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Mannational review… I give that tool way too much space on this blog already, but when a coalition of people who love and respect freedom stand up against the current GOP frontrunner, I need to say something. This is pretty big, folks. This is not just National Review bloviating against Trump. This is a compilation from some of liberty’s greats standing up in unison and rejecting Trump and rejecting his crazy, authoritarian agenda. These greats include libertarian firebrands such as Thomas Sowell and David Boaz, just to name a couple. He’s not a conservative. He doesn’t even come close to libertarian. He’s a statist fuck masquerading as someone who loves freedom.

But guess what! Using the word “freedom” to win an election does not equal loving freedom, and as I pointed out in a previous post, Trump’s agenda is anything but liberty-oriented. If anything, it’s a big government, fascist scheme, and angry meatheads are falling for it.

Trump promotes himself as an outsider, but he’s bought so many politicians, it’s hard to imagine him as such. And the very establishment Republican National Committee, upon seeing National Review’s call to reject Trump, has now stripped the publication of its hosting gig in the next debate. Yeah, some outsider.

National Review publisher Jack Fowler wrote Thursday that his publication was being stripped of its hosting duties for a GOP debate with CNN in late February.

“Tonight, a top official with the RNC called me to say that National Review was being disinvited. The reason: Our ‘Against Trump’ editorial and symposium. We expected this was coming. Small price to pay for speaking the truth about The Donald,” Fowler wrote.

RNC spokesperson Sean Spicer confirmed to ABC News that National Review will no longer be participating in next month’s GOP debate.

Like there haven’t been other debate hosts that have been openly hostile to Republican candidates?

Ahhhh, but no. We will yank the debate gig from a publication that doesn’t like our candidate. That’s the ‘MURRICAN thing to do, right?

Never mind that the National Review editors are on point! Trump is a plague on conservatism. He’s a threat to freedom. He’s a caricature of what the left believes America’s right to be.

trumpAside from the litany of fascist diktats Trump is on the record as supporting – or at the very least not forcefully opposing, like any sane person would (forcing Mexico to pay for a wall using some unknown fascist mind-control unicorn dust to keep illegal aliens out, forcing manufacturers to bring jobs back to the United States from overseas, registering people based on their faith, depriving people of their rights without due process, depriving them of their property through eminent domain, etc. etc. etc.), he also supported the stimulus, the Wall Street bailouts (“it’s worth a shot“), and the auto bailouts. He luuuuuuves him some ethanol subsidies, and thinks we should pour more American taxpayer money into that black hole of crap. Is it any wonder that the establishment porkers of Iowa love Trump and hate Ted Cruz, who bravely stood up and said “NO MORE!” to dumping millions in taxpayer dollars into Iowa to pay it to grow corn?

Oh, and let’s not forget that Trump helped sell out Virginia with a nice, healthy donation to the campaign of Terry McAuliffe!

Can you get more establishment than that – on either side of the political spectrum? Can you get any more authoritarian than that – on either side of the political spectrum?

National Review is right.

Trump is not an outsider. He’s as establishment as it gets, and the fact that he posits himself as a “deal maker” should be a red flag to any so-called “conservative” who bitched and moaned about “RINO Republicans” being too willing to compromise.

There was an article recently detailing the type of personality that supports Trump.

My finding is the result of a national poll I conducted in the last five days of December under the auspices of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, sampling 1,800 registered voters across the country and the political spectrum. Running a standard statistical analysis, I found that education, income, gender, age, ideology and religiosity had no significant bearing on a Republican voter’s preferred candidate. Only two of the variables I looked at were statistically significant: authoritarianism, followed by fear of terrorism, though the former was far more significant than the latter.

I won’t pretend that the findings are objective or even remotely scientific, as I really haven’t had a chance to examine the methodology behind these results. That said, given Trump’s penchant for statism, the authoritarians’ love for him is unsurprising.

Please, people. Stop and think.

Trump claims that the National Review is a dying publication that “lost it’s [sic.] way.” Whether it’s true or not, when economic heavy hitters like Thomas Sowell publicly stand up in opposition, perhaps we should carefully listen.


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  1. Trump has tapped firmly into the same unthinking, shallow, ‘hop & change’, cult of personality undercurrent that exists on the right….just as it does the left. He’s a playground bully with the stump speech to match.

    I weep for our Republic.

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  2. First, this is a good take on the whole Trump thing.

    ” Is it any wonder that the establishment porkers of Iowa love Trump and hate Ted Cruz, who bravely stood up and said “NO MORE!” to dumping millions in taxpayer dollars into Iowa to pay it to grow corn?”

    Second, I live in Iowa. I’m not a native but I was raised on a farm. The whole ethanol thing here is getting rather tiresome for those of us that have interests in things other than how many bushels per acre of corn we can get.

    When they got into the ethanol thing, all of these farmers plowed up every inch of ground where they thought a corn stalk might grow. Years ago, Iowa was one of the mid-west meccas for pheasant hunting. Now that corn and ethanol is king, most people have forgotten what a pheasant looks like, let along how yummy they are.

    I agree with Ted Cruz on the fact that it’s not the governments job to pick winners and losers. The RFS (renewable fuel standard) needs to go. It’s nothing more than the government mandating who will win, Farmers and who will lose, everyone else.

    I’m in the car a lot around lunch time when the farm report is on. You should hear these useful idiots carry on about corn and ethanol. It’s enough to make someone with a brain puke.

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    1. Take into consideration, as well, the value of the land once the gov’t steps in to offer subsidies for growing corn. It’s terribly distorted now. Many who bought land to grow corn would never be able to sell that land at the cost they bought it for once subsidies stopped.

      Another of the government’s Great Ideas™ not thought through to its logical conclusion.


    2. I agree; Trump lost all credibility when he supported corn ethanol subsidies. Not only has this idiotic program forced us to produce a fuel that uses more energy to make that it delivers when you burn it, but we are forced to buy it in Missoula and it damages cars and gets poorer fuel economy. Also, by diverting a food and feed crop it has increased the price of meat, and even caused riots in Mexico when tortilla prices rose!

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  3. “He’s a caricature of what the left believes America’s right to be.”

    Thank you! I have been saying this for months, but no one is willing to listen. People are too caught up in the cult of personality (“He speaks his mind!”) or their own rage against the establishment to realize they’re being played.


  4. Trump is and has been capitalizing on the fact that far too many no longer engage in critical thinking when it comes to personally vetting candidates for office.

    How many will wake up in time to smell the coffee? Not enough I fear…even when he, just today, is crowing about how the “establishment’ loves him! Wasn’t it just yesterday that he was trying to convince everyone that its the “establishment” that is the problem?

    Critical thinking and critical listening definitely in short supply when it comes to Trump

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  5. The McAulliffe donation alone is reason not to trust him.

    No true conservative, libertarian or patriot would give that creature a penny.

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  6. Trump has enough history, i.e., public statements on record so as to easily discern his mindset. He’s another establishment wonk. And he knows it. He’d just prefer we ignore his record for the sake of himself, not for ‘Murica. Shrillary, same. Come to think of it, most politicians, same.

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  7. […] like Ted Cruz. Bob Dole thinks Republicans would perform better at the ballot box with a fucking fascist fuckhole at the top of the ticket. Bob Dole isn’t a senile, old Republican hack. Bob Dole knows how to […]


  8. The thing about Trump that grabs people by the sexy bits and refuses to let go is his bluster. He is a blowhard. Everyone knows that person when you go to a bar that is drunk, full of him or herself, and so loud that you can’t hear yourself think. Trump is that guy.
    He is, after a fashion, quite like Obama’s less eloquent counterpart. He is staking his campaign on the fallacy that he is any different from what we have suffered under for the last two Presidential terms.
    Our largest problem in this country is that people have become reliant upon the government for everything. They want someone to tell them what to think. Even to the point where schools are not teaching critical thinking skills. When I withdrew my children from public school to home-school, I was flabbergasted at the lack of reasoning skills that were being taught. If the people can’t think for themselves, they can’t rise up and demand that the government abide by the parameters set for it. Nor can they tell when candidates are blowing smoke up their asses. Most of these politicians are banking on that.
    It is a systematic destruction of freethinking and freewill.

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  9. Actually got a “But he hates 0bamacare” excuse from some fool. Yes, Trump hates 0care. Unfortunately it is because he thinks we need Canadian Style Single Payer. So in one of the big things affecting America he is aligned with Bernie Sanders. Yeah, sounds “conservative” to me /sarc

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    1. Not conservative. And the establishment GOP is so scared of losing again, they desperately start turning to him! So pathetic!

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      1. Never was one, was he, except for the old “Good For GM” version and only as long as it is “Good For Donald” and screw everyone else.

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  10. Trump was just simply fun for the first few weeks. Now? No.

    When I saw that people weren’t thinking of him in those terms, that they were actually serious about him, I thought to myself, “How is this any different than the Obama mania of 7 years ago?” The only difference is that O’s supporters knew next to nothing about him. O’s supporters didn’t know anything about him and didn’t care. The Trump supporters don’t have that excuse. They know his past and don’t care.


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