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From a friend: Owww! Donald, let go of my balls! I gave the speech! I endorsed you! LET GO! OWW!

1) The portly loser from New Jersey yesterday took the jelly donut out of his mouth long enough to endorse the Hairy Hemorrhoid for President. 

If there’s anyone out there who has any doubt that the announcement was meant to distract the news cycle from the Hemorrhoid’s disastrous performance at Thursday night’s debate, I have this bridge… It’s in great shape!

And if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t think Fatass is angling for a Cabinet position, such as… Say… Attorney General, whose authorization may be needed for certain agencies to spy on people in the United States… And whose authorization may become a lot more commonplace because “I WAS APPOINTED US ATTORNEY DURING 9-11!”… I have some beachfront property too…

2) MSNBC nutjob Melissa Harris Perry is boycotting her own show because apparently her unhinged blatherings should never be preempted by election coverage! What’s the future of the entire nation in comparison to her tampon fashion accessories and humping of “racist” boogiemen under every bed?

It is profoundly hurtful to realize that I work for people who find my considerable expertise and editorial judgment valueless to the coverage they are creating.

Valueless… Finally she’s beginning to comprehend her actual worth to society. Bye!

3) Emma Watson of Harry Potter movie fame has decided to take a break from acting to focus on “feminism.” What likely will happen is that she will stop shaving her armpits, color her hair weird colors, and put on 60 pounds. Then, after she’s done learning about feminism and can’t get another job in Hollywood, she will have the pseudo intellectual tools to blame the evil cisheteropatriarchy for her inability to get work.

4) Beaver for Lent? No, it’s nothing dirty, you pervs. Apparently, beavers and muskrats are an acceptable alternative to beef during Lent. And no, not going to be trying that. I’m a fairly adventurous eater, but I’m not ingesting this little guy. 


5) My friend Stephanie recently blogged about the Sad Puppies saga in hopes of generating a mature, reasonable discussion about the issue. I’m not going to rehash it, because I’ve written about it extensively, as have others. You can go to her site if you want a reasoned, rational review. 

Unfortunately, a logical discussion was not to be. Because along came this creature. DavidG claims to be a SF/F fan, author, and “reasonably prominent disabled rights advocate,” who upon becoming disabled, realized just how “privileged” he’s been all his life, because there have been some rude, repugnant assholes out there who have been abusive toward him, and apparently decided to ride that pony to recognition. 

When one poster responded politely that he was sorry DavidG became disabled, DavidG whipped out cock and condescendingly stomped all over it, showing not just a lack of graciousness, but an arrogant lack of ability to discern simple analogies. 

You say you haven’t insulted me, yet you insulted me just by saying you’re ‘sorry’ I am disabled. It says you think disability is a negative. Imagine telling someone that you’re sorry they’re black or gay. I’ll give you a pass on that one, because that’s a lesson we’re having to teach the whole of society, but it’s the only pass you’re getting here today.

The illogical comparison to being black or gay aside… The responses were just what you would expect, because when someone sticks his ass out and demands that the world be constructed around his special needs, it cannot go unanswered – especially when the demand is posted with such audacity and entitlement!

He continued to police speech and demand that his interlocutors tailor the conversation to his standards, including demands that literature which features cures for disabilities be acknowledged as HATE SPEECH!

I got angrier and angrier reading his hateful entitlement. I didn’t want to post this on Stephanie’s site, and blow it up into a flame war, so I’m going to vent my spleen here. Enjoy!

Dear DavidG – 

I’ve seen just about enough of your shit! You’re insulted? At what? At sympathy? At politeness? At graciousness? Well, guess what, I’m all out of fucks to give!
Your cult of social justice worships the very suffering we strive to cure. Why? Because you somehow think pain gives you virtue, allowing you to avoid the responsibility of earning said virtue. You think your disability makes you worthy, and insist that the rest of us give you a pass on said worthiness.

And if we don’t… Well then, we’re “ableist” and evil! If we don’t give you special credit and worship you for showing up and sticking your festering wounds in our faces, without you actually accomplishing anything worthy of worship, we’re awful people!
Well, you know what? Go fuck a rabid hedgehog. I refuse to participate in that kind of destruction of reality. I refuse to facilitate your kind of lies! 

If that’s what it takes to sit at the cool kids’ table of sci-fi, I want nothing to do with it. Go slurp week-old diarrhea through a straw, douche wad. I want no part of a conversation in which one side claims moral superiority because of circumstances beyond their control rather than earning it. 



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  1. Save a tree, eat a beaver. Pervs? Who, us? šŸ™‚

    Melissa Harris-Perry…”Smartest nerd in the room”. Yeah, right.

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  2. DavidG: He equates being ‘disabled'(sorry, can’t work up concern to figure out what his disability, beyond mental, extends to) to being black. So he believes that blacks are inherently _broken_?

    So long as you’re examing the weird: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Barack Hussein Obama

    In which case, TZP should offer TZP-branded popcorn in the store. They’ll make a fortune.


    1. OMG! That just made my face hurt!!!


  3. You are a hell of a lot of fun to read. Love it when your posts take out all the self-entitled idiots in one short, delicious column. I owe you and Rob at least a steak for the fun.

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    1. I’m happy just with seeing you write that! I often say I write solely for myself – and I do. But there’s something incredibly gratifying to have someone appreciate your effort! Thank you.


  4. Love your takedown of SJWs. BTW – IMO, the stuff they say a write shows in no uncertain terms that they have a disability. Perhaps something like Reality Disassociation Disorder. Here’s another unreal SJW – I saw this just before reading your latest:


    1. Wow, I just watched that whole video. That chick has serious paranoia issues. I’m glad she found a new therapist.

      I find it curious how so many women manage to get through their day, day after day, and somehow they’re happy, productive and engaging. They interact with others and don’t show any stress over how they’re being treated by everyone they talk to. What with all these men out there who want to rape us and subjugate us and micro-agress us and stuff, it’s amazing we can function at all!


  5. That is, the stuff they say AND write…


  6. I have to be kind of cautious here, talking about eating beaver and all. I would hate to be taken the wrong way, there are perverts everywhere. OK, I meant that about myself, but I have eaten the kind of critter you pictured here. Also porky pine, as we pronounce it here in the midwest. I never tried raccoon, although many here have. I did try black bear one time, which I did not care for. My opinion is that protein from animals is probably similar if prepared correctly, and taken at the right time of year when the animal is not eating pine trees and the like. Of course, like anything, there are exceptions. I wouldn’t eat a skunk, nor would I date a pretty woman if she were a liberal. I would be afraid they would both leave a bad taste in my mouth.


    1. I like once in a great while to troll leftist forums or leftist-dominated threads by dropping casual comments about how wimmen belong barefoot an’ pregnant in the kitchen or about how street wildlife loves to smash up garbage cans and steal old food or about something similarly amusing. It’s entertaining to see how many of the winged monkeys from the humorless PC brigades take it literally with lots of dog-whistle messages that exist only in their pointy little heads. I may even take to smacking down the inevitable frothing rants with something like, “Whoosh! Whooshy-whoosheroony!” Sadly, they never get it.

      I’ve never eaten black bear or beaver meat myself, but one of these days, I’ll kill me some critters just to make a point. I’ll eat at least some of it because you should only kill critters for eats. Whatever I don’t eat will go to whomever wants it. Alternatively, I might just pay the animal-dressing service to make sausages that cover up the gaminess with lots of peppers and spices and whatnot. ^_^


      1. I ate bear when I was in Finland. It’s not bad. Beaver… not sure about all that.


  7. Nicki
    Found your site a short time ago and am enjoying your irreverant take on the “Politically Correct” posers of the country, of which there seems to be a super-abundance, and 90% ill-educated on our Constitution all the while spouting off about what it does or doesn’t do or allow…..
    Keep up the good works and Truthful words. Congrats to you and your Teenage girl becoming one of the “Chosen” – Welcome to the Brotherhood (and sisterhood) of Marines. It will change her life in untold ways and will last a lifetime……
    USMC 66-72
    Semper Fi
    God – Country – Corps

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    1. Thank you so much, and welcome!


  8. Beaver (the rodent) is oily and rather strong-tasting – not to my taste. I have not tried muskrat or racoon. Bear (black or brown) seems to taste like whatever it has been eating. Bears that have been eating salmon in streams tastes pretty fishy (I like salmon but fish bear is nasty) while bears that have been eating roots and berries have a fairly mild taste. Both the black and brown bear that I ate was pretty fatty. Nicki, some years ago in Helsinki on the harbor there was a Russian restaurant right next to a big Eastern Orthodox church. Besides bear their borscht was really good. Is that the place?

    Nicki, as others said above, your candor and forthright asshole skewering is refreshing and insures that nothing is lost between the utterance and the receipt of the message – neither spectator nor target is confused. Assholes must be called out and skewered else they will multiply. Today there are relatively few assholes but even these small numbers are pretty annoying. If we fail to directly deal with this virulent aggressive PC outbreak we will up to our armpits in assholes. Skewering will be easier in a target rich environment but it will be a lot of work. Better to deal with them now while the job is easier.

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    1. The one we went to was right in the center of town. All glass. It was a very cool place. Definitely not near a church.


  9. Forgot to mention that we used to parboil the animals that had a high oil content to help reduce the gaminess some. We also used to eat snapping turtle regularly, they are quite good. Unfortunately, I live in a small city now and don’t have the easy access that I once did to just walk out my back door and be in the woods.
    And I don’t think that the supply of assholes is in any danger of running low. They not only breed prolifically, but they also recruit on nearly every university in the country.


  10. Nicki, don’t let your desire to avoid a flame war keep you from venting your spleen over there, it has descended into one despite your reservations.


    1. Mark, I spoke to Stephanie first about it. She said it was better posted here. That said… Now I have to go check! šŸ™‚


    2. Yeah, that convo definitely went mammary glands to the ventral position.


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