2016: The Silencing

There’s something seriously wrong with this country. It’s a disease – a slowly creeping mold that is permeating our culture, sprouting its foul spores in our universities, in our political processes, and in our elections. The Trump phenomenon is a symptom. The disease has much deeper roots, but we can see its foul manifestations germinating everywhere.

The other day it was leftist savages using threats and intimidation to shut down a Trump rally. They didn’t use their right to protest in a constructive matter. Their goal was to silence their opponents. They succeeded, and now they’re planning more.

Angry voters are gravitating to the loudest, craziest among the candidates on both sides. They don’t care about policies. They don’t care about economics. They don’t care about reading and facts. They are simply choosing the most non-establishment, loudest candidate they can find and lining up behind them like starving proletarians in a Soviet bread line, hungry for a crumb that’s not status quo.

Campaigns abusing and assaulting reporters whom they believe to be adversarial to their candidate.

Media in the pockets of corrupt politicians, doing their bidding and lying about it.

Social media silencing the voices of certain “undesirables.”

Beyond the politics, it’s campuses shutting down speech, Special Snowflakes demanding “safe spaces” from dissenting ideas.

It’s fandoms quashing works from authors who don’t conform to the political messaging of the day.

Instead of discussing or debating, we intimidate and silence.

Instead of learning and researching, we post political memes and hoaxes as if they were facts.

And now, it’s coming down to violence and vandalism.

The first time a Trump campaign sign disappeared from her yard, Judy Beaty figured it must have blown away in the wind. But then two more signs went missing overnight. And when Beaty went outside to investigate the next morning, she saw that someone had vandalized her Northern Virginia home.

Messages were scrawled in black spray paint on two sides of her Gainesville house: “Can you see the new world through the tear gas,” said one. “Revolution,” said the other.

Beaty, 69, discovered the graffiti on Wednesday morning and reported it to Prince William County police. Since then, she has had trouble sleeping. “I don’t feel safe here anymore. I feel like I’ve been violated,” she said.

grafittiWhat kind of “people” vandalize others’ property because they disagree with their political views?

What kind of filth would try to intimidate an elderly woman because she happens to support an unsavory candidate for President?

This is what we’ve come to. Fist fights, gun shots, defacement of private property, threats, and coercion.

The more you abuse Trump supporters, the more sympathetic they (and he) will be. The more sympathetic they are, the more electable he will become. Instead of silencing your opponents, you will make them louder, more strident, and more violent. And if you think one Trump supporter punching out a protester is bad, wait until you get a mess of them so riled up, they will start a real civil war.

And I’m not so sure you want that.

The more you persecute, revile, and belittle your opponents, the more you threaten and victimize them, the more violent their reactions will be. You try to shut them up, and they will become louder and will take the violence to a new level.

I’m not sure you want that either.


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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    They may not Want It but they may not be smart enough to understand what they’re asking for. 😦

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  2. History tells us that instances of Silencing are usually followed by Loud Explosive Noises.

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  3. Gee, that takes me back… to the Fall of 1967 when I was in the Navy, living at Quarters K, on the hill across the street from the Pentagon, on the weekend that the draft protesters got into the Pentagon to try to find the Selective Service files. I could see the whole crowd from up there on that hill, and I watched while the MPs dragged some draft dodgers out of the Pentagon onto the sidewalk and left them there. And the protest marches over Vietnam, draft cards being burned, Abi Hoffman and the SDS/Weather Underground building pipe bombs to blow things up. It was even more interesting to be on a courier run from the Navy Photo Center to the Pentagon and pull up to a red light, just in time to see a crowd of protesters coming down the street. And it just had to be a US Navy car I was driving, didn’t it?

    And then a few months later in April 1968, when King was assassinated, more protesters tried to set Washington, DC, fire just as had happened in Watts. Later on, during the Democrap convention in Chicago, Mayor Daley gave the ‘shoot to kill’ order and some reporter – Rather, was it? – almost got busted on the floor of the DNC.

    But there was no silencing of the opposition. This is more along the lines of Darth Vader trying to tighten his grip when he’s so arthritic, he can’t even open a jar of mayonnaise without a kitchen wrench.

    I’m glad I put my time in back then. It gives me enough perspective to say that we need to let the loud, noisy wheels make all the noise they want and be as ridiculous as they want to, because 10 years from now, if they say they were part of this noisy, uncivilized, useless group of self-centered little twits, they may find it hard to get work. They are solving any problems. They ARE the problems.

    This gets more and more interesting as it progresses.


    1. Off topic but Darth Vader can’t get arthritis, he has cybernetic limbs.


      1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

        True, but his metal fingers could rust inside. 😈


  4. I suspect social media has taught a new generation of activists, that since it’s okay to shut people up (aka: block and ban) on-line, it’s now okay to shut people up in real life too. Naturally, they are so convinced of the utter moral rightness of themselves, they can’t imagine that it might be them on the receiving end some day. This is why the Constitution is the Constitution, and Lady Justice has a blindfold. Either everyone gets the right to speak, or nobody gets the right to speak. Harm someone (for speaking) today, and you’re sowing some awful karma for yourself.


  5. The Left in America has long had a quasi-monopoly on violence, intimidation, voter fraud, crisis mongering and other dirty tactics, because the Right has, for the most part, declined to stoop to that level.

    You can make the case that in 1012, Obama won because Crowley falsely defended Obama and Mitt was too much of an old style gentleman to hammer both of them on the point that they were lying.

    As you pointed out in your recent column on the establishment, there are a lot of people who are lining up behind Trump simply because he fights, and they are tired of playing nice-nice with people who never play by the rules anyhow. I think the Left is going to find they made a major tactical error in Chicago. I know Cruz did in the aftermath.

    It really does seem that a lot of people feel America is leaving the “awkward stage” Claire Wolfe talked about.


  6. Doncha hate it when new evidence comes out? The tell-tale ‘Zapruder’ version of the Fields/Lewandowski kerfuffle is available. The girl never left her feet. She just looked disappointed that she didn’t get to chat with DT. And now she has resigned. I say good riddance to her, but the saddest part to me is that B. Shapiro got caught up in her deceit, believed her, and also resigned. Wasn’t sure what Joel Pollock was up to with those staff e-mails, but his waiting for all the facts (and video) bodes well for him.

    Events like this always reminds me of an old line from Don Imus,
    “You can’t make this stuff up.”


    1. I saw the video. I don’t ever remember her saying she fell. She said she was yanked hard enough to fall. The bruises confirm this. Video from several angles – even stuff published by Breitbart last week admits she suddenly disappeared from the frame as if she was yanked. C-Span video showed Lewandowski reaching for her arm not once, but twice. The latest video showed she wasn’t yanked back as hard as she says, but still.

      Lewandowski first admits he grabbed her. Then claims he didn’t. Now it’s “Oh, he did, but not as hard as she said.”

      The truth is somewhere in the middle.

      Fact – someone did grab her. The bruises on her arm show it.
      Fact – video shows him grabbing for her TWICE
      Fact – probably not as hard as she said


  7. Sometimes I wish the stories Heinlein wrote about the “crazy years” were just science fiction and not prophecy.


    1. I know, right? Ugh.


  8. You referred to one one my go-to phrases while serving summons: “Look, this is just what they claim. There are 3 sides to every story; your side, their side, and somewhere in the middle is the truth.”

    I want to give Miss Fields the benefit of doubt, but considering *’I was clubbed by the NYPD’, ‘Allen West groped me’, and now this latest issue?
    Is her aim to report the news or inject herself into the news?

    *The picture her boyfriend shared on Twitter seemed to look more like they were trying to assist her more than knocking her down to the ground.

    Any comment on the Shapiro angle? I’ve been reading and enjoying the kid’s stuff since ’02 or ’03…….don’t get it.


    1. I have no idea about the Shapiro angle, actually. Haven’t had time to follow it. Here’s the thing about the West non-story. According to what I know, she didn’t actually claim that. Apparently, someone else said it and Charles Johnson wanted her comment on this. She refused to comment and say anything about that at all, and he proceeded to assassinate her character. As for the clubbing by the NYPD – this was during the Occutard clashes. I’d be surprised if she WASN’T.


  9. This is like a psychological Kristalnacht, vandalizing in the dead of night.


  10. Supposedly and there’s an archive link I’ll have to find again. so I can read it…breitbart published a hit piece against shapiro after he announced his resignation and said the guy running the show now was a bully and was destroying Andrew Breitbart’s legacy. The hit piece then got pulled it but someone had apparently already done the internet archive. waaaay back machine thing and saved it for posterity. give me a couple minutes. I’ll see if I can find the article again and post it to my failbook Nicki.


    1. Yep, they sure did. I do remember someone getting at the very least a screen cap of it. If you find it, please do post it.


  11. The ‘hit piece’ you refer to strikes me as some office-gallows humor- type-thing that got posted by mistake. The byline on the article is a pseudonym that Ben’s father used when writing for Trumpbart.
    Kind of like when your therapist asks you to write a letter of things that you would say to your estranged spouse, your mother finds it, and then mails it to them thinking she’s doing you a favor.

    Nicki and Rob…..appreciate the site and the dialogue. Truly.


    1. I dunno. At this point, Breitbart has its tongue up Trump’s rectum soooooo deeply, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they did post it for real and then thought better after the fact.

      Glad to have you here, Joel. Really. 🙂


    2. At this point, Breitbart has its tongue up Trump’s rectum soooooo deeply

      An apt description…but I might have to bill you for the brain bleach. 🙂


  12. What is going on now brings to mind a fearful picture of a long summer of chaos, followed by riots, dogs and fire hoses, and then the thing the Democrats have been aiming for since Hillary started on the campaign trail, when they knew she had a snowballs chance in hell of escaping scandal. That’s right, President Obama will no doubt have to impose martial law, call out the National Guard, shut down all elections for 2 years to allow for a “cooling off” period, for the good of the nation, of course.
    The rest will of course follow. Restrictions on firearms, strict controls on currency movement, cash holdings, maybe curfews in major cities. Price and wage freezes, food distribution channels strictly controlled, the list will be only as endless as your imagination, or rather, the benevolent governments imagination.
    These things are in part being introduced to a gullible American public by our favorite Socialist, Bernie Sanders. He may have little chance of being elected president, but that doesn’t mean that the left won’t use him to further it’s own agenda.
    I could be a bit too cynical in my older years, but the more I witness of the machinations in D.C. the greater my opinion becomes that few things happen for no reason. Most things are carefully controlled and nothing is allowed to occur that the powerful doesn’t want to. If something seems to suddenly snowball out of control, such as this latest round of riots in an attempt to silence Trump, instead of wondering why this could happen, my first thought is, who is the one to benefit from this?
    In much the same way as when there is some other crazy thing to happen in the world, like making a bad treaty with Iran. The first thought should be, who benefits the most from this? It could be financially, strategically, militarily, or something altogether different. But things rarely happen in the political world for no reason. The trick is, just like when watching a magic show, don’t watch the hand that they want you to watch, but you had better be sure to pay close attention to what is going on elsewhere.
    I hope I am all wrong, and that things will blow over. I have certainly been wrong before. But my trust in government is nonexistant, and I would not be surprised to see something like these things play out. Anger is bubbling below the surface everywhere you look right now. People are unemployed, or underemployed. They are distrustful of the media, the government, their fellow citizens, even the military and police. If ever there was a time for an outbreak of violence on a massive scale that would call for martial law to be imposed, that time could be coming soon, tipped by something as simple as the wrong person hurt at a rally, or the publication of an article taken by a biased media and allowed to be used as a rallying cry for hate.
    May our union be strong enough to weather the coming storm, and may we be strong enough to do our part to try and stop it if we can.


  13. I’m reminded of the gentleman who electrified his McCain/Palin sign and his daughter got a visit from the father of the little boy who got shocked. Not once did it occur to the father that sending your child out to commit vandalism was wrong.

    Now it looks as though things are getting much worse.


  14. You know, a lot of what the Regressives and their ilk do is because they know that, ultimately, they won’t be attacked in return. In contrast, witness their almost total silence about Islam, some of whose proponents have shown themselves to be quite willing to do anything up to and including gruesome murder, against anyone they deem their enemy.

    But what if the targets of the Regressives reach, en masse, a Popeye moment? (“That’s all I can stands, ‘cuz I can’t stands no more!”)

    There’s the obvious first reaction of “yeah, stick it to them!”, but then one recalls what happened during the French revolution, where the “them” in that particular fracas went far beyond the supporters of the old system. Given how many of those the Regressives target are informed about inflicting organized violence, I can’t say that it makes me feel at all comfortable.

    (Here courtesy of Sarah Hoyt’s FB page, BTW.)


    1. Good to have you here! 🙂


  15. Because I’m skeptical about everything these days, I’m wondering if there has been any checking into the possibility that this “vandalism” was, perhaps, self-inflicted?

    Not that I don’t condemn all of the injustices that have been pointed out: I do. I believe that the best way in a free society to defeat “bad speech” is with better speech. (Unfortunately for all of us, the only people making better speech these days are not running for office, but I digress.)

    I’m just not willing to accept the claim of vandalism and theft of yard signs on its face yet. It’s one of the best-phrased signs of vandalism that I’ve ever read, if it is.


    1. In all the hoax cases of this type I have seen have been perpetrated by leftards in a vain attempt to frame a conservative or to gin up evidence of racism/sexism.


    2. I can’t imagine this old lady would deface her own property. And apparently, she’s also someone a friend of mine knows. This friend is one of the kindest, sweetest people on the planet, and I trust her judgment when it comes to these things. She was the one who actually turned me on to this story.


  16. Civil war may not be in our future, but the notion that one could occur is firmly established in the national zeitgeist. That, alone, is a frightening thing to contemplate.


  17. We’re in Germany, 1933. Surrounded by “Good Germans”. All that is needed now is a Reichstag fire.


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