Down at the 7-11

Apparently there’s a 7-Eleven at the World Trade Center, and the Hairy Hemorrhoid™ was out there watching the police and firemen there.

Them damn Slurpees. They’re irresistible!

Yeah, I know. It’s a verbal gaffe. It happens. As a former broadcaster, I certainly have made my share.

But this isn’t about Dumbkopf’s gaffe, although it’s amusing on its face.

Do you remember this recent townhall in which the Hemorrhoid mocked Ted Cruz for his verbal gaffe calling Florida his home state?

“His home state is not Florida, it is Texas,” he told host Anderson Cooper during a CNN townhall in Milwaukee.

“It might be Canada,” Trump quipped, mocking Cruz’s birthplace.

“He didn’t even know what state he comes from. Fort Hood is from Texas by the way. I am so surprised, Anderson, that you let him get away with it.”

Trump didn’t just say it once. He repeated the gaffe several times, and hammered away at Cooper for letting Cruz get away with the rather silly mistake.

Well, karma is a bitch, ain’t she? A bigger bitch than Trump, if that’s at all possible. And Twitter – his favorite platform for launching attacks at his opponents – has been rife with mock and ridicule.

Awwww, poor Donald! His frothing supporters were out in droves yesterday, defending their hero.

711It’s a word mix-up!

Get a job!

It was just a verbal gaffe!

Yes, it was, boys and girls. Maybe next time your Hairy Hemorrhoid™ buddy will remember that as well.

Because what goes around, comes around.



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  1. There is much hypocrisy all around on verbal gaffes. I’ve actually managed to get lefies to admit that some of 0bola’s gaffes would NEVER have been allowed to be forgotten if GWB or Dan Quayle had made them.

    Even better is the way they’ve managed to convince themselves that Sarah Palin said things about being able to see Russia from her house. I (metaphorically) pinned one to the mat until they actually looked it up, instead of asserting it…and they came back with a “Damn, you’re right!”


    1. The Trumproids are now claiming he was talking about Firehouse #711 and that anyone from NY would know that. Except he didn’t say “at 711.” He said “ON 7-11.” I’ve listened to it several times now. They will twist ANYTHING to protect him. They’re worse than Obama supporters.


      1. Are you sure it’s not spelled “Trumprrhoids?”

        One would think that just pointing out he was a Clinton supporter a year ago would suffice–most of them consider Hitlary an anathema.

        But noooooo……


        1. Probably, but I’m too lazy to write all those h and rs. Lol


  2. Anyone who thinks this cartoon game show host can be a measured head of state, has a better imagination than I do. I have no doubt that DNC opposition research has already staffed psychologists who will attest to his megalomania being illustrated in the immature manner in which he speaks.


  3. […] Source: Down at the 7-11 […]


  4. That’s what I said this morning – I can remember what I was doing and where I was when we found out – and apparently the Trumpster was getting a Slurpee.

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  5. Hey, he only missed it by two. That’s a lot closer to correct than he’s been on a lot of things he’s said.


    1. LMAO! And the funny thing is he can’t even just say “Hey, it was a misstatement!” Dog forbid he actually admit he made a mistake. What a dick.

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      1. Oh I know plenty of people who think “unwilling to admit to a mistake” is a *requirement* in politics. Or business. Or…

        Too many people respond positively to the (false) self confidence these dicks are putting on. This sort of dick behavior will stop when people quit rewarding it. (And you gotta admit, Trump’s getting rewarded for it.)

        I know too many women who married that self-confident man…and later found out it was overconfidence, lost all respect for the fuckhead, and divorced him. Good ending, but wasted years of their lives with a stupid shit.

        I remember one time at a gun show, two people talking about one of the vendors. “I didn’t buy anything from him, because he never makes a mistake.” Meaning of course, that he *claimed* he never made a mistake. Now THAT made a ton of sense. Penalize people who can’t admit to mistakes, instead of treating them like the fucking silverback. (By the way, the woman who phrased it that way…was married at the time to an overconfident fuckhead. Not any more.)


    2. Don’t say that Nicki. He might whip it out and show us how Yuuuggee it really is…


      1. THAT might be a good thing. He’d surely lose SOME support for that. Maybe even enough to cook his goose. (He ought to lose ALL of it for that, but the ability of the hard core Trumprrhoids to engage in doublethink is definitely going to prevent that.)


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