New York Times and Roberto Suro: Bigoted Swine With a Soapbox

Have you heard the latest news from the froth-flecked, gaping cock holster of New York Times contributor Roberto Suro? Despite having been born to Hispanic parents, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio aren’t really Hispanic.

Neither Mr. Cruz nor Mr. Rubio meets conventional expectations of how Latino politicians are supposed to behave.

Neither of these candidates claims to speak for the Hispanic population or derive a crucial portion of their support from Hispanics, and neither bases much of his political identity on being a Latino. To varying degrees they oppose legalization for unauthorized immigrants, a policy that is central to most organized Latino political interests and that is supported by a great majority of Latino elected officials and Latino voters.

ct-marco-rubio-ted-cruzThe obvious bigotry of this statement should be clear to anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip. In order to be considered “Hispanic” you must 1) harp on it repeatedly, and 2) support violation of U.S. law. Because Hispanics, apparently all share a brain and are incapable of independent thought, so unless you think exactly like they do, you can’t be allowed in their exclusive club.

Let’s also remember that these two men are running for President of the United States. Unlike the current resident of the White House, whom the black population of the United States claimed as their own, these men strive to represent all Americans, regardless of ethnicity. And for their desire to fairly represent the diverse population of the United States, which includes not just Latinos, but every race, ethnicity, religion and nationality, they’re somehow considered race traitors.

Suro quotes Hispanic press and some douche from Univision as somehow evidence that both men somehow shun their Hispanic heritage. Because Ted Cruz *GASP!* doesn’t use his Spanish nickname “Felito” (his first name is actually Rafael), but prefers “Ted” instead. And this is somehow proof that Cruz is not a real Hispanic!

I use my middle name too. Because my first name sounded really bad on the air when I was a disk jockey on American Forces Radio. And to avoid the confusion, the middle name thing stuck. I guess I’m not really not to be considered as Russian. My parents gave me some pretty goofy nicknames as a kid – Russians tend to do that. I eschew all those nicknames. Guess that defines my identity, eh?

If Cruz really wanted to hide his Hispanic heritage, he should have chosen to jettison his last name, which pretty much screams “LATINO!”

But neither Cruz nor Rubio hide or are in any way embarrassed of their heritage. They both freely discuss their backgrounds and their parents’ journeys to achieve the American dream, and apparently this is a problem for Suro. Because to him, identity politics is everything. The candidate must be Hispanic first – reflecting Hispanic views, as if Latinos are a monolithic entity, unable to think for themselves.

Apparently Suro and the New York Times are the arbiters of what is Hispanic. They define how Latinos should vote and what political views they should hold. Dog forbid there’s any dissent! Cruz and Rubio are not to be celebrated as Latinos who have achieved much in their lives. No, they should be shunned as race traitors who don’t walk in lockstep with the Hispanic political agenda of illegal immigration and bigger government.

The aforementioned Univision douche took cowardly swipes at both men in a recent article, in which he opined “I simply don’t understand why immigrants or the children of immigrants tend to attack those who arrived a little later. There is no greater disloyalty than the children of immigrants forgetting their own roots. That’s a betrayal.”

No, you know what’s a betrayal?

Trying to shame someone who happens to be a public official into ignoring and, worse yet, promoting illegal acts.

Trying to use ethnic guilt to denigrate someone, because they refuse to accept and praise the fact that the first act of these “immigrants” who claim to love this country is to violate its laws.

Trying to besmirch someone’s love for their culture and heritage, because they refuse to engage in political groupthink.

There is no “identity issue” with either Cruz or Rubio. They were born to Hispanic parents. They can’t change that fact any more than Barack Obama can change his skin color. The only “issue” these two need to face is their ability to govern and to fairly and justly be everyone’s American President, if elected.

Cruz and Rubio are both Americans. They represent America, in all her diverse glory! Their ethnicity only matters to racist grievance mongers like Suro.

And of course, the New York Times. Because if they refuse to acknowledge Cruz and Rubio are Hispanic, they won’t look like a bunch of racists when they excoriate them.


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  1. Okay,. I’ve had it up to here with twigdicks like this Suro creature. I grew up in an integrated neighborhood, went to integrated K-12 schools and an integrated university, and this was all before the whole segregation stuff became hysterical news. There were three black women in my company in boot camp. Then I moved to Chicago in the late 1970s and it was a real hodge-podge of every kind of nation on the planet.
    I live in a very mixed neighborhood of Latinos, Anglos and black people, all working (or retired) like me. For the Hispanics, Cruz and Rubio do represent the American dream.
    I have a little dream of my own, that some day, an Austrian immigrant who won the Mr. Olympia title and turned it into a very long career by opening gyms and getting movie roles, will encounter Suro or someone like him and pick him up by the scruff of his neck, then drop him. If you know that i’m referring to the Terminator, you know that Ahnold loves this country because you cand start a business with a couple of bucks for a business license and just go from there.
    And he did.
    That’s the American dream, which is what Rubio and Cruz and Selena and Edward Olmos represent.
    I am fed up with know-nothing lickspittles like Suro mouthing off about how proud they are of their ability to stereotype people based on their ethnicity or sexuality or whatever their grist is to grind today. He and his pack of stankass** skanky whelps can go pound sand up their butts sideways – if they can even find their own butts.
    **Stankass – Hat tip to J Lilyea for that one.

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  2. The substance here generates sufficient evidence that the New York Times & The KKK Daily have the same philosophical ethos.

    But Nicki. This post should be framed and put in the Louvre.

    It’s a masterpiece.

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  3. A lot of hate in the comments there too. The predominant theme is that Cubans get special treatment when they land on US soil illegally. Therefore Cubans are not really Hispanic and have no understanding of the “Hispanic Experience”. Which means that Rubio and Cruz should be ignored and if possible, shunned.

    And here’s my favorite comment (it got 149 up-votes):
    ” I don’t like mean people with mean ideas. Cruz and Rubio are mean men with mean ideas. MEAN!”


    1. I saw that. It’s amazing. Hispanics hating other Hispanics, because of their political views, etc. What the hell is wrong with people??

      Most Jews skew very liberal. Is someone going to claim I’m not really a Jew because I don’t?

      I hate people.


  4. Girl! Don’t even get me started on this right here! You already know the bs I have to deal with. I am just done with politics for right now! Stop the planet, I want to get off! Have a great weekend dear!


    1. Oh, I know! Believe me, I know. BTW – you’re not really black. Didn’t you get the memo?


    2. BTW – we still need to get together soon. We keep saying that!


    3. I smother myself in milk chocolate every day! 😂


  5. I wish they’d put out some kind of flyer so I can keep it all straight. Obama is Jewish, Bill Clinton is black, Clarence Thomas _isn’t_ black, Warren is Indian, that white NAACP woman is black, Jenner is female, Rubio isn’t Latino, Geraldo Rivera is except when he doesn’t want to be…

    I miss the good old days when you could tell by physical characteristics or a chromosone test.

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    1. I think you just put out your own flyer, Bear!


  6. Identity politics… Sigh…..


  7. If your politics is based upon your ethnicity or looks, but not on your actions then you’re going to be very ineffective at actual governance. What we need are people who can govern well (and preferably as little as possible) in a way that benefits everyone rather than little clique. For all those who don’t want politics as usual in the candidate, Cruz appears to be the runaway leader at this point. When Jimma Cahter prefers Trump because he ‘malleable’ that just can’t be emphasized enough in my opinion.

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    1. I note the usual Trumproids are suspiciously silent lately.


  8. I’m an American Indian. I know this because I once whooped loudly and because on another occasion I briefly held a feather. That’s what American Indians do, right? They’re all alike with exactly the same politics and other important identifying characteristics. I’m also a fighting Scot with much-faded freckles. That’s what the mirror tells me, and I identify anyway with the fighting Scots, so there it is. I think I’m also Asian because I value hard work and education and think that old people are good for more than reprocessing into Soylent Green. Absolutely all Asians are like that.

    Ooh, I’m shivering with sheer delight at these lazy stereotypes and casual group identifications that bear no relationship to physical reality. Can I have that far-leftist membership card now? I promise to totally abuse it and carry on with as much noise as I can summon! Plus, I’ll immediately create a creepy shrine to Hillary Clinton surrounded by mounds of faux Wall Street cash and shredded top-secret emails. It’ll be a blast!

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