The Walking, Talking Authoritarian Shit Show


The fascist fucking fuckhole, Donald Trump, is now demanding police arrest protesters who disrupt his rallies. The comments come after a violent scene in Chicago on Friday, during which protesters and Trump supporters clashed. The event was cancelled as a result of the tensions.

Now, this isn’t a free speech issue, per se. Trump’s rallies are private events and his campaign reserves the right to eject anyone who disrupts them. At the same time, Trump has brought a lot of this on himself. Sure, there are always going to be protesters at political events. But Trump is running a campaign that purposefully appeals to white nationalists, racists, and bigots. He hasn’t offered any real policy proposals at his rallies, choosing instead to ramble incoherently and talk shit about his Republican rivals.

So, when one says stupid shit that appeals to the worst in people, they should expect some measure of pushback, be it occasional dissenters at rallies or a large-scale organized protest. Trump either doesn’t understand this, doesn’t care, or  wants his payback.

Certainly, a campaign has the right to remove anyone who is causing disruption from a rally. That isn’t, or shouldn’t be, the issue. The real problems in all of this are, first, that Trump is playing with fire by using incendiary rhetoric and encouraging his supporters to be violent. Shortly after Tuesday’s primaries, called “Super Duper Tuesday” (ugh), the leading clown in this clown show of a primary said there would be riots in the streets if he didn’t win the Republican nod. Tell me THAT’s not encouraging violence or at the very least isn’t inflammatory as hell!

Second, switching gears back to his comments about the protesters, the suggestion that people who do disrupt his rallies should be charged with crimes and see their lives ruined is a little troubling. Look, I’m not an SJW, but I do realize that a criminal record can be life-destroying.

Many people who do have criminal records are non-violent and, once they’re out of jail or prison, they struggle to put their lives back on the right path because of their past, which creates a cycle of crime in our communities because they can’t find jobs or get an education. Threatening prosecutions and criminal records aren’t the type of thing that should be used as a rhetorical device. Of course, those who do protest with violence should be dealt with, but that’s a two-way street that should also apply to the fuckhole’s brownshirt supporters who hit or threaten to kill protestors.

Right now, it’s hard not to look at the Republican Party and be ashamed of what it’s become. Trump may not be the nominee just yet, but it’s beginning to look more likely by the day. He’s playing off the worst in people, and it’s working – for now, at least. If only party bosses had actually given an actual fuck, listened and talked to their base more often, we wouldn’t be on the verge of nominating this walking and talking authoritarian shit show.


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  1. Of course brought this on himself, just like the girl in the mini who got raped. She was asking for it.

    You can cure stupid.


    1. So, I didn’t write the piece, but I’ll reply anyway. The misconception here is that Trump is a victim. He isn’t. But he is responsible for the environment he and his campaign create around themselves.

      Today’s proclamation that there will be riots if he doesn’t get the nomination is a perfect example of this.

      Witness this crazy bitch.


  2. We have a problem.

    It’s looking more and more that we will eventually have to make a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I suppose there is some chance that the Republican Party could nominate someone else, but that would probably be suicidal in and of itself. If the Republicans don’t field a real Presidential contender it would be an automatic win for Hillary.

    Also, there’s a new coalition Liberal organization funded by George Soros that is planning major disruptions. They claim to be non-violent, I call b.s.

    Check them out, you’ll find a Who’s Who of psycho lefties on their roster (scroll way down):

    I’m open to suggestions.


    1. Sometimes you just have to see things play out. Kasich is too much of an entitled, delusional prick to get out and give up his delegates to Cruz, which is what Rubio should do. Cruz still has a chance to catch up with at least two “winner take all” state primaries coming up. I guess we’ll see.

      BTW – I don’t believe they will be non-violent either, but if they are, and if the Trump campaign or his supporters get that way, it’s going to look REALLY bad.


  3. “If only party bosses had actually given an actual fuck, listened and talked to their base more often, we wouldn’t be on the verge of nominating this walking and talking authoritarian shit show.”

    Obviously they either don’t pay attention or have short memories if they didn’t learn from what happened to Eric Cantor. Or perhaps, as you say, they just don’t give an actual fuck.


    1. I disagree, I think they did listen. They just did not like what they were hearing as to follow what their base was saying would reduce their power. I agree with an article I read a few weeks ago stating the party base see Trump as the way to end that threat to their power. He is running as a “conservative outsider” even though in reality he is neither. If Trump looses it will be see “supper conservative outsiders” can’t win and demoralize the rebellious groups so they no longer push such change as it will only lead to worst. If Trump wins wins they get someone who has no problem “making deals” and they can continue doing things the way they have always done. As an added bonus when the “outsider” turns out to be identical to be no different than the insiders once in power, the people are more likely to give up the idea of trying to change the party and things go back to the way they were. Either way they win.

      Of course as Trump continues doing more and more stupid shit, They will begin to waiver more and more, as the come to realize the one possibility that they did not consider, That Trump could instead severely damage the republican party massively eroding their power in the future. Unfortunately for them and us it’s gone past the point of no return, as there is nothing they can do to kill his momentum. If they all unite against him, it just confirms his “outsiderness”. If they Unite behind him the people will take it as he is the best candidate and still vote for him.


  4. “The fascist fucking fuckhole”

    “If only party bosses had actually given an actual fuck, ”

    I take it that IF this asshat becomes the CINC, he will be known as “fuck actual.”


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