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Stop trying to shove the Trump or Clinton false dichotomy down my throat!

OK, enough is enough. I’ve just about had it with the “you’re either voting for Trump, or you’re for Hillary” douchebaggery, Republicans! Enough!

I’m not voting for him. Period. And tossing false dichotomies at me will not change my mind.

dumbshitI’ve gone over why Trump is absolutely unqualified and unsuited for the most powerful office in the land – and the world.

I’ve listed numerous reasons why I will never vote for him – everything from his love of force to his lack of knowledge about basic economics and foreign policy, to his flip-floppery on everything from gun rights, to abortion, to the war on terrorism.

And yet, I’m consistently seeing appeals from both Republican friends and from “conservative” pundits to stand with them and vote for Trump, because not to do so would be voting for Hillary.

These appeals range from “Oh, you must support Hillary,” to “You must not care about Supreme Court nominees,” to “Are you wasting your vote on a third party, because if you are, you’re voting for Hillary,” and all sorts of other stupid. If that’s how you’re trying to convince me, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

If you want me to change my mind about Trump, show me how he will make a better president than Hillary Clinton. Show me why I need to give him my vote.

Not being Hillary and not being a Democrat (this week) are not qualifications for President, no matter how hard you try to ram that narrative down my throat! You will not get me to vote for an unqualified, classless, boorish, uninformed lout, who is as leftist and authoritarian as his opponent, merely because he has an “R” behind his name. That’s not how it works.

As I’ve said before, Democrat and Republican are merely brand names. They are vehicles by which the candidates are delivered to us. Ultimately, it’s up to the candidate to prove his suitability for the office, and from what I’ve seen so far, Trump hasn’t even come close for all the reasons I mentioned above.

No, this is not about a protest vote.

I’m not protesting jack shit. I’m not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. I couldn’t give less of a flying rat’s ass about party labels. It’s simply about choosing the best qualified candidate for what is the most important job. And for me, neither one fits.

No, I don’t believe any candidate is perfect.

No, I don’t delude myself into believing that somehow Trump is more qualified to run the country and be the leader of the free world because he’s not Hillary. Not being Hillary is not a qualification.

No, despite his recent acceptable list of whom he would nominate for the Supreme Court, I don’t believe for a moment that a guy who, until a few months ago, thought his leftist sister would make a “phenomenal” SCOTUS nominee, is to be trusted with that decision.

No, a vote for Trump is not in any way better than a vote for Hillary. As a matter of fact, it may be worse, because when that stubborn, antagonistic, puerile dunce fucks up our country with nearly the exact same politics as Hillary, the Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves, liberals will screech about the failure of capitalism under a “Republican,” and low-information idiots will fall for it, ushering in an era of even worse, more extremist economic policies.

No, voting third party is not “throwing your vote away.” We are not the fucking Soviet Union! We have options and choices – everything from voting third party to not voting at all. And if more people weren’t chickenshit traitors to their own principles, they would see that there is essentially no difference between the two – no matter what Trump happens to write on social media or his campaign website. His history of flip flopping on issues most important to Republicans should be a big, red flag, but instead Republicans are so terrified of Hillary, that they will cast their vote for a male version of her, only with less experience and knowledge. They are both the same shit sandwich – one with mayo and one with ketchup – but ultimately, it’s still a shit sandwich, and I’m not going to swallow it when some stale roast beef is lying around.

No, a single-payer health care system wouldn’t be any better under Trump than it would be under Hillary.

No, liberal justices coming from leftist with an “R” behind his name are no better than liberal justices coming from a “D.” Perhaps you retards should have considered this before going out and casting your vote out of fear and anger, in an effort to burn down the establishment.

No, authoritarianism is no better under the “R” label than it is under the “D.”

No, I don’t fall for cheap rhetoric.

This is a Kosovo Harley. Basically it’s a gargen tiller rigged up to a trailer with a car’s drive shaft to a car’s rear axle that is mounted to the trailer. They are not very fast and are more of a nusence when they are on the road, but this is one of the main forms of transportation here in Kosovo.

This is a Kosovo Harley. It’s a tiller or a lawnmower hooked up to a trailer. They are slow, and are used to transport everything from humans, to cattle, to furniture. I’ve seen a very confused cow on the back of one of these.

No, it’s not because I’m bitter that “my guy” lost. I didn’t have a “guy.” Rob was passionate about Cruz, as he wrote a few months ago. I certainly liked Cruz and Rubio better than I liked Trump, but that’s kind of like driving a Yugo in a race against Kosovo Harleys. Hell, I liked Jim Webb better than Trump as well, but that’s quite akin to me choosing that stale roast beef sandwich over the diarrhea, beer, and corn concoction that is Trump.

If you truly feel that Trump would be the lesser of the two evils, go and pull that lever for him. I’m certainly not going to try and change your minds.

If you want me to vote for your guy, you’d better give me a better reason than, “Yeah, we know he’s a liberal. Yeah, we know he helped elect Clinton crony Terry McAwful as governor of Virginia and scores of other leftists with his donations. Yeah, we know he is a demagogue who knows little to nothing about running a country. But he’s better than Hillary, soooooo…”

You want to change my mind, show me why he would be better than Hillary. Show me some concrete proof that a guy who in a Memorial Day speech yesterday – a day when so many people commemorate the loss of their loved ones in military service – saw it fit to screech, “Memorial Day… it’s our day and we have to be very proud of it and we are very proud of it,” and invoked Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech to wonder why the venue wasn’t completely filled with people yearning to see his greatness – is somehow better than his opponent.

Otherwise, I would really appreciate it if you would stop trying to shove that bag of syphilitic dicks down my throat.


Note to Commenters

It appears, due to certain ignorant fucktards failing to read the rules, I need to post a reminder.

There will be no racist commentary tolerated on this site. None. Zip.

I am not in the habit of censoring my site. I like healthy and unhealthy debate. I love cursing. It’s fun. However, racism isn’t funny, nor is it acceptable here. That is non-negotiable.

If your ignorant ass wants to post racist invective it will either be deleted or edited, depending on my mood. If you continue to be a dick, you’ll be relegated to the spam pile.

No, you have no right to demand I allow you to post your shit. I pay for this site. It’s mine. You will follow the rules, or you will leave.

Also, a reminder about moderation. First-time commenters will automatically be tossed into moderation, as will any comment with more than one link. This is to protect the site from spam, not because I want to censor you in some way. I’m usually pretty good about checking the spam trap and releasing comments from moderation quickly, but if I don’t, it’s because I’m busy, and I’ll get to your comment shortly. So, if you’re planning on sending me nasty notes about censoring you, don’t bother.

I hope that’s clear.

Quit virtue signalling over the damn gorilla incident!

My news feed today was filled with news of Harambe – the 17-year-old male Western lowland Silverback gorilla who was fatally shot in an effort to save a little boy who had fallen into the animal’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Some are screeching that the parents of the 3-year-old child should be held responsible for Harambe’s death. There’s even a petition that has garnered more than 100,000 signatures demanding the parents be charged with the animal’s death. Mourners held a vigil for the ape, #JusticeForHarambe was trending on social media, and in a stroke of sheer jackassery, some obtuse ignorami went as far as to claim the gorilla was shot because of white privilege.

Get a load at this retard.

BTW, the kid wasn’t white, according to press, so this Hood “Intellect” is also a bigot.

The gorilla was seen dragging the kid through the water by his leg. He looked agitated, and the crowds probably didn’t help the situation. Tranquilizing the animal would have probably taken a bit, especially with the adrenaline that was likely coursing through his body. In those precious seconds that child would likely have been killed.

Yes, it’s a tragedy. Yes, it sucks that the gorilla was killed, but as the zoo officials said, they had a tough decision to make and they made it.

At first, it looked like Harambe was trying to help the boy, O’Connor said. The gorilla stood him up and pulled up his pants. However, as the crowd’s clamors grew, Harambe tossed the boy into a corner of the moat and stood over him, O’Connor said. As the crowd’s cries grew, the video shows Harambe grabbing the boy by the foot, dragged him through the water and out of the moat atop the habitat, O’Connor said.

Yeah, sorry, but it’s no contest. A child’s life is worth more than a gorilla’s. This is a human life, we’re talking about, people!

apeThen you have the judgmental fuckwads who are virtue signalling all over the Internet about the lack of parental responsibility, and how the parents should be held accountable.

You’d charge a parent for leaving a child in a car alone. Why not hold them responsible for allowing a toddler into a gorilla enclosure.

I have to wonder if a) any of these dumbshitsauri have ever been to a zoo on a busy weekend and b) if they’ve ever had a toddler for any length of time.

These little buggers are slippery and quick. You look away for one second, and they can disappear quickly into a crowd. This is in no way the same as locking your kid in a hot car!

This was a tragic accident, but if you’re a parent, you know these incidents can happen only too easily. Sometimes it’s not due to human stupidity, but simple tragic circumstances outside anyone’s control. Anyone who has kids can tell you that.

So quit with the virtue signalling already. I know it gives your petty little ego a boost to vent your rage on the Internet to show what a concerned world citizen you are, but all you’re doing is showing yourself to be a world class douche.

A human life was saved. Be grateful, and quit shitposting your judgments.

Sympathy for Paula Broadwell? Nope.

Yesterday’s New York Times had this feature article on David Petraeus’ former piece of ass Paula Broadwell. If you don’t remember her name, no one can blame you. This is the woman who was discovered to have been giving up the poonanie to the now-former CIA Director and rock star General widely credited with turning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan around in our favor.

Reading the wailing sob story about how poor Paula’s stellar career has come to a screeching halt, one gets the feeling the NYT is trying to drum up sympathy for the woman who has received much harsher treatment at the hands of society than a man. A buddy of mine pointed out “gender bias” as being behind Broadwell’s lack of success while Petraeus recovered and landed on his feet after having pled guilty to mishandling classified information and sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine.

Nearly four years later, Mr. Petraeus is now a partner in a New York private equity firm, and has advised the White House on the war against the Islamic State. He publishes op­ed articles, speaks publicly and has affiliations with three universities, including Harvard.


Ms. Broadwell has struggled to find her footing. For weeks, reporters camped outside her home in Charlotte, N.C., where she was trying to restore her marriage. Friends sent over groceries and hot meals for her family — her husband, Scott, and sons, 8 and 10 — and staged interference so Ms. Broadwell could cut across her neighbors’ lawns, climbing over fences, to escape for a morning run.

She lost her military security clearance; her promotion from major to lieutenant colonel was revoked when the news broke. The F.B.I. still has her computers — including her dissertation research — and she withdrew from her Ph.D. program. She said she was told in more than one job interview that, while she was qualified, hiring her would be a public ­relations nightmare.

Well, what the hell did she expect, accolades? Pats on the back and “attagirls” for bagging the General?

sinclairYes, she lost her clearance. I’m fairly sure Petraeus doesn’t have his either. That’s what happens when you take classified information home and share it with someone who has no need to know. Yes, she lost her promotion. It happens all the time to male troops who are caught in flagrante delicto. BG Jeffrey Sinclair was dropped two ranks for sticking his dick into a subordinate officer. MAJ Jim Gant admitted to an affair with a Washington Post correspondent, busted down to Captain and forced to retire, despite an illustrious career as a Green Beret.

Did little Paula expect special treatment?

At least she wasn’t charged, fined, and put on probation like Petraeus was.

But that hasn’t stopped some from implying that double standards are keeping poor Paula down.

I disagreed. Strongly.

Fact is Broadwell’s ego was being stroked like a Roman cock at  an orgy, being flown to Petraeus for weeks at a time, being on the receiving end of his thoughts, and hopping around in his bed.

She bagged Petraeus. THE Petraeus. She was writing his biography. He became her mentor. That must have been quite the boost to her overachieving ego.

But fact was she was his subordinate. She didn’t have even an ounce of the star power he had, and in the end, she didn’t have the illustrious career that he had either. Sure she had the degrees, was a research associate at Harvard, was the deputy director of the counterterrorism center at Tufts, but he was the one widely credited with turning around two difficult wars, and he was the one who was the Director of the CIA. His was the household name, and she was the lackey.

PaulaBroadwell_0No, she didn’t get the dream career she thought she so richly deserved, but arguably neither did he. Despite grumblings from some Republicans that he should be drafted to run for President, fact is he intentionally mishandled classified information, much of which was found in his house, lying around in an unsecured drawer. Kind of sounds like another candidate currently running for president, hmmmmmm? I’m sure he could have had a successful political career, but despite writing op eds and advising the White House, he’s working at an equity firm. Let’s get some perspective, eh?

Bill Clinton landed on his feet too, while Monica Lewinsky faded into obscurity, but again, it wasn’t because there was some kind of double standard discrepancy between men and women, but because Clinton was the President of the United States, and Lewinsky was a nobody – an intern kid, who was an unknown then, especially compared to the leader of the free world! Arguably, even Lewinsky landed on her feet. Media appearances, social scene invitations, commercials, talk shows and reality TV, a degree from the London School of Economics, and fashion design. I’d say she landed on her feet, although it took some time.

Plenty of rich and powerful women have affairs and land on their feet. Hell, Madonna has made an entire career out of it!

So let’s not pretend that Broadwell’s lack of success is somehow related to her plumbing. We don’t know how far she would have climbed in her career had she not hopped in the sack with Petraeus, but nothing is guaranteed in life, and the decisions we make dictate the lives we live.

So, no. I have no sympathy for Broadwell. What I find really galling is that she somehow blames the media for her plight, and has founded a non-profit combating gender bias in the language the media uses to report its stories.

With a friend, Kyleanne Hunter — a former Marine attack helicopter pilot — she has founded a nonprofit, Think Broader, focused on combating gender bias in the news media. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the sliver of bias that bothers her the most is “mistress.”

She recently presented on the topic to a roomful of editors at The Huffington Post, as well as to a team at Yahoo and the United Nations. She is working with a professor at Harvard to try to come up with a system for tracking biased language, she said — from unnecessary words (“female fighter pilot”) to journalists primarily relying on male sources to the subtle ways language can affect the way an article is framed.

She has also, quietly, reached out to female journalists she thought would be sympathetic, asking them to stop using the word “mistress”: Christiane Amanpour at CNN; Norah O’Donnell at CBS; Susan Glasser at Politico, who advised her staff to refrain from using the word.

For the record, I don’t think it’s the word “mistress” that is so unappealing. It’s the act of keeping a side piece that’s distasteful. No matter what word you use, lover, whore, etc., it doesn’t change the nature of the thing, no matter how much you pressure the media to use alternate language.

Maybe Broadwell should try and understand that, instead of trying to push the onus onto others to somehow heal her wounded character.

You want to lose hope for humanity? This is how you lose hope for humanity.

hopeI had to step back for a few days and not write. It feels weird how everything is crumbling around me. Two of the most unsavory characters possible are now the major party nominees for president. I see no difference between them. They’re both corrupt. They’re both noxious. They’re both authoritarian lovers of tyranny. One of them will be president.

As my parents like to say, “We came to this country to escape tyranny and statism, and now it seems to have followed us here.” What the hell?

The NRA has issued its enthusiastic early endorsement to the very man who once accused the organization of being uncompromising and criticized it for refusing “even limited restrictions.”

Cultural icons of my youth are systematically being demolished in the name of diversity – really a cover for lack of originality, but who’s going to look closely at that?

Ghostbusters now features four women with not even a nod to the classic original.

There are rumblings about making James Bond into a female.

Captain America – Steve Rogers – the quintessential fighter for good, for freedom, for American principles – has been revealed by Marvel to have been a Hydra agent all along. What in the everloving, freezing, snot-dripping fuck, Marvel??? I know this is the age of shock, where entertainment enterprises compete for who can provide the most shock value to the audience in order to keep themselves “fresh” and “original,” but seriously, WHAT? This isn’t fresh and original. This is a blatant attempt to generate buzz and appear edgy, when in fact, you’re just full of FAIL!

In the past few years we’ve seen reboots of everything from Total Recall to Star Trek to Star Wars. I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed at least the Star Trek and Star Wars flicks, but I found Total Recall to be a boring, dark, humorless fail. The remake of Point Break was an unwatchable, dull mess. Godzilla wasn’t as horrible as it could have been. Casting Godzilla as a character that is actually neutral and inadvertently winds up saving humanity from Mothra is not a bad way to revive the genre.

Further proof that Hollywood has run out of creative juices shows us planned reboots and remakes of classics such as Porky’s, An American Werewolf in London, Logan’s Run, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Stephen King’s It, which makes me want to issue a collective throat punch to every Hollywood producer involved in these unoriginal dumpster fires.

In other news that makes my soul die, 23 competitors in the 2012 London Olympic Games from five different sports and six different countries tested positive for doping, and  31 athletes (14 of whom were Russians) from the 2008 Games had also tested positive following re-examination of their samples. I get the competition is stiff, but the naive kid in me always viewed these games as a beautiful, unifying event. Way to crush my hopes and dreams, assholes!

Maybe I just need to stay the hell away from the Internet for a few weeks.

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