Surviving Terrorist Captured in Brussels… Maybe?

swineReports out of Brussels today indicate that the lone surviving camel-humping terrorist swine involved in yesterday’s attacks has been captured, according to Belgian media. That would be the Cat In The Hat motherfucker on the right.

Earlier, two brothers from Brussels, Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, had been identified as the suspected suicide bombers in Tuesday’s deadly attacks, according to NBC.

The third suspect, identified by police as Laachraoui, 24 years old, was believed to have escaped the scene of the bombing at Zaventem Airport. Laachraoui was also suspected of involvement in the Paris terror attacks. There were conflicting reports in the Belgian media Wednesday morning with some outlets reporting an arrest. However, local media later withdrew the reports.

There are conflicting reports on the arrest. One police source told the Telegraph that the person arrested was not Laachraoui, so details are still pouring in. Will keep y’all updated as I can.


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  1. BBC says that the report was wrong and the guy they arrested in Anderlecht was not “suspected airport bomber Najim Laachraoui”.


    1. I’m reading that the police have not confirmed one way or another. Been in briefings all day, so I’ll update when I get home.


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