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Trump was right

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” the Hairy Hemorrhoid™ said in January, referring to the fact that his froth-flecked supporters will continue to worship him no matter what.

I’m beginning to believe he’s right.

It doesn’t matter how ignorant he is on foreign policy.

It doesn’t matter how economically illiterate he is.

It doesn’t matter that he contradicts himself, rambles incoherently, and shows himself to be fundamentally unfit – both in intellect and temperament – for the most important office in the world.

It doesn’t matter that every time he opens his foul maw, he shows himself to be nothing but classless trash. From his cheap shots at Megyn Kelly, to his tacky statements about Carly Fiorina’s appearance, to his sleazy attack on Heidi Cruz, to his character assassination of Michelle Fields after his abhorrent swine campaign manager roughly grabbed the young reporter (that pathetic, dickless little fuck has been charged with battery, by the way), there doesn’t seem to be anything that will turn his supporters against him.

Worse yet they twist and spin every time he steps on his own tiny little peen with golf cleats to defend him.

red herringTrump claims he consults himself on foreign policy (and hires a guy who graduated college in 2009 and lists the Model UN on his resume as a foreign policy adviser), and they either screech off topic that this is just an empty attack, and that it doesn’t matter, or they claim it’s simply part of his strategery, because he’s so sharp, and “Oh, who are Hillary’s advisers?”

Trump engages in a campaign of character assassination against a reporter who accuses his staffer of roughly grabbing her? Oh, it wasn’t that hard, they claim!

Megyn Kelly asks Trump some hard questions, he whines about her being unfair to him, and his supporters rampage on Twitter, calling her everything from a bimbo to a trashy skank, to a cunt.

There’s nothing he can do to discourage his more strident supporters. Nothing.

Look at these women. Educated. Professional. Daft.

“I just find that what you see is what you get with this man,” [Chrystal Junior] said. “And that is what I want.”

Except when he first supported the “assault” weapons ban, waiting periods to purchase a gun, and background checks, and then claims he changed his mind.

Except when he claimed to be pro-choice in 1999, and seems to have “evolved” into a “pro-life” candidate, with exceptions for rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.

Except when he claimed in 1999 he wanted a one-time 14.25 percent tax on the rich to pay off the national debt, but in 2011 indicated support for the Bush Tax Cuts, and then proposed a four-bracket tax system which contained rates of 1%, 5%, 10% and 15% and eliminated the corporate income and estate taxes.

Except when he supported universal health care… until he didn’t.

Except when he favored Social Security privatization until he spoke out against it.

Except when he hung out with his buddies the Clintons and donated money to Hillary, until he said she would be a disaster.

Except when he was a Democrat, until he became a Republican.

And except when he claimed during the last debate that he would support the Republican nominee even if it wasn’t him, and in tonight’s debate decided he wouldn’t.


Yes, the Hairy Hemorrhoid gave Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe $25,000 – that’s TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS – to win the governorship of Virginia!

“He’s a strong man with a strong personality,” said Brooke Steck, a church leader and, like Junior, a mother of four. “He really does love his country, loves people, he really has respect for women.”

If you define “strong” as attacking journalists for publishing negative stories about him.

If you define “strong” as mocking a disabled reporter.

If you define “strong” as screeching “I didn’t start the wife thing!” like a petulant eight-year-old.

If you define “strong” as being unable to control yourself in a nationally televised debate and keep from referencing your dick.

Lyn Kilian, who moved to the U.S. from Canada more than 50 years ago, conceded she has “cringed on occasion when he’s said a certain thing.”

“I wonder why (Trump has) said a certain thing, but that’s his personality,” she said. “He’s just — he just lets it roll.

He tweeted an unflattering picture of his political opponent’s wife in retaliation for an ad with which Cruz had nothing to do, and refuses – even when confronted with the facts – to admit that he was wrong. That’s just how he rolls.

He publicly discussed his then-wife’s implants, cheated on two spouses, and now castigates Bill Clinton for his marital indiscretions. That’s just how he rolls.

He claimed his “friend” Ben Carson has a “pathological disease.” (And Carson, in a burst of opportunism, decided to endorse him anyway). That’s just how he rolls.

He mocked John McCain – a Vietnam POW – for being captured. That’s just how he rolls.

And the funny thing is, these half-baked bints claim that the only thing that would make them change their minds about Trump is “going back on his policies and on the issues.”

“It’s his policies that we admire,” Eagar agreed. “And that’s really the crux of it and has nothing to do with what he might call somebody or what kind of terminology he uses.”











Them dangerous gun stores!

revolverRob and I went shopping over the weekend. My birthday is next week, and I thought it might be a good idea to pick up a new firearm, as well as support a brand new local business – a small gun shop called NOVA Armory that had just opened up in Arlington. NOVA Armory is a sweet place. The staff is friendly and helpful, and we got me a wonderful little Rossi .38 special – not just as support for the new business, but also because I want!

And it’s pretty!

The store opened despite significant amounts of panty shitting from gun grabbers and pressure from local politicians. They protested. They pressured the owner of the storefront. They held rallies. They threatened to boycott the other stores on that street, because the pearl-clutching darlings didn’t “feel safe” with a gun store in the area.

About a year ago another small gun shop was run out of Arlington. Local and state politicians, as well as concern trolls in Arlington bullied the landlord of a strip mall to renege on a lease signed with JB Gates of NOVA Firearms.

Basically, we convinced the land owner that his business tenants would lose business,” said my dried up, shriveled, praetorian hag of a state representative Barbara Favola, as she plotted with Fairfax politicians about how to best destroy Mr. Gates’ livelihood. And they tried the same shit with NOVA Armory owner Dennis Pratte with no success.

Numerous elected officials, including four state legislators, four of five Arlington County Board members, the county manager and a school board member attended the Lyon Park rally, calling on residents to not give up the fight.

State Sen. Barbara A. Favola (D-Arlington) described her unsuccessful attempt to pass a bill that would give local communities control of gun stores.

Del. Alfonso H. Lopez (D-Arlington) decried the General Assembly’s unwillingness to ban any weapons, even flamethrowers.

Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria) urged residents to “picket, protest and apply peer pressure.”

County Board member Christian Dorsey (D), who brought his daughter to the rally, said the county will apply “certainly a level of vigilance — not special scrutiny, but we’re going to be watching closely to be sure [the store] operates as it’s supposed to.”

Elected officials trying to pass laws to allow localities to control private businesses – small businesses that bring tax revenue and jobs to the area.

Elected officials who don’t know that a flamethrower is not a firearm, nor is it classified as a weapon.

Elected officials who are encouraging neighborhood residents to destroy the livelihood of a small business owner and his family.

Elected officials who are ominously threatening extra scrutiny of a lawful business.

And while some local residents are soiling themselves, another gun store owner may have actually prevented a mass murder in Ohio.

James Howard passed a background check when attempting to buy a long gun last Monday, but sounded as if he might be planning to hurt himself or others, John Downs, owner of Downs Bait and Guns, told local TV station WSYX.

“I just said, you know what, bud, I have a really bad feeling about this. I just can’t sell you the gun,” Downs said.

The former Ohio University student and hockey player left the store angry, and later returned, according to Downs.

The store owner then turned off the shop’s “open” sign, told his customers to hide, loaded three guns, and called 911, he said.

Law enforcement officials in Hocking County believe that Downs prevented a mass shooting at Ohio University by refusing to sell Howard a firearm. Howard had a record of mental instability, and had apparently spent some time in a mental facility. He passed a background check, and apparently lied on his ATF form 4473 when asked about being committed to a mental institution.

John Downs followed his gut and his conscience and prevented the sale, as well as a possible mass murder.

No new laws were needed. No government control of a small business or ominous extra scrutiny was needed.

Go figure!

Entitlement Society

My mom called me a misanthrope today. She calls me that a lot.

I have to admit that there are times I do feel like humanity has become this despicable caricature of itself – entitled, perpetually offended, authoritarian, too willing to use force (whether government or personal) against others in order to get what it feels it deserves, and numbed down dumb.

We’ve become an entitlement society. I’m not just talking about those who feel they’re entitled to goods and services at others’ expense merely by virtue of existing. I’m not just talking about those who despise the success and achievement of others and feel themselves deserving of a piece of that pie they haven’t earned. All of these characters are symptoms of a larger problem.

I saw a post on social media this morning describing some situations emblematic of the issue.

I walked up to an empty Redbox… one that held my reserved disks. There was a child and her mother scrolling through the second box. The girl turned and looked at me and jumped in front of the vacant box as I stood in front of it. I politely told her I was there to pick up my reservations. The mother turned to me and told me her daughter was searching for a movie and she had a right to be there.


Today I was leaving a store that verifies your receipt as you exit. There was quite a line. As I neared the door, an young boy raced past me pushing a cart and inserted himself and the cart before me. His dad caught up to him and together they exited the store. You would think the dad might apologize or mention to his son that I was in line first but he did nothing.

I’ve seen this myself. As you know, it’s tourist season in DC, and you will always find some rude jackasses elbowing their way through crowds, pushing their way to what they perceive to be the most comfortable or advantageous position on the metro, and flipping off drivers – yes flying the international symbol of love and affection – at a driver who deigned to honk at them, because they were crossing the intersection when the light has already turned red, and they’re obviously entitled to cross where and when they want and their mission to get wherever it is they’re going at the time is more important than anyone else’s.

I’ve seen it in my own niece, whom I adopted when she was 11, and who felt herself entitled to special treatment, because she had a rough childhood before she came to live with us, even as she fed her little sister drugs – Methodone, Percocet, and other poison – because she was entitled to company in her revolting misery.

When Danny was in middle school, he got into a tussle with another kid. Admittedly Danny said something incredibly rude to him during an argument, but the kid, who outweighed him by probably a good 50 pounds, felt Danny’s rudeness entitled him to try and beat the crap out of my son. Luckily, the ginger kid knew how to defend himself even then, but I received a phone call from the school’s administration telling me that my son was going to be disciplined for defending himself against the bigger kid. They felt the physical attack on my then-shrimpy child was somehow mitigated, because the larger kid was offended by what my son said during an argument.

My message to the school administrators was twofold:

1 – No insult and no offense entitles any child to physically attack another child.

2 – My son will continue to defend himself against larger bullies, and next time that child or any other lays a hand on him, I will tell him to ensure they go down and stay down.

But the fact that this kid felt it was OK to attack a smaller kid, because he was offended by something he said is once again an indication of a bigger problem.

We have a society that teaches kids from a young age that their precious feelings are somehow more important and valid than others’ rights.

We have a society that teaches kids they’re entitled to the best in life – even if it’s at others’ expense, and without having to put in effort to get it.

We have a society that’s so scared to hurt Precious Punkins’ feelings, and so afraid to allow them to fail, that they prohibit teachers from using red pens when correcting homework for fear that it might scar the FEELZ, and hand out participation trophies as prizes for not achieving!

Results are not important. Effort is only marginally required, if at all.

And the result is Special Snowflakes who feel they are entitled to “safe spaces” at colleges and universities to keep them away from anything that challenges their worldview.

The result is people who expect others to bend to their every desire – whether it’s to never critique their weird fetishes, which they invariably publicize loudly for the world to gawp at (and no, I will not consider your coffeemaker your wife, no matter how much you screech that it’s entitled to recognition, nor will I provide dependent benefits for your shrubbery – no matter how hard you claim you identify as a plant and the potted plant is your spouse).

Crying-Baby-PicturesThe result is Special Snowflakes who demand excused absences from school and extra time to take exams and turn in university assignments, because they’re so busy agitating for their social justice cause du jour, they ignore the purpose of school is to actually learn something.

And the result is entitled, selfish, spoiled adults who demand their “greatness” be recognized by employers without actually doing the work to make them great, in-your-face grownups, who protest and complain about “unfair treatment,”because their boss refused to bend to their unreasonable demands, and whining, entitled employees who consider their Special Snowflakedom sufficient reason to get raises, bonuses, and plum assignments, because their childhood was oh-so-hard because mommy carefully referred to them as “they,” because they informed their parents one night that they identified as a dinner napkin, while other kids rightfully thought them weird.

We have wrapped our kids in metaphorical bubble wrap, afraid to let them fail, afraid to allow them to learn, afraid to let them face challenges on their own, and terrified of hurting their precious little feelz. We allow them to be rude, entitled, and perpetually offended. We advance the message that force is an appropriate means to get what they feel they’re entitled to – be it through government, bullying, or societal pressure.

Is it any wonder that so many of us hate what this society has become?

Update on the third bomber

  Apparently initial reports about the third bomber (the Cat in the Hat) were erroneous. 

Media reports this morning say Faycal Cheffou may have been the third bomber. 

The federal prosecutor’s office could not immediately be reached for comment.

In a statement on Friday, it had named as “Faycal C” one of three men police had detained near the federal prosecutor’s office, the heavily guarded center of the investigation effort.

It did not say, however, whether he was the third man, seen on CCTV footage wearing a hat and a light jacket at Brussels airport with two other suspects believed to have blown themselves up.

Le Soir newspaper said Faycal C was identified by a taxi driver who drove the attackers to the airport. Earlier it had quoted police sources as saying it was highly likely Faycal Cheffou was the third man.

This is likely be a lengthy investigation as Brussels authorities work to sort this stuff out. New details are being revealed all the time. We also know at least two Americans also died in those attacks. 

Not much else to say. There is true evil in this world – an evil that seeks to impose its views on others via force and murder – an evil that seeks to force governments to bend to its will by threatening innocents. 

That is an evil that needs to be eradicated from this ‘verse. ASAP. 

Canada not at war with ISIS

So…. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is planning to fellate the Islamic militants instead? Just curious.

The Liberal government says Canada is not at war with Islamic militants — a view not shared by ally France.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion are rejecting the “at war” label just one day after the bombings in Brussels that killed more than 30 people and injured 270.

After the attacks, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Europe was “at war.”

They’re not “at war,” Trudeau says, because it doesn’t fit the definition of war as he understands it.

I’m not sure what his “understanding” of “war” is, but I would say if their guys are launching attacks on our countries and killing our people, that’s kind of… uh… war.

The dictionary says that the definition of “war” is “armed conflict.” So I’m thinking using explosives against innocent people like they did in the Brussels attack a few days ago, and staging shooting attacks, as they did in Paris and San Bernardino, counts as “armed conflict.”

trudeauBut Trudeau appears to be one of these coddled fuckwits, whose strategy against murderous jihadist slime is to stick his tongue as far up their asses as humanly possible and pray that they don’t turn around and recognize he’s there.

“Death to the West!”

“But we’re not at war with you! No really! Look how squeaky clean I’ve made your anus!”

“Death to you western, imperialist swine!”

“But wait! No! We are good with you murdering innocents elsewhere! It’s OK! Look, we’re far away from Europe, see? We’re not involved.”

“Get your tongue out of my arse. It’s starting to irritate my delicate starfish. Oh, yeah, and DIE!”

“Oh, but we’re not…. AAAAAAAAAAAH!”

You’re welcome for the visual. Tip your waiters.

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