Them dangerous gun stores!

revolverRob and I went shopping over the weekend. My birthday is next week, and I thought it might be a good idea to pick up a new firearm, as well as support a brand new local business – a small gun shop called NOVA Armory that had just opened up in Arlington. NOVA Armory is a sweet place. The staff is friendly and helpful, and we got me a wonderful little Rossi .38 special – not just as support for the new business, but also because I want!

And it’s pretty!

The store opened despite significant amounts of panty shitting from gun grabbers and pressure from local politicians. They protested. They pressured the owner of the storefront. They held rallies. They threatened to boycott the other stores on that street, because the pearl-clutching darlings didn’t “feel safe” with a gun store in the area.

About a year ago another small gun shop was run out of Arlington. Local and state politicians, as well as concern trolls in Arlington bullied the landlord of a strip mall to renege on a lease signed with JB Gates of NOVA Firearms.

Basically, we convinced the land owner that his business tenants would lose business,” said my dried up, shriveled, praetorian hag of a state representative Barbara Favola, as she plotted with Fairfax politicians about how to best destroy Mr. Gates’ livelihood. And they tried the same shit with NOVA Armory owner Dennis Pratte with no success.

Numerous elected officials, including four state legislators, four of five Arlington County Board members, the county manager and a school board member attended the Lyon Park rally, calling on residents to not give up the fight.

State Sen. Barbara A. Favola (D-Arlington) described her unsuccessful attempt to pass a bill that would give local communities control of gun stores.

Del. Alfonso H. Lopez (D-Arlington) decried the General Assembly’s unwillingness to ban any weapons, even flamethrowers.

Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria) urged residents to “picket, protest and apply peer pressure.”

County Board member Christian Dorsey (D), who brought his daughter to the rally, said the county will apply “certainly a level of vigilance — not special scrutiny, but we’re going to be watching closely to be sure [the store] operates as it’s supposed to.”

Elected officials trying to pass laws to allow localities to control private businesses – small businesses that bring tax revenue and jobs to the area.

Elected officials who don’t know that a flamethrower is not a firearm, nor is it classified as a weapon.

Elected officials who are encouraging neighborhood residents to destroy the livelihood of a small business owner and his family.

Elected officials who are ominously threatening extra scrutiny of a lawful business.

And while some local residents are soiling themselves, another gun store owner may have actually prevented a mass murder in Ohio.

James Howard passed a background check when attempting to buy a long gun last Monday, but sounded as if he might be planning to hurt himself or others, John Downs, owner of Downs Bait and Guns, told local TV station WSYX.

“I just said, you know what, bud, I have a really bad feeling about this. I just can’t sell you the gun,” Downs said.

The former Ohio University student and hockey player left the store angry, and later returned, according to Downs.

The store owner then turned off the shop’s “open” sign, told his customers to hide, loaded three guns, and called 911, he said.

Law enforcement officials in Hocking County believe that Downs prevented a mass shooting at Ohio University by refusing to sell Howard a firearm. Howard had a record of mental instability, and had apparently spent some time in a mental facility. He passed a background check, and apparently lied on his ATF form 4473 when asked about being committed to a mental institution.

John Downs followed his gut and his conscience and prevented the sale, as well as a possible mass murder.

No new laws were needed. No government control of a small business or ominous extra scrutiny was needed.

Go figure!


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  1. I love my local gun shops. They help me understand why many ladies like to shop for hours on end, even without purchasing anything (rarely though). Several of my very best friends were met at or through the gun counter. Sometimes I’ll just stop by after a rough day at work and just the smell of cosmoline and Hoppes will cheer my mood, because it is the smell of freedom. Sometimes when I’m headed to the range my long-suffering wife will inquire where I’m going, and I chuckle and answer “to exercise… my second amendment rights!”


    1. Hoppes number 9 aftershave anyone??

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      1. GAH! I accidentally misread that as “Herpes number 9,” and got a little worried.


  2. Lied on a 4473? No way, that would be illegal!!!!

    Stupid shitforbrainses like you highlight above are nothing new, alas, so we have to deal with 4473s!


    1. RetMSgt in Pa.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to be prosecuted for lying on a 4473.


      1. I’m holding out hope. Wouldn’t lying on a 4473 disqualify him from further firearm purchases?


  3. *(yes, I said “shitforbrainses” because “shitforbrains” is the word for one person who has… shit for brains.)


  4. Almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKI!!! That’s a good man you got yourself, and a nice Roscoe too!


    1. I’ll second all of that, and point out Rob got himself a good woman as well, one able to appreciate (and no doubt, properly use) things like this.

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  5. I understand several of the VA legislators involved in pressuring the landlord not to rent to NOVA Armory (via a letter on official General Assembly letterhead) also support legislation to end “bullying”.

    I wonder if they see the irony there. Oh, wait; of course, they don’t. What was I thinking?

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Nicki.

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    1. No contradiction at all. Only bullies want to own guns, and those people who own guns can only want to do so to help their bullying.

      ./sarc, and I think I need to go wash my fingers out with soap.


    2. Thanks! It’s not until next Monday, but close enough for a present, right? 😉


  6. He’s probably looking forward to special attention from the Batfeebs. Obviously an anti-gov extremist. “No new laws.” The nerve of some people.


  7. Hearing what this guy has gone through makes me want to buy my next firearm from him.


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  9. Nice revolver! I was at NOVA Armory’s opening Saturday. Huge crowd. They went through 100 t-shirts in about 5 minutes, and the majority in the store at the time did not get one. You could barely move as there were so many in the shop. I saw a good number of firearm purchases in the hour I was there.

    I drove by the Libs in Lyon Park on the way home at about 0945. Maybe 40 people out in the cold, and they were taking up space that was pre-reserved by folks preparing for an Easter egg hunt. Libs don’t care about the children, only their twisted anti-liberty agenda.


    1. We got there a little later, because we knew it was going to be crazy crowded, and I don’t like crowds, but it was still pretty packed, and my husband actually got into Channel 9’s new story! 🙂


  10. Nicki! I remembered that you were looking to get a new gun and last night, The Housemate, Aff, ran into a story about how college students in Texas were claiming the only ‘guns’ they wanted on campus were … muscles.

    The flaming stupid resulted in a post, and I thought you’d enjoy it.


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