE: Arrogant?

          Nope. Just pointing out facts. Something to put thinks into perspective. As with our other encounter on a Trump-related article, where I offered my credentials and some people were ‘offended’.

          I can’t help it if people don’t like them. Such people sound sort of ‘defensive’ about all of this. Why is that?

          Some of the biggest morons I know are Mensa members, despite their assessed IQ. — Nicki

          Morons in Mensa is an oxymoronic. Moron is a term relating to people of low mental capacity. Mensa is an organization that only allows people of high mental capacity in it.

          As Commander Spock would put it, “It is ‘illogical’.” [NOTE: Pardon the Trekkie anecdote. Just got the Star Trek original series. First time I’ve seen it since it originally aired in the 60s.]

          Rather, what I suspect you encountered with Mensans were the socially inept ones. And I can understand your misclassifying them as ‘morons’. Socially speaking they can be ‘moronic’.

          But then again, I’ve hung with the chief of pathology at a major Denver hospital. The best man at my wedding was one who put the F-18 Hornet into the air. A married couple that worked designing ICBMs. A professor of geology at Colorado School of Mines. And scads more who were hardly socially inept.

          RE: Boating On the Potomac

          Indeed. We’ve been in the same boat all these years. Including the last SEVEN. And I’ll wager those last were ‘not of our choice’ either.

          And as for your ‘kicking and screaming’…’re welcome to it. But try to not let it block out alternative views.

          As former Vice President Hubert Humphrey put it….

          ….Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate. — Hubert H. Humphrey

          I think he was a Senator at the time.


        3. Yep, keep flogging. Rather than TELLING us you’re great and who your oh-so-important friends are, try actually SHOWING us some intelligence.

          A moron is a stupid person. Stupidity can be assessed in a number of different ways. Yes, many are socially deficient, and GOOD LORD Mensa has a shit ton of those! Many just don’t have common sense, which is critical. But again, red herrings are dull, and I just don’t have time to rehash the actual facts that were thrown at you, and the idiotic derp you came back with as a response, the best of which was STILL “Oh, Trump will hire really good advisors.”

          Have fun.

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        4. Oh, and by the way – no one was offended at you constantly offering up your alleged “credentials.” We were more amused that you tried to use them in lieu of actual substance.

          What’s next? Will you offer up your penis size as bigger than mine? OK, I admit it.

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        5. Ummmmmm how about a DD214 cbpelto?


        6. In my experience EVERYONE who has ever offered up their Mensa membership as evidence that they aren’t utter fools has been not only an utter fool, but an arrogant asshole unwilling to consider they just might be wrong, as well.

          Mensa membership don’t mean shit. You passed a test indicating you can tell which shape isn’t a rotation of another shape. That doesn’t mean you understand bean curd about politics or how human societies work or can see through a con man.

          Check your premises. The fact you never responded to Nicki’s substantive claims in the last conversation you came in and bloviated all over says a lot about you, and none of it is good.

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    2. “Or throw away your vote?”

      It is thinking like this that has locked us into a two-party mentality for too long. Voting Libertarian or Constitutional isn’t throwing away your vote. Nor is it ‘letting the other guy win’. It is voting your conscious.

      Slaves to the System think like this, not free thinking Citizens.

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      1. RE: Slave to the System


        Remember your history. And what happened to the Whig party in the mid-1800s. There were only two parties back then. The Whigs died and the Republican Party rose in its place.

        And it IS ‘letting the other guy win’. Whether you recognize it or not.


        1. “And it IS ‘letting the other guy win’”

          Only if you consider one to be the lesser evil. Voting for either Trump or Clinton is not voting my conscious, it is voting for the lesser evil – period. Maybe I want to vote for someone, instead of against someone.

          You need to look outside the US my friend. There are places where they also have “two” parties – in name only. That’s where we are headed. There is only real difference between the D’s and R’s is how they go about getting your money and which Rights they want to trample.

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    3. “I call for a new amendment to the Constitution of the United States. One that allows for the recall of elected and appointed federal officials when Congress refuses to use its impeachment powers. To deal with such officials who say one thing, but when they get into office do the opposite of their campaign promises or do nothing to fulfill them.”

      We have that already. It’s called “The Next Fucking Election”.

      But you retarded plains apes keep putting the same fucking simpering power-addicts back into the crack-house…..


  14. Last night I was as angry as you. We missed possibly our last good chance at a committed constitutional conservative. In the light of day it’s more of a deep disappointment. My anger is reserved for the Boehners and McConnells who set this dynamic in motion. I was concerned that a demagogue would come along and energize the LIVs but I hoped he/she would be worthy. I have serious doubts. (Think Jesse V. and Arnold S. Both abject failures) As to Trump, he’s got a lot of fences to mend. I don’t know if his ego will allow it. You can’t say “Lyin’ Ted” 500 times and then expect him to enthusiastically help you in the general election. Ironically the extreme rhetoric that propelled him to the nomination could be his undoing.

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    1. Spot on. Fuck Trump.


  15. A few months ago I was saying calm down, once the race comes down to two candidates, people will start to see Trump for the narcissistic asshole he really is and they will reject him.
    Boy did I ever fuck that up.
    We can’t stay home, the down ticket races have become all that more important.
    But yeah – Fuck Trump.

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    1. wanderingmuses

      Absolutely have to vote because of the down ticket races. One can vote for a third party candidate, a write-in, or simply not vote in the presidential race at all. But the down ticket needs to be voted on.


      1. In my state, there’s always some initiative that MUST be opposed by anyone of principle. And requests to hike taxes (since we have strong tax limits here), but I repeat myself.

        Once in a great while there’s an initiative worth voting for.

        You’re right about the down ticket races too; sometimes you run into someone who is such a piece of filth he makes his opponent look good.


  16. RetMSgt in Pa.

    Gee, Nicki, I’m beginning to think that you’re not enamored with The Donald. You really ought to tell us how you feel – and don’t hold back.

    Of course, the Republican (“Let’s go along to get along”) Party, also known as the RINO Party, brought it on itself. Qualified candidates, such as Governor Kasich, were removed from the competition, and look at what we ended up with.

    And, on the other side of the house, we have one old man who has no idea how economics works, and we have one old lady who has no idea of how telling the truth works.

    I’m waiting to see the fireworks erupt between The Donald and The Harpy. It ought to be interesting – more so when no indictment is forthcoming and things start getting leaked to the press.


  17. Pat Minicucci

    Well said.


  18. Optimus Maximus

    I love the smell of #nevertrump burning in the cold light of day.

    “Lyin’ Ted” worked because Ted was a liar. Trump will beat Hillary because he will fight her, and mince no words. Unlike the GOPe which hasn’t fought for anything since Newt left.

    Trump supporters are not low info, simply fed up with the system and see Trump as our murder weapon for the GOPe.

    Enjoy the next 4 years of Trump.


  19. Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.


  20. Ghost Rider 6

    For the first time since I reached voting age, neither the R’s nor the D’s will apparently offer up a candidate for whom I can, with good conscience, vote. So yes, time to look at the Libertarian Party offering.

    And am I the only one that thinks that just maybe perhaps possibly we could end up with President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.?


    1. Nahhhhh. I’m not seeing Biden.


      1. My nightmare scenario: FBI presents a criminal referral to the AG after the last primary but before the convention. Hilary steps down under threat of indictment.
        Biden white knights at the convention. Elizabeth Warren to buy off the Bernie voters. Welcome to the Progressive wet dream: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu.
        Stock up on ammo because you won’t be able to buy anymore guns and the revolution will be brutal

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        1. Believe it or not, I’d actually considered that very scenario!


        2. Ghost Rider 6

          The basis of my Biden thinking. I hope Nicki is correct (as she often is), but you gotta admit some fucking strange things have already happened in this cycle. And it ain’t over yet.


  21. When I start throwing around my credentials, I’ll start it with “that one time at band camp.” As a blue-dog Dem, I have to say that there’s no good choice, but shoot, I can’t pull the ballot lever for Trump. Just…can’t…do…it. Sorry!


    1. That’s because you actually have… you know… integrity!


  22. Unfortunately “Fuck Trump” won’t work as a bumper sticker because there are too many linguistic prudes out there who will be turned off by how you say the message.

    I hope most people can read my thought bubble. But if they can’t, I propose “Truck Fump.”


    1. Testing:



  23. Nikki. I’ll be voting for Trump. Is he a great guy? Not by a long shot. Will he do what he promises? I do not know. In fact nobody “Knows”. At this point all of us, on both sides are only guessing. One thing I am fairly certain of, however. With Trump, I have a chance to get some of what is promised. With Ms Clinton, I will have no chance at closed borders, or a slowing of immigration. So Trump it is.
    And at the end of the day, remember that next year, you’ll need to join hands with us “Low Information, Dick Nozzle” Trump voters to have any chance of restoring a new conservative party to political power. There appear to be more of us, than the RNC, counted on.


    1. You know, I don’t care if Trump is a great guy or not. He can be the biggest dick on the planet, and it won’t matter to me one iota. I care that he knows exactly jack and shit about foreign policy. I care that he doesn’t understand basic economics. I care that he does not respect the Constitution – and that, by far, is my biggest concern. As a legal immigrant to this country, I understand that immigration is not really the issue. ILLEGAL immigration is. And I’m offended as fuck that illegals are demanding the same rights as those of us who went through a whole lot of shit to get here legally. But again, that’s beside the point. I am not certain that we have any chance to pass any kind of immigration reform that Trump promises, because he’s changed his tune so many times. And considering he’s hired illegals, I have no faith that he will deal with the problem.

      Are there intelligent people who examined the situation, and decided to take their chances with Trump? Sure. Some of them are my friends. Unfortunately, the majority of the Trump supporters I’ve encountered have been absolute ignorant trash that’s just pissed off and ready to blow the entire thing up. At the end of the day, I want nothing to do with these kinds of chimps. And as for your claim that there are “more of you” than the RNC counted on… just remember, you were joined by thousands Democrats to help get Trump elected, and if you think it’s because they like Trump so much, I have this bridge…

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      1. So, do you call your “Intelligent Friends” “Dick Nozzles” to their faces, or is that language reserved for the faceless commenters in the interwebs?
        Both kinds of immigration are a problem. Not just the illegal kind.
        You know, I’d take you more seriously, if you want such a Foul Mouthed Ranter.
        A Few Four Letter terms give spice to a rant. Too many just shows how weak both your thoughts and vocabulary are. But, It’s your Blog. Say what you like.


        1. You know, I don’t give a rat’s petulant shitter if you take me seriously or not, and since you haven’t actually addressed any of the numerous concerns about Trump that have been written about here, I’d assess you as more of a screeching Trumpanzee dick nozzle rather than an intelligent friend. And, by the way, my friends who do support him have intelligence and integrity, and they fully understand this.

          And legal, vetted, educated immigrants are not a problem. If you claim they are, you’re a bigger retard than I anticipated.

          Feel free to take your exit, and don’t let the virtual door bruise your delicate, chocolate starfish.

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    2. Any one with half a brain knows exactly what Trump will do. No one goes there entire life saying one thing than does an honest complete 180 in 6 months. By that brain dead logic You mine as well vote for Hillary be cause as you say Nobody knows what she’ll actually do, and she’s just as likely as trump to do any of those things you want done.


  24. Another rant in a similar vein (and yes he does address the “blow the GOP up” line):


  25. Rarely have I ever uttered “Bill O’Reilly is right” but I think he nailed it with this one. Why are GOP voters angry? The establishment, as they see it, has let them down. But God, Bill is an ass.


    1. I can’t. I can’t read or listen to O’Reilly without experiencing rage. I just can’t.


  26. Boy, What a classy lady you are! Do you kiss your husband with that mouth?

    About Immigrants. Legal ones can be a problem as well. You are not, but others are. I’ve had enough “invite the world” nonsense, Thank You.
    JSF001 Conflates his feelings about Trump with his guess about his future actions. I’ll not agree with him, especially about the “Anyone with half a brain” commentary.
    Intelligence is highly over-valued in our current society, seeing how it is now run By & For those who score highest on verbal acuity tests. Mike Rowe has considerably more value than George Will for instance. So bragging about IQ or Wordsmithing is just empty posturing.


    1. The only guy who was half-witted enough to try to brag on his own intelligence on THIS thread was one of your fellow Trump supporters. So thank you for helping me make the point I made in response to him. (Anything else from anyone else was a response to his silliness.)


    2. Boy, What a classy lady you are! Do you kiss your husband with that mouth?

      Boy, what a pedantic nitwit you are! Do you always come over to others’ sites and berate them for their language when you can just leave and have been invited to do so?

      About Immigrants. Legal ones can be a problem as well. You are not, but others are. I’ve had enough “invite the world” nonsense,

      Anyone can be a problem, and since we seem to have a shortage of people who can even communicate effectively, let alone run businesses and understand basic finance.

      JSF001 Conflates his feelings about Trump with his guess about his future actions. I’ll not agree with him, especially about the “Anyone with half a brain” commentary.

      You are free to do so, but when the information is freely available, and people ignore it, because they’re so invested in the cult of Trump, that assessment becomes a high confidence one.

      Intelligence is highly over-valued in our current society, seeing how it is now run By & For those who score highest on verbal acuity tests. Mike Rowe has considerably more value than George Will for instance. So bragging about IQ or Wordsmithing is just empty posturing.

      I would agree to a point. It’s not just about intelligence, but whether or not you use it. Mike Rowe actually produces value. George Will bloviates. Mike Rowe communicates clearly and effectively, puts his skills to use, and employs others. Not sure what Will’s purpose is other than to write columns. I suppose there’s a demand for that, otherwise, he wouldn’t be working, but his value to society vice his value to his employer are two different issues.


      1. Nikki, You amuse me with your insults. “Pedantic Nitwit”. I’ve never been called THAT before. We agree about the value od George Will. That’s a good start. AS far as leaving? I like it here.
        Sadly, my vote for Trump is a reluctant one, not one of conviction. Given the choice of Trump, Sanders, or Clinton, I must roll the dice and gamble that Trump will do what he has claimed he will. I’ve been #NeverDemocrat since voting against Jimmah Carter, and I shan’t change over now. Given how Trump campaigns, don’t be in a hurry to write him off due to his poll numbers. I suspect that he’ll win by a larger margin than is predicted by the media.


        1. ” AS far as leaving? I like it here.”

          You’ve been invited to leave. From where I sit, you’re perilously close to having the same moral standing as the asshole who won’t go home at the end of the date no matter how much his date is telling him it’s time to go home.


        2. LOL! Well, I’m off to the ballet. You guys have fun!


  27. Tom-ass, to just one of your points, that legal immigrants can be a problem, I think in your case it would be much more accurate to say that natural born citizens are the real problem. Especially since most of them ( notice how I am stereotyping here Tom-ass) like you, have neither the decency nor common courtesy to refrain from attempting to talk down to a woman. My mother and father taught me that you don’t visit someones home and piss in the corner. Sad for you that you didn’t get the same lesson, you might have had a little more class.

    As to Trump and extrapolating his future actions based upon his history, that is not only the right thing to do, it is the only way to decide who you would wish to be your president. If you just choose based on who talks the best, or says they will do the most good, then you are picking not the candidate, but the staff behind the candidate.

    As for calling Nikki out on the weakness of her thoughts or vocabulary, you are quite the pompous ass, so it is no wonder that you support Trump. If you think that the blog owner is wrong, or their argument is weak, then support your side with facts, not bloviated pretension. That is what I have found most blog owners live for. Nikki, like any other blog writer, is always willing to debate any topic, provided you do it intelligently, not like a pavlovian dog who was trained by a clown with a funny red wig and a fake tan.

    Honestly, I have often considered a blog of my own, just so I would not take up so much space on other peoples comment section. But then I read something like the drivel that spews from trolls who would rather have someone else think for them so long as they get their ears tickled by sound bites, and I realize that I would have to have my keyboard registered with ATF, because I would want to use it to defend myself from idiots.

    Oh, by the way, Tom-ass, ” Do you kiss your husband with that mouth “? That is pretty harsh language, I haven’t heard that for years. I hope you didn’t hurt Nikki’s feelings.

    And Nikki, as to you, I won’t ever challenge you to a size contest, but I bet I can piss up a wall higher than you. With Mensa, there is something we can really debate. We can debate on whether or not one of us passed the entrance test, just for fun, and then told them to stuff their country club. They are nothing more than an exclusive group with the main goal of making money from their membership, while at the same time making sure the lesser people know just how smart they are. The test cost, I think around twenty bucks, but gee whiz, the lower class can take one just for fun. These tests now cost 4$ a pop, and they call them a Mensa practice test. I have no doubt that Nikki would score high enough to enter the rarefied air of Mensa, but I also have no doubt that she is not a joiner, especially of groups who’s main goal is to show how smart they are, while not really accomplishing much.

    That guy is what we dumb, ignorant foundry workers used to call ” educated idiots”. The term is self explanatory. The one thing they all seem to have in common, besides the educated idiot part, is the inability to remain humble about anything. I wonder if when they had the election for that Mensa leadership position, there was a tie for president, with everyone receiving 1 vote, their own.


    1. As a side note–I stupidly joined Mensa in high school. You don’t have to take their tests, you can use your SAT or ACT or even PSAT scores.

      My entry into Mensa was well before I had taken any of those college prep tests, and back then for earlier things my school district used something called the “Iowa Test of Basic Skills” which didn’t (and still doesn’t) appear on their lists. So I did take their tests, and easily beat their scores (though I don’t remember which tests or what I got), furthermore looking at their college prep standards, I easily beat them as well.

      To get into Mensa you only have to score in the top two percent on an intelligence test (in other words, out of fifty randomly chosen people, one will probably qualify; if you work in ANY sort of professional environment, likely a lot more than one in fifty of your organization will). Furthermore, you only have to succeed once; maybe there’s a test out there you will do a bit better on because it favors areas you do better in. Or you could just be “In The Zone” the day you take it. So no doubt if everyone in the US were to try to get in, they’d end up with more than 2% of the population. Regardless, that’s really not that high a bar; it certainly doesn’t make you any kind of an Einstein. As we’ve seen here today with mister cbpelto.

      My personal result? It’s still full of people with their own weird, irrational beliefs, none of which match. If you’re lucky your own local chapter isn’t run by someone who brings the same topic in (oh, say, Eastern mysticism or astrology) over and over and doesn’t let the agenda ever mesh with people of a different mindset. But at least they could sound passable as they argued (fallaciously) for their bullshit. (And at that age, I am sure I did the same.) I dropped out fairly quickly.


    2. Tom-ass? How Clever!
      I doubt I’ve hurt Nikki’s feelings. I have, well, the worlds a rough place, especially the blogosphere. She seems to be a big girl, so I don’t think I’ve done any permanent damage.
      Foundry Worker Eh? What my Father always called good, honest work. Me, I was an auto mechanic. Now it’s the oilfields. Working with your hands can be satisfying. Arguing politics while working is even more so. At least for me.
      Last, How do you know I’m a Natural Born Citizen? Didn’t say I was, did I?


  28. Jesus fucking h christ on a crotch rocket Nicki! Why don’t you tell the ones who come in being insulting just what you really think! Children, children, children…if you’re gonna come into someone’s home and be deliberately insulting than thus do I dub thee, the result of the dalliance between syrian dockside whore with syphilis, and a passing donkey. How can I say this? Because you’re braying like your average every day jackass.

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  29. I don’t deserve Trump of Hillary. I won’t support ether one. And I’ll never support the Libertarians because they have been butt-fucking conservatives for decades and are directly responsible for Terry MacAuliffe sitting in the Governor’s office in Virginia today. So on election days, I’ll just vote for the lesser offices and then go home and load magazines and wait for the inevitable.

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    1. Which reminds me–I’ll bet ammo prices just shot up today…MOST actual gun people are realizing what Trump’s inevitable nomination means, even if there are a few butt-ostriches out there.

      (A butt-ostrich, of course, being someone whose head is buried in a specific something that is not sand.)


    2. And I’ll never support the Libertarians…..

      Fair enough, as a fellow anti-Trumpanzee, though my take as a Libertarian is a bit different. The GOP has long presumed some sort of ownership over Libertarian votes….you know, because we’re allegedly ideologically aligned. Yet when the GOP closes in on nominating a Leftist man-child with zero Conservative credibility, and talks of third party options….they now ignore their Libertarian ‘allies’.


  30. Trumpkins didn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. They got drunk, drained the tub, and set the baby on fire.

    Count me as principled: I will never vote for any Trump backer. I also refuse to watch any of the cable news networks who puffed up Trump. Especially Fox, who were always corporatist liars, but now they’re not even consistent in their lies.

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  31. way2opinionated

    Trump was never my choice. I voted for Cruz in March. However, the Republicans have sucked for ever so long a time now. So ya’ll get over your butthurt and try to be what everyone always claims to be…smarter than the average bear.

    The Republican Party is not a “Conservative Party”. But it does have conservative elements, some real stars at that. Likewise, the state and local Republicans are more conservative than the national ones and they need to be nourished as they feed higher positions. Trump may be a disaster. But a Trump victory will bring in Republicans down ticket. Holding the Senate (despite McConnell) is possibly more important than getting the White Palace. (let’s call it what it is) And that includes providing a check against the worst case Trump.

    The Democratic Party has abandoned any pretense of conservatism, tradition or patriotism. And to a large degree, sanity. Their loyalties are to Party over Country. Ya’ll claim Trump will rule as an autocrat. The entire Democratic Party now stands for totalitarian government. Everything inside the State. Nothing outside the State. Large parts of the Federal Empire branch of the Democratic Party have been caught using federal power to punish opponents to the Master Party. Does anyone here really think Hillary won’t double and triple down on Obama’s Regulatory State? Anyone? Beuller?

    There is NO principle (at least not a good one) involved in helping the Democrats complete their fundamental transformation of the United States into nothing. As with all Progressive Virtue Signalling, “Principle” really just looks like an unprincipled position to satisfy egos, pique and a lot of irrational emotional baggage. If you really want to hold up principles, get over yourselves. This is not about me or you or Trump or McConnell or any other individual. The big issue is whether there will be a United States much longer. I have no loyalty to the Republican Party beyond its utility as a tool to stop the Democrats from destroying my children’s future. That is my attitude towards Trump. I don’t care if he is the hammer or the nail as long as he can be used to hold things together while the Tea Party Rebellion effects the “fundamental transformation” of GOPe into something that can restore the rule of law in the country.


  32. I’ve always seen Trump as a funhouse mirror version of 0bama


    1. Funhouse version? Nope. if he were he’d be witty and entertaining…he ain’t


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