Making America Great Again… through force

Sarah Palin America’s screeching Trailer Trash Barbie caricature just endorsed the GOP’s front runner Donald Trump America’s authoritarian ass weasel. I was subjected to her screeching, incoherent word salad on what seemed to be an endless loop on Fox News last night until I wanted to gouge my own eardrums out with an electric drill.

donald-trump-dumb-and-dumberSeriously, I weep for America. The meatheads who are supporting Trump are now squealing with glee that he got the endorsement of a woman who is making a career of whipping up excitement among America’s fucktard confederacy while offering no substance whatever. She now has glommed on to the campaign offering her the most attention in an apparent attempt to evade irrelevancy.

So she got up on the stage with Trump, who looked part psychotic, and part constipated, and she spewed a few platitudes.

Well, I am here because like you I know that it is now or never. I’m in it to win it because we believe in America, and we love our freedom.

Well, if we in America love our freedom, why in dog’s name would we EVER support Trump?

Is it his contention that people who are put on the terrorist watchlist – without due process, and sometimes without actually having any affiliation to terrorism whatsoever – should be denied their rights?

trumpIs it his use of eminent domain to line his own pockets while depriving Americans of their property?

Is it his refusal to rule out registration of people based on their faith?

Is it his desire to shut down parts of the Internet?

Or is it his latest promise to FORCE Apple to build computers in the United States?

Trump didn’t just single out Apple in his 45-minute speech – he also took a swipe at Ford, which produces many of its automobiles in Mexico.

“Free trade is good. But we have to do it [force them back to the US]. Or we won’t have a country left,” he said.

You know… for someone who claims to love freedom, Trump sure loves to use government force a lot! And for someone who claims to support freedom, Palin is certainly anxious to ride that authoritarian’s coattails out of obscurity and back into the spotlight.

Trump seems to comprehend economics about as well as Bernie Sanders does, that is to say not at all. Despite Palin’s glowing recommendation about Trump’s economic acumen, “Where, in the private sector, you actually have to balance budgets in order to prioritize,” Trump seems to have little understanding about what will keep companies from outsourcing.


If he wants to bring manufacturing back to the United States, perhaps making the conditions more attractive for companies to do so would make more sense. Making it more attractive for businesses involved in the supply chain to operate in the United States would probably help, since that’s part of the reason why Apple manufactures its phones in China. But what about the raw materials that are mined in China? Is Trump going to produce a magical unicorn to shit the raw materials needed to produce an iPhone here in the United States?

Force Apple to relocate its manufacturing facility back to the United States, and you’ve just increased the cost of making an iPhone, because raw materials have to be shipped from Asia to Apple’s factories here. Aren’t iPhones expensive enough already?

Plus, from what I’m reading, manufacturing in the United States is on the rise, not on the decline, and it is automation that is largely responsible for any reduction in American manufacturing jobs, not trade, but note how quickly Trump wants to kick free trade in the nuts.

Hey… spew enough platitudes without any coherent planning or strategy behind them, and the oaf contingency lines up to worship you!

Yeah, he’ll FORCE Mexico to pay for a wall to keep illegal aliens out.

Yeah, he’ll FORCE manufacturers to bring jobs back to the United States from overseas.

Yeah, he wants a “deportation FORCE.”

He’ll FORCE us to be great again.

And the fact that the simpletons who support him don’t see the contradictions in his statements or the vapid cluelessness in Palin’s screeching bromides makes me really wonder about the future of America.


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  1. (a) I’m not voting for Shillary under any circumstances, but Bernie and his money-pooping donkey may be the nominee; (b) a lot of the support for Donald the Troll is protest vote, pure and simple; (c) I’ve never bought the idea of Donald Troll as a conservative, let alone a libertarian. He loudly says whatever a lot of people want to hear so it gets him applause; as an actual POTUS he’d be a loose cannon.


    1. I’m writing myself in. Fuck it.

      Although… a money-pooping donkey sounds kind of appealing.

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  2. Watching from over the other side of the lake (versus the Atlantic’s pond) and I think Sanders will be the Democrat nominee. Just going by the occasional glimpses I have of the news, support for Trump is largely because of there simply being no other candidate that’s willing to go as bombastic/blunt about certain topics – to the point that it seems like there ARE no better candidates because there are no honestly good ones. (I would not paint Trump as conservative or libertarian). I rather liked the Doc initially but facepalmed a lot on a number of his gaffes regarding science/history.

    I’ll admit that I’m rather cynical full stop about whether or not there’ll still be a chance for honest elections at this point. As said, from what I see (limited view, admittedly), Trump’s popular; and just visibly it should be his win. But my cynical side thinks it’ll be Sanders who gets it – I have my doubts that in the wake of Obama’s damages to the American systems that the ability to elect one’s officials still holds true. I would LOVE IT VERY MUCH to be proven very wrong in my suspicions, but I highly doubt right now that a non-Democrat win will happen.


  3. Hi Nicki, oddly, the Senior High Chief Hollywood Liberal, Norman Lear himself actually gets it. Straight from the Hollywood Reporter:


  4. Let’s not even get into how the Trump supporters are every bit as bad as the Obama supporters were. The worst part is the Obama supporters attacked the right. Now the Trump supporters are attacking the right. All I have to do is get in a conversation thread and say I don’t support Trump. I don’t have to say anything bad about him at all. Just, “I’m not supporting Trump.” Next thing, I’m wiping virtual spittle off my face.


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  6. Thesis: Obama
    Antithesis: Trump
    Synthesis: ?


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