Money can’t buy class

It’s really amusing, but sad at the same time, to watch the Hairy Hemorrhoid™ unravel and devolve into spittle-flecked rage when he doesn’t get his way. Last night’s petulant, classless statement from the GOP front runner after he got his pee pee slapped in Wisconsin is a perfect example of the title of this blog entry.

Trump’s campaign released a blistering statement saying Cruz had been propped up “by countless millions of dollars of false advertising” from anti-Trump Super PACs.

“Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet – he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump,” the Trump campaign statement said.

As usual the assclown in the made-in-China shirt refuses to take any responsibility for his own screw-ups.

No, it wasn’t his eye-crossing dumbassery on abortion that makes him sound like a leftist desperately trying to masquerade as a right-winger by spewing exactly what the left thinks the right believes.

Trump_snarling_heidi_cruzNo, it wasn’t his trashy attack on Heidi Cruz.

No, it wasn’t his abject ignorance on economics, finance, the military, and foreign policy.

No, none of those things caused him to lose Wisconsin and lose ground. Things are just so unfair to poor Donald, because the GOP is conspiring against him to nominate the one person they absolutely hate – as Trump mentioned more than once – Ted Cruz.

What I find truly amazing is that this ass guzzling dildo already claims the nomination is his!

The party bosses are “attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump,” his statement says. This implies a certain presumption that the nomination was his to begin with, which is far from true, given his inability to so far garner the delegates needed to secure the nod. Worse yet, it’s a presumption held by someone who doesn’t feel it necessary to learn about the issues, who regularly demonstrates his lack of knowledge, who launches sleazy attacks his opponents’ families, and who puts in no effort whatsoever to actually become the knowledgeable, intelligent, thoughtful, strong leader this nation desperately needs. Instead he relies on outrageous statements and the consequent media attention to propel him to the nomination.

And worse yet, his weird, creepy attack Chihuahua Roger Stone is actually threatening – THREATENING – GOP delegates should they dare to defy the Hemorrhoid’s rise to power, which is apparently his, and anyone who dares challenge that will be crushed like a cockroach under his expensive shoes!


Nope. He doesn’t condone violence. At. All.

No effort. No knowledge. No understanding of policy. Just threats, intimidation, and puerile temper tantrums.

That’s what Trump is all about.

Just goes to show you: it doesn’t matter how much money an individual has. Trash is trash.

Want to read the whole sleazy statement? It’s here.


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  1. What is really scary is that the con man might be a better President than the crook or the commie!


  2. Wow. Just when you thought the Brain-Slug with a Bad Wig on a Shaved Chimpanzee could sink no further. . .

    . . .I’ve started to see chatter that since he knows he can’t win straight out, he’s keeping his options open to remain “a winner”. I guess, if you use Charlie Sheen’s definition of “winning”, that’s possible.

    The real worry is NOT that he’ll run Third Party: by the time he bails or the GOP kicks him to the curve, he won’t make ballot access in most states.

    The worry is, that the Trumpkins will simply stay home. And then we get Her Thighness.

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  3. What is really scary is that the con man might make a better president than the crook or the commie.


    1. I disagree. He won’t. He’s much more dangerous.


  4. He got his pee-pee slapped?

    Was it with an axe? If not, why not? If so, which side of the axehead? If not the blade, why not?


  5. Putin and the Chinese have all of Clinton’s emails and will blackmail her to the ruin of this country. Trump will ruin this country all on his own. They are equally bad, just in different ways.


  6. As I said here a couple of months back, once the American people get to see the “true” Trump, they’ll start moving away from him. Hopefully they’ll be running from him soon.


  7. Is Roger Stone his jizzweasel master of dirty tricks?


  8. Maybe GOP delegates need to locate Roger Stone.

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  9. I have very.mixed thoughts about the whole Trump phenomenon. I really want to like him. Because he is the only viable alternative to the crony Republican establishment. They are basically throwing everything they have at him. If Trump is not the nominee they will credit themselves for stopping him and they will know once and for all that they own us.. I would like to see Trump as President if only because it would absolutely infuriate the current power structure.


    1. It will also destroy this country. Are we really so pissed off at the GOP that we’re willing to burn the place down? Not me.

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    2. White Kanye is the only alternative to the GOP establishment? Have you somehow missed the entirety of Cruz’s career? Or even Trump’s claims that said career would keep Cruz from getting anything done with a Republican establishment controlled Congress?


      1. Yep. That’s pretty much what I said in the blog. Trump has said this several times – that he would be so much better than Cruz because he makes deals and will work with everyone. Cruz stands on those damn principles of his. Yuck.


  10. @Nicki – “it will also destroy this country”

    It is not just the GOP. George Soros and the leftist tyrant class hate him as much as the crony Republicans. If a man is measured by his enemies then Trump is the sine qua non.

    But I don’t know what you mean by “destroy this country”. Seems a bit late for that. But what are you afraid a President Trump is going to do? Be rude to.people?


    1. Soros is upset that someone other than him donated heavily to the Clintons?

      As for what I’m afraid of with Trump: He comes across as rather unstable. He’s constantly playing both sides instead of just picking the side he wants and standing by his decision. His ranting reminds me of the Kims in North Korea. That’s not someone I want in charge of our military, our diplomacy or our economy. He’s not assertive, he’s reactive. I think someone with balls would be able to get him to react exactly how they want him to. He’s not malleable, he manipulable.

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  11. Yeah, Trump is classless, but pot meet kettle. I know you’re not running for office, but go back and read your own words. Think about it.


    1. Yeah, OK. Congratulations. You’re chastising a blogger. That’s right, I’m NOT running for president. I’m also not a contestant in a popularity contest. I write what I write how I write it, because it’s fun and because I can. Don’t like it? Don’t read it, and you won’t have to deal with it. EVERY LAST ONE OF US will have to deal with his bullshit as a country. That’s the difference. If you can’t comprehend it, I can’t help you.


  12. @kamas716

    “Soros is upset that someone other than him donated heavily to the Clintons?

    Cute. The Tyrant Left hate Trump because he is a nationalist – or at least talks like one. The Corrupt Crony Republicans hate Trump because the only thing they are interested in is keeping the taxpayer-funded, Washington gravy train rolling. They know that Hillary will play ball. They can’t be sure about Trump.

    I like Cruz, but he has no chance of winning a general election. Trump will draw a lot from the Democrats. In any case, everyone says that they want to get the money out of politics. Here is a self-funded guy doing exactly that and everyone hates him.

    Look, I honestly don’t know why Trump is doing this. He is almost 70, he is ultra-wealthy, he has had many successful companies and careers, he has a beautiful loving wife and an adoring family. Hell, even his ex-wives speak well of him. What the hell does he need this for? Nothing. Nada. Not a thing. Is it possible that maybe, just maybe he is truly concerned about what type of country his grandchildren will inherit? They way things are going now, there won’t be much of one.


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