Slick Donnie Sometimes

Slick Donnie Sometimes
By Scott Wilson
January 22, 2016

Donald J. Trump is quite a character. There’s no doubt about that. He’s brash, brazen and wonderfully obnoxious toward people many right-leaning folks despise. He gives the liberal media the middle finger for all of us. In spite of his horrendous hairpiece, orange skin and god-awful facial contortions, it’s truly enjoyable to watch/hear his flippant disregard for idiots and their idiotic ideas. Sometimes.

And he sometimes doesn’t mince words. In a world full of political correctness now akin to sheer insanity, we’ve long wanted to hear someone speak plainly and say some of the things we’ve been saying for many years. And sometimes, he does that.

And he knows it. He’s using his personality to woo the righteous rage of the “right side of the aisle” by saying some of what we want a politician to say. Sometimes. About some things.

trumpclintonBut it’s calculated. And cunning. And slick like Bill Clinton.

Mr. Trump truly reminds me of, yes, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton was smoother and more eloquent. And considerably smarter. But like Trump, he knew how to woo his target audience by playing on their emotions. And since the two are friends, I suspect Slick Willie gave Slick Donnie some pointers, too.

Now I confess that when Donald Trump first announced his intentions to run for president, I listened to his fiery rhetoric, and I fell for some of it.

  1. IMMIGRATION: Yes, we need to fix our broken immigration system. Yes, I want to stop violent felons and outright terrorists from walking right in through our Southern border. Absolutely. It’s a HUGE problem, and it must be resolved. So he was saying a lot of what we know to be true, and he was saying it with passion and anger like many of us feel about that very issue. For a short while, he had me going on that issue alone. After all, someone was finally telling it like it is and the mainstream media was getting some of our message out there. Sort of. In some ways.
  2. TRADE IMBALANCE. Yes, we have created some messed up trade agreements. And we’ve allowed incompetent people into high ranking positions to negotiate for us. Hard to argue against that, regardless of your political leanings.
  3. ISIS AND TERRORISM. Yes, I want my commander-in-chief to want to kill terrorists, and I want him to embolden our military to do what needs doing.

So Slick Donnie has spoken, in some ways, to some issues in a way we want to hear. Sometimes — if you only listen to the part you want to hear and ignore the details of how he says he’d accomplish these things he’s so amped up about doing.

But the longer this Trumpgate has gone on, the more words I’ve heard from his mouth. And if you listen to a con man speak long enough, you get past the calculated soundbites and get a sense of his authenticity and his character — or lack thereof.

And my Bullshit Meter is now going into the red zone nearly every time I hear this guy speak about certain issues.

Here are a few examples of TRUMP BULLSHIT:

“I don’t want to do anything to mess with the Second Amendment.”

He says the right words. Those ARE the right words, and they are words intelligent liberty-advocates want and need to hear in order to vote for a presidential contender. (Barack Hussein Obama said those words to get elected, too, by the way. Yes, he did.)

Then there’s the actual evidence not of what he says when he wants the gun vote, but what his actual actions have been:

1) He gave $25,000 to Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign. McAwful won and is now attacking the Second Amendment — on Trump’s dime. (Not sure I spelled his name right. I don’t care, either. Screw that guy. Trump gave him 25 large; I say he should be devoured by 25 hungry hyenas.)

2) A few years ago — before Slick Donnie Sometimes wanted to court the gun vote — he was in favor of his good friend Bill Clinton’s “assault weapons” ban and magazine ban. (I’d be more persuaded if he used some of his money to buy gifts of AR15’s for a few thousand Americans along the border. But that’ll never happen. He won’t put his money there; he’s too busy giving it to anti-gun politicians to help them win so they can attack the Second Amendment.)

3) Until he needed gun owners to vote for him, can you find one single bit of evidence anywhere that Slick Donnie Sometimes used ANY of his political clout, fame and/or money to promote, support or defend the Second Amendment? I’ve looked, and I cannot find anything. We only started hearing this “hooray Second Amendment” stuff when he wanted our votes. Before he wanted our votes — in his own book, no less — it was cool to ban our rifles and magazines.

“I want to make America great again.”

Sounds great, right? I mean, gosh, it’d be swell to make America great again. Yes, we can. Right? Just say it: “Yes, we can.” Say it a whole bunch of times until you’re in a trance. It worked in 2008 for another emotion-harvesting under-qualified big talker. These days, fake teeth and a cool slogan are apparently enough to run the country. “Let’s try it. What could possibly go wrong?”

Only his suggestions for how to “make America great again” fly in the face of the Constitution, abrogate freedom, curtail liberty, thwart the free market and apparently intend to penalize entrepreneurs.

Example: Slick Donnie Sometimes claims he’s opposed to Obamacare because you can’t force people to buy a product, yet he wants to force a company — Apple — to manufacture a product within our borders. That’s not great, and it’s not American. Free enterprise doesn’t mandate where you make what you sell. There’s nothing Constitutional about mandating such a thing — or by forcing tariffs so steep it’s a de facto mandate. Rather than making America great again, you’re making America China.

When Trump says he wants to beat the Chinese, apparently he means he wants to BE the Chinese.

Maybe that’s why Slick Donnie Sometimes makes his brand name products in China. He’d like to force Apple to do what he himself doesn’t do? Sounds a lot like Hillary and Bernie to me. Character? This guy has none. Plain as day — if you’re willing to just look. It’s right there in plain sight, too — just like it was in 2008.

What really woke me up to who and what Donald J. Trump is?

He did.

In his last two debates, he reminded me of a gradeschool bully who was made to sit in the corner and be quiet but just couldn’t stand being told no. Every time someone corrected him — several did so, and quite well at that — he pouted, got snotty, snitty, pissy and bitterly resentful. THAT is not a leader people will follow into the gates of Hell cheering. THAT is a leader who’ll alienate anyone who disagrees with him and make enemies out of friends.

And after nearly 8 long years of that kind of leader, I say it’s time we elect an actual Constitutionalist and a true Statesman.

Slick Donnie Sometimes did honestly inspire me, however — to send money to Ted Cruz.



2 responses

  1. When he first started camaigning, I said Donald Trump was this generation’s Ross Perot.

    Mr. Perot, I owe you my deepest and most heartfelt apology.


    1. Listening to him at the debate last night, I was struck by how he can’t answer a question.

      Question: “Mr. Trump, how do you plan on creating jobs?”

      Trump: “We’re going to create SOOOO many jobs!”

      Question: “Mr. Trump how do you plan to counter the messaging about gender during the campaign?”

      Trump: “Hillary is EVIL!”



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