Canada not at war with ISIS

So…. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to fellate the Islamic militants instead? Just curious.

The Liberal government says Canada is not at war with Islamic militants — a view not shared by ally France.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion are rejecting the “at war” label just one day after the bombings in Brussels that killed more than 30 people and injured 270.

After the attacks, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Europe was “at war.”

They’re not “at war,” Trudeau says, because it doesn’t fit the definition of war as he understands it.

I’m not sure what his “understanding” of “war” is, but I would say if their guys are launching attacks on our countries and killing our people, that’s kind of… uh… war.

The dictionary says that the definition of “war” is “armed conflict.” So I’m thinking using explosives against innocent people like they did in the Brussels attack a few days ago, and staging shooting attacks, as they did in Paris and San Bernardino, counts as “armed conflict.”

trudeauBut Trudeau appears to be one of these coddled fuckwits, whose strategy against murderous jihadist slime is to stick his tongue as far up their asses as humanly possible and pray that they don’t turn around and recognize he’s there.

“Death to the West!”

“But we’re not at war with you! No really! Look how squeaky clean I’ve made your anus!”

“Death to you western, imperialist swine!”

“But wait! No! We are good with you murdering innocents elsewhere! It’s OK! Look, we’re far away from Europe, see? We’re not involved.”

“Get your tongue out of my arse. It’s starting to irritate my delicate starfish. Oh, yeah, and DIE!”

“Oh, but we’re not…. AAAAAAAAAAAH!”

You’re welcome for the visual. Tip your waiters.


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  1. So….uh…the attack that killed one Canadian Honor Guard didn’t meet the context of “war?” How bout having an MP shoot and kill the assailant inside Parliament? Guess that was a “one off” for little Justin. Another small world politician who has zero vision into the enemy of freedom.

    I cannot understand how history majors who study the subject come away with so little understanding of “imperialism masked as jihad.” It’s all about power, folks. In this case the thirst for power is so insidious that it wants not just o control your society, it wants to control your mind and eternal soul.

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  2. Of course, ISIS may very well be at war with Canada. But Premier Pretty-Boy dare not speak it, because Feelz. . .


  3. I have been spending a few days observing and studying the current events of the world and in particular the United States reaction to them. Typically, we take our foreign policy direction from the executive branch, but of course, as we all know, we seem to be deficient there at the moment. So I have been trying to keep up with what is coming out of our other elected officials in DC. For all the expected posturing I have seen little of any substance from either party. It would seem that not only is Trudeau hoping to avoid confrontation by hiding under his blanket like a 4 year old, but the entire U.S. government is as well.
    It should come as no real surprise when a presidential candidate like Trump, or of course, Ted Cruz, gains traction, just by being willing to take a firm stance against ISIS, with my favorite line by Cruz about sand glowing.
    It seems like someone in Obama’s inner circle would have told him by now that the J.V. team has started to go on the road, and have been winning more and more games, this latest one in Brussels just the latest.
    I am waiting for ISIS to attack the U.S., but if they do, then I predict that they will change their strategy. Instead of going into large cities of several million people and hitting large concentrations of people, I think that they will hit smaller cities, of say 50,000-100,000 people. They could still hit shopping malls, bus stations, or even airports. But think of the terror that they would now inflict upon every day Americans, who don’t live in New York, or L.A., but in Ames, Iowa, or Youngstown, Ohio. Don’t think Chicago, but think Kankakee, or fill in the blank. When the average person on the street of everytown starts to be afraid, it is then that the freedom and privacy that we think we have will be put to the test, as we know that the government will be only too happy to take more of it away to keep us ‘safe’.
    I hope I am wrong, but if I can think up this scenario, I know that these lowlifes have already considered it. We are still unlikely to be attacked as individuals, but as a nation, it is just a matter of time.


  4. way2opinionated

    Justin T may be right. “At War” implies one side is shooting back. If one side is whip’n the other side and the other side is just bending over, the correct way to describe the relationship might be “In Submission”.


  5. I wonder if these subhuman Daesh vermin would consider it an act of war should Western soldiers start dousing captured Daesh filth in rendered pig fat mixed with dog shit and then force-feeding them the same mixture before slowly shoveling them feet-first into wood chippers along with soiled copies of their satanic bibles of murder and pedophilia? Oh, wait — what difference would it make? The Daesh already burn people alive in cages and rape and murder children and other innocents. What do the Western soldiers have to lose by returning horror for horror?

    Think about it.

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  6. Oh, come on! It hasn’t arrived on JT’s doorstep yet, so of course Canadianland is not at war with ISIS. Besides, he’s got all that space in the Northwest Territories to hide in, if they do arrive and cause a disturbance in his brainfarts.

    Pigpen’s a little too close for comfort in that speculation (PLEEZE! Not MY Wal-mart!) but it’s more likely that ISers woudl start in bigger cities where they can make more of a splatter. More TV cameras, more blue-light police cameras (everywhere in Chicago, seriously), and more nosy newsies who get half the information, get half of it right, and go with a fourth of what they got right.

    So I guess I should start going to the shooting range this summer?


    1.…wrong….If the antigun geniuses are able to disarm America like They have in other countries, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because those deadly guns will be gone. Of course those sons of allah will have those razor sharp scimitars but you know we will be able to handle those with our base ball bats….hey?


  7. That won’t make much difference to ISIS.

    That’s the thing about basic reality, it’s not negotiable.


  8. Canadian smugness is only because of the umbrella of protection that the US has always provided. Fortunately, they have stepped up since 9/11 and ‘killed it’ in Afghanistan; but in today’s battlefield dynamic, the DEW Line isn’t much help.

    Happy Easter all.

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  9. Really, Nicki. The visuals are getting out of hand.


    1. Uhhhhh…. Sorry?


  10. A visual is only bad if you have a vivid imagination. Stop adding additional info like music, candlelight, and wine. Unless that is just the way your thoughts tend to run. Myself, I have little imagination. My reality is enough to scare the hell out of me. I even dream in black and white. And unlike the others out there who do as well, I am not afraid to admit it.


  11. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion are rejecting the “at war” label”.

    I wonder what they will be saying when a large bomb goes off in Ottawa? Will they be at war then? Some people need to be smacked upside the head with a ball bat to make them see.


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