Why the Puppies Are Sad

You want to know why the Sad Puppies campaign still exists? Do you want to know why fans continue to nominate authors they consider to be worthy of a Hugo Award even though the elitist Puppy Kickers made damn sure everyone knew that no award would be given to any worthy author or editor if they were nominated by the “wrong” people?

Here’s one reason.

“Speak Easy” by Catherynne M. Valente was submitted for a Sad Puppies 4 nomination in September 2015. Several fans thought it was worthy of the award. Comments included:

“… I liked it a lot and will be nominating it for a Hugo.”

“…There is so much to discover in this little book and it absolutely blew me away”

I would think that any author would be grateful that readers not only bought her work, but read it and enjoyed it enough to recommend it for a prestigious award. I would think the author would be gracious and thank the readers for the honor. One would think that being included in a list of recommendations that this year includes such great and diverse writers as Lois McMaster Bujold, Ann Leckie, Stephen King, Eric Flint, and John Scalzi would be met with gratitude and some dignity.

But apparently, if you’re the wrong kind of thinker, the wrong kind of reader, who has the wrong kind of social justice and political views, Ms. Valente doesn’t want your business. She doesn’t want your praise or recommendation. She doesn’t want your recognition.

As a matter of fact, if you’re the wrong type of science fiction fan, she will meowl and howl and demand that her name be removed from consideration. Then, she will vent her spleen on the Internet (then think better of it and admit it was not her “best reaction), and then she will post a much more temperate contemplation, trying to explain why she was so damn angry that a bunch of fans liked her writing enough to read it and to think it was worthy of an award.

I was upset because I wasn’t asked whether I was okay with being put on this list. I had thought I remembered SP saying they would ask authors for permission in the future, but it’s since been pointed out to me that my memory, as with all human cognition, is faulty, and the truth is the opposite–they, in fact, pledged not to ask permission or remove names on request.

Ms. Valente apparently thinks she should be consulted about whether or not it would be OK for a group of fans to like and appreciate her writing enough to think she merits an award. Apparently, she’s so important, that fans need her permission to publicly like her work! I will freely admit I’ve never heard of her until this year, so I wasn’t sure how successful or popular she was.

She’s apparently fairly prolific, if you believe Wikipedia, but I cannot imagine an author can get so prominent that she would actively reject readers who like her writing. But that’s exactly what she did.

Because she doesn’t want to be “associated” with the wrong type of fans.

Because she and other spitting whiners are suspicious that somehow this is somehow an effort to “legitimize” Sad Puppies, rather than a simple submission by people who happened to like her work.

Because somehow pointing out her lack of graciousness on social media equates to attacking her.

And it occurs to me that I would feel far less anger and confusion if one single person had calmly and without rancor said to me: “Hey, last year was a clusterfuck all around. This year we’re trying to put all that behind us and do a straight recommendation list. That’s all that’s going on.” But instead, it was the same instant name-calling and attacks that went down last time.

Of course, several people pointed out that the Sad Puppies list this year is a diverse recommendation list by fans who liked her work, but Ms. Valente appears to be so filled with rancor and hatred, that she just ignored them and continued on.

One reply pointed out that fans liked her work, and thought it was worthy.

Another one also acknowledged the effort to keep politics and acrimony out of it.

A third one noted that this the Sad Puppies list is a pretty simple recommendation from multiple fans.

But apparently, that’s not good enough.

So I spent the night trying to get my thoughts in order on this. Because, yes, if you strip away all the context of the Sad Puppies campaigns, it’s just a recommendation list, and I was happy enough to be on the Locus List (which doesn’t ask permission), so I should simply be joyful that people liked Speak Easyenough to recommend others take a look at it. A recommendation list, as we have been saying all along, is not a slate.

But you can’t strip away the context. Context is content. Context is everything.

Here’s your context, Ms. Valente.

So, SP4 is all about MOAR! More voters. More votes. More people. We want to make the Hugos bigger and more representative of fandom as a whole, to bring people in rather than give them an asterisk that looks kind of wrong (especially beside the rocket) to try to drive the “interlopers” out. SF is a big tent: we don’t want to kick out anyone, even writers of bad message fiction that makes puppies sad.

That is all. It is simple and publicly stated. There’s no hidden context or agenda. There never has been, despite some people’s best efforts to conflate the Sad Puppies movement with something onerous and clandestine.

I promised last year not to allow my name on any slate, for any reason, in perpetuity. Which means that if SP4 is, somehow, a slate, it would be hypocritical of me to shrug and say I’m cool with it just because my name happens to be on it. This is where I get stuck, because I feel there is a moral morass here. Call me old-fashioned: when I give my word, it still means something to me. This puts me in an incredibly difficult position, from which there is no easy extrication.

This is not about you allowing anything, Ms. Valente, unless you really expect fans you don’t like for nebulous reasons such as their “association” with other fans, to refuse to like or read your literature, in which case I would question your sanity and your intellect.

Bottom line: some people read your novella, and they liked it enough to submit it for an award. That’s it. Nothing else. But your lack of congeniality is noted.

The problem is, I spent a year listening to how the Puppies are Master Strategists. You can’t blame me for doing a Perception Roll and looking for traps. And that is my fear. That, with apologies to Admiral Akbar, it’s a trap.

Maybe you should take a year actually examining evidence with an objective eye, reading what has been written on the subject without judging, and stop being so paranoid.

I don’t want to be anyone’s shield. I want any nomination to be about my work and my work alone. I don’t want to be used to add legitimacy to a slate, I don’t want to be used to whitewash the history of a movement that, at the very minimum, has behaved poorly and rudely toward a large number of people, including me, my loved ones, and my colleagues. I don’t want to be fodder for a “we all know the first five are the real slate” strategy. I don’t want to be used as agotcha!, forced to withdraw in order to keep my moral house in order and make room for more works along the lines of “Safe Space as Rape Room” and “Sad Puppies Bite Back” or remain on the list and force a conversation about No Awarding so that the Puppies can watch the people they targeted last year get No Awarded or call us all hypocrites at large for not doing it–victory declared at any result.

Couple of things are notable here. chu

First, Ms. Valente appears to be hanging out with the likes of Arthur Chu, who last year viciously attacked Brad Torgersen as a racist and even posted a photo of his African American wife and biracial daughter, claiming they were shields for Brad’s alleged racism.

Are these the kinds of people with whom you want to be associated, Ms. Valente? Because you certainly sound like one of them.

A shield? It must be difficult to think so little of your own work that you believe the only reason people with opposing views to yours would like your writing is as a shield!

Second, Ms. Valente ignores the very real, vile, repugnant, and false accusations of racism, misogyny, bigotry, and other filth hurled at the Sad Puppies last year. It must be so comfy living in that soft, opaque world, so devoid of diverse points of view!

Third, she admits outright that the “No Awarding” of numerous categories at the Hugo Awards last year was an effort to keep the “undesirables” out, and worse, she’s afraid inclusion by the “wrong” kinds of fans will deprive her of her rightful chance for an award.

I will give Ms. Valente credit for admitting that the Sad Puppies this year did exactly what they said they would – create an open, transparent, diverse list recommended by numerous readers.

They seem to have done everything people said they should do to make it a recommendation list and not a slate. It’s democratic, it’s open, there are either more or less than five recs for every slot. The Rabid Puppy list has almost nothing in common with the Sad Puppy list.

At least she’s intellectually honorable enough to admit this much, but then she slides back into paranoia, and proceeds to blame the fans – the same fans who recommended works they enjoyed last year for a prestigious award and included her on this list – for her own paranoia, and continues to perpetuate the lies that angered kind, generous, gentle authors and fans last year, accusing us of racism, homophobia, and sexism and conflate Sad Puppies with the snarling, frothing Rabids, whose stated goal was to submarine the Hugos.

But it’s absurd to get angry at someone for thinking there might be something more to it. After all the talk about manipulation and strategy, all the insults flung and accusations levied, this is the result. It is hard to trust. And it is impossible to just pull the tablecloth out from under the Sad Puppies and leave the flowers and the silver still standing. The Puppies are a political group. They specifically did what they did last year to make “SJW heads explode.” Members have engaged in racists, homophobic, and sexist rhetoric. They have stated that the last several years of Hugos, during which I won and was nominated, were a lie and a farce, only existing due to affirmative action.

The rest of her post is self-inflicted angst and agony. Her stomach hurts. She’s honestly torn. She doesn’t know what to do.

And then, she “magnanimously” proclaimed that she will give us all a chance. She will give us her oh-so-generous benefit of the doubt. She’s choosing to believe that the Sad Puppies are sincere, despite the skewed history that she’s been led to believe, and dog forbid we let her down!

Please, lady!

Give it a rest! People read your work. They enjoyed it. They liked it enough to recommend it for a prestigious award. Be gracious. Say “thank you.” Enjoy the fact that a bigger fan base read your novella and enjoyed it, despite their perceived disagreements with you on politics or whatever else.

Stop worrying about some biased version of “history” and realize you’re not ENTITLED to demand that fans ask your permission to like and recommend your work.

You promised to believe in our good faith? So stop with the caveats and the angst, so we can believe in yours!



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  1. I never heard of this person and am not familiar with her work.
    Doesn’t appear she wishes those circumstances to change, does it?

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    1. Nope. She sure doesn’t. We are WrongFen, so we shouldn’t read her, I guess. :-\


  2. Meh, I read what she wrote.
    She can GFH.

    Life is too short, and too good, to give a rat’s ass about her, or her stories.

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  3. I grew up on science fiction — when Heinlein was still writing for Boy’s Life and an eclectic group ranging from Marxists (Mack Reynolds) to academic liberals (Asimov) to hard right (H. Beam Piper) to libertarians (RAH) wrote well and I read them all. It gave a clear perspective of thought across a wide range.

    It never occurred to me to care about what the author believed as opposed to the quality of the story. It was much more important (to me) that the story was clever and more hard science than fantasy.

    The problem now is that the writing today is quite poor compared to that in the past. Heinlein once wrote (and promptly violated) that an author should not sell a story for a pound of message. There is much too much of this now that is compounded by confused plots, nearly illiterate writing and whining.

    In short, most of science fiction today is crap that simply is not worth reading — much less a Hugo. Shoot, A. E. Van Vogt, famous for plots with somewhat awkward prose, wrote poetry compared to the crowd writing today.

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    1. Mack Reynolds was raised as an American Socialist and was even seen as a rising star, but his views got a lot more centrist and non-Marxist after he became a travel writer. The Socialist Labor Party finally kicked him out for his recidivist habit of saying nice things about capitalist countries with well-functioning economies and non-thuggish rights-respecting governments.

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  4. Wow. What a conceited twit is Valente. Has she checked her vanity drawer lately?

    I grew up on Paul Ffrench/Asimov, Heinlein, Haggard, Verne, Wells, Dickens, Melville, T.H.White, T.E. White, the Vinges, McCaffrey, Hemingway, and others too numerious to mention. It was the story that mattered. Tolkien made that abundantly clear – good writing carries the reader, not political hogwash. If you want politics, I read ‘1984’ when I was 13. I knew what it meant, and I didn’t like it.

    My message to the Rabid Puppies is that you aren’t old enough to know your shit from Shinola. I hope the Real World kicks your collective asses some day.

    It’s time you let the wookies win.


    1. Why do you dislike Rabid Puppies? It seems to me that the real clowns are the PC bunch who believes they should control the dialog. Everyone, of all types should be equally judged upon literary quality and not on the PC nature of their work.

      The real world kicking rear ends is the market and only the market. Science fiction will be killed by the exclusionists. The puppies might not have the best approach but I can understand it.


      1. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. LOL

        Plus – any bunch of pseudo intellectual, nativist bags of fug who claim I’m not a real American because I wasn’t born here (or anyone else, for that matter) can go fuck themselves with cacti dipped in hot tar.


    2. Why don’t I like the Rabid Puppies? That’s a fair question. I dislike exclusionary crap. They and the PC crowd don’t want anything published or read unless it meet with their approval. The PC crowd is bad enough, but both of these ego-feeding groups endorse censorship. If you don’t do things their way, they hate you to pieces, like 3rd graders who just found out about tormenting other kids.

      I think there’s enough hate in the world as it is.


  5. Seek help for your anger issues.


    1. Sound advice. Thanks.


    2. Choke on a cactus… or your personal angst, whichever is more convenient for you.



  6. I get it. She’s a giant nerd, more nerdy than the rest of us could ever be. But she “Made a Perception Roll”? FFS.
    EGG is probably rolling in his grave.

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  7. Ms. Valente may be cute, but inside it seems she’s a fester bag of fuckery, uglier than a syphilitic porcupine, and about as psychotic.

    I wouldn’t fuck her with an acid-soaked cactus.

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    1. You been taking cursing lessons, Pave? 😉


    2. My inner Senior NCO has been coming our of hiding lately. Retirement has removed my inner/outer monologue filters…..

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    3. *grin* Yay for me? I get to learn more invective, and goodness knows I love how Nicki turns a beautiful phrase.


  8. […] Why the Puppies Are Sad […]


  9. This is futile – people around the world take a great deal of satisfaction from their hatred. Arabs hate Israelis, cowboys hate Indians, Irish protestants hate Irish Catholics. The less difference there is between the two groups, the more intense the hate.

    Sad puppies campaign should “nominate” one of the ones who hate them, every year, just to taint his friendships with his fellow-haters. Pick a plausible candidate, a decent story (if you can find one) and listen to him howl! For bonus points, leak rumors that he actively sought your support (for selfish, crass commercial profit), to cause hate and dissension in their group.

    They have handed you a stick, and you should use it well.


  10. I’m sorely tempted to got read her stuff (OK, the free previews, because I refuse to give her any of my money), and then write reviews of it, with very specific references to how she doesn’t want people to read or promote her stuff.

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  11. All this Sad Puppy stuff I stumbled into last spring has added so many new authors to my reading list I don’t have for someone who does not want me to read them, So I won’t or nominate or vote for them


    1. Yes, it is amazing the amount of talent out there in indi publishing, and ebooks for a reasonable price. The big 5 publishers have lost the pulse of the market, and overpriced their ebooks, they are in for a rude awakening.

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  12. Holy Fucking Shit! I just looked at what she has to offer at Amazon, and the suggested retail price of her 144 ppg book is $40. EBook and Hardcover have the same list price. But $40 for a short novel/novella? There’s no way in H E double hockey sticks I would pay that for something that short. I would hesitate to pay that for a leatherbound edition of a full novel that I actually like.

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    1. Whaaaaaa??????? Seriously?


    2. I went to Amazon to check that price. Hardcover has a price of OVER $100 on this book. Go see it for yourself. I don’t know where that comes from, but unless it’s a gold-edged ‘special’ 1st edition, illustrated and signed by both author and artist, it ain’t worth it. Period.


    3. If you look closely, you’ll see those insanely priced books ($191 for one) are offered by third parties, not from Valente’s account. I saw people do that with my own books. I think it’s a combination of speculating on something becoming collectible and scammers hoping people will accidentally click buy on the wrong page.

      Heh. Someone is offering my bootlegged The Anarchists for $199. A poorly edited paperback.


      1. Subterranean Press may be a specialty press, but I don’t see her book published anyplace else. I don’t think this one is bootlegged.


    4. Kamas, my reference to “bootlegged” was only about The Anarchists. Long story. TL;DR: someone scraped up a bunch of my short fiction and put the anthology together himself and sold it. He likewise ripped off my first novel (which was kinda funny, since it never sold well).

      What those other folks are doing with those high prices is buying legit copies and putting them up for resale, with the real scammers skipping the part about having real copies at all.


  13. What an ungrateful wretch.


  14. I guess she realizes how toxic the Sad Puppies label is.


    1. Or she’s a snotty, entitled brat, who cannot let go. Seems there’s an overabundance of those out there.


    2. Are you feeling the Bern or the Butthurt?


    3. Oops, that was for yama….


      1. Heh. I figured.


        1. He keeps trying to post over at my site, but I’ve got him marked as spam. Not sure why he keeps trying.


  15. If these SJW creeps efforts surround destroying the Hugos or any other SI-FI awards, they are doing great. I am, and always have been, a Si-Fi fan, but will now ignore any peer or groupthink association that supplies awards, and go directly to fan reviews, like Amazon reviewers. It’s amazing how many crazies there are out there. Hey – you want only specific SJW believers reading your screeds, please simply post a warning on the cover. I’m sure all of us will then comply with you wishes.

    And, of course, spend our money elsewhere. Where it’s appreciated. Besides, one as selective as you likely doesn’t need to sell books to make a living. You help us direct our funds to those who can use it.


  16. Frankly, I’m tired of the Hugo Drama. I’m out. Let it, Worldcon, and “Trufandom” continue to sink into the black hole of obscurity which was, briefly, arrested by the Puppies.


    1. I will fight their shit every day, if I can! I won’t let them win.


    2. Frankly, I simply don’t give 3/5ths of a squirt of lukewarm urine for “trufandom”, the Worldcon, or the Hugos. You have to know when to pick your fights, simply because this one is so close to utterly irrelevant that there IS no discernible difference. I rank the Hugos and Worldcon right up there with Morris Dancing. . .


  17. Sean D Sorrentino

    Who the hell recommended that gawd awful piece of crap? I read Speak Easy and it was terrible. It was a beautifully written nothing. There was no “there” there. It had the best possible descriptions of people and absolutely ZERO effing story. If anything could possibly discredit us as SF fans it would be recommending Speak Easy to anyone as anything other than a training manual on how to introduce characters and how NOT to write plot.

    Ali and I discussed it on The #WrongFun Podcast Episode 4

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    1. Yeah, I saw your comment on the SPIV site. I know there are people who strongly disagreed, so I was going to buy it to judge for myself. Not so much now. Nope. Bought a bunch of Larry Correia books instead.


  18. Valente is a Third Wave Feminist. With that cult, you’re either in or out – there is no middle ground. Everyone else is an MRA, wingnut, Limbaugh-cultist, conservative, racist, Islamophobe, homophobe or misogynist who has never checked their privilege. All Third Wave Feminists are rats.

    To give you an idea of how Valente’s mind works she once wrote “Remember that Tolkien’s Southrons and Easterlings were pretty much Africans and Middle Easterners with the VINs filed off.” I guess that makes Tolkien a racist. Forget the fact those folks assaulted Europe for a thousand years, even taking slaves on raids in the 17th century in Cornwall and County Cork. That’s closer to Hobbit territory than Tolkien himself envisioned, which makes actual history more racist than Tolkien and Valente a daffy nutcase.

    She also was inspired to write her Snow White story by the word “white,” as in race. These people must think there’s still black baseball leagues just out of sight, although the only thing which resembles them is something like the gay Lambda Award Valente herself has won, because irony. Maybe I should write a fantasy story about how the Nebula Award started as a come-one, come-all award created by racist, homophobic, women-haters. Of course the people who maintain that have turned it into a racist, heterophobic, man-hating award, because irony. Third Wave Feminists like Valente have done that to the Hugos too, turning it into a lesbian/”PoC” affirmative action award because it never kept lesbians or “PoC” out, because irony.

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    1. Yeah, she sounds like a charmer. More and more she’s ensuring I won’t pick up anything she writes.


    2. Unfortunately, she seems too wrapped up in herself to recognize that the original story was about two sisters ‘Snow White and Rose Red’, one of many stories collected by the Grimm brothers.

      What I did notice in reviewing her Wiki-bio is that she seems to take other people’s stories and redo them as her version, which is not particularly creative on her part. She may have a wide vocabulary, but rewriting someone else’s story is nothing but ‘fan-fiction’, and she admits in her Wiki-bio that her first effort WAS fan-fiction. Why can’t she come up with her own ideas? As Mr. Sorrentino notes above, elegant prose does not disguise a story that has no originality or depth. She may have nicked her inspiration for ‘Speak Easy’ from someone else’s ideas as well. This is the same nonsense I saw in Trekkies at TrekCons who could not wait to tell me their ‘scenarios’ for ST:NG. It’s enough to gag a maggot to have to listen to that, but if I politely suggested they create their own universe instead of using Gene Roddenberry’s, I got blank looks.

      Frankly, Lord Dunsay, Alice Hoffman, Patricia McKillip and Katherine Kerr are far more adept at creating other worlds and Universes than Ms. Valente. Each of McKillip’s other Universes is a unique invention, a one-off, that lives and breathes until the story is done. Lord Dunsany’s stories exist only in his cosmos. Hoffman’s ability to turn ordinary events into extraordinary occurrences is unique. Kerr’s novels of the Westlands on a planet that was reached by a tribe of Gauls with the help of a ‘special’ guide create a history that might have been, if it had only had the chance.

      I’m under the impression that Ms. Valente thinks she’s incredibly important. No. Neil Gaiman is incredibly important. Silberberg is important. Anne McCaffrey is important. Marion Zimmer Bradley is important. Katherine Kerr is important. Kathryn Kurtz (Deryni tales) is important.

      I haven’t read what Valente has written, and I will save my money and wait until I see a copy that someone leaves on the table at the library. But that’s just me.


    3. Is there a public review for her anywhere? Someone needs to drop the word “derivative”……

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    4. That’s the other notable thing about these gender feminists; for a cult so concerned about “cultural appropriation,” that’s all they do. They make a lot of bold proclamations about their bold vision of the world but that seems to consist of making exacting replicas of art, throwing in lesbians and “PoC” and saying, “there, now that’s better.” That’s what they call “diversity.” They’re adept at making Thor into a women, some super-hero into a Muslim or whining that Dr. Who is still a white man.

      Their main innovation in pop culture seems to be in creating ever more bizarre reasons to bitch about the world. Exactly what the hell is a “person of color” if not some stupid ploy to pretend the world is some giant Jim Crow county? There is no real world application of that term. Social justice crusaders don’t produce anything anyone wants. Instead they make demands on and infiltrate pop culture expressions and then wreck them. Their writers are routinely the worst out there, which is going to happen in any affirmative action movement in the arts. Heinlein and Bradbury are not interchangeable modules with any random SFF writer who is a women, gay or non-white, but that’s exactly how their “diversity” operates. Third Wave Feminists are liars who are never happy. That’s because there is no end game – no goal – in hatred. Now that women are half of all SFF writers they moan because they don’t get reviewed as often. Now that women are more than half of all college students they’ve made up more hokum about not being asked questions in class or some other crap. This will never end because this cult is built on hatred and irrational suspicions of any move men or whites make, not real world events.

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    5. Cat’s stuff is far better than anything you can write.

      This reply was meant for Pave Pusher, Nicki, and Sara as well.


      1. Gee, I’m so glad you came over here to tell us how inferior we are. Of course, that doesn’t negate my point about being gracious, but hey… whatever churns your sperm.


    6. Sean D Sorrentino

      That she could write better than me is a bar so low that a mouse could trip on it. This does not rise to the level of writing that one would you pay actual money for. Having mistakenly paid actual money for Speak Easy, and also having reviewed it for my podcast, I think I know whereof I speak. Next time she should consider including a plot, some conflict, and perhaps a resolution. Beautiful description doesn’t not a story make.

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    7. Yeah, but you liked Ctrl/Alt/Revolt and Pack Dynamics, so your opinion doesn’t matter.

      Meant for Sean D. Sorrentino.


      1. How typical. “You disagree with me, so your opinion doesn’t matter.”

        YOU are why the puppies are sad!


    8. Sean D Sorrentino

      Of course I liked both of those books. They contained plot, conflict, and resolution. You know, those essential parts of a story.

      Trying to say bad things about me doesn’t change the fact that Speak Easy had none of these essential things. The novella was a loose collection of beautifully written character introductions and nothing more. Having introduced her characters, Cat couldn’t find anything for them to do. It was sad, really. If only she had an editor willing to tell her, “Ok, now have them DO something, Cat! And maybe not so many of them.” But no, everyone just indulged her instead of challenging her to write an actual story. It’s too bad, really. She could have done something with it.

      Now toddle off back to your mistress. You don’t have the intellect to hang with this crowd.


      1. Clamps could only wish to have a mistress. He’s simply a stalker. I’m actually surprised that Nicki allows him on her site.


        1. I have a policy of not censoring. If he gets on my nerves, I may eliminate him.


        2. Spam filtered. Done with the moron.


        3. He’s the only one I have in the spam filter. And it’s not over what he’s tried posting on my site, but what I’ve seen him post other places and more specifically his stalking of Shadowdancer. I just won’t put up with that.


        4. He stalked her??? That piece of shit!


        5. Read the link I posted upthread a little ways, where I had responded to Sean. Clamps is someone that should probably be sitting in an asylum some place, or a jail. He seems to have a lot of the markers of an escalating predator. Good thing she lives on another continent.

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        6. The links to the pages of his aliases and history of stalking appears to be broken. You’d probably have to talk to Shadowdancer to get the full history now.


        7. She’s around sometimes. I’ll ask.


  19. So, if someone is nastily talked about as one of the reasons for the sad puppies to exist (one of the SJWs being nominated for and winning awards in the last decade) and had had a lot of vitriol directed at her and her peers by the organizer of Sad Puppies 4 and the head of Rabid Puppies, she should be elated and excited to be on the Sad Puppies 4 list? If you read her blog to follow up her initial reaction, she is letting the recommendation stand. She was not aware that the process had changed this year and that the list was representative of anyone who participated this year. Considering that other than a handful of entries, most of the items on the Sad Puppies 4 list got two or three recommendations from the hundred or so people who actually participated, this really seems to be a molehill being turned into a mountain.

    FYI, Speakeasy was released as a signed limited edition by Subterranean press for $40. It will likely be release as an e-book for lease and may also have a paperback printing (as did her earlier novella Six-Gun Snow White).


    1. If you had actually READ what is written first instead of bloviating, you would have seen that I was quoting her blog entry following her initial reaction.

      Beyond that, you are apparently STILL under the mistaken impression that Sads and Rabids are one and the same.

      And finally, she’s not LETTING anything stand. The recommendation was made by people who liked her work. That recommendation will not be rescinded, and no one will UNlike her work had she decided to not “allow” it to stand.

      My beef was that she was so lacking in graciousness, and so wrapped in angst about it, that she had to write an entire essay about how torn she was because the wrong fans recommended her work.

      Had I been in her place, I’d simply be grateful that fans did.

      Try reading next time.

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    2. You need to adjust your calendar. It is people like Valente and her goofy ideology who started with the vitriol and created the pushback which turned into Sad Puppies. Her generation rode into SFF in 2009 calling everyone misogynists and racists and openly supporting people like Requires Hate and every other dolt who could put up an image of a “white tears” coffee mug or whine about having to write in white colonial English. Now that they’re getting return fire – surprise – we’re still a bunch of misogynists and racists. I have no compassion for Valente – none. People like her made her bed with inflammatory feminist rhetoric which had nothing to do with the genre and everything to do with the paranoid anti-white lesbian cult which is Third Wave Feminism. Their “diversity” push is cultish and based on historic lies about our genre. If they’d come in holding up their writing first and foremost it would’ve been different. Instead they chose to come in throwing their race and sex around like a noble club and beating everyone over the head with how ignoble the rest of us are and have been for 100 years. Fuck them.

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  20. Please, lady! Give it a rest! People read your work. They enjoyed it. They liked it enough to recommend it for a prestigious award.

    All of that is true, with one reservation: I submit that the behavior of the convention last year — i.e., the flurry of “No Awards” — has seriously reduced the prestige of the Hugo. Should such tawdry, spiteful behavior be repeated, the Hugo will be reduced to a laughingstock. It will become known as the demesne of persons you and I would cross the street to avoid.

    It might well be Miss Valente’s belief that the SP4 list’s inclusion of her novel will cause it to lose readership. Can we provide her with evidence that that would not occur? I don’t know enough about sales trends to do so myself (though perhaps I should). But if there’s evidence that inclusion on an SP nominations list has no (or positive) effect on subsequent sales, perhaps whoever has it should make it generally available.


  21. And now this feminist cult has a sudden love for Alistair Reynolds too, just because he wants off the SP4 list. In 2 years of immersive research I did on this cult in SF, I’d say that for every time I heard the name of a neutral SF writer like Reynolds, I read the name of some nobody die-hard intersectional feminist like Cat Valente, Aliette de Bodard, N.K. Jemisin or Elizabeth Bear 200 times. Even if you grant they are equal artists to Reynolds (which I do not) there is no accounting for that massive a discrepancy across 100 bloggers, publishers, editors and authors unless you take into account their affirmative action program. It’s as if Reynolds and his like don’t even exist. Reynolds got a Hugo nomination for a novella written in 2010, but anyone who’s been following this cult knows that’s the last year of even some semblance of neutrality before the roof caved in. Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter and John Scalzi’s “white male privilege” post occur in May of 2012; the witchhunting, shaming and hate speech really begin in earnest about that time. In any event, I’m not asserting this cult has total control of either the Nebula’s or the Hugos, but I’d wager it covers about 85% of the nominees in the last 3 years. Of the 30 people booted out of the Hugo nominations last year by the Rabid Puppies, virtually every one was a die-hard crusader for this weird so-called “feminism.” That’s telling.

    There are hundreds of Tweets from that crew recommending fiction with not even an author’s name attached, just race and sexual expression. That can be found nowhere outside this cult and never existed in the century of SF before the arrival of this cult.

    And now the very people who started this stupid plague in SF are pretending the Puppies just came out of nowhere. In fact it was in response to events which started in 2009 and grew in an ever increasing volume of racist, man-hating whining and blaming. That’s the year io9 did a post called “When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like ‘Avatar’,” Angry Black Woman (K. Tempest Bradford) had a post by yet another affirmative action darling and future Nebula-nominee named Alaya Dawn Johnson about a racial version of the lesbian Bechdel Test, and SFWA president John Scalzi hosted a two-part post about white privilege written by Mary Ann Mohanraj, the founder of the mother of all anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual SFF zines, Strange Horizons. This is a pack of feral racists and cultish sexists hiding behind the term “social justice.” Unless you’re on Xanax or as naive as a child, no one is fooled, and we don’t really care what this feminist KKK thinks about anything.

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    1. You do realize that more people have read Valente than, say, Torgersen or Hoyt, right?


      1. 1. You couldn’t substantiate that if your life depended on it; and:
        2. Even if it were true, it wouldn’t matter.

        Have a little ancient (and some less than ancient) wisdom:
        — “De gustibus non est disputandum” (probably Plutarch)
        — “Chacun a son gout” (origin unknown)
        — “Of tastes, there is nothing written” (the Talmud)
        — “You go your way and I’ll go mine” (Bob Dylan)

        Got that?


    2. I’ve never seen a Torgersen book in a store.


      1. Well, GOSH! Because YOU weren’t particularly observant and haven’t seen a book in a store, that means more people read Valente than Torgersen? That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read today!

        I’ve never seen a Valente book in a store, but I’ve seen both Hoyt, Torgersen, and Correia, which obviously means people read more of them than they do of her.

        Do yourself a favor and shut your yap before you make yourself look even more stupid – if that’s even possible!

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    3. Let me guess, you haven’t looked for any Valente?

      Then again, I haven’t looked for any Torgersen. My first Torgersen, and my last, was an excerpt of that piece of crap he submitted to 2113.


  22. Christopher M. Chupik

    Someone needs to tell the Marshfield, Mass police that Clamps gnawed through his restraints again.

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    1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Ah, I thought I recognized that user-name.


  23. Normally, I don’t step into puddles of verbal diarrhea, but someone used my name. I have no idea why, nor do I care but this statement from yamamama is the source of it: ‘Cat’s stuff is far better than anything you can write.This reply was meant for Pave Pusher, Nicki, and Sara as well.’

    As each of us has a signature style – Nicki’s, for example, frequently employs Creative Cursing 201 – I was rather surprised to be included in such a blanket statement by someone who has never read anything I’ve published, aside from what I’ve posted here on Nicki’s blog as comments .

    Perhaps, Yo Mama, you could enlighten the entire audience AS TO your urine-poor excuse for making such a statement. What is the basis for it, sparkle pony? Are you intentionally being rude, or simply spoiling for a bitch-slapping contest, Toots? Tell us! Come on, sport! Spit it out!

    Y’see, YO MAMA, what you don’t understand is that your lickspittle adoration of Valente hints broadly at someone with an agenda. You may have the advantage of me if you’ve read Valente’s STUFF, but that does not mean that you are more widely read than I am, or anyone else here, for that matter, or that Valente is a better writer than anyone else posting comments here.

    I’d like to say, since you insulted me and others with no basis for so doing, that you must be easily impressed by people who write florid prose with no substance, as indicated by Sorrentino (See his comment above). However, since I haven’t yet read any of Valente’s work but HAVE an extensive library by classical writers whose work has withstood the test of time, I’ve withheld my judgment of her product until I can get a sample of it without having to pay a premium. She puts a price on her published work that is generally out of reach of people who enjoy good sci-fi/fantasy. There is no reason to overprice something that way, with no explanation for it. If she had released ‘Speak Easy’ as a normal print/e-book edition with sample pages, my opinion would be visible here, but she did not do that. Instead, she has an elevated price for nothing.

    That does not speak to anything but vainglory and snobbishness. She’s already made it clear that only certain people should be allowed to read her STUFF. Maybe you can get YOUR head out of HER ass long enough to consider that she might not be NEARLY as good as you think she is.

    And for your information, YO Mama, you ignorant ass, Torgerson was on bookshelves at libraries AND Waldenbooks before it became Borders and then vanished into what ever giant real estate cesspool chain is now selling books, whereas until a day or two ago, I had never heard of Valente. So stuff it, snotnose.


    1. Sean D Sorrentino

      The novella has some of the most beautiful character intros I’ve ever seen. But zero beyond that. It was sad, really. Let me know and I’ll loan the kindle book to you. Nicki knows how to contact me directly and can vouch for me.

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      1. Yep. I vouch for Sean. He’s a derelict. 😉


    2. Honey, this pud-yanking cock gobbler is a mentally deficient shit wit that is best ignored. 🙂


    3. Oh, but, Nicki – it’s the competition for food and sex — er, notice! – notice that keeps us going, isn’t it? It’s fun to bat the sparkle pony around, but it gets tiresome, too. Sharpening my claws on such a stone-hearted soul with such narrow vision has its moments.


      1. I wanted to ridicule it, but it’s certifiable, so it kind of bounces off its head.


    4. I have to add, for the benefit of anyone who thinks I don’t research my responses, that I did find the ‘look inside’ access to a couple of Valente’s books on Amazon. Her style is colorful, yes, but very inconsistent. In the Snow White story, she skips from a vernacular-laden prose to an attempt to weave in more florid expression. There is a serious clash in this. It is distracting. The story does not seem to go anywhere, either, but that may be due to my having only sample pages to view.

      The fairy story appears to be written for children at the beginning, but by the third sample page, it was apparent that it is not a children’s book. This is very disturbing to me. I would recommend Don Callander’s books, which he wrote for his grandchildren, far ahead of Valente’s fairytale.

      J. K. Rowling is adept at children’s lit, but the style is so readable – meaning easily accessed – that anyone, including a middle-aged adult, can read it and enjoy it. (I haven’t read her mystery novels, but some day, I will.)

      Consistency is very important if you expect to keep your audience interested. I don’t see that in Valente. As Mr. Sorrentino has noted, she creates elegant characters but loses the story and thus, the reader. She should put the reader into the story, but does not do so, and apparently with ‘Speak Easy’, there is no story. It’s just a character catalog, perhaps? Frankly, I get the impression that Valente is attempting to mimic Ray Bradbury, which is not what makes a writer memorable. She embellishes her copy where there is no need for it.

      For a consistently good read of plain, natural prose, Henry Beston’s ‘The Outermost House’ will keep you fascinated. It’s about nothing more than his year on the outer arm of Cape Cod in 1928. There is no embellishment needed. I’m in the middle of trying get through Henry Miller’s ‘Colossus of Maroussi’. It is straightforward, terse, crisp prose, and you can almost taste the dust of Greek roads as it hangs in the hot summer air.

      Now, who do you think will last longer?


  24. I saw the exact same thing in the Snow White story right off the bat. Even an amateur wouldn’t make that mistake.


    1. Yes, that was strange, as if she decided ‘throw in a polysyllabic noun or adjective right here’. It puts the story off kilter.

      Nicki, I will be happy to have Sean Sorrentino contact me. When I’ve finished the current episode of one of my series novels, perhaps I can persuade him to review it for me. That would be terrific. Thank you. I think you have my e-mail address.


  25. And Valente has how many Hugo nominations? 7? If that doesn’t show you how “diversity” and affirmative action will kill art, nothing will. They’re basically handing out these nominations for being righteous lesbians and non-white. Half-Asian anti-white Anglophobe and all around bad writer Aliette de Bodard has 5 Nebula noms with 2 wins and 2 Hugo noms, but almost no one buys her work.


    1. So now, these literary awards that used to mean something are awards for just showing up. Didn’t someone get a Nobel prize for getting elected to office a while back?

      Okay, I have a box full of CVA participation ribbons, which are given to household pet cat owners for showing their non-purebred kitties. I also have a box full of Best HHP ribbons my cats won, because they sucked up to the judges like the moochers they are.

      It’s a shame that these awards are being turned into nothing more than the literary equivalent of a participation ribbon.

      What’s next? Book burnings? Hey, that would drive up sales, wouldn’t it?


  26. These people have wrecked our hobby. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read some arse saying “I’m disappointed I didn’t read more people of color this year,” including reviewer James Nicoll at 770 today. Once you’ve opened that Pandora’s Box, it’s just a short hop, skip and a jump to saying “I wish I’d read more white people,” or men. Are these people really so stupid they don’t understand the precedents they’re setting with such brainless talk? Just forget it promotes literature into a garbage heap. It also provides covering fire for every nutty racist and hater out there. No matter who you are and whether anyone likes it or not, people are going to insist on being treated fairly. Once you define some segregated space, it’s moronic to forget who you’ve placed on the other side. They’re going to weaponize that rhetoric and precedents and throw it right back in your face. Now people are going to stop reading such and such or putting such characters in their books on principle alone. If I’m a women-hating racist no matter what, why not? I’ve already been set up to lose coming and going. If I write about other cultures it’s “cultural appropriation.” If I don’t I’m an ethnocentric privileged racial narcissist if not outright supremacist.

    SFF’s social justice crusaders are the best friends the KKK ever had, mostly because the two are indistinguishable from one another in their habits and advancing the causes of one another. Being crushed in the middle is our genre, which has been poisoned by these feminist morons and their intersectionality and lies about the history of our genre which power their flimsy excuses to segregate and demand people stop reading white men. Other people have demands too, and these muffins are as much as giving them permission to segregate as well.

    Valente may think she’s a clever dick for being able to win a gay Lambda and also stride into the once come-on, come-all Hugos and try and turn it into the same thing by lying about an historic exclusion which never happened but in fact she’s ensuring her own future segregation by identity. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Don’t come whining to me when the lies you’ve spread about the 100 year history of our genre become reality. When you call a man a dog enough times, don’t be surprised when they start barking, and I am sick of being called a privileged racist just for waking up in the morning or because the frickin’ East India Company did something in 1800. Enjoy your Lambda, lady. Keep running at the mouth and that and the Tiptrees will be your only outlets. You once were welcomed into this genre and now you’ve proven you don’t deserve to be here because of coming in elbows flying about everyone from Tolkien to all of fandom being homophobic, racist, misogynists. “Fuck you” is a phrase which works both ways, so fuck you. I like Tolkien, I don’t like you. That’s because people like you will bitch about how John Campbell wouldn’t publish a black character written by Sam Delany but you morons never say a word about Tolkien being turned down because his book was too Celtic. It’s marketing, not racism. Get over yourself.


    1. Speaking to ability to tolerate nonsense, let the RPs/SJWs have their noisy time, howling at imagined wrongdoers. Who cares what they think? Do they actually think?

      If you write to please someone whose view is as narrow as the curb s/he’s sitting on, you’ll fall right into the ditch with him/her/it. If you’re true to yourself as a writer, then you create copy for the characters you invent. If they find an audience who will appreciate their stories, more power to you, the author, for creating those stories and those people in the first place. If you build a story from a man’s point of view, and you’re NOT a man, it’s a struggle until you realize you simply have to listen to the character, and let HIM speak to you. You aren’t doing it to fool the reader into thinking you’re a man. If someone likes the story for itself, so much the better.

      I think this is something these narrow-minded festering trainspotters don’t understand. You, the author, are NOT doing this to get their approval, because you’ll never get anything done. You are doing this to tell a story. If it’s any good, if it’s believable and people can relate to the inhabitants of the world that you create, it will find its audience. You are not under any obligation to please a narrow-minded few. It is not their material. It is YOURS.

      The RPs/SJWs fail to understand this. Sci-fi and fantasy are not special clubs that only certain people can enter. They are open worlds, open universes, with doors open to all. These CHILDREN (for that is all they are) do not get that and in all probability, never will. But they have a desperate need to make the ‘club’ exclusionary. They want to control the membership. So what happens when the people who used to be members simply leave? There’s no club any more.

      These idiots can’t stop any of us from creating stories that we want to tell to the world, can they? That is what pisses them off the most: no control of the rest of us. It’s pretty sad. They have no idea what they’re missing.


  27. My ability to tolerate nonsense is getting weaker these days. Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped smoking. Anyway, I won’t touch Valente’s books now. I’m not sure I’d enjoy a writer who can inflict so much angst on herself while spitting in the faces of adoring fans. And I see Damien Wankbucket just couldn’t leave things well alone this year and has again started with his insults.


    1. Yeah, Damien is a special kind of stupid. The kind of stupid that desperately insults successful writers while taking money from the British government to write a book and STILL being unable to put out anything worthwhile.

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      1. Yep, I read about this mythical WIP a few years ago…


  28. For the record, Clampsy/Yamamanama is STILL stalking me, and is THE main reason why I have stupid levels of network security. One of his modus operandi is to go to the blogs of people I am friends with (in this case, you) that haven’t banned him yet, and comment there. He does this particularly because the people I’d be friends with are likely to be of similar sorts of opinions that he absolutely abhors, and then he’ll start harassing them, because ‘they have the bad taste to be my friends’ in the hopes that the friend gets mad at me for ‘having him follow me around.’

    He’s been stalking me since 2009. The post that Kamas linked is just part of the long running history I have of being stalked by Yama. He found it hard to come after me because I’d mostly limited myself to places where he’d already been banned prior to my going there, like Larry Correia’s blog, Sarah Hoyt’s, and Mad Genius Club. That incident related in the blog post was Yama trying to get other people dragged into his own personal vendetta. When informed of his attempt to try crowdsource additional harassment was with an agenda unrelated to the supposed ‘good reason’ he was putting out, he grew angry and tried to accuse the ones who weren’t doing his bidding as being aligned with Vox Day.

    That, by the way, is one of his methods – he’ll try to get other people to act on his behalf. That was just one attempt that I uncovered, him appealing to people he may have felt would be happy to take up his cause by painting me as a hateful bigot to others. It would not surprise me if he were still doing this, and I do not put anything past him in his willingness to try get to me, especially since he can pretend to claim that ‘it had nothing to do with him’ and claim that these other people hate me independently because he accuses me of being a ‘bigot, racist, homophobic race-traitor.’

    Notably, his behavior tracks perfectly with that of the abuser toward his victim, in that he blames the victim for his behavior: “If it wasn’t for you being friends with (Nicki/Kamas/etc), I wouldn’t be harassing these people. If you stopped being on the Internet, nobody would be victimized by my presence because of you holding forth your unapproved opinions that I disagree with and thus deem shouldn’t exist. If you didn’t hold pro-Israel beliefs, you wouldn’t be on my hate list,” and so on and so forth.

    Incidentally, that’s WHY he hates me. Because I’m pro-Israel, anti HAMAS, anti-Islamic terrorism, and pro-Western civilization, and because I’m not white, Asian, female, that’s apparently an unforgivable position to hold in his world. In Yamaland, Asian women are supposed to be unable to hold opinions that are contrary to his, and that we must blindly follow Leftist beliefs. Also notably, his behavior towards women who hold beliefs and attitudes and political opinions which he disagrees with has been demonstrably different and observed to be viciously worse, than if the person he disagrees with is male (thus, displaying rampantly misogynistic attitudes.)

    All of Yama’s actions are public, including his use of a multitude of aliases and usernames to bypass bans. His behavior is verifiable through multiple independent witnesses, as well as other victims of his harassment (because it should surprise nobody that I am not his only victim, just his longest documented one.) He is a regular, and accepted, at File 770, which really, is no surprise these days, considering the behavior they seem to find perfectly acceptable.


    1. So THAT’s what you were talking about that one day on Twitter. I didn’t know who it was, but it all makes sense now. I’ve blocked the creep.

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    2. I was also told that he’s certifiably nucking futs. As in not allowed out without a guardian type of crazy. True?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Supposedly, but the last I ever heard of that was because of the investigation that Vox Day had launched against him because he got sick and tired of being harassed.

        I don’t have that kind of money.


        1. I don’t have that kind of ambition. Douche gets blocked. That’s it. I generally don’t block people for opposing views; I relish them! But this fuckwit? Yeah, batshit.

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        2. Just to give you a heads up then – be prepared to ban him several times, under several usernames, and IP addresses. EVERYONE has had to – Larry, Sarah, Brad, MGC, several folks from back in my Livejournal days, myself, and more.

          Fuckwit’s got no life, no purpose; this is how he fills that void. “Waste of oxygen” and “oxygen thief” is one of the truest descriptions of how empty his existence is.


    3. Oh. My. Cocker Spaniel! Blames the victim for what he does!

      Shit! I’ve had one of those asswipes trying to do that to me for 2++ years and now the fuckwit is suing me because crackpots have their rights, too. (He’s losing.) Oh, dear me.

      Shadowdancer, I can only offer you my sympathies right now, but Nicki has my e-mail address and if she will be so kind, I’ll forward my blog connection to you. Mine is about the process of writing. If the little cankerblossom shows up, he’ll get spammed-spammed-spammed ’til his eyelashes crumble.

      I would love to see the shitstick get the face-off given people at another blog where I frequently post comments.

      Nicki, if you will be so kind, send my contact info to Sean Sorrentino and to Shadowdancer. I’m always happy to have people show up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Will do when I get home, ma’am! 🙂


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