The Fields Thing

OK, people, let’s get something straight, because making updates to the last post I wrote about this is inadequate, and I’m getting a lot of comments to the effect of, “See? Fields lied! It was a HOAX!” based on this video the Trump-loving Gateway Pundit that literally gives Trump a digital blow job every time they publish a report (per a request by fellow blogger Brad Johnson to be more precise) put out.

Gateway Pundit gleefully declared this “CASE CLOSED!” and claims it’s a hoax. But let’s examine this closer.

The video does, in fact, show Lewandowski doing exactly what she said, pulling her backwards to push past her.

The C-Span video I linked to earlier also shows him reaching for her arm – ostensibly to pull her back and out of his way.

There is no doubt that this happened. It’s clear from two separate videos.

There is a question, however, of how hard he pulled her back.

It’s obviously not as hard as she claimed, but hard enough to have left bruises on her arm – the same arm both videos show him reaching for.

She obviously wasn’t traumatized, as she claims.

Did this merit an assault charge? I don’t think so.

That said, he did grab her, he did push her out of the way, and he manhandled her hard enough to leave bruises.

So what should any normal, decent human being so when that happens, and he’s informed about it by a media outlet famous for being sycophantically friendly to the campaign and the candidate?

Any normal, decent human being would just apologize and move on, which is exactly what Fields said she expected. In a statement two days after the incident, she said she hopes that clears everything up and that she hoped to get back to reporting news instead of being part of it. This should have been easy. “Hey, sorry about that.” That’s all. Simple, right?

Media outlets like Reason reported from the start that this wasn’t even about how roughly he handled her. “A reporter who saw last night’s incident told Reason that what was particularly striking wasn’t so much the physicality of the incident, but the fact that it was a senior campaign staffer, rather than private security, police, or the Secret Service engaged in such behavior, and that it happened in plain sight of a room full of reporters.”

Hell, even Breitbart News CEO and president Larry Solov initially released a statement calling for an apology from the Trump campaign manager… that is before Breitbart Trumpbart rolled right back over and crawled right back up Trump’s anus.

I get the feeling that had he apologized, this wouldn’t have been a big deal at all and would have blown over. I’m not Fields, so I’m not in her brain, but yeah, I get that feeling.

But instead, Lewandowski and Trump went full retard, engaging in character assassination on social media and accusing her of making everything up.

Because Trump is too big and too important to apologize for anything, apparently. He’s never wrong, and neither is his staff. They’re pure and everyone else is making stuff up to hurt them.

So hopefully this puts that to bed.

Did he manhandle her? Yes.

Was it intentional? Probably not. He looked like he was roughly pulling her out of the way to get past her.

Was she nearly pulled off her feet, like she claimed? No. But he pulled her hard enough to leave marks.

Did it warrant an assault charge? Likely not, but I think this was more in retaliation for Lewandowski and Trump actively engaging in a campaign of character assassination against her after the incident than it was about the grab itself.

Not that I approve of using the legal system to retaliate against douchebags. Frankly, had it been me, Lewandowski would have gotten a retaliatory throat punch. Fuck the apology.

But a HOAX? Oh hell no!


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  1. IIRC, Fields had no interest in filing charges until Lewandowski and Trump started calling her a liar.

    Initially, even she wasn’t that bothered by it. She said she wanted an apology and nothing more. Not unreasonable.

    Instead, she got the Full Trump, and pressing charges might have been the biggest gun in her arsenal.

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  2. It’s sad how many sources I used to think of as presenters of unbiased raw information have moved off of my daily read list for going full tRumptard.

    In regards to the incident, he should have never touched her and he should have given her a heartfelt apology at the least. I’m thinking gift card for her and a companion to enjoy a night out and apology flowers too.


    1. I think an apology would have been quite sufficient. Here’s the way it SHOULD have gone down.

      Incident happens.

      Fields tells her supervisors.

      Supervisors confront Lewandowski.

      Lewandowski makes a phone call or sends an email saying, “Hey, sorry I got a little rough. Was just trying to get through the melee,” which is pretty much what the videos showed.

      The end.

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  3. First, I’m a Cruz guy, if you’re willing to believe it. My read of the video is he probably did pull her back. Oh the horror, campaign official commits crowd control! Maybe even hard enough to leave bruises, though I would not be surprised if she did that herself to juice the story, she being a modern day journalist. Either way, big deal, boohoo. I don’t condemn the campaign for the harsh counterattack. Here’s why. At the moment Trump is one of the most important people in the world, like it or not; every other person in that room is a pissant, leeching off him one way or another. However, probably every journalist in that room and most of their bosses hate Trump ferociously.They will do whatever they can to destroy his campaign. But now one reporter has learned that if you hit the campaign you may discover that millions of people think of you as a drama queen, a hissy-fitter, and a slanderer. Also her employers know she’s a loose cannon who can’t be trusted with the narrative. TLDB: reporters on this campaign bus who try to make themselves heroes or just inject themselves into the story may be crucified, personally and professionally. Right on. They should please just do the job of reporting.


    1. Neil, look, I agree with you that this shouldn’t have been a big deal. I don’t agree about the bruises. They were obviously finger shaped, and much bigger than her little paws could make (she’s like 100 lbs. soaking wet). As I said before, this SHOULDN’T have been a big deal, but Trump’s campaign went on the offensive – without actually even doing a cursory inquiry as to what happened! Big time. And a few days later she said it herself – the last thing she wanted was for this to escalate the way it did, but the campaign literally went on a crusade to destroy her.

      This is a concern. If the campaign treats what it perceives to be adversarial press in such a manner, can you imagine what this administration will be?


    2. Neil, I was with you until “I don’t condemn the campaign for the harsh counterattack.” After that you lost it.

      I don’t care if someone is important or not. I don’t care people hate or love someone or not. I do care about HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Instead of investigating the incident to determine the truth, we got character assassination.

      One of the beautiful things about our republic is supposed to be that all laws apply equally to all people. Making excuses for and enabling reprehensible behavior simply because someone is ‘important’ turns us from a republic to just another monarchy with different terms for the players.


  4. I’ve had to stop reading Gateway Pundit. The constant Trump suck was just sickening. And I don’t care that a site supports a candidate but the nastiness toward anyone not sharing their orthodoxy is revolting. No more.


  5. Videos of the slow-motion video, sped back up, are circulating, like this one:

    Whoever distributed the slow-motion video did so deliberately.

    I support the lawsuit. It is fun to imagine punching somebody back, but when you are literally surrounded by armed guards assigned to protect the bully, that is a no-win option.


  6. Good gawd y’all. Ain’t we got better fish to fry than to worry that Meeeeechelle gots sadz cause she didn’t get to ask her latest version of the 24/7 ‘gotcha’ question that EV-ER-Y writer with a .com byline is looking to get? This topic is awesome for about 10 seconds of outrage signaling.
    Other than than that, let’s talk about Putin withdrawing from Syria, brilliant chess move or “Vlad, you silly kgb polecat, you so kray-kray”?


  7. I should have prefaced that commentary with a big ol’ Hey, I’m a hypocrite and I say…….

    (in other words, we all do it….sorry)


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