Explosion forces Somali plane to make emergency landing

Odds on this being an al Shabaab terrorist attack? I’d say they’re pretty good.

Two were injured after an explosion blew a hole in the side of a commercial plane taking off from Mogadishu.

There was no immediate explanation of the explosion from the airline or Somali government officials.

“Daalo airline was enroute to Djibouti but it landed shortly after it took off. A fire exploded and two passengers were slightly wounded,” Mohamed Hussein, an agent for Daallo Airlines, the operator of the flight, told Reuters.

Aviation website said the explosion occurred on flight D3159, an Airbus A321, adding witnesses heard a loud bang.

Daallo-airlines_mogadishu-2Couple of things that are interesting about this.

Daallo-airlines_mogadishu-1First, from the photos I’m seeing, the explosion took place at a window seat, so I’m thinking a passenger. And unless the passenger spontaneously combusted, he was either wearing or carrying an explosive device.

Second, al Shabaab has been a bit more violent as of late, according to press. There was a beach attack last month in which 17 people were killed. A few days before the beach attack, these turds carried out an assault on a Kenyan military base. Just a few days ago, they raided a village in Kenya, killing three people.

And finally, witnesses report seeing a badly burned body fall from the sky. These reports are unconfirmed, but when examined in the context of what we do know already, I’d be willing to bet this was another terrorist attack.

I will give major kudos to the pilot for landing the plane safely, even thought that aircraft was sporting a large, scary hole in its fuselage!

I’m also amazed at how calm everyone appears as they sport their oxygen masks, while the plane makes its emergency descent!

I admit it. I’d be crying like a little girl and probably soiling myself just a little as the plane made its landing!

That airline had better had a fresh supply of extra panties to hand out to its passengers!

All joking aside, al Shabaab terrorists are quite prolific at killing. There’s a reason they’ve been designated under Executive Order 13224 as a specially designated global terrorist entity, and that reason is… they’re TERRORISTS! They carried out more than 1700 terrorist attacks in 2007 alone, and their kill count is well over 100 in 2016 already. Not a good way to start the year.

But again, you ask, why do we, the United States, care? They’re mainly staging attacks in Africa, so is it a matter of US national security?

I’d say that it could be. As African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) military forces consistently take on al Shabaab and reduce their ability to operate in Somalia, it appears that al Shabaab’s ambitions have expanded somewhat.  The Center for Strategic and International Studies assesses that the group has become more expansionist in its ideology and have committed to establishing an Islamic caliphate in Africa. And it appears they’ll do anything and target anyone to achieve that goal. Will there be a next time? A next plane? With Americans on it? Additionally, they’ve spread their poison into Kenya, and have been wreaking havoc there as well.

So yeah, we should care. We should care that they have decided to diversify and spread their slime. We should care that their goal is to establish a caliphate with their crazy. And if you think they’re going to stop at Africa, I’ve got this bridge… They’ve already called for attacks in the United States. How long before the next US-located crazy takes them up on the challenge?


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  1. I could make so many jokes here: bad date, intestinal gas, etc., but I won’t.

    The idea of getting on a commercial flight ever again, even in the USA, gives me the heebie-jeebies and has since the 1980s. If you remember the destruction of the PanAm airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, you’ll understand why.

    Good piloting, and kudos to the crew.

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  2. The center of the hole appears to be below the bottom edge of the window and could be near the floor. There is a pink tinge on the aircraft exterior behind the hole — blood? JET-A is clear so it isn’t fuel. Maybe another underwear bomber or someone with a highly energetic carry-on? What about pre-boarding passenger inspections like our TSA inspections? A little something extra installed by a ground service person?

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  3. Couldn’t be al shabaab. Don’t they belong to the religion of peace?


  4. Despite fears that a single gunshot inside an aircraft’s cabin could cause someone to get sucked through a window (the “Goldfinger Effect”), or that someone could use a pocket knife with a serrated blade to saw a hole in the bulkhead, commercial airliners are pretty hardy beasts, unless you are talking major structural damage/failure.

    And you’d cry like a little girl in that situation, Nicki? Somehow I doubt that. The panty part, though… 🙂

    Again joking aside, it’s likely just a matter of time until we have a domestic incident, what with the current administration’s defensive posture seemingly that of an ostrich…head buried in the sand and ass lifted high to facilitate penetration.

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  5. This is NOT a Nicki Kenyon article.

    How do I know?

    Not one curse word.


    1. Oh No! Has Nicki been PC’d by “Billy Boy” into cleaning up her “profanity laced screed”??!! WTF? Never! Her body must have been taken over by space aliens who know nothing about good American vernacular!


  6. Given that al Shabaab has extensive training and material facilitation ties with AQAP in Yemen [who some experience in pursuing airliner explosions….odds are pretty good that this could have been carried out by AS.

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  7. I do like the idea that the red spatter behind the hole might be the remains of the goat-fucking perpetrator. Maybe put him in for a Darwin Award?


  8. I could expand upon the terrorism aspect of the entire thing here, but instead I would like to tell a little about my one experience on a plane which had an emergency landing.
    We were leaving Lansing, MI on a MD 80, a twin engine jet liner. Just after take off, as we were beginning to reach level flight, I heard a sound like a shotgun go off right by my ear. I was seated by the left, port?, engine. It was quickly followed by 2 more explosions.
    The flight crew began to move about the cabin in rush, and it was apparent to all that something was very wrong. I knew instinctively that the engine was out. A stewardess, I know not PC, leaned over us and stared out the window at the engine to see if she could see the engine, and they were in contact with the flight deck on their phone as well. The passengers were strangely calm, but scared. There was a quiet buzz of talk in the cabin, but no crying or such.
    In short order, the pilot came on the intercom and stated that we had lost an engine and we had to return to Lansing and land. He seemed like it was no big deal, but my wife thought it was the end. I tried to convince her that if was under control, but it was not just a routine flight.
    During our landing, it was obvious that the pilot was working hard to maintain level flight and to bring the aircraft in safely. He would increase power and decrease power rapidly back and forth, every few seconds, as if to account for different air conditions, or something. When we finally touched down, it was almost anti-climatic. It was one of the smoother landings I have experienced. Of course, the passengers all cheered the pilot. We had to get off the plane without our personal items.
    I spoke to one of the ground crew and he told me that they don’t let just anyone fly those jets. Only the best trained and most competent pilots are allowed to fly. Our pilot looked like he was about 25 years old. I thought Dougie Houser, but had to admit he handled the whole thing like a professional.
    All of this is to say that I am not surprised that the aircraft was able to land with a huge hole in it. I am also not surprised that terrorists managed to somehow get a weapon of some type on board. It is just a matter of time before it happens here. At least the government can take comfort in knowing that they have molested little girls and old people trying to stop it.

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