Oh, the ego! (UPDATED)

Well, quite the shit storm I caused with my last blog post about Trump’s continued arrogance and antics!

Some came to berate me about my language, because apparently I won’t convince anyone if I hurl insults. I will once again remind my readers that I’m not out to convince. I’m not out to cajole. Nor am I out to win hearts and minds. Sorry, guys, but I just don’t give a damn.

This is my blog. I pay for it. I write it, with the help of a couple of great guys. But ultimately, I write it for me. In response to one of the commenters, I wrote the following regarding my posts on Trump.

Larry, I never write to convince anyone. In the “About” section of this blog, I have said this more than once. This blog is catharsis for me, as is writing. Sometimes people read it. Sometimes people like it. Sometimes people link to it. I blog because it’s fun.

The problem with Trumproids is that there’s no convincing them. His little joke about shooting someone in the middle of 5th Ave. has a grain of truth in it. You can show them all the information possible about him supporting Democrats, about him wanting to suppress freedom of speech, about him wanting to use government force against his fellow citizens, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam. Problem is they don’t listen. So I’ve stopped trying. Now I just ridicule them, because there’s nothing left to do. They will do what they do, and no amount of factual information will stop them.

I stand by that assessment of Trump supporters. They came out in droves today to tell me how disingenuous I am, how I’m lying about him, how I’m perverting the truth about him, you name it. Just read the comments in last nights post! It’s as if they adopted his ever-so-bruised ego.

And what an ego it is!

150810103149-donald-trump-megyn-kelly-780x439I was watching Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Trump this morning, discussing whether or not he was going to skip the next debate, because Megyn Kelly bruised his labia.

“I’m not a big fan of hers at all. I don’t care,” said the candidate. “I mean … I might be the best thing that ever happened to her. Who ever even heard of her before the last debate?”

This is the same tactic Trump uses on other issues to boost his fragile ego. No one talked about immigration reform until he came along.  Ben Carson is a loser, according to a Saturday Night Live promo Trump did a few months ago. Sure it was meant to be funny, I suppose, but it was petty and puerile more than anything. Carly Fiorina is much too ugly to be President, according to Trump. It goes on and on and on…

This particular claim about Megyn Kelly is especially amusing, given the fact that Kelly has been on Fox News Channel since 2004 and was named to Time magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People in 2014 – all without Trump’s help. She’s been profiled in the New York Times, GQ, Elle Magazine, and others. Yeah, I’m fairly sure, millions of people knew who she was before the Toupee-Clad Narcissist came along.

What’s even more amusing is that Trump is throwing a fit, threatening to boycott the next debate, because tiny little Megyn Kelly is MEAAAAAN to him, and Fox has told him to piss up a rope.

Of course, every time he opens his cock holster, he has to walk something back. Like when he claimed – after his comments about Megyn Kelly bleeding out of her… – that he really meant eyes… Like when he walked back his comments about Carly Fiorina’s looks… Like he walked back comments on Muslim registration… It’s not what he meant. He was taken out of context. Blah, blah, blah.

So he’s walked back his threat to skip Thursday night’s debate.

Too bad. It would have been nice not to see his smirking maw, or see him contort his snatch every time he’s asked a question he doesn’t like.

And by the way, just to show you that the Trumproids really can’t ever tolerate criticism of their dumpster fire of a hero, no matter how accurate said criticism, I give you a smidgen of the comments from one of the reports about his whining about Kelly.

If a man criticizes a woman, no matter the validity of the criticism, it’s sexist. If a non-minority criticizes a minority, no matter the validity, it’s racist. Isn’t it nice for people who may be legitimate targets for criticism to have a Saul Alinsky-type defense, no matter how valid the criticism? That way, they don’t have to defend themselves against the criticism; they need only cry ‘sexist’ or ‘racist’ and, in their minds, end the argument. Pathetic.


You’d kind of think if you were going to make the charge that Trump is sexist, you’d have at least ONE piece of evidence or even an example. If you took Kelly’s name out of it, there is not one single word said by Trump that would indicate his criticism is aimed at a woman. Even so, criticizing a female is not sexism. I’m not a Trump guy but I am against the absolute insanity that the media has become. Journalism in America is truly dead. This article is absolutely worthless trash.

Nope. No proof that Trump is sexist. Except for the barbs about Fiorina’s looks. Except for the comments about Ariana Huffington’s looks. Except for his comment’s about Katy Tur as a reporter. Except when he made a smarmy comment to former playmate Brande Roderick about being on her knees.

Nope, none at all.

Expect another stampede of Trumproids defending their hero in 3… 2… 1…

UPDATE: Reuters reports that Trump has pulled out of the debate.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, told reporters after a combative news conference held by the candidate that Trump would definitely not be participating in the debate scheduled for Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa, and co-hosted by Google .

Bye Felicia!


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  1. A bit off topic, but what do you think Bloomberg’s game is. My opinion is it’s either Sanders or Trump. I think either he (or others on the democrat side) is terrified of Burnie (he may be so crazy that they may be afaid of him going causing major damage to the party) and willing to sabotage him to prevent him from being president, or if its Trump they are betting he will so damage the republican party as president they will gain a major power advantage and therefore willing to sacrifice this election. I doubt there will be a major shift in either house, meaning they could still stop major republican goals, than in 4 years after every one has turned on trump and the republican party pick up solid majorities in both houses and the President. Perhaps even a super majority for both 2 years after that.


    1. I think Bloomberg has an over-inflated estimation of his own popularity and usefulness. He spent, what, $50 million or some shit, on gun control and was a major fail nationwide. I think he would take votes away from the Democrats more than the Republicans.

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  2. I for the life of me can’t see why people can’t see that Trump is just a conman, and nothing much more than that. Deliberately delusional, I guess.


  3. I see Trump has confirmed he won’t attend the next debate. If I was Fox I’d tell him “See ya, don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.


  4. Wow, Niki, that was great! Thanks. Vicarious catharsis.


  5. Something about the last three weeks of Trump’s campaign doesn’t smell right. Even his most adamant supporters must be at least mildly concerned about his antics.

    I predict the people of Iowa will vote Cruz at the top for one reason: Trump’s behavior turns off Midwest folks as a rule. Cruz is solid, consistent, and substantive. Trump comes in third.

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    1. Oh please, oh please, oh please be right.

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  6. I remain convinced that there is a chance Trump is a planted candidate for the DNC. There’s almost no realistic explanation for the stratagem of tantrums and bullying to be genuine, especially given his history of supporting/promoting leftist and statist causes.

    Irrespective of that, the larger question is, why are so many on the right falling for this obvious act?

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    1. You and my husband both.


    2. I said it before and I’ll say it again…..He’s Ross Perot all over again’


    3. He’s Ross Perot all over again

      Truth to that. The difference for me is, I actually liked Ross Perot.


  7. Aside from one brief moment (when Trump agreed to the ‘support any Rep nominee’ pledge) I’ve always figured he viewed his ‘campaign’ as a comedic reality TV show. He’s escalating the insanity just to see how far people will follow the anti-RKBA, pro-abortion, Dem-financing, eminent-domaining, ‘true conservative.’

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    1. And he only agreed to that due to being pushed and prodded.

      But people like this Optimus Maximus shitstick will blindly follow Trump right off a cliff. I find that infinitely amusing.


  8. It never ceases to amaze me how much shit many people will smilingly swallow, as long as it’s dished out by “their” guy or gal. But of course if that weren’t true, politicians would be an extinct breed.


    1. LMAO! Yeah, these fuckers are too stupid to tie their own shoes. Seriously, they’re poster children for literacy tests to vote!


  9. Let’s go back to the beginning of this shit storm, when it was just a gray cloud on the horizon. Trump came in like a derecho and blew the roof off the moldy basement of political correctness. He said things that most people were too “polite” (intimidated) to say out loud. That got HUGE attention, which is his addiction, and it just went from there, including his obnoxious slaps at successful women. He must be seriously intimidated by women who don’t just knuckle under to him. Maybe he’s got penis problems.

    The real issue now is that the OTHER candidates are not getting much time to voice their views on real issues, which means that this clown show and the Clown in Charge have to either be left spinning in the wind, because they’re repetitive and boring as hell, or we don’t have a real election next fall.

    I’m more concerned that the democraps are hiding a real candidate off stage. Shrillary is slowly being toasted, no matter how much she denies her crapazoid mismanagement of her own job as SoS. Sanders is so out of touch with reality, it’s pathetic.

    Now here’s a possibility, and let it sink in for a moment: Trump trumpets his GOP candidacy and now he’s avoiding the next debate. Hmmm. Does that mean he might be planning to switch sides as soon as he starts dropping in popularity? I’ve heard of stranger things, and he’s shown more than once that he can’t be trusted to do anything other than run rough-shod over anyone in his way to get what he wants. And he starts that ‘birther’ crap again, which is so lame, it’s pathetic.

    Meantime, the other GOP candidates like Chris Christie and Cruz and Marc Rubio are hardly getting one second of real air time to express themselves because Sanders the Senile gets it and the Don of NYC throws a tantrum if HE doesn’t get it.

    He’s an asshole. He’s not stupid, but he IS a self-centered, attention-whoring asshole who seems to be doing his darndest to run this entire campaign season his way. Not once has he addressed REAL issues properly. I don’t think he can actually debate those things at all. He just doesn’t like losing. I think he’s playing a game with everyone in sight, and it’s a dangerous game, at that. He’s the worst possible person for that job.


    1. Oh, he’s not stupid. Which is more than you can say about some of his supporters.


  10. “Some came to berate me about my language, because apparently I won’t convince anyone if I hurl insults”

    For what little it may be worth:
    I drifted in from Sarah Hoyt’s page a few months ago and have stuck around ‘cuz we have a few opinions in common. Do I find the language a bit coarse? Sure. More than once it has pushed past my personal comfort level. But am I going to complain? No.

    First, this is your page, not mine. You warn fairly that the language can get a bit rough. Asking you to change would be tantamount to me coming into your home and telling you how to decorate. That’s not my style.

    Second, if I am offended, then that is my problem. If it exceeds what I can tolerate, then I will stop reading that post. –shrug- Again, you give fair warning.

    Some people need to get a clue: freedom of speech is protected, not freedom from offense.

    (also, being a military brat, I’ve heard plenty that equals anything I’ve seen here.-g-)


    1. And that’s really all I can ask. I do appreciate you being here and commenting. I know my language is not for everyone, and sometimes I push the envelope intentionally… because I can. I actually find those who come over here complaining about my language amusing. 🙂

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  11. Nicki, I for one have no problem with your language. Personally, I think it’s part of your fucking charm. 🙂

    Seriously, to me it’s the thoughts that count, not the way they are expressed. So keep expressing.


    1. Thank you! And that’s the thing, isn’t it? Some people like it, and some people don’t. Some people are agnostic. If I try to bow to everyone’s will, this blog will be a mess, so I’m just me. People can read it, or not. My give-a-fuck-o-meter is pinging at exactly 0.


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      1. Some of us grew up learning to swear from our grandfathers (who never found a cuss word he couldn’t hurl in polite company). Your language bothers me not in the least.

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  12. I thought Trump’s comments about Fioria, Kelly, et al were out of line. Not because I thought the comments were sexist. Not because any of his comments could be construed as racist. No. I thought they were out of line. I want a serious President. Not someone who just tosses out gratuitous insults for shits and giggles. That’s not presidential and it’s not indicative of someone willing to look at our problems objectively and seriously.

    When he’s done tossing out insults, he’s making unrealistic promises.

    “He’s” going to build a wall taller than the wall in China and he’s going to make Mexico pay for it.

    “He’s” going to “get rid of” common core.

    “He’s” going to “get rid of” Obamacare.

    “He’s” going to defund Planned Parenthood.

    Blah. Blah. Blah.


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  13. Trump was a Fascist on gun rights…. until it was time to run for President.

    And I just can’t turn over the keys to nuclear weapons to a man who hasn’t learned how to get a decent haircut, or comb that shit effectively.

    Let alone the inability to form complete, coherent sentences…..

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  14. I am a Christian, and yet I have been known to use words like fuck and hell quite often. Some find this offensive and incongruous. Like you, I don’t care. As to the issue of Trump and his campaign, this is something I have to admit I find confusing. I have never seen someone with so little to offer people being hailed as the new hope for America. Oh, wait, I just have to look at the left and there is good old Bernie Sanders. He also has little of substance to offer in the way of good things for ALL Americans, and yet his popularity continues to climb.
    What I find concerning is that many people I respect seem to be excusing the Trumpster and his garbage he is spewing. A quick trip to Michael Bane’s blog shows that while he does not come out and endorse Trump, he does seem to imply that the man is a supporter of the 2nd amendment, based on conversations Michael has had with Donald’s sons. This may be the truth, but I have to base my judgements based on evidence, and based upon all available evidence, Trump is no friend to gun owners in any way, shape, or form. How that would play out in a Trump administration I would hate to find out.
    I feel that the best way to make a choice for political office is to pick the most qualified person, but integrity is utmost. A person of integrity but limited experience can surround themselves with good people, but a person of poor integrity can surround themselves with good people and do a much job of doing the people’s will.
    Character always shows. Good or bad.


  15. Eh. Curious to hear the logic behind whether you’ll abstain from voting when DJT is (not a sure thing, but as indicated by current polling) nominated. That’s what matters.


    1. I will vote for whoever I believe to be the best candidate. My vote is my statement that I trust this individual to be the executive of my country, and it’s not a vote I will give away lightly. So I may vote libertarian again, or I may abstain. I don’t know yet.


  16. Optimus Maximus

    Hey Nicki! Greetings from reality land. Thought I would give you a chance, and read some of your other thoughts, since the previous one I replied to (Still Support Him, Trumproids?) was the first I’ve read, and only because it was linked to by (I think) Instapundit.

    Here’s my thoughts on Trump’s refusal to join the latest Fox debate, due to the Kelly dustup, and the media circus that has become the “presidential candidate debates” (I just knew you couldn’t wait to hear my thoughts):

    Trump has been at least two steps ahead of the media and the establishment since he entered the race.
    A REAL debate, which the American voting public deserves, needs little moderation.
    All that is required is a list of issues, preferably ones important to the American voters, such as immigration policy, tax policy, spending priorities, the proper role of government, when and for what ends the US military should be deployed, maybe a half dozen more of similar weight, and a time allotment for each candidate. The moderator would simply enforce time limitations for each candidate. The American voter would learn much more about each candidate, their positions, and make a much more informed voting choice.
    That we have never had any such format tells you more about the media and the establishment’s agenda than it does about the candidates. It also explains why we have the “reality show” election process that we all despise, and at which Trump is excelling.
    Just keep in mind that the media is the one driving the “reality show” election process, and Trump is simply a very adept “shark” swimming in this media-made “ocean”.
    By declining this debate, Trump simply showcased his skill in avoiding the
    “net” set for him by the media in this ocean of their making.
    Trump 2016.

    Also, now that I’ve read a couple of your articles, I fully understand you are not trying to convince anyone of anything, You’re just venting. Good deal. You certainly aren’t going to convince many people with your illogical thought process and foul language anyway, so fire away! Have a nice vent!


  17. Optimus Maximus seems to have ADD. Nikki has stated over and over that she is not trying to convince anyone of anything. And that she uses language that she wants and if it offend you, stay away. As to the debate rules, they were agreed to at the beginning of this election cycle by the all the candidates teams before they began. To pull out now does seem like a bush league move.
    The media didn’t set a net for Trump. The media has given Trump hundreds of hours of free airtime, which many other candidates have had to pay for.


    1. Heh. Stupid people, stupid tricks, pigpen. That’s why it’s best to ignore such attention whores and let them show their baboon asses all on their own. 🙂


  18. Hello! I’m a Democrat, but I love your colorful language and your smart opinions on this blog! With regards to Trump, I understand the appeal, in that his subversive tendencies USED to be refreshing. But what I don’t understand is how so many people (including my boss and all my co-workers) take Trump seriously as a political candidate. (I could’ve stopped that sentence at ‘could take him seriously *period*). I understand the disenchantment Americans feel on the Right and the Left, but it truly scares me a significant portion of the citizenry prefer a bombastic turd-thrower over a more thoughtful, reasoned candidate. The popularity of Trump says a lot about where American culture is headed, and it ain’t pretty.


    1. Hi, Ashlee – and welcome! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. There are times when I agree with Democrats, and there are times when I agree with Republicans, so you will find allies on both sides here.

      And I agree about the type of culture that idolizes Trump. “Bombastic Turd Thrower” is SO apt! 🙂


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