Dear Special Snowflakes – Want some cheese with that whine?

Peter Fricke of Campus Reform brings us the latest in Special Snowflake Syndrome derangement – students at Brown University, who are complaining about being forced to do actual *GASP!* homework between their activism! No, I really wish I was kidding. Legal adults, complaining that having to actually study in college is making them stressed and upset, because they’re too busy being good little Howler Monkeys for social justice. Emotional outbursts, panic attacks, and other assorted asschafery has caused an inability on the Snowflakes’ part to actually do what they came to college to do – study!

“There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes, and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,” an undergraduate student going by the pseudonym “David” told The Brown Daily Herald Thursday. “My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. Counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay.”

See what these little douche pickles want is a pass. They want a pass from having to work and achieve good grades. They want a pass from having to think and learn. They want a pass from effort. They want a pass from life.

They demand special accommodations, such as extensions on homework and tests, because it’s just stressing them out too much to have to live up to their obligations! They would rather be petted on their pointy little heads and told how special and different they are, and how their social justice activism whining deserves special treatment. And if you don’t comply with the SJW demands…. RACIST!

Liliana Sampedro, one of the students who compiled the diversity ultimatum, argued that refusal to grant such accommodations “has systemic effects on students of color,” who she said may sometimes feel obligated to prioritize their activist work over their studies.

“I remember emailing the professor and begging her to put things off another week … I hadn’t eaten. I hadn’t slept. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally,” Sampedro recalled. The professor nonetheless insisted that she submit a previously-assigned research presentation on time, which she claims forced her to stay up late to finish the project after having already spent hours working on the list of demands.

Safe_Spaces_CartoonFor those of you who are shaking your heads in disbelief at the lack of fortitude and integrity on the part of these entitled Snowflakes, just know students at Brown aren’t the only ones whining about having to actually do the work they came to college to do. Whining bitch nuggets at Oberlin got triggered because a professor refused to grant them an exam delay for the Snowflakes who were too emotionally exhausted to take their statistics final. Meanwhile, Columbia Law School actually granted a delay to infantile fuckwits who were “traumatized” by the grand jury failure to indict police officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Harvard and Georgetown students followed suit in their demands for similar special treatment.

Remind me to ensure that I never, EVER, hire anyone from Colombia, Harvard, or Georgetown law schools. I’m not even kidding. If these coddled morons can’t prioritize their work over their butthurt, they have no business in MY workforce!

Micro- or macroagressed? Too bad! I look for intestinal fortitude in my workers. I look for integrity. I look for an ability to balance work and life, and an understanding and respect for the priorities of the mission. If you can’t turn in an assignment by the suspense date, and insist that your employer’s priorities take a back seat to your own activism, you shouldn’t be working there!

If you claim that you are stressed, physically ill, and too upset to do the work you were hired to do, you need to go elsewhere.

If you cannot even take a simple exam on time, because you were too busy indulging your chafed labia and demanding that others follow suit, as a professor, I’d tell you to get the fuck out of my office!

Welcome to real life, Cupcakes! Now deal with it!


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  1. Wait – what? The real world came up and slapped these idjits on the ass and said ‘Get to work! Turn in your homework! Grow up!’

    Oh. My. Pussycat. (Falls down laughing.)

    Wait til they get jobs in the private sector – the Real World – where they’re expected to show up on time, finish assigned projects on time, etc., etc., et cetera! The private sector expects results. What a rude awakening that will be.

    Still laughing.

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    1. I’ve worked with idjits like this. The terrifying part is that more often than not, they don’t get the wakeup call. They expect everyone to cater to their every whim and demand, then go running to HR and Legal when the bosses refuse.



    Back in the late 60s early 70s, I was in school full-time, had a 15 – 20 hour/week job bartending, and still managed to find time to work on feminist and gay rights issues. Real issues — the inequity of divorce laws, access to contraception, police treatment of rape victims, etc. etc.

    And I still managed to have a social life and be an A student.


  3. I’m not shaking my head so much as I am trying to resist the urge to slam it into my desk repeatedly until the lights go out.

    I went to school with assclowns like these. Only this lot makes my schoolmates seem sane, rational, and hardworking. No wonder the interviewer I talked to last week said that the corporation typically hires candidates who are at least a decade older than me!

    Holy flarking Hell. Could someone stop the world, please? I’d like to get off now.


  4. College administrations aid and abet spoiled-baby students turning their schools into progressive playpens, and this is the result. Where’s the surprise in that? Yes, they will be eaten alive in the real world…unless, of course, they go into academia (after all, being denied their degrees would be racist/sexist/whatever, right?) and simply allow the next generation to perpetuate the scam.


  5. It’s not enough to merely boycott these unbelievable doofuses or to abruptly fire them when they are discovered sliming up the premises. They need to be told in no uncertain terms that they will be arrested on sight should they step foot onto the property of right-thinking Americans. They need to be told that if they make the littlest motion, ever, that could be interpreted as reaching for a weapon or as threatening a strong-arm attack, they will be immediately shot dead in the same manner as a violent armed robber or rapist. They need to be told that they will be sued endlessly for conspiracy to violate the religious, free-speech and property rights of decent Americans. They need to be told that their lives will be made a hundred times over as miserable as they’ve tried to make other people’s lives miserable.

    Frankly, the sooner these goblins are rounded up and stuffed into labor camps to be worked to death in *exactly* the way they would treat a free people if they possibly could, the better. Vicious tit for tat is the only way to respond to subhumans. If the National Socialists and the Red Communists had been savagely killed on sight as soon as they slithered out from under their rocks, upwards of a billion people would have survived. Yes, I do include the unknown hundreds of millions of children and their children in turn who were never born because their parents were murdered by the subhuman, far-leftist vermin. The only good leftist is a dying leftist that gasps out its last from a charred ruin.

    BTW, before you ask — no, I’ve always absolutely hated commie vermin and their inbred socialist cousins. The latest eruptions of utter disregard for truth, reality and decency shown by the scuttling cockroaches on college campuses has only served to remove the absolute last shred of doubt in my mind that leftists are subhuman filth, deserving of no more sympathy than squirming tapeworms. If every single commie and socialist on earth were to suddenly melt into a puddle of unendurable agony one glorious morning, I’d dance with delight until I dropped and then rise after happy dreams to dance all day again.


  6. The younguns at the engineering house I work at – actually a manufacturing place – are useless for the most part. Except for a few they are stuckup little kissasses who rimjob the bosses and think they are brilliant.

    There is a cadre of older techs and engineers who see thru their acts and pretty much loathe the little twerps.

    They are missing getting the knowledge from us old farts which is why their young selves got hired in the first place.

    The fail is going to be spectacular in about 5 to 10 years as we olduns retire.

    The can ESAD.


    1. Daneel, as much as I delight personally in the schadenfreude, one cannot but shudder at the thought of what may happen to us all once the millions from the mememe generation are suddenly left to perform critical jobs that they are utterly incapable of performing even if they somehow grew a half-baked work ethic. The upcoming evil robot revolution that supposedly will put tens of millions out of work is looking like a godsend that saves a stinking pile of idiocy from total disaster. Ultra-efficient companies will simply no longer have positions for special snowflakes, and the shrinking pool of old-style engineers and other experts will be called back from retirement at sky-high consulting rates to teach prototype robots once to do those jobs correctly, after which the robot programming can be endlessly replicated.

      I plan to have my robot car drive past the jobless special snowflakes as they beg on the sidewalk and toss them spoilt bits of cake garnished with bouts of cruel laughter.


  7. I wish this was a parody, but I know it’s not… Which is even sadder… It makes me SO glad I’m retired and don’t have to deal with these POS (Perpetually Offended Snowflakes)… I am afraid my response would be to hit the road. Reality doesn’t care about what YOU want, or think you need. It’s about doing a job and getting paid for it.


  8. Dear freaking bog. My first college was (believe it or not) a lefty liberal arts university. What can I say: they offered a scholarship. I attended classes. I worked. I did homework. I did papers. Somehow, I considered that normal, and did it without benefits of medication other than recreational weekend alcohol. But then that was 37 years ago, and we thought college was still for learning. (Admittedly, some also smoked weed. One girl did some cheap speed, but that had more to do with holding down multiple waitressing gigs than recreation.)

    No wonder these weenies support Bernie’s “Free Everything” platform. Deep down they know they’re incapable of fending for themselves.


  9. Unfortunately, these people do indeed enter the workforce and immediately organize what is called “Employee Resource Groups”. They’re known as the Latino Club, The Black Women’s Club, The Asian American Club, etc. They make sure people are aware of just what level of diversity we’ve achieved and are always inviting “others” to attend one or another of their “awareness” gatherings. You’ll never see the “Men’s Club”.

    When you walk past their desks you’ll often see their chairs empty and their monitors dark because they’re attending another meeting. You’ll hear them griping outside that they didn’t get “exceeds expectations” on their review because of every other reason in the world besides the fact that their work is sub par or no one ever sees them at their desks.

    I avoid them at all costs.


    1. Not MY fucking workforce! Screw that.


    2. Judy, these special little turds you mentioned need to be immediately fired, forcibly arrested by company security and searched for company property before being handed over to the police on charges of trespassing, burglary and theft. If they injure or even so much as hiss menacingly at security personnel, then the charges should include assault and battery as well as terroristic threats. The company needs to follow that up with charges of felony fraud and anything else that can be made to stick in a court of law. Finally, the company needs to immediately file civil suits against these lying goblins to recover as much as possible of the money they stole through fraudulent employment. They slimed their way into positions that otherwise would have been filled by productive workers, and lying to the company’s human resources department for financial gain is all kinds of wrong. Sue them until their checking and savings accounts melt into little puddles of mewling despair. If they’re not yet serving long sentences in prison, sue them until they are homeless and living out of bags. Sue them until they blow out their brains in a shabby little cardboard box sitting on a grate.


  10. As hard as it might be to believe, at one time I did go to college. I went full time, while working full time,including overtime in a steel melt shop, while driving an hour to work and back. Oh, I also had a wife and 2 kids at the time. I was carrying a 4.0 gpa as well. In classes like Physics and the surprisingly difficult Old Testament Survey.
    Of course, I was a lot younger then, and had much more energy and certainly many more fresh brain cells available. And unlike these wonderful young people today, I had little concern for the social justice issues of the day back then. The only social justice I was concerned about was making sure my family had food on the table and to keep the light bill payed on time. I guess that worry is not part of their world yet. If ever, since there will always be someone else to pay their way for everything.
    I never asked for special treatment from a professor, or an employer, or for that matter from friends or family. I just sucked it up and did what I could to do what I had to do. As events unfolded down the road I never did complete a degree however, I have taken classes that have given me a broad education over a great range of subjects. I now have no regrets about the path I have trod, but I see little in the way of education that I could not have learned on my own as I have been a student and continue to be all of my life, through my own efforts. The social life found on campus, yesterday, and today, hardly seems worth the four years plus that students invest,not to mention the many thousands of dollars of debt they go into just to play sjw. As has been mentioned in other comments, many of these people emerge ill equipped for the real world with real world expectations of performance and time demands that will be placed upon them with little patience for whining about not having enough time for all of their social work on the side.
    I have to ask, yet again, as we have been asking for 20 years, who are the parents that are raising these kids to act like this? It started out with the little tykes screaming in the store until mommy bought them the toy they wanted, which she always gave in and bought them. Now we see the result. I only can say, we were right when we predicted it back then that these kids would grow up to be a nightmare. The nightmare is upon us.


  11. Every time I see crap like this and start to think it’s hopeless, I remind myself of the younger folks I deal with on a regular basis. Some have served in the military or law enforcement and have their heads on straight or it could simply be the polite, professional teenager at the grocery store. The shrieking feces flingers get the attention but I really believe they are still the minority.


    1. I can only hope you’re right. Because even the Ivy Leagues are bending over for these shrieking loons! And I can’t stand it!


  12. Thanks for the laugh this morning Nicki. Mia and I had quite the chuckle.


    1. heh. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


      1. Little rabbits squeak and squeal until the wolf comes. Then they stfu. Time is coming and they have no one to blame but themselves, top to bottom.


  13. One wonders if any of these Special Snowflakes could even survive Boot Camp or Basic Training.


    1. I don’t wonder. I KNOW they can’t.


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