Let this sink in for a moment (UPDATED)

The Hairy Hemorrhoid™ is the current front runner for the GOP nomination, and he’s likely to get a big boost toward that goal in Florida next week.

Let’s put his chances against Hillary Clinton, as well as his insanely ignorant policies, aside for a moment, and discuss just what kind of administration this would be should – dog forbid – he be elected.

Move along, citizen. Nothing to see here.

Move along, citizen. Nothing to see here.

The other day, a Breitbart reporter – one Michelle Fields – approached him and asked him a question. What transpired next, according to Washington Post reporter and eyewitness to the incident Ben Terris, was that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed Fields’ arm and yanked her downward, leaving some pretty nasty bruises.

Subsequent videos published by Breitbart show that Terris may have been mistaken as to the identity of the assailant. Two men – one of them a security official, and one Lewandowski – are seen walking behind Trump at the time the altercation happened, and they are similar in build with short-cropped hair. Given the position of both men, it’s indeed possible that the security guy, and not Lewandowski, was responsible for the assault on Fields. However, Breitbart admits while a misidentification is possible, the video is just not clear. What is clear is that Fields abruptly disappears from view as if someone yanked her away, and the bruises on her arm confirm that something did, indeed, happen.

However, there are a couple of other things that are  hinky in this story.

Breitbart has generally been friendly to Trump, to the point when I wondered just how much Trump chowder they were going to gobble this campaign season, but that shouldn’t matter, right? As a candidate for the highest office in the land, all media – even unfriendly reporters – deserve a chance to question said candidate so that voters can make an informed choice on Election Day, right?

Apparently, not so much when it comes to this particular campaign. Breitbart initially issued a bland, “if someone manhandled our reporter, and if it was Lewandowski, he owes her an apology” statement. OK, I can certainly understand not wanting to condemn the man without concrete evidence. However subsequent conversations apparently with a Breitbart editor reveal just how repugnant the fascist slime who surround Trump are. Lewandowski apparently acknowledged to Breitbart’s Washington political editor, Matthew Boyle, that he did manhandle Fields.

Lewandowski’s explanation to Boyle, said these sources, was that he and Fields had never met before and that he didn’t recognize her as a Breitbart reporter, instead mistaking her for an adversarial member of the mainstream media. (Emphasis mine) Trump’s press secretary, Hope Hicks, didn’t respond to an email seeking comment. Nor did the usually responsive Boyle.

Let this sink in for a moment. IF Trump’s campaign manager manhandled a reporter, he admits it was because he thought she was an adversarial member of the press, rather than a member of the usually friendly Breitbart.

Because physically assaulting an UNFRIENDLY reporter is obviously OK in this Neanderthal’s book!

It’s hard to even express the enormous, YUUUGE, TREMENDOUS fuckstickery this represents!

lewandowskiBut it gets worse.

Lewandowski and the Hemorrhoid campaign then decided that instead of investigating further what was obviously an assault on the young reporter, the best way to handle these allegations is to smear the victim.

Trump himself claimed she “perhaps made the story up.”

The campaign issued a statement accusing her of lying, because apparently no one captured the incident on camera. (We now know this to be untrue.)

And then, Lewandowski went on to try and paint this young reporter as some kind of a grievance monger. That’s how “manly” Lewandowski is. First, he is accused of assaulting a young, female reporter, and then, as a high-level campaign official responsible for what goes on in the campaign, instead of finding out the truth, since she was quite obviously roughed up by someone, he proceeds to simply protect himself by publicly calling her a liar. If he had any balls at all, he would at least take on someone his own size. But since he’s a little bitch, he simply launched a media smear campaign against her instead.

I guess Fields was right when she Tweeted that these finger-shaped bruises just magically appeared on her arm after the altercation.

“Odder” still, once Terris was identified as the eyewitness, an interview he had scheduled with Lewandowski was cancelled, ostensibly due to some nebulous “scheduling conflict.”

So lets recap.

  1. Someone in the Trump campaign manhandled a reporter. Initial eyewitness information pointed to the reprehensible coward Lewandowski, who according to another source, apparently didn’t realize the reporter was from an outlet friendly to the Trump campaign. He later denied it  happened at all, and Breitbart now published footage from several videos ostensibly taken during the altercation indicate that it maybe could have been a security official who was walking next to Lewandowski and resembled him a bit. It’s possible. It’s tough to tell in the melee.
  2. Breitbart, dutifully tongue washing Trump’s ballsack, first issued a lame pseudo condemnation – meh, something may have happened – despite the fact that it was clear she was definitely assaulted, and days later finally published an examination of the evidence and possible alternative analysis.
  3. The Trump campaign did not initially investigate, and not only flat out denied the allegation, but publicly called Fields a liar before any additional facts came out. Never mind those bruises and the eyewitness account that someone resembling Lewandowski, perhaps a security official, or perhaps Lewansowsky himself assaulted her.
  4. Lewandowski, as cowards are wont to do, launched a personal attack on Fields via social media. Obviously he’s too chickenshit to face her in person.
  5. Meanwhile an interview with Lewandowski that Terris apparently had scheduled was shitcanned shortly after his name was released by Politico as an eyewitness to the altercation, due to some miraculous scheduling conflicts that came up.

Let this sink in for a moment, boys and girls. A member of a presidential campaign – whether a staffer or a security official – allegedly physically assaulted a reporter from an outlet, while the candidate himself and his campaign launched a personal attack against her, impugning her character.

Meanwhile, another reporter, who may have made a mistake identifying the actual assailant, got magically denied a scheduled interview after the altercation took place.

In what Bizarro World is this acceptable?

If this is how the campaign treats members of the media it perceives to be unfriendly to the candidate, can you just imagine how members of the White House press corps will be treated by a potential Trump Administration?

dealLet’s, for a moment, ignore the fact that his actual understanding of policy, economics, and the military is woefully inadequate. Let’s put aside his pathetic contentions at last night’s debate that everything is about deals.  Yes, someone on Twitter really did keep track of how many times he screeched that he would be making good deals, great deals, deals that would benefit the United States, DEALZ! Let’s even ignore the fact that he claims to be good on Israeli-Palestinian issues, because he was a grand marshal in some parade once!

Any individual running for public office – especially the most important one in the world – and really, let’s be honest, any individual with a shred of human decency – would not think it was perfectly fine to physically assault another human being, even if they thought she might be adversarial to their views, and then proceed to launch a social media smear campaign to protect their own.

If this is an indication of the type of White House we will see if somehow this screeching narcissist gets elected, you can pretty much kiss your civil liberties goodbye.

UPDATE: Well, well – isn’t this interesting. That unclear video Breitbart examined? There’s a clearer one from C-SPAN showing Lewandowski reaching for Fields’ arm. So it appears Lewandowski is, in fact, a coward and a liar. Not surprising. Wonder if Breitbart will now remove its collective tongue from the Trump campaign’s rectum and demand a retraction – not only for the character assassination in which the Trumproids engaged, but for the actual assault. 

Probably not. 

Good thing Fields is pressing charges against that slime bag. 


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  1. What is amazing about EVERYTHING you’ve laid out here, is that by the time November rolls around, most of the #NEVERTRUMP crowd will end up voting for him, because they are so DEEPLY invested in hating everything about Hillary that they would vote for a Donald J Trump / Pol Pot ticket rather than let another Clinton win the White House.

    Not all Republicans though. There are still some who would rather deal with a Hiilary presidency that they KNOW, rather than deal with a Trump presidency that they DON’T know.

    Either way it turns out, the Republican Party is pretty much through in its current form.

    I suspect that BOTH Parties are going to end up turning themselves inside out and reforming after all of this is said and done. I think there may be a whole new Party emerge.


    1. Most republicans I know will either stay home, vote third party, or vote Hillary. No matter what – a Trump nomination means a Hillary win. And it’s so funny to me, because she’s more of a left of center corporatist than anything else, which makes her no worse than the other tools out there – except Cruz.


    2. Lots of folks are talking about Gary Johnson. So at least they won’t have to wash the taste out with scotch in the morning.


  2. So what you’re saying is that Trump has as much contempt for the Constitution as Obama?


  3. I’ll write someone in before I vote for Trump. I’ll never vote for a Democrat again after this last decade of feckless horse-fuckery. The GOP is getting to be as bad, but they haven’t completely wasted themselves, yet.


  4. Firmly in the #nevertrump camp here. I’ll write in Cruz if I have to, or Deadpool, or a magic leprechaun. I would vote for a rotting bag of cancerous assholes before Trump or Clinton.

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    1. This. I’ve always said, and I continue to maintain that he’s dangerous. More dangerous, even, than Hillary or Bernie. I’ll write in a testicle tumor named George before I vote for him.


  5. I’m withholding judgement, because that CSPAN video doesn’t show him actually touching her. The story is now so muddled and convoluted on BOTH sides, I don’t think we’ll ever know the actual truth.


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