Terrorist Attack in Brussels (WITH UPDATES)

I don’t want to say too much about today’s terrorist attack in Brussels, as reports are still pouring in. Separate explosions rocked the city this morning – one at the Malbeek Metro Station, which is less than a mile from the U.S. Embassy, and the other at the Brussels International Airport.

attackABC reports at least 28 are dead, and an additional 55 were injured, and the attacks were the likely the result of a suicide bombing.

Reports on the ground say there’s no panic in the streets, but the atmosphere is tense. The subway system has been shut down, and people are being advised not to go to the airport.

The city is not paralyzed, but it’s definitely in shock.

The attack comes on the heels of the arrest of Paris terror attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam four days ago.

Related? I would think so. I won’t say so definitively, but it certainly sounds like the attacks were coordinated, and the timing is auspicious.

These attacks are becoming all too commonplace in Europe. Just a few days ago four were arrested in Paris for plotting another attack.

Judicial and police officials, who requested anonymity to discuss the detentions, said one of the four was a woman, all were born in France and they were between 21 and 30 years old. A subsequent search found an unused Kalashnikov cartridge, SIM cards, USB cards and a gun for firing blanks.

Two teenage girls were arrested in Paris earlier this month for plotting an attack on a concert hall, and news reports confirm that in the last two years, a high percentage of the recruits for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) coming from France have been girls.

In February, we saw a car bomb attack on Ankara, Turkey, with a Kurdish group claiming responsibility.

There are bad people out there, ladies and gentlemen. There are savages so filled with hatred, that they’re willing to do almost anything, including sacrifice their own lives, to ensure that the objects of their hatred are eradicated from this earth, and I guarantee you it’s just going to get worse.

If you’re the praying sort, pray for the victims, or just send good thoughts out there. But good thoughts and prayers aren’t enough.

Sure there are people who are working overtime to secure our nation. There are professionals working round the clock to track possible dangers. But that doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of being vigilant. Know your surroundings. Follow your gut. Get informed and learn about possible threats.

It takes tragedy to remind us of the kind of horrors that are possible. Stay safe out there.

UPDATE: CNN reports at least 34 people killed and about 170 more wounded.

UPDATE 2: D’aesh claims responsibility for the attacks.


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  1. “Kol ha-merachem al ha-akhzarim, sofo le-hitakhzer al ha-rachmanim” — Whoever is merciful to the cruel will end up having been cruel to the merciful. (Rabbinical proverb)


    1. I realize this one is closer to you than most. It’s heartbreaking. Brussels is easily one of my most favorite cities!


  2. I was stationed in Germany when Baader-Meinhoff was still in play, and airline hijackings were an issue. Neither of those had a popular support base; just little bits of random cover. Now, it seems like there is plenty of sea for the fish to swim.
    I don’t see France, or any European country except Switzerland, go to the people as a solution. They will look to the government, and accept more intrusions of privacy, as a cost of personal safety. The Swiss militia system and their rigorous immigration controls, make them less likely to be targeted.
    I’ve been back in the USA for 41 years now, and our threats to safety are still primarily not the result of organized terror. However, from personal experience and reports from interested agencies, it appears that more Americans are legally acquiring firearms, with about 1/3 of American adults stating they own one or more firearms.
    I point this out, because when I just read the news, I get a sense of helplessness. What can one man do? How to I protect my grand children?
    I grew up on a dirt road in Macon, GA in the 1950s. The only person I knew who owned a firearm was my grandfather, which he had to carry as a Wells-Fargo armored car guard. Each of my three bio-children and their spouses own AT LEAST one pistol and one long gun, and they know how to use them, as does my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife, Vanessa, the elegant, foxy, praying black grandmother of Woodstock, GA.
    And that’s what I have chosen to do to combat my sense of helplessness. No, it won’t do ANYTHING for the dead in Brussels. But we’ve done our part already to combat global problems, with service in WWI, WWII, Korea,my service in Germany during the Viet Nam war, and my son’s service in Afghanistan, which will make that three-letter high school athlete limp forever.
    I think if everybody did what my family did, the world would be a safer place.

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    1. I want to thank you and your family for their service to this country and to wish your son well, and a special thank you for suffering wounds in his service to us all.
      I hope that I speak for many when I say that you are doing a good thing by at the least being armed and having your family armed as well. If we wait for someone else to protect us, we have already allowed the terrorists to win.
      As far as protecting our own, many would say that the solution lies in vigilance, first at home, through preparation, against threats from likely scenarios, which would include not terrorists, but rather robbery, then perhaps things like acts of G-d, such as flooding, storms, and so on. For all of the publicity that these horrible terror attacks get, the actual chances of that happening to us, as opposed to us being robbed or having a power outage are quite opposite. So, we probably should remember to keep things in perspective and to try and prepare for things over which we have the most control. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about what to do in case of a major event, or a bombing when we are out and about. For these kinds of things, the internet is full of armchair heroes with all kinds of opinions, some good, and some, well, bad.
      I myself, have found that the best thing for me has been to simply talk with my neighbors, and friends with like mindsets. To try and plan for a future major event, which might bring about major upsets in government services, or even martial law, or the like.
      But most of my time and effort in planning for my families safety lies with things like storms, loss of a job, maybe major power outages where food lines are cut for several days. That to me is what concerns me in taking care of my family, and the kind of thing I have more control over. I am sure others have a very different perspective on this, and you have to walk your own path. Just don’t allow fear to force you to decide which one to take. Best of luck, and again, thank you , and blessings.


  3. I’m concerned about the report that some of these militants (for want of a better word) are girls and women. My guess is that they are less noticeable than men would be, especially teenage girls. The report on Abdelman included the fact that he’d shaved off his beard to be less noticeable.

    The unfortunate side effect of this is that when i go to the grocery store, I notice people who are dressed differently. That is NOT me, and I don’t like it, but it is a gut reaction to all of this, and the heightened alertness that causes it.

    I was in London when the IRA was still active. There were signs in all the Tube trains and stations about reporting suspicious objects. We do that here, too. It’s a sad world when people are that filled with hate.


    1. Nothing surprises me when it comes to Islamic terrorists. Nothing.

      If anyone wants to see what terrorists are willing to exploit and use, watch what Israel has to deal with daily from the Palestinian terrorists.

      There are nearly regular knife attacks now there – there are so many, that the international mass media doesn’t bother reporting them.

      There have been incidents where baby prams were used as bomb delivery vectors (whether there are babies inside, I don’t know, but honestly, I don’t put anything past terrorists. There is no line for them.) I feel sorry for the Israeli soldiers who are faced with possibly having to deter a bomb-laden pram with possibly a baby inside, or ‘allow’ themselves to be harmed or killed.

      There were terrorist incidents where the mentally disabled were fitted with bombs and sent into marketplaces (I remember reading about this one some years back, I think it was in central Asia.)

      Palestinians use their homes as launch pads for their rockets and then cry to the media for pity and sympathy and more victimbux that their ignorant sympathizers pour on them.

      Women being suicide bombers and planning attacks is nothing new, and is nowhere near the edge of the increasingly pushed lines of atrocity that terrorists are willing to use.

      My observation over the years has led to the grim realization that nothing is sacred for terrorists. Anything is a tool that can be validly used, if they can use it to further their cause in some way, even if it’s purely psychological on their side of the fence. They have no limits, and they believe that gives them ‘strength’ – an ‘advantage’ because their enemy, the West, has limits and moral qualms.

      I wish that our governments and military would understand that that is the mindset of the terrorists, but we still have people who keep going “they couldn’t possibly do that, because ‘basic humanity.’ ”

      For a terrorist with a cause backed by religious fanaticism on the level of Islam, there is no limit. It’s part of their doctrine, as part of the dictates of what they are supposed to do if in Dar al-Harb.

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  4. Until we get “inside” the terrorist mind, we will suffer more and more of these attacks. It matters not even a little bit that it’s men or women who stage them. Much like the Viet Namese style of warfare, they can beat us in our own streets ala Ho Chi Minh.

    Our wonderful (and gutless) leadership on both sides of the aisle refuses to countenance un-politically correct warfare, but all war is about power…not incidentally, expense. When a war is too expensive, the side less prepared drops out.

    We are in the midst of an asymmetrical war. They mount attacks, huge ones like 9/11 for less than a hundred grand. Our defenses cost billions. One hellfire missile strike to take out one or two terrorists costs about 80 grand for the ordinance itself. Add to this the tremendous cost of human intelligence, delivery systems, etc., and you have a whole chunk of change to get a few smelly bastards.

    It’s a lot of money, but consider the idea of putting our military in harm’s way. Super expensive…hundreds of thousands per unit…worth it, but our leadership has more a their disposal if the would choose to use it, and it’s so easy, so cheap that it’s been overlooked, or deemed so politically dynamite that it is never discussed publicly because it is the absolute essence of political correctness.

    These people have no fear of death due to their religious beliefs. We saw the same in the Kamikaze attacks in WWII.. They could not be terrorized because the Emperor was their God in the same way the islamic Allah demands obedience. There was almost no way to terrorize them because Japan was a remote, sealed off country, but muslims are already inside the wire and need to be rendered ineffective in their immediate environment.

    How? Terrorize them with their own ideology. Make them afraid to die, afraid their loved ones will die out of grace, afraid the kaffir will interrupt their trip to Allah.

    We have to get inside their heads so deviously that they will not want to bear the ultimate expense of their souls.

    These people are cheap bastards, and they are winning the asymmetrical war because it’s fought for so little expense with a huge payoff for the bombers, snipers because they believe they’re going to heaven immediately…low risk, big payday. Our part is high risk, big debt.

    It will be like this forever, or until we forsake the useless political correctness of the past.

    But our representatives have conditioned us, even our military that we should continue “surgical strikes,” limited collateral damage, sensitivity training for our troops….wonderful….sure has worked out for us.

    We have dispensed with the idea that victory, utter defeat of the enemy stops our enemies because ultimate cost of fighting us is just too damned expensive either money wise or spiritually costly. Until we strangle out every avenue of reward, either here on in heaven, we will continue to suffer the attacks.

    Our only hope is to suck it up, fight as if every fight is crucial.


    1. It will never be a frontal attack until or unless there is fresh air and real will power in the White House.

      As you indicated, the VC waged a guerrilla war that was cost-effective and embraced by anyone and everyone who gave Uncle Ho the nod.

      If you recall, the US Cavalry at Little Big Horn was defeated by a more primitive force, Sitting Bull’s ‘troops’, because he studied the tactics of HIS enemy, the Long Knives. Beat them at their own game.

      A real war will only follow these attacks when someone says “ENOUGH!”


    2. @Sara If I recall correctly the Native Americans were not really a primitive force. Many of them were armed with Winchester repeating rifles while the US was armed with only single shot trap door Springfields. Sure the Springfields were more powerful but the Winchester could lay down more fire in a shorter time. Its sort of like saying a force armed with M1’s is superior to one with M16’s


  5. Anyone familiar with the comic book character “The Punisher”? If not quick summary, he’s a vigilante anti-hero, where a lot of comic vigilantes are non lethal he’s 100% cold blooded lethal to violent criminals. Now if ISIS is successful in getting there war here in the US i forsee alot of people seeing the feds do nothing and taking the fight to ISIS themselves vigilante style. Opinions?


    1. And I mean lethal vigilantism.


  6. I realize one of the main factors in these kinds of attacks are to provoke an overreaction and thereby gain even more recruits. But these people don’t seem to remember history very well. While Europeans right now may seem quite weak and easily pushed around, if pushed far enough they can, and likely will, return to their roots. These are the same people that turned genocide from a rather hit and miss military exercise into an industrial process. It may make the islamic terrorists feel good about themselves to give their lives up for their religion, but in the end it matters not if you are dead when your entire family, and every family in your village is dead as well. It’s one thing to give yourself up for a cause. It’s something else entirely to sacrifice everyone in your entire religion because you’re a zealot. The Europeans may even feel bad about it afterwards. But in the end, the final solution is a billion or two dead and no one left to worship your god.


  7. way2opinionated

    Vigilance? And risk being called racist?

    Why is everybody surprised by this? We’ve already had our Pearl Harbor. Over and over and over and over and over again. Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack. Clark Field the next day was not. We’ve been bending over for the Muslims for YEARS! The first international crisis in ‘Murica’s history (after dealing with the British) was the Muslim Barbary Pirates. The current instantiation of the never ending Islamic War against the World started in ’79 with the Iranian Revolution. The World Trade Center was bombed in ’93. Almost a quarter century ago.


    Are all Muslims terrorists? No. Neither were all the Germans Nazis. We burned their cities to the ground anyway. They didn’t bother us again. Are all branches of Islam violent? No. Some are rather peaceful and spiritual. But all Muslims, especially the Wahabists and Shiites, need to understand that they too are victims of the Islamists when the World comes and shits down their collective necks. Or, we can just keep stacking up bodies like cord wood and virtue posturing our utter disregard for the World Afire we’re going to give our children.


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