Dear Establishment – I blame you!

Dear Republican and Democrat establishments,

By this time you’re probably wondering what the hell is happening to that nice little world you’ve created for yourselves. The Hairy Hemorrhoid™ and the Septuagenarian Socialist are putting a spike the size of a cricket bat into the tires of your 2016 campaign buses, and you are spinning ferociously in your seats like ferrets on speed, trying to catch up.

What the hell happened?

Well you need to look no further than your mirrors, and not the funhouse ones that give you that warped view of yourselves, either. Take a long, hard look at what’s going on, because you are the ones who created the deranged monstrosity we’re seeing in the primaries of both parties today!

Republicans, you want to know why the obnoxious, narcissistic, boorish, classless assclown has won his third primary in a row?

You created him, you brainless shit weasels!

You ignored the calls of the grassroots to change. You’ve tried to foist your “moderate” picks on the people… first McCain (it was his turn, after all!)… then Mittens (the guy who lost to the guy who lost to Bush in 2000, and then proceeded to lose to Obama in 2012)… and then the Third Coming of Bush. And now that the more than $100 million you wasted on that guy has swirled the drain, you’re trying to promote a Rubio/Kasich ticket? Are you fucking high? Are you stupid? Do you not get the message?

Republican voters don’t want a compromiser. They don’t want a flip-flopper. They don’t want the usual establishment liars. And they certainly don’t want someone who doesn’t listen to the grassroots on issues such as illegal immigration, and has voted for the Clinton “assault” weapons ban, while giving lip service to the Second Amendment. In a poll conducted by the Zelman Partisans recently, 20 percent and 22.6 percent of respondents found Rubio and Kasich respectively to be the biggest threats to our Second Amendment rights. Now, it’s a small sampling of respondents, but it’s indicative of something – something not good.

And yet, you don’t listen. And now that your Clown Prince has been dethroned, you’re trying to toss yet another establishment RINO in the pool to see if that turd will float, and you’re wondering why the grassroots are so pissed off that they will vote for a lying, self-absorbed jackass, who has a history of throwing money at exactly the type of leftists you claim to despise and in his own words has supported every single big government thing you claim to oppose!

Yes, the Hairy Hemorrhoid gave Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe $25,000 - that's TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS - to win the governorship of Virginia!

Yes, the Hairy Hemorrhoid gave Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe $25,000 – that’s TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS – to win the governorship of Virginia!

Yep, you’ve pissed off the grassroots so much, they’re willing to vote for a lying, liberal embarrassment just to show you how much you suck!

Every year, you stick your syphilitic cocks in the faces of the voters, and you expect them to hold their noses and swallow.

Guess what, morons! It’s not happening this year! The grassroots are rebelling, and they’re going to chomp down on that member you’ve so arrogantly presented to them, spit it out, and watch you bleed and squeal.

You think years of compromising on such issues as illegal immigration, open borders, budgets, debt ceilings, judicial nominees, and other destructive policies in spite of growing dissent from the very people who put them into office is going to endear the establishment to them?

No, they’re so sick of you and your Washington boys, they’re willing to cut America’s nose off to spite her face, and you are responsible. You are arrogant. You are willfully blind. You refuse to stand on your principles, choosing instead to push a more “electable” candidate – one whom you can control, apparently – one of you – and you’ve become an elitist donor class that only needs the grassroots when it comes time to push your boy over the finish line. And guess what! The grassroots are sick of it.

Yertle the Turtle McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and the rest of your establishment buds are seen as the enemy – as big an enemy, if not bigger, than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And you think pushing a Rubio/Kasich establishment ticket will help? Morons!

Take a good look, GOP. You created this Trumpenstein Monster, and you will be forced to lick its shoes once he’s nominated, because you still don’t get it.

On the Democrat side we have a revolt of its own. Hillary Clinton was long thought to have been the presumptive nominee – long before she even announced she was running again! The media was beating the Hillary drum as far back as 2014.

Election_2016-03b28National Review Online was assuming she was going to be the Democrats’ girl back in 2014 as well and painting her as the grand enemy for the Republicans to beat, while the mainstream media was washing her ballsack with their fawning, sycophantic “she will save us all” pablum.

Democrats, you were so busy polishing Hillary’s knob, you didn’t even see the wave of entitled children, yammering for free stuff and elevating the Socialist Septuagenarian as their Santa Claus!

You underestimated the type of society you have helped birth – a society of undereducated, entitled, demanding, infantile dolts who haven’t the slightest clue about macro economics, finance, or ethics, for that manner.

You helped create a society that thinks educating students on diversity is more important than teaching them basic economics, politics, history, and effective written and verbal communication.

And you wonder now, why the younger generation is all about voting for the candidate who promises them the most free shit?

You assumed they would line up behind Hillary.

You assumed it was her turn.

You assumed that no matter whom you shoved down their throats, they would line up like good little goosestepping Stepford Voters and cast the ballot for the Chosen One.

You assumed that idealistic children wouldn’t care about corporatism, continued scandals, honesty, or integrity.

Hey, give Teh Bern his due. He may be dumber than a box of hammers, he may be incapable of coherently discussing fiscal or economic policy, and he may be stupid on foreign policy, but his rambling, idiot supporters perceive him as somewhat honest, and he speaks to the very heart of the entitled, sniveling masses who are sick and tired of the assumption that they will just vote for whomever the establishment shoves down their little gullets.

Yes, pleez!

Yes, pleez!

Is it any wonder that those of us with at least half a functioning brain are considering either voting for the third party candidate, staying home, or rooting for the Sweet Meteor of Death this election season?

Take a good look in the mirror, establishment, because in your froth-flecked zeal to smash and spike the outsiders who don’t play your games and prevent them from being competitive in the nomination process, you may wind up kissing the puckered rectums of the really batshit crazy outsider faction!

Berlusconi in a bad toupee, or the nuttier than squirrel shit Socialist? Take your pick, because you birthed this Cthulhu of an election season, and it’s the rest of us who will pay.


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  1. I have one small exception to take with your post- I believe “shitweasel” is one word.


    1. OMFG, you had me so rolling man, thank you sir!


  2. […] Dear Establishment – I blame you! […]


  3. Hope you enjoyed your night out, Nicki…and if bail was involved, it wasn’t too high. 🙂


    1. Well, we wound up not going to the place we wanted to go to, because of massive storms and tornado warnings! LOL That said, we did have a nice steak dinner at a place that’s right across the street from our apartment building, so it was good anyway. Glass of wine, medium rare seared flesh, and a nice salad. Who could ask for more, right? 😉


  4. Outstanding! Made my day.


  5. If there is another constitutional convention, would you mind writing the promotional material for it?


    1. LOL – I actually don’t support a COS. I think there’s too much inherent risk, given the type of delegates who would wind up attending said convention. Rob has written about this at length. I would definitely urge you to read it. Here is a good start. 🙂


  6. So tell us how you really feel.

    It was a joke in my family that my dad would preface half his political pontifications with “I’ve been saying it for years that . . .” But this is something I have been saying for years.

    Sanders and Trump are the result of our political classes hating the bases of their parties. When I lived in the UK I found myself explaining to the Brits that the [white] working class in America tend to vote Republican not because the Republicans are great for them, but because the Republican leadership hates them less than the Democratic leadership does.

    This is how America dies.


    1. “but because the Republican leadership hates them less than the Democratic leadership does. ”

      Not any more.


  7. Yeah, right. 😉


  8. Excellent points made. Thanks! Too bad the GOPe wont read this much less understand it.


  9. What I don’t get is why Trump and not Cruz. Cruz is a big middle finger to the establishment and he is also smart, principled, and conservative. Yes yes the people are angry. But they get what they deserve. No one in DC is there unless the people voted for them. Romney and McCain won their primaries. We don’t like how the country is going? It wasn’t a sinister cabal plotting in secrecy. The Trump supporters are full of shit. They aren’t pissed at a lack of conservative wins. They just want to get the emotional satisfaction of beating on those they blame for their problems. If they cared about conservatism they’d be all in for Cruz. They are just the right’s version of the populist mob. And like mobs throughout history they are whining crying stupid destructive babies.


    1. Probably because Trump is louder and more obnoxious.


      1. And also because Cruz has been even more lied about and no-platformed since he got to the Senate. Cruz has actual principles while Trump is seen as “malleable” and a deal maker.


    2. The reason as to why? Trump comes off brusque and politically not correct. Which if you think about it,strikes a chord in most people. It makes him look anti-establishment and more “common man”. He started that way from the get go unlike Cruz. Look at the swing behind Sanders and you see the same thing. Modern politics has always been about perception rather than reality. The reality is I doubt either of these two have been in line in the grocery store seen 17 empty check out stands that have no checkers while in a line of 15 people for the only line open and gone “wtf?” to give one example. What they do however with what they say or how they say it is make people feel as if they have.


  10. Regarding an Article V Convention. This is inherantly the very worst idea this country could allow with the present political situation. The PRESENT Constitution is not broken and does not need to be FIXED. It merely needs to be adherred to. It is the best blueprint for a successful society that has come along in somewhere around 5 thousand years.
    For further reading on the Artivle V Convention, and I sincerely hope you all read it, please visit this site.
    It is quite simply the best word on the Constitution I have found. There are others ( ( and others as well. If we as a society are going to reclaim our country from tyrannical leaders we, above all else, must become more informed and engaged in the entire process….


  11. Both political parties have chosen the form of their destructor.


  12. This part was wrong:

    “You refuse to stand on your principles, …”

    Nope. They are standing on their principles- look out for themselves and their buddies. The problem is the base is tired of them articulating conservative principles they actually don’t believe in and won’t follow. Hence-

    “… they’re willing to vote for a lying, liberal, embarrassment…” Since there’s a chance he might not be lying about all the conservative issues and will follow through on a couple of the most important– illegal immigration for example.

    Establishment has given us the choice to vote for folks we know are lying on all the key issues, or taking a chance on someone who may only be lying on 50% of the issues.

    Great writing, truly enjoyed reading it and the insight. I’d rather see Cruz as president, but I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump over either Bernie or Hillary. Maybe Trump would appoint Cruz to SCOTUS and we could see a lot of heads explode in the nattering classes.


    1. Even if Trump actually would do what he says, he’ll need to know enough about the Constitution and the law to work around the UniParty. Otherwise, they’ll rediscover all those powers of the purse and impeachment they couldn’t locate to stop Obama, and they’ll have the votes to sustain a “bipartisan” impeachment.

      They’ll do the same to Cruz, incidentally, but Cruz knows enough about the law and Constitution to give them a fight.


  13. I was having a pretty mediocre day, then I read your post. Sun came out, I was able to breathe. Thanks, Nicki. Good to know the world is not totally populated with shit-for-brains idol worshippers. Took the liberty of tweeting your post out to some of my tweeps, a hardy bunch who won’t be there long. As military, you’ll recognize “everybody comes home,” eh? Thanks for making my day with this great insight put in language we all can understand.

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  14. The inimitable Andrew Klavan has his own take on the angry Republicans who want to stick it to the Man by going for The Donald:


    1. Great stuff! What does it say about the establishment when the grassroots go and support someone so repugnant?


  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on MCS.


  16. Finally! Someone who understands why I am voting for Trump!


  17. How did the “Republican Establishment” impose McCain and Romney as candidates over the will of ordinary Republicans?

    In 2008, McCain got 47% of the Republican primary vote, more than the combined vote for Romney and Huckabee (the #2 and #3 finishers). He won 30 primaries: NH, SC, FL, AZ, CA, CT, DE, IL, MO, NJ, NY, OK, MD, VA, WA, WI, OH, RI, TX, VT, MI, PA, IN, NC, WV, KY, OR, ID, NM, and SD. ISTM that ordinary Republican voters chose him.

    In 2012, Romney got 52% of the Republican primary vote. He won 27 primaries: NH, FL, AZ, MI, MA, OH, VA, VT, IL, MD, WI, CT, DE, NY, PA, RI, IN, NC, WV, AR, KY, TX, CA, NJ, NM, SD, and UT. ISTM that ordinary Republican voters chose him.

    Did the “Establishment” somehow rig things so that the voters were hoodwinked? Was that even possible?

    Trumpolatry is certainly the product of frustration, and the organized GOP has been frustrating. But how much of that is fecklessness? How much is the Presidency held by a Democrat, combined with the intrinsic difficulty of enacting radical changes in a democracy?


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