Trump was right

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” the Hairy Hemorrhoid™ said in January, referring to the fact that his froth-flecked supporters will continue to worship him no matter what.

I’m beginning to believe he’s right.

It doesn’t matter how ignorant he is on foreign policy.

It doesn’t matter how economically illiterate he is.

It doesn’t matter that he contradicts himself, rambles incoherently, and shows himself to be fundamentally unfit – both in intellect and temperament – for the most important office in the world.

It doesn’t matter that every time he opens his foul maw, he shows himself to be nothing but classless trash. From his cheap shots at Megyn Kelly, to his tacky statements about Carly Fiorina’s appearance, to his sleazy attack on Heidi Cruz, to his character assassination of Michelle Fields after his abhorrent swine campaign manager roughly grabbed the young reporter (that pathetic, dickless little fuck has been charged with battery, by the way), there doesn’t seem to be anything that will turn his supporters against him.

Worse yet they twist and spin every time he steps on his own tiny little peen with golf cleats to defend him.

red herringTrump claims he consults himself on foreign policy (and hires a guy who graduated college in 2009 and lists the Model UN on his resume as a foreign policy adviser), and they either screech off topic that this is just an empty attack, and that it doesn’t matter, or they claim it’s simply part of his strategery, because he’s so sharp, and “Oh, who are Hillary’s advisers?”

Trump engages in a campaign of character assassination against a reporter who accuses his staffer of roughly grabbing her? Oh, it wasn’t that hard, they claim!

Megyn Kelly asks Trump some hard questions, he whines about her being unfair to him, and his supporters rampage on Twitter, calling her everything from a bimbo to a trashy skank, to a cunt.

There’s nothing he can do to discourage his more strident supporters. Nothing.

Look at these women. Educated. Professional. Daft.

“I just find that what you see is what you get with this man,” [Chrystal Junior] said. “And that is what I want.”

Except when he first supported the “assault” weapons ban, waiting periods to purchase a gun, and background checks, and then claims he changed his mind.

Except when he claimed to be pro-choice in 1999, and seems to have “evolved” into a “pro-life” candidate, with exceptions for rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.

Except when he claimed in 1999 he wanted a one-time 14.25 percent tax on the rich to pay off the national debt, but in 2011 indicated support for the Bush Tax Cuts, and then proposed a four-bracket tax system which contained rates of 1%, 5%, 10% and 15% and eliminated the corporate income and estate taxes.

Except when he supported universal health care… until he didn’t.

Except when he favored Social Security privatization until he spoke out against it.

Except when he hung out with his buddies the Clintons and donated money to Hillary, until he said she would be a disaster.

Except when he was a Democrat, until he became a Republican.

And except when he claimed during the last debate that he would support the Republican nominee even if it wasn’t him, and in tonight’s debate decided he wouldn’t.


Yes, the Hairy Hemorrhoid gave Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe $25,000 – that’s TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS – to win the governorship of Virginia!

“He’s a strong man with a strong personality,” said Brooke Steck, a church leader and, like Junior, a mother of four. “He really does love his country, loves people, he really has respect for women.”

If you define “strong” as attacking journalists for publishing negative stories about him.

If you define “strong” as mocking a disabled reporter.

If you define “strong” as screeching “I didn’t start the wife thing!” like a petulant eight-year-old.

If you define “strong” as being unable to control yourself in a nationally televised debate and keep from referencing your dick.

Lyn Kilian, who moved to the U.S. from Canada more than 50 years ago, conceded she has “cringed on occasion when he’s said a certain thing.”

“I wonder why (Trump has) said a certain thing, but that’s his personality,” she said. “He’s just — he just lets it roll.

He tweeted an unflattering picture of his political opponent’s wife in retaliation for an ad with which Cruz had nothing to do, and refuses – even when confronted with the facts – to admit that he was wrong. That’s just how he rolls.

He publicly discussed his then-wife’s implants, cheated on two spouses, and now castigates Bill Clinton for his marital indiscretions. That’s just how he rolls.

He claimed his “friend” Ben Carson has a “pathological disease.” (And Carson, in a burst of opportunism, decided to endorse him anyway). That’s just how he rolls.

He mocked John McCain – a Vietnam POW – for being captured. That’s just how he rolls.

And the funny thing is, these half-baked bints claim that the only thing that would make them change their minds about Trump is “going back on his policies and on the issues.”

“It’s his policies that we admire,” Eagar agreed. “And that’s really the crux of it and has nothing to do with what he might call somebody or what kind of terminology he uses.”











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  1. They are as oblivious and unshakable as the average conspiracy theorist.


    1. That’s a great comparison, actually. I remember watching a Penn & Teller Bullshit episode on conspiracy theorists and how they say there’s nothing that can convince them. That’s the Trumpanzees in a nutshell.


    2. When they become that unwilling to look at evidence, there’s a psychological problem. Or maybe, we just have a totally shitty education system that doesn’t teach critical thinking. Either way, it tempts me to try to figure out how to objectively test for stupidity (as in shitforbrainedness) so we can deny the vote.

      Unfortunately any existing test doesn’t do this and I shudder at “true or false: Socialism is good” showing up on such a test…because the person grading your answer gets to decide whether you vote or not.


      1. If there was a critical thinking test for voting, 80 percent of he population would fail.


    3. IOW, you can’t reason a person out of an opinion they’ve not reasoned themselves into.

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  2. Nooopr. They went full turnip


  3. Will be gone for awhile. I’m scheduled for valve replacement and triple bypass surgery a week from this coming Friday. Keep up the good fight!


    1. OH, no! All the best to you. Good thoughts, good energies, etc. I’ll even sacrifice a goat! Be well, and heal quickly.


  4. “If there was a critical thinking test for voting, 80 percent of he population would fail.”

    And the remaining 20% would look at the ballot and say, “Nope.”


    1. They’d look at this ballot and vomit.

      But just think, if they were the only ones in the process for the last ten years…we might have someone a bit less barf-inducing.


  5. If you don’t like Trump’s policies, don’t worry, he’s got others. Within two sentences he can be incoherent, contradictory and unintelligible. That takes talent. The wrong talent.


  6. Unfortunately, is this better or worse than what we presently have (or might have if Kackles isn’t indicted and gets in)?


    1. There are specific reasons for it, but I consider the Hemorrhoid to actually be MORE dangerous than Hillary or Bernie.


  7. We are well and truly phuqed. We will end up with Shrillary in the WH.
    If Trump doesn’t get the nomination, he’ll go third party and we all know how well THAT goes.
    If Trump does get the nomination, he can’t beat Canckles.
    As much as I despise that bitch, I don’t think she actually hates America like ol’ jug ears.
    If that asshole Kasich would drop out NOW, Cruz might, a mighty big might, get enough delegates to get the nomination.


    1. But Kasich is too much of a conceited, delusional, entitled uber douche. His moron campaign actually had the temerity to call the Cruz campaign and demand that they “work together” to defeat Trump. And by “work together” I mean he wants Cruz to drop out and support him. Katshit is a dildo.


    2. Even if Trump goes third party don’t count Cruz out; he is a fighter that often gets underestimated as well as being a good strategist. Trump being in reality a democrat, will also draw some support from Hillary or Bernie, especially union votes.


  8. I hate to have to disagree with you on this point, Ms. Nicki, but I strongly suspect Hillary “What Difference Does It Make” Clinton or Bernie “I Heart Stalin” Sanders would prove far more dangerous than “The Donald.” Trump loves himself too much to go full tinpot dictator. He would do whatever got him the most applause, and if the Republicans retain the House and the Senate, they would have the most to offer in the way of smiles and handshakes and publicity events. The amazing ditziness of “The Donald” would be tempered in reality by a coterie of more sober and less temperamental Cabinet members and other government officials.

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, are raving statists who would enthusiastically shred the last tattered remains of the Constitution. I won’t vote for Donald Trump myself because I want to sleep well at night, but I *will* conduct a savagely negative campaign against the Democratic nominee. If that means “The Donald” in the White House, well, the idiot is still better than the slobbering commie or the lying McLiar who lies until the rabid cows come stampeding home.


    1. As I said, there are very specific reasons why I believe Trump is way more dangerous, but since I won’t discuss them publicly, I can’t blame you for disagreeing. 🙂


    2. I’m gathering from all this…you have a reason more specific than “an R congress will tend to give him what he wants instead of being gridlocked,” which is the usual rationale I hear from conservatives for not voting for him if he’s the nominee.

      I’d even guess it’s some specific piece of not-well-known (or back channel) knowledge about trump as an individual.


      1. Yes, it’s beyond that. My assessment comes not from some back room dirt on Trump himself, but something else I don’t discuss. Sorry.


    3. Fair ’nuff.

      Still assessing the shit weasels myself, and hoping for Cruz to get the nomination. And or Hitlary to get indicted. Both long odds against, and if Hitlary does get indicted count on the Yellow Stream Media to laugh it off.

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  9. Hillary could have sex with a goat in Macy’s window while eating aborted baby parts…all captured on live TV…and 40% of America would still vote for her.


  10. On The Other Hand….

    Trumpolini (“Il Douche”) (he who would be “fuck actual”) seems to be in trouble in Wisconsin. Perhaps some people are pulling their heads out of their asses, FINALLY. Hopefully it’s not too little, too late.

    But I am enough of an inborn realist (i.e., pessimist) that I have to recognize this as a hope against all odds. It seems like both parties offer candidates worse than the time before, with the Rs usually marginally better (less vomit-inducing) than the Ds and this is just a continuation of the trend.

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  11. His flaunts his ignorance like a new suit. When asked what the top three functions of government were he chose, security, education and healthcare.

    Even my 15 year old granddaughter said, “What!?”

    The man just says whatever flows to his mouth. There’s no connection or filter between the brain and the vocal functions. He can’t name 3 of the 5 main functions bestowed on the government to perform because of his willful ignorance.

    Likewise, Obama, a man who purports to know the constitution bemoaned the restrictions put on the government saying that it was a “charter of negative liberties”. That it “says what the federal government can’t do to you”. “It doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.”

    Maybe someone can sit them both down in my granddaughter’s government class and learn the 5 things the government must do and why they need to just leave us the fuck alone the rest of the time.


    1. I think that they better sit them down soon, then. I am afraid that your granddaughter’s government class will soon have to be taught in either Russian or German. I am truly concerned that socialism is soon to be the new normal here in America if our current direction is not changed quickly.
      Nikki, as far as conspiracy theories go, I tend to agree that most of the ones spouting them are the tin foil hat brigade. However, that doesn’t mean that I have a problem with asking pertinent questions on things that our political elite claim to be the truth. Timothy McVeigh? I can think of several questions that have not been answered to my satisfaction. Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. Just because people question the government narrative doesn’t make them conspiracy nutjobs. Even the 9-11 terrorist attacks have many reasonable questions left unanswered.
      The one thing that keeps me from following the conspiracy nutjobs farther than I can throw them, beyond the fact that they are nuts, is that I have a hard time believing that the fed. gov. is capable of hiding anything as large as some of their favorite conspiracies for as long as they claim. The moon landing a hoax? I don’t think that you could get that many people to co-operate on what to order for lunch, yet alone how to fake such a huge undertaking.
      Just because there are unanswered questions about something doesn’t automatically spell conspiracy. But in many instances the American people should be trusted with the truth, if for no better reason than to put a halt to these nutjobs. Unless the government has a hidden reason they want to encourage these conspiracy theories. Oops, there I go starting another one.


    2. OMFG, a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories!!!

      That’s at least as nutty as collecting editions of a reference book for collectors. (And yes, that does happen! There’s even a reference book, for the collectors of the reference book for collectors!)


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