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Something is really broken in our military. I don’t say this lightly, since I’m an Army veteran, but something is really wrong. In September 2015, I wrote about the travesty of the rape of little children that apparently goes unaddressed in Afghanistan and ignored by the powers that be, who instruct our troops to just shut their yaps about the issue. I said then, as I believe now, that silence is unacceptable, inaction is embarrassing, and the disciplining of any troop who follows his conscience and acts to protect the innocents unconscionable!

Photo courtesy of Army Times

Photo courtesy of Army Times

But that’s exactly what happened with SFC Charles Martland, who admits to having… disciplined… an Afghan police commander child raping swine for having raped a little boy.

Martland’s “reward” for having followed his ethics and conscience, and for having protected an innocent child, which is ostensibly an honorable act by all standards, was to be flagged for involuntary separation through the Army’s qualitative management program.

That’s right. Booted out of the Army for doing what any other decent human being would have done.

After one delay in his appeal, Martland now faces yet another delay.

Martland was scheduled to leave the Army no later than Nov. 1, 2015, after 11 years in the service. In October, he was granted a 60-day reprieve by then-Army Secretary John McHugh.

McHugh agreed at the time to postpone Martland’s discharge to allow the soldier to file an appeal with the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records.

The Army had until Tuesday to determine Martland’s fate.

This latest extension to May 1, which was first reported by Foreign Policy, is “to allow consideration of his application to correct his records by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records,” said Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson, an Army spokeswoman.

As a result, Martland “was granted further postponement of his discharge from active duty until not later than May 1, 2016,” she said.

Yes, I realize it’s another reprieve, but just the fact that he faces a discharge for doing the right thing is appalling to me!

Martland is a hero. He used force to protect an innocent child from an unspeakable horror of being sexually assaulted by a power-wielding adult!

He dedicated his life to serving and protecting his country, and he has done so with honor.

Soldiers get booted out of the military for all kinds of reasons. They may be overweight. They may not perform their duties to standard. They may not pass their physical fitness test. They may have had disciplinary infractions.

Martland was not one of them. He was, by all accounts, an exemplary NCO, and he did what any decent human being would do. The fact that he is being put through this garbage is outrageous and unjust.

At a time when experienced officers are retiring, and the Army is reducing troop numbers, wouldn’t it make sense to retain the best of the best?


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  1. The rabbits have captured command. Honor and duty has no place in their worldview. Whatever can’t go on, won’t.
    Be ready.

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  2. “Yes, I realize it’s another reprieve, but just the fact that he faces a discharge for doing the right thing is appalling to me!”

    Right? I remember in basic being taught (at least in part) to use some of our own judgment, as well as the meaning of integrity, one of the core values.

    I hope this soldier’s congressman is going to bat for him.


    1. Rep. Duncan Hunter from CA has been standing up for him.

      Nicki, this is NOT my Army from 40 plus years ago. And THAT was when we were called baby killers by the skank ass hippies.


      1. Now it’s being killed by administrative and PC bullshit. This is not my Army even from 20 years ago!


    2. I remember that too. You have an obligation to disobey an illegal order. In order to do that, you have to actually be able to THINK! I guess that’s discouraged nowadays. Duncan Hunter has been standing up for him, but so far the Army is just being… yeah.

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  3. I have no words for the Dempsey-fied dumbassery that has pervaded our military in the few short years since I hung up the uniform.


  4. Same folks who raised hell about My Lai are the ones trying to hide this. For reasons, of course.

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  5. But Nicki, this is par for the course.

    In 2006 I helped a young specialist whistleblower who got a GOMOR because he used the chain of command to report a stupid act of leadership. Fearing civilian casualties, his battalion commander sent a supply run out with no ammo for his Soldiers. Can’t have any “collateral damage.”

    The Article 15 and GOMOR came in the wake of trumped up charges.

    The Army has a long and distinguished history of punishing Soldiers of conscience.

    And that doesn’t include the many honest mistakes used to destroy promising leaders doing the wrong thing for the right reasons…all because some lawyer or Congresscritter wrote in the UCMJ that this or that is “conduct unbecoming.”


  6. The rot begins at the top.

    Obama’s program is intended to break down the U.S. by any means available. That includes protecting a homosexual child rapist at the expense of a righteous American soldier.

    How demoralizing is it to all the soldiers who knew the situation first hand? How demoralizing is it to any other soldier with a conscience?


  7. I am not old enough to remember Nuremberg, but I certainly have learned about it. And how the pleas of just following orders was not acceptable as an excuse for crimes against humanity, or what ever the term of the day was back then. So when a modern day soldier with actual ethics stands up for someone who is weaker is cut off at the knees by his own chain of command, it tells you something about not the soldier, but the chain of command.
    I only hope that this story does not go away, It is just too important to be swept under the rug like the rest of hideous garbage of the elites.


  8. This is the culture Obama has promoted from day one. He is clueless to the fact that he is the one the the alligator eats last.

    As much disdain as Hillary shows for the uniform, things would get even worse and we’d be lucky to be able to defend ourselves, much less anyone else, if she ends up in the White House.


  9. It’s not the military it was 10-12 years ago. I know in the AF when they were looking to cut back 35,000 people, I guess 2 years ago now, they where planning on opening it up for people to volunteer to get out, and have pretty much everyone else put together packages so they could rack and stack to determine who would get kicked out for the rest. (worst about the situation, if you volunteered to get out they would give you a severance pay, but if you wanted to stay in, but you were rack and stacked out, you would get nothing) Well it turned out that the whole rack and stack was completely unneeded as when they opened up for volunteer separation 70,000 people put in. I knew people with up to 14 years TIS that decided to punch out. The reasoning of those 1/2+ to retirement for getting out, “it was not the AF they joined any more”, and all the stupidity killed all the job satisfaction, and they were just miserable.


  10. Justice delayed is justice denied.


  11. All that SART/Sexual harassment cessation training for the last ten years?

    Apparently all just a bad joke.

    This is why I cuddle my DD-214 every night….


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