A tale of two Uber riders

This is the tale of two Uber riders.

One is a 30-year-old doctor named Anjali Ramkissoon, who apparently got drunk a few days ago, called an Uber, and after attempting to grab a car ordered by another customer, physically assaulted the driver. The customer who ordered the Uber recorded the altercation, and it was more than damning. In the video, Ramkissoon is seen trying to knee the driver in the groin, cursing at him, getting into his car, tossing stuff out of the window, and screaming at the driver to get into the car.

Embarrassing drunk girl in tight, white shorts and flip-flops, flipping her hair and acting like a spoiled brat.

The second Uber rider is Benjamin Golden. He was a Taco Bell executive, who got shitfaced in California – too wrecked to even give the driver directions – and who upon being instructed to leave the car, attacked the Uber driver. Viciously.

Both videos went viral. Both individuals claim to be really sorry for their actions. Both asked for forgiveness.

Anjali-Ramkissoon-1-1Ramkissoon has been placed on administrative leave after the video went viral. She publicly apologized and paid for the damages. “I’m here to own up to what I did, taking responsibility for it and asking for forgiveness,” she said, and the Uber driver accepted her apology and declined to press charges.

Golden, who was fired from his executive position at Taco Bell after the incident, also issued a tearful apology to the Uber driver whom he attacked, asking for a face-to-face meeting so he could issue the apology in person, but the driver Edward Caban was too scared to meet Golden. And rightly so! Despite the tearful apology, the attack was violent, sudden, and unprovoked, and Caban has filed a claim against Golden for $25,000 for assaulting him.

Well, it doesn’t end there, because after Caban refused to meet him in person, Golden went full douchebag and has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the Uber driver.

You read that right. Five. Million. Dollars.

goldenGolden claimed that Caban illegally recorded him, because in California, it is a crime to record or eavesdrop on any conversation in a private, confidential setting, so he’s suing the driver for $5 million.

This dude passed full retard and drilled directly down to full turnip. The idea that you’re in a “confidential setting” on a public road, in a vehicle with glass windows, with other cars driving by is not just stupid. It’s congealed donkey smegma stupid.

And instead of just paying damages and moving on with his life, this sniveling bucket of monkey spunk, decided to try to bully the guy whom he viciously and violently attacked by suing him for an obscene amount of money!

Because “overwhelming media coverage” of the video has caused “severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear, pain and suffering and the loss of his job” chapped meat curtains, bro! I wonder if he’s ever tried NOT being a belligerent hemorrhoid.

The $5 million lawsuit certainly makes his teary apology look a bit… disingenuous, doesn’t it?

No matter what the outcome of this ridiculous waste of court resources, the video is already out there.

No matter what, Golden will probably be relegated to working in a Taco Bell drive-thru, because I can’t imagine any company will hire him after seeing him physically assault another human being in a drunken rage.

Look, these jobs aren’t easy. Whether they’re driving a taxi or an Uber, these guys take the risk every day of some shit canoe going off on them, or worse yet, physically assaulting them. I think a lot of people forget that these guys are human beings and think they’re there as peons – as servants to abuse and berate at will. Is it any wonder Caban carried pepper spray and used it to protect himself against this arrogant, entitled, violent douche? Is it any wonder a Florida Uber driver violated company policy by carrying a firearm and wound up defending his own life with it?

The first Uber rider paid for the damages she caused, apologized, and went on with her life.

The second Uber rider doubled down on the stupid, and will be forever memorialized on the internet as that guy.

Don’t be that guy.


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  1. Well, the second Uber driver Caban can countersue Golden for double what Golden wants. Then he won’t have to Uber drive any more, and Golden can become an Uber driver… or a Yellow Cab driver… except I’m not sure the taxi company would have him. He’d probably hit on women passengers riding alone.


  2. At first I was shocked by this story. But then I reflected deeper and realized there’s nothing shocking about it really.

    Consider this.

    At Yale and the University of Missouri, students went into apoplexy over…words. Those terrible weapons apparently were so deadly that these little darlings needed safe zones and the firings of university employees to restore them to partial sanity. Or else.

    Somewhere, somehow the American story now makes heroes out of spoiled brats with hurt feelings. And if we don’t cave to their demands, they go into full tantrum and get media coverage for their hissy fit.

    Rational adults view what happened with Uber transactions with shock and outrage. The current progressive zeitgeist sees the criminal as a legitimately aggrieved über mensch deserving of financial reward as a means of restoring “fairness.”

    No shock here. Just another day in the USA – the United State of “Aggrieved.”

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  3. Nicki, you have a way with words! In the case of Mr. Taco Twit, I think that you are too restrained but maybe understatement is more compelling. Keep writing, you are really good at it.


    1. Thank you! Much appreciated. 🙂 I didn’t feel Taco Bell Twit really warranted a full diatribe. He’s a pathetic little meatsack, who’s not really worth it, but at the same time, he’s a cautionary tale. They both are.


    2. I keep running into executives who can’t seem to grok the idea that Scott Adams’ Pointy Haired Boss is not a role model.

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  4. To borrow the motif of a certain insurance company’s ads…”A douchebag, being a douchebag. That’s what douchebags do.”


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