Self defense in the nation’s capital

story.dc.metroWe all know that it’s nearly impossible to carry a firearm for self defense in Washington, DC. We’ve covered that issue numerous times here, as well as the elitism and hypocrisy in the treatment of folks who unintentionally violate the city’s despicable, freedom-quashing gun control laws. This is not news.

What is news, however, is that the criminal savages in DC are getting bolder. There has been a rash of attacks in the city’s metro stations lately.

A couple was assaulted a couple of days ago for no reason in the Pentagon metro station.

Some teenagers were beaten on New Year’s day.

Another group of savages attacked a lone man in December – six of them vs. one of him.

A reporter was attacked by a roving band of females.

A man was stabbed to death on July 4 last year. And neither in this case nor in the one above did anyone lift a finger to help.

A gay couple was attacked.

A 69 year old man.

And yet, DC residents cannot defend neither themselves no others with the most effective tool on the market today – a firearm. Because as soon as the train enters the city, that concealed carry permit you have is just another worthless piece of paper. And in DC, the thugs know it. Not that I believe these punks are smart enough to deduce anything about the capital’s gun control laws and link them to defenseless victims. But I do believe they see themselves as untouchable, given the fact that passengers are too scared or too defenseless to do anything about them.

Enough is enough!

I’m not a big, brawny person, but I’m also no slouch in the self defense department. I commute into the city every single day, and I have made a personal commitment to fight with everything I have to help both my fellow passengers and myself, if the need arises.

It’s no secret that we are all disarmed, but frankly, a handful of teenage punks doesn’t stand a chance against the slew of passengers I see every day on those metro platforms.

So yes, I will beat anyone trying to victimize a fellow passenger to a bloody pulp. I will make sure they don’t get up again. And if I have to, I’ll toss one onto the tracks. I carry in Virginia, but if DC is going to insist on disarming me, I will make sure – one way or another – that at least one of the cretinous fuckbags winds up in the hospital or in the morgue.

It’s time to stop allowing these shitstick thugs rule the public transportation system here in the city, and I would hope that the rest of my fellow passengers are as fed up as I am.

If the city wants to prosecute us for taking the steps to protect ourselves – something the police here have not been able to do – so be it.

But these delinquents won’t stop until we stop them, so it’s about damn time we at least tried.


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  1. I notice there are no descriptions of the savages. This means they’re all related to Obama. Could anyone correct me if they were Amish or Swedes.


  2. The only time I don’t carry is when visiting the Gun Free Zone-Postal Division. (Thanks, USPS). Stupid, but who wants to risk a Federal beef? My second line of defense is projecting an “I’ll-fuck-you-up” attitude, backed by a small can of pepper gel and two razor-sharp folding knives. How restrictive is DC on such items for self-defense?

    My understanding is that in the UK, if you injure your attacker in the course of defending yourself, *you* become the criminal. And the President can’t figure out why we don’t want to be just like them.


    1. I pretty much project that scowl everywhere I go. LOL


    2. I would never have guessed that, Nicki. 🙂

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  3. AMEN!!!!!


  4. In one southern state, as a friend of mine told me, the police are teaching people (mostly women) to use wasp spray for self-defense, because it goes up to 30 feet. I can vouch for the distance, and there is nothing illegal about having a can of wasp spray on you, is there?
    Looks like it’s back to the 1970s in Chicago, when the police were telling all of us who had to take public transportation to and from work ‘take self-defense classes and don’t set a pattern.’ Evanston police told all of us ‘Always keep your car doors locked, even in broad daylight’. Attitude (BAD one) does help, too.
    I don’t really have any answers other than it seems to be worse than it was in the 1960s when I was stationed in Anacostia and lived in Alexandria.
    Hang in there.

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    1. True, Sara. I attended a public self-defense class put on by local law enforcement in my Deep South state last year where wasp spray was highly recommended in place of pepper spray. They did, however, caution about carrying it in vehicles, at least during the hot weather months.


  5. I admit I am not a city person. I grew up in a small town in the middle of MI with a pop. of 800. Mostly farmers outside of town. I sometimes travel to the city of Grand Rapids and feel overwhelmed. Not much of a big city, but to me it is.
    I was an athlete in high school, to the point of being offered college prospects. Another story, but I point this out to say I always felt able to defend myself in the areas I travelled in. I could, at least to my mind, take on 2 or 3 guys at once and prevail, especially when going through divorce. Trust me, it can make guys angry inside.
    However, now as I am older and slower, and as criminals and thugs become more bold and vicious, I realize that in a fair fight, against one young guy, I would still get hurt or worse. I seldom am without a method of self defense now. As much as I hate it, there really are times when you just can’t carry a firearm. Not just gun free zones. I am thinking more along the lines of during working hours for me. I work outside as a maintenance man at a trailer park. I can’t carry a gun, but have pepper spray handy and I have carried a knife in my pocket since before I was 10 years old, before I can even remember not having one, or more.


  6. What you described borders on vigilantism (and I approve). If the government defies the Constitution and infringes on our self defense rights and the police can only be in so many places, and the legal system is a giant revolving door, than it is incumbent upon us to kill the predators.

    Regarding the consequences, put me on the jury and I guarantee I will convince them all for jury nullification.


    1. I wouldn’t describe it as vigilantism. I’d describe it as defense. People sat around scared and watched a man get stabbed to death on a train instead if getting together and stopping the maggot who was attacking him. That’s now what I call vigilantism.


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  8. Move to Texas. You’re welcome, in both senses of the phrase.


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