shackYou know those graphics that sometimes circulate on social media showing you a small shack in the woods and asking you whether you would consider giving up the Internet and TV and living there for some amount of time if you were paid $1 million?

You know what makes that decision a whole lot easier and makes me jump up and down screaming “YES, PLEASE”?

The sheer volume of SJW Howler Monkey loonery I read on the Internet! It’s getting stupider and stupider out there, people. The bugs, bears, and other critters in the woods seem like Nirvana compared to the crazy that the Social Justice Whiner (bowel) movement has become!

Justice? These people wouldn’t know the meaning of the word if it bit them on their shriveled testicles!

The word “justice.” It’s supposed to mean fairness, impartiality, integrity, and lawfulness, right?

It’s supposed to promote equality and balance, right?

Since when did “social justice” become a catch-all phrase for mentally ill lunatics to parade their inadequacies and idiosyncrasies as claim checks to jobs, to respect, to special treatment, and to rewards?

It’s not enough to be gay. It’s not enough to be male or female, or even human! Now there’s “gender fluid,” “otherkin,” “gender nonconforming,” “neutrois,” “pangender,” and “two-spirit.”

There’s ability privilege, internalized racial oppression, microaggressions, (the morons at this Independent School Diversity Network to which I linked might want to learn that there’s no “d” in “privilege”) and other perceived infractions against those who are so desperate to be different, and so unskilled at anything other than being a bizarre caricature of humanity, they must invent identities just so they can gain the attention and drama they so fiercely crave.

Just this week, I’ve run across an article claiming that Ryan Reynolds as Dead Pool was “not gay enough.”

Another SJW cascade of excretory douchery claims that “linguistic discrimination” is real, and that we should stop judging people by the way they communicate. Because bad linguistic skills are simply “dialects,” and we must stop considering people less intelligent if they want to “axe you a question.”

This week I learned that singer Adele extolling the virtue of motherhood is somehow offensive to feminists.

I learned that a gay journalist advocating free speech is somehow a danger to women – such a danger, that they have to protest his mere presence on a college campus by smearing fake blood all over themselves.

I also learned that barring that same journalist from a free speech event entitled:  “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?” is not at all ironic.

I learned that everything is offensive and everything is a trigger.

I learned that having only two options on standard forms – Male or Female – is a microaggression.

I learned that hating and even assaulting a human being if said human being happens to be white, straight, and male is just fine as long as you’re a cheerful, fugly feminist hosebeast.

cis male

I also learned that calling a woman “female” is somehow dehumanizing. female

It gets exhausting reading about all these new rules made up by the SJW Howler Monkeys in an effort to wrap themselves in emotional bubble wrap to avoid hurt feelings and overall reality.

No, you’re not allowed to ask someone’s gender.

No, you’re not allowed to judge people based on their skills or promote a meritocracy in which the best qualified people ought to get jobs.

No, you cannot show interest in someone by asking them where they’re from.

No, you cannot disregard color. You may not say so.

And dog forbid you dismiss concern trolls who want to bring up your microaggressions against the Special Snowflakes who feel they are entitled to special treatment, because inventing new identities helps mitigate their mediocrities!

Can’t they just find an island where they can hold their drum circles, circle jerks, and group fellatio sessions of anyone who identifies as a bedroom slipper?

Leave the rest of us misogynist, cis, dual gender, semi normal people who identify as humans to our neanderthal world!


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  1. Calling a woman ‘female’ is – wha-a-at? Wait – did the Wayback Machine show up and take us back to the 1980s and nobody told me? So we’re supposed to be wimmin now? Shit, it’s deju vu all over again, and I gave away all my 1980s clothes a while back.

    I would really love to rain on their silly parade, because the REAL feminists from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s were independent, strong, self-sufficient FEMALE WOMEN who thought the world would be a poorer place without men in it. These uneducated slack-jawed twits don’t have a clue. if you were to use the term ‘male chauvinist pig’ on them, the blank looks would create a brand-new black hole in the Universe. You know – Mother Nature abhors a vacuum.

    So being a mommy is abhorrent? How do those clueless bimbos think they got here? Did they just pop into existence all of sudden, without even the help of artificial insemination?

    When I stop laughing, I’ll let you know. What a bunch of birdbrained IDIOTS!!!!!

    But do not despair, any of you. They are illiterate twigdicks with no concept of reality beyond the borders of their latte cups and iPads. When hunger pains hit them and they come begging for food, direct them to the nearest food desert and tell them to plant something edible. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

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  2. Back in the 1950s and 1960s where I lived wasn’t all that great and we really did need change for women. We couldn’t get loans, or a mortgage without a male guarantor (even if he was one’s unemployed, unemployable son!). A husband owned his wife and could demand his “conjugal rights” at any time, backed up by the law. Women were often sacked from their job if they were known to be married or if allowed, when they became pregnant. Pay was only 70% of what a man got for the same job, even when you worked at the same job together. Divorced women were ranked below everyone for jobs. First choice, employers were directed by the local Rotary club, were married men, then single men, then single women, then married women, and divorced women didn’t need to be considered at all. This instruction was given about 1985 though such was the local objection that they did have to withdraw that instruction though the fact they thought it was OK to make those instructions is indicative of local attitudes of community leaders. Harassment was a daily life experience for many of us, but hey that was life and we got on with it.

    We worked for liberation from entrenched attitudes – for both men and women. There were also abusive attitudes towards men too – particularly in relation to lack of safety in employment (lack of safety equipment, terrible work conditions, etc). Mostly women worked for their own liberation as that is what we needed to change for ourselves. Slowly that came in.

    I really appreciate the improvements over time, and I despair at the demand and pandering to the overly tender snowflakes who expect special treatment. But I also think that couples and families need to think seriously about and be prepared to negotiate and renegotiate expectations. It is incredibly difficult to be a woman who has to work full time, run a home, look after a family and study part time at university in order to be able to make the next rung on the ladder at work. Some can do it, but at a huge cost. Others just don’t make it. We can’t do it all – well I couldn’t and I see the cost paid by my daughter. Fortunately I came from a generation who didn’t expect me to do it all. My daughter’s generation does expect her to do it all. That does bother me as it isn’t do-able over the long term of decades except for the particularly physically healthy and emotionally resilient. Liberation to be able to have a career, independent finances, legal individuality does not necessarily lead to being liberated from the handcuffs of social and financial control – it just changes who does the handcuffing.


    1. Hilary:

      Your the reason there are sio many foreign wifes in America. Yeah woman were paid only 70% that a man was, that’s why employees sought out women. Saving that 30% that made them smile. Unless you were a progressive democrat.

      Let’s hear it from all those legal rapes too. Why I’ll never forget my father telling me about the rape culture of the 50s, which inspired todays campus rape culture.

      And who was it who bought into the myth of having it all? So we have a generation of women who cannot sew, cook, make a home but as the creature pictured above demands everything under the sun from her pajama clad boyfirend. We see what women in Europe have done to men. Its happening here today. Women who are not feminine and men who are.



    2. I have no idea where you lived inthe fifties and sixties. Which country do you come from? It damn sure wasn’t the U.S.


    3. Mr. Collins, why are you making this personal? Most of the men I know who have “foreign wives” brought them home from overseas service. The remainder have used overseas matchmaking services, and most of those are businesslike arrangements, at least on the wife’s side. Not sure how that relates to Hilary’s comments.

      Mr. Begley, I don’t know if Hilary lives in the US, but I do. I saw the much of the same things growing up, with the exception of ‘marital rape’. I did see women denied essential reproductive medical care until their husband approved – up to and including risking the mother’s life. I do know about men emptying family bank accounts, leaving their family bankrupt and foundering. Women who have to work, to feed their children or care for an invalid spouse or parents, should have the same rights and protections under the law as anyone else. I don’t think its a situation many women sail into intentionally. Most of the women I know would much rather work alongside a husband. But just as not all men are fortunate enough to find a good woman, not all women are fortunate enough to find a good man.

      Wanting equal pay for equal work, or equal protection under the law, doesn’t make someone a man-hater or an anarchist. As Sara said, there is a distinct difference between equal pay for equal work feminists and the current crop of idiots. Blasting the former for the sins of the latter doesn’t make sense.


      1. Perhaps in some areas what you say was true. I’m quite aware that in KY or OH men did not own their wives as chattel nor were the wives required to get spousal permission for medical factors. There was an attitude that married men needed a job more than others, in those days a man was expected to be the sole provider. When a woman worked it was usually considered supplemental. Women should get equal pay for equal work, and to the best of my knowledge they did. If it was truly equal work. Now I myself favor equal pay for equal work. I also have no issue with an employer taking things like length of employment in the field or absenteeism into account when determining who is the more valuable employee. And the 70% thing has almost always been due to different terms of employment rather than an actual pay difference


  3. My condition on staying there for 2 months would involve me bringing my work computers so I could do art and write. Two months? That’s like a holiday, where I could work, and I get paid 1 million bucks.

    Since they’re ‘nix comps they won’t freak out if I don’t have net for a while.


  4. Not to worry……after the revolution everything gonna be o rite……


  5. “Linguistic discrimination” is the pap SJWs tried to peddle when the rest of us literate folk called Rachel Jeantel a dumbass during the George Zimmerman trial.

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  6. I don’t have a million dollars, all I can afford is $500. Can I get 2 weeks for that?


    1. If it were up to me…


  7. There sure are a lot of annoying snowflakes out there, not the least of which suffer from severe hypocrisy. Like the person I knew last year who campaigned for acceptance for all (no fat shaming, no gender/gay shaming, no names, no depression shaming) then would turn around and issue expletives at whim saying, “You fat stupid worthless c***”. I’ve found they basically pick and choose what they want to be offended by and take up as a cause as long as it suits them. #Feminism #You’reDoingItWrong


  8. My mother was a proud feminist back in the 1970’s and 80’s while I was growing up, and for her that meant working hard, bringing her kids up to work hard and to have respect for themselves and others.
    Respect being the key word here. It meant that when EITHER partner said no it meant no. That being a good father was just as important as being a good mother and that equal didn’t mean ‘the same’ it meant accepting your responsibilities and getting on with it.
    So of course I married a feminist, I mean after an example like my mother I’d have been a fool not to. Except it seems the word had changed between the 70’s and the 90’s. Feminism was no longer a synonym for equality. Tough lesson to learn.
    Now I look around and see its undergone another change, one so ludicrous I doubt that my mother would recognize it. My own kids tell me horror stories about what they see at university here in the UK, how the respect has gone. My youngest has decided against going to university despite having the grades for it because after spending time visiting his sister at hers the thought of it left him disgusted.
    Feminism should have been one of the greatest forces for positive social change in my lifetime, now it’s just a toxic nightmare, unraveling everything my mother worked so hard for. SMH


  9. If your concept of justice requires an adjective (social, environmental, etc.) then it isn’t actually justice.

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    1. Anonymous Coward

      Anti-social justice : the right to be left the hell alone.


  10. My mother was never one to put forth a feminist attitude like many women seem to feel the need to, and yet she was perhaps the epitome of true feminism. She always worked outside the home, usually at menial jobs, in order to help support a family of 5 children, and my father worked in a foundry as well, to help support the family.
    They had a loving marriage, being closer than any couple I have ever known. There was no competition between the two of them, no petty arguments about whose contribution to the home was greater.
    My mother was comfortable in her femininity, and was also involved with the community. She worked on elections on the local level, and was active in the community.
    She also, I am sure, saw the same discrimination as many other women of her day in regards to pay and sexual stereotypes. Yet she managed to rise above that to, in the words of today, have it all.
    I don’t feel like I have stepped into the way back machine, I feel like I have slept for a decade or so, and the idiots have somehow managed to dumb down the entire nation until they all believe the drivel spewed forth by the jackasses that seem to be holding all the cards.
    I am slowly forming the opinion, based upon my observations, that most of this so called social justice movement is happening because of the universities and the professors that are teaching there. You can see a lot of that just by watching the various rallies and who is often found in the background encouraging them. Like for example the raging woman who was asking for some “muscle” to keep the student reporter from filming the march at a campus a few months back. There also have been a number of articles written that have been attributed to professors, which often fan the flames of hatred, instead of trying to encourage discussion and dissent, the hallmarks of our supposedly free society.
    But I forget, these SJW want a free society, but they want it free from anyone who disagrees with them. Maybe I did sleep for a decade and woke up in the old Soviet Union. Oh, wait, feel the Bern.

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  11. Was I the only one that was triggered by that video? And I shut it off after 15 seconds…jeez!eleventy!


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    Wow! Just Wow.


  13. “Ryan Reynolds as Dead Pool was “not gay enough.”

    I’m confused here. Is the character supposed to be gay or is it the actor who is gay?

    If the character is supposed to be gay, erm, okay, I guess I can understand. Not my ball park, but what the hell. If the actor is gay, but there is nothing indicating that the charter is or is not gay, then they need to stfu.

    I stopped reading comics about 20 years ago, so I do not know who Dead Pool is. Nor do I know who Ryan Reynolds is. (okay, I don’t spend much time at the movies, I prefer reading.) “Fight Prime Time – Read A Book”


    1. Dead Pool is supposed to be, like, all around sexual. Not sure how to describe that. He will sleep with anything.


      1. Ah. I see. Like Capt. Jack Harkness from Dr. Who & Torchwood.



  14. Like, he would sleep with a dead alligator, or a live one if he could get someone to hold the tail?


  15. Jesus Christ jumping on a pogo stick! Is it too late to get in on this deal to get a million bucks for camping out for a couple of months? Yes? Dammit!

    As for the special snowflakes … we already know they are clinically insane. To be perfectly blunt about it, I expect that when I’m eventually a billionaire hiring from the general marketplace, the special snowflakes will go absolutely insane with monkey-flings-giant-poo hatred when I very clearly write into my job descriptions that having ever been a special snowflake is an automatic disqualifier for any and all of the jobs at companies I control. I also intend to write into the employee handbooks and employment contracts crystal-clear provisions that state that employees who are later discovered to have lied to the human resources office about special-snowflake status will be immediately fired, arrested and prosecuted for trespassing, burglary, fraud and whatever else will stick in a court of law.

    The day that I see a special snowflake go to prison for such fraudulent misrepresentation is that day that I will record for YouTube a video of myself dancing with delight.


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