Fascist opens yap, proves she’s a fascist

bal-tricia-bishopJust when I think gun grabbing, fascist cowards can’t get any more ridiculous, along comes a sniveling twatmold to prove that there’s no low to which totalitarian shitbrains won’t sink. Witness this deplorable excuse for a human being writing for the Baltimore Sun. This harpy is a gutless authoritarian turd who uses the First Amendment to launch a despicable assault on the Second and the Fourth, while vainly painting herself to be reasonable, caring, and not at all bigoted!

It’s amazing that any paper would publish this dreck, but the Baltimore Sun did, and they hired this contemptible creature to be the Editorial Page editor – a sad halfwit who has a hard time understanding the meaning of rights and freedoms, even as she writes an editorial advocating their destruction.

So without further ado, I present to you the twisted, cowardly queef that passes for writing at the Baltimore Sun.

It’s inevitable when my husband and I visit family these days that the subject of violence in Baltimore comes up. Often, I’m the one who raises it.

Oh, this shrew must be fun at family gatherings! As soon as her maw spews forth the first sentence, the rest of the family at the dinner table must roll their eyes in exasperation. “Oh, here we go, Patsy is going to lecture us again. Where the hell is that whiskey bottle?” She must be like Pajama Boy with tits – sniffy, overbearing, and smug, with a voice that could peel the paint off the walls once she starts sanctimoniously humping her hobby horse.

But when it came up last week on a trip to see my parents in Georgia, I got my back up. I thought of the 11-hour drive south and the billboards we passed along I-81 boasting guns for sale (“A Glock for Christmas”!), and of the story my brother-in-law, who lives in Florida, told of a neighbor stopping by to shoot the breeze in his suburban driveway, a handgun holstered at the man’s waist as their kids played nearby.

I can’t even imagine the dissonant screeching that spewed from the orifice in her unctuous grimace! If I were her husband, I’d toss that shrieking harpy out of the car – after I removed my testicles from her purse.

I’m less afraid of the criminals wielding guns in Baltimore, I declared as we discussed the issue, than I am by those permitted gun owners. I know how to stay out of the line of Baltimore’s illegal gunfire; I have the luxury of being white and middle class in a largely segregated city that reserves most of its shootings for poor, black neighborhoods overtaken by “the game.” The closest I typically get to the action is feeling the chest-thumping vibrations of the Foxtrot police helicopter flying overhead in pursuit of someone who might be a few streets over, but might as well be a world away.

Note the patronizing, racist rhetoric. It’s perfectly OK for those poor, black savages in the ghetto to shoot one another. She’s far removed from that, and don’t besmirch her lily white world with that nasty violence!

But I don’t know where the legal gun owners are or how to ensure that their children, no matter how well versed in respecting firearms, won’t one day introduce that weapon to my daughter.

Well, she could just ask the parents of any perspective playmate, or she could keep her kid at home. I mean, who the hell would want their children to play with the kid of that spindly, spineless, uptight harridan?

And so, as President Barack Obama announced plans this week to tighten background checks for gun buyers and increase gun tracking and research, I thought, that’s all well and good, but how about adding something immediately useful: a gun owner registry available to the public online — something like those for sex offenders. I’m not equating gun owners with predatory perverts, but the model is helpful here; I want a searchable database I can consult to find out whether my kid can have a play date at your house.

Well, I’d like a searchable database of panty-shitting snatches I can consult to find out whether or not my kid can have a play date at the house of someone whose idea of home defense is a cell phone, and who exhibits such a stunning lack of self awareness that she literally denies equating law-abiding citizens who dare to exercise their rights to predatory perverts, while doing exactly that! And what about that impressive lack of comprehension about the Fourth Amendment?

Before the 33 percent of U.S. households containing a gun (half of which don’t secure them) gets too worked up, they should know that it would likely include many of my relatives and their friends.

Note how proud this fascist sow is about the fact that she would gladly violate the privacy of her friends and family to allay her irrational fears.

My parents grew up in small town Minnesota, and hunting was a regular part of their lives before they left for other states, and it still is for many they know. My folks were taught how to handle guns and use them safely. But that doesn’t do much to allay my fears; it’s the simple presence of the weapon in the home and the possibilities it presents that terrify me.

Oh, here we go. This is the equivalent of “I can’t be a racist. I have black friends!” She somehow thinks growing up with a tradition of hunting somehow gives her credibility. “See? I’m not a raging, pusillanimous shit wad! My family knows how to handle guns!” She has an irrational fear, so it’s the government’s responsibility to make her labia stop quivering, and the only way that can be done is to violate the rights of her fellow Americans. Well, hell… as long as she’s not in a black neighborhood, right?

U.S. toddlers were accidentally shooting people — including themselves — at the rate of one per week last year. More than 21,000 Americans committed suicide with a firearm in 2014 (nearly twice the number of gun homicides), while 586 people were accidentally killed with guns (10 percent of them age 15 and younger). And most of the guns used in the last 15 unpredictable mass shootings — including San Bernardino; Umpqua, Ore.; and Marysville, Wash., where a 15-year-old used his father’s Beretta to kill four fellow high school students — were purchased legally. The mother of the Umpqua shooter, who killed nine people at a local community college, had even bragged online a decade ago about her son’s “knowledge in this field” of firearms. So much for safety training.

Of course in 2014, U.S. toddlers were drowning at an alarming rate of six per week, but I don’t see Tricia sniffily asking parents if they exercise positive control of their bathtubs and pools. More than one toddler per week died in a residential fire that year, and yet Tricia doesn’t seem to be concerned about easy access to matches.

WISQARSTricia also seems quite concerned about the high number of suicides committed with firearms in 2014. What she doesn’t tell you is that 21,439 Americans also committed suicide that year without using a gun. But to someone with a statist agenda, those tragedies don’t matter.

Additionally, I fail to see how putting her friends, neighbors, and family members in a government database for daring to exercise their rights would have stopped even one of the shootings she listed, particularly since the San Bernardino shootings were an act of terrorism. But I don’t see Tricia advocating a Muslim database, unless she’s secretly a Trump supporter.

My only exposure to guns has been to legal ones. I remember as a teenager spending an afternoon with a couple of boys who were showing off after school, firing a family gun in the backyard and play aiming at one another. And I fired a .22 caliber pistol several years ago as a reporter covering handgun-carry regulations in Maryland; I still have the paper target practice sheet taped to my cubicle to flaunt my bullseye. There was a definite rush to handling the weapon, and I could see the attraction of target practice as a hobby. But the risk to owning the gun isn’t worth it to me.

Note the transparent, pathetic attempt to gain street cred.

Guns in the home are far more likely to be used accidentally, in suicides or family disputes than in self defense, according to studies based on anecdotal evidence.

Except, of course, that is a bald faced lie. A CDC study commissioned by the Obama Administration several years ago showed defensive uses of firearms to be an important deterrent to crime.

The NCVS has estimated 60,000 to 120,000 defensive uses of guns per year. On the basis of data from 1992 and 1994, the NCVS found 116,000 incidents. Another body of research estimated annual gun use for self-defense to be much higher, up to 2.5 million incidents, suggesting that self-defense can be an important crime deterrent. 

Even at the very low end of the spectrum, defensive gun uses, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey, exceed homicides and suicides… by a lot.

And I’m pretty certain that if I’d had a gun the one time I was the victim of a violent crime (in upstate New York), the outcome would have been a lot worse than it was, with the firearm turned against me in short order. Instead, I was able to scream and break away from a mugger with a dull knife trying to force me into a vacant lot between rowhouses.

Perhaps in the hands of a gutless, quivering turd, without the skill or intestinal fortitude to defend herself, that firearm would perhaps be used against her. But research does not support this contention in cases of normal human beings, who don’t soil themselves at the thought of having to take responsibility for their own lives. The CDC continues “Some studies on the association between self-defensive gun use and injury or loss to the victim have found less loss and injury when a firearm is used.”

Three years ago, a New York newspaper published a map online showing who owned guns in two counties outside of New York City. The backlash was swift and wide, with the most legitimate complaints being a fear of theft, which the paper said never materialized, and concerns about identifying where law enforcement lived. (I’m willing to compromise by including the officer’s name, but not address, in my database.)

Well, isn’t that generous! She’s willing to “compromise” by not including the police officers’ addresses in her little fascist black book. I’m willing to compromise by only including bigoted media whores in mine. Uber twat here will top the list. What this screeching hag doesn’t mention is 1) a number of journalists were fired after publicizing the names of gun owners and 2) the online database was removed a couple of weeks after it was published.

Gun owners may feel picked on, but they are not a persecuted class. They are individuals who have chosen to keep in their homes an object whose chief purpose is to injure or kill, whether in self defense or otherwise. The rest of us should have a right to know it’s there before we — or our children — enter.

They are individuals who have chosen to exercise their Constitutional rights. They have done nothing illegal. They have chosen to take responsibility for their and their families’ safety. And you have chosen to advocate that they be treated like the lowest form of scum – sex offenders, who violate the bodies and self worth of others by forcing them to submit to the ultimate degradation. So, if you want to know, grow some balls and ask. We will continue exercising our fundamental rights, regardless of whether or not you allow your precious snowflakes to enter our abodes. The rest of you gutless, racist worms can huddle together in a warm little cluster of spineless fuckery and leave the rest of us alone.

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  1. Going from memory here of some statistics I’ve seen crunched… supposedly *whites* are ever so slightly safer in gun-control areas… on the other hand, *blacks* are a couple percents safer in areas that have legal carry. So, sort of simplistically but why not, she might be right that legal carry increases her risk.

    And she sticks her finger right on it, doesn’t she? She knows where not to go and her privileged white ass enjoys increased safety in a gun-ban city where black people die every day.

    Which pretty much makes her a racist asshole… but we knew that.

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  2. I did wade through par of Bishop’s paranoid rhetoric and then that priceless image of Jimmy Cagney shoving a grapefruit half into Mae Clark’s face reared its head, and I started giggling.

    You do have to wonder how many people she annoys at parties while she’s spreading her miasma of cringing fear. How many people are too polite to tell her to shut her yap? How many long to throw something in her face, a drink that will stain her over-priced clothing made in a shithole garment factory sweatshop in India? The ‘I’m white, I’m privileged, they aren’t’ sticks out like a sore thumb. I still don’t know what white privilege is. I had to earn my way.

    It’s nice to know that she accepts the responsibility for starting her monologues and annoying people. Then you can say ‘Excuse me’ and vacate the spot.

    Where’s that grapefruit?

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    1. I think it was Mae West……..in 1936

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      1. Nope. Not Mae West.


  3. My comment there:

    “I’m less afraid of the criminals wielding guns in Baltimore, I declared as we discussed the issue, than I am by those permitted gun owners.”

    Then you are an idiot who doesn’t understand statistics or risk assessment.

    “Guns in the home are far more likely to be used accidentally, in suicides or family disputes than in self defense, according to studies based on anecdotal evidence.”

    Also False.

    “And I’m pretty certain that if I’d had a gun the one time I was the victim of a violent crime (in upstate New York), the outcome would have been a lot worse than it was, with the firearm turned against me in short order. ”

    That’s what training is for, you ignorant bint.

    “I’m not equating gun owners with predatory perverts,”

    You are lying.

    “but the model is helpful here; I want a searchable database I can consult to find out whether my kid can have a play date at your house.”

    Yes, you ARE lying, and your Fascism is noted.

    “The backlash was swift and wide, with the most legitimate complaints being a fear of theft, which the paper said never materialized…”

    Because they took it down when THEIR information was posted on-line. Huh…..

    “…and concerns about identifying where law enforcement lived. (I’m willing to compromise by including the officer’s name, but not address, in my database.)”

    Oh, different treatment for different castes, eh? Again, Fascism.

    “Much of the response, though, was made up of comments like this one: “so, should we start wearing yellow Stars of David so the general public can be aware of we are??”

    Because you’ve already stated you want to go down that road. Ponder your hypocrisy.

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  4. Angry FREE Citizen

    Post her personal info on your pages, addresses, phones, that stopped another northern paper who pulled the same, dead in their tracks, FIGHT BACK


    1. Well, if it IS her, she’s in the Baltimore White Pages.


  5. I think I may have had some blood and viscera spattered on my by this righteous fisking.


    1. LOL! Geeze, it’s usually just coffee on the monitor! 😉


    2. Oh gosh, did I over-do it?


    3. Oh heck, you were referring to Nicki’s analysis. I’m the one that needs coffee this morning….


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  7. Typical Statist drivel…..demonize, demonize, demonize. Thou shalt outsource thy personal defense to the State….because we of the enlightened class think that guns are icky. You’ve deftly taken her tantrum to task. Reblogged this.


  8. Ok, this COULD be handy, especially for gun-totin’ criminals, so they know who’s home is unprotected, you ignorant slut! At least this would be a boon for the rest of us when they target you and your ilk for PRIME unarmed territory!!
    “I thought, that’s all well and good, but how about adding something immediately useful: a gun owner registry available to the public online — something like those for sex offenders. I’m not equating gun owners with predatory perverts, but the model is helpful here; I want a searchable database I can consult to find out whether my kid can have a play date at your house.”

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  9. So, basically, what this leftist scrunt wants is for the Government to out all the gun owners so they can be harassed by other leftist scrunts. Not to mention, the criminal class the left favors would receive a two-fer. One, the Government would be helping them locate houses where they could steal firearms. Two, the Government would be pointing out homes that are disarmed and defenseless.

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    1. Not to mention, say… abusive spouses who are stalking their exes having a nice, neat way to find them should the victim actually have purchased a gun!

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  11. This woman is irrational and, while we should mock her at every opportunity, we should remember she is also dangerous.


    “…the effects of hoplophobia are not innocuous like, for example, the effects of aquaphobia on people who simply buy homes without swimming pools. Their phobia has negligible effect on anyone but themselves (and perhaps pool builders). It seems that hoplophobes, on the other hand, sometimes also suffering from co-morbidities such as PTSD and other psychiatric conditions, work collectively to fashion national legislation that can compromise the U.S. Constitution and human freedom itself.”

    Not to mention her complete lack of concern for those in bad neighborhoods who are regular victims of violent crime because, well, it’s not her problem because many of them don’t have the “luxury” of being lily-white in a better neighborhood.

    I’m convinced a gun saved me and my children late one night (actually about 3am) as someone tried to break into my home. My house had already been broken into a few weeks prior while I wasn’t home. As the would-be burglar stuck his head through a window he pried open I turned on the light and pointed a gun right at his face. He was gone in a flash. He must have spread the word, because I never had another break in or attempt.

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    1. She’s a racist! Them poor black kids killing one another? Whatever! But in her nice, white neighborhood? UNACCEPTABLE!

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    2. I believe that having a gun save my parents before I was born.

      In the 60’s, during the early civil rights movement, my father made a wrong turn (I want to say Alabama but it could have been Georgia) while enroute to his new duty station. They ended up in quote-the wrong end of town-unquote.

      He noticed a set of headlights behind them, that seemed to match their every turn. After going on for several minutes, Dad told my mother to reach over and take the steering wheel (back in the days of bench seats, it wasn’t too hard). He reached into the side pocket of the driver’s door and pulled out a semi-automatic. He held the weapon up, in full view of the rear window, pulled the slide back to cock the pistol.

      That car behind them suddenly turned off on a side street.

      They found their way back to the highway and continued on to his new base.

      He never got a good look at the driver of the other car, and no one will ever know what their intentions were, but when you look at the sequence of events: a youngish white man with his young wife driving after sunset in a black neighborhood of a strange town ( I think my older brother was in the back-seat, but I won’t swear to it.) and being followed for several blocks by a car that disappears after being told “I will defend myself” does read like that gun saved them — at the very least from an assault, if not something worse.

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  12. studies based on anecdotal evidence? isn’t that just made up stuff? I think I can do that.

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  13. “She must be like Pajama Boy with tits…”
    I am SO gonna steal that. Priceless.


  14. Nicki, please ask This Ain’t Hell to repost this for you. It will get even MORE attention, and this silly old cow will be sorry she ever opened her trap.


    1. LMAO!!! Sara, I always feel weird asking Jonn to post my blog entries. I feel like I’m taking advantage of our friendship. You can, if you want. I just feel funny doing that.

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  15. I bet her doctor might have something to say to her if he/she knew that he/she carried one. Seeing her own name and address in certain dispatches may have a way to make her back off.


  16. I’m not going to call her racist because, in the case of Baltimore, she’s right. If you know the city, you know how to avoid the areas, most Black-controlled, where you’re most likely to be involved in violent crime, domestics excluded.

    I will call her a sniveling idiot and one that, due to her employment, present a clear and present danger to America, albeit and limited one.

    Frankly, it’d be enjoyable to post her address for public perusal. I’m sure the males in Baltimore’s ghettos would like to know that there’s some high-value flesh sitting there unprotected. 😆


    1. I call her a racist, because she doesn’t seem to give a crap that poor, black folks in the ghetto are killing one another. As long as it doesn’t crawl into her lily white, pristine world. And yes, I know the city. Johns Hopkins is my alma mater.

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    2. It’s not that she’s not telling the truth… She’s white and she knows where not to go and limiting her movement makes her safe and she’s comfortable with that. This is the truth. Most certainly. But she seems quite content with this “truth” in her life. What she doesn’t like is to leave her safe white enclave of Baltimore and head out to where white people have guns.

      About the only thing here is… how can she tell where *not to go* if the people with guns look like she does?

      And how is that anything other than racial prejudice?


    3. I guess we’ll just have to disagree on what constitutes racism. I see no problem with acknowledging a people’s failures and not caring much about what they choose to do to themselves. I’m certainly not going to suddenly change that apathy just because of the race of the people involved or declaim someone else as racist because they also don’t change their opinion for racial reasons.


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  18. I came back to read the comments and look your post over again. I want to add something, but I find myself simply exhausted by the sheer stupidity. Sometimes these idiots wear me out. Those of you that have been doing this for a long time are to be commended for your ability to persevere in the face of people this clueless.


    1. The way to deal with them is to ridicule them off the planet! LOL!


    2. I don’t think I have the ability to make them any more ridiculous than they make themselves out to be.


  19. Does it work this way as well? The “…simple presence of [a rock] in the [back yard] and the possibilities it presents that terrify me.”

    She should be terrified of rocks. That’s what the followers of the ‘religion of peace’ [spit] use to execute misbehaving women. Like her.

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    1. Nope. Anything to do with the religion of piss peace is good. Didn’t you get the memo?


  20. I was particularly struck by her statement that Baltimore “reserves” its shootings for the poor black neighborhoods. As though there were a certain number of shootings allowed in a city that size and the city leadership assigned them to a certain neighborhood or area. As though the people committing the crimes in question had no agency whatsoever.

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    1. It’s a poor turn of phrase, that’s for sure. What really struck me was the “I AM WHITE! THIS STUFF SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TO ME!” attitude.


  21. Ok well here is your info I have guns in my home. Lots of them. I carry at least one with me every day every where I go. So does my wife and mother of my children. I feel safer with the firearms in my home and when I leave town leaving my wife and my children home alone I know that my wife can defend herself if someone was to try and do harm to her or my children. In fact I think we should have a database of everyone that doesn’t own a gun. This way you will know I have one as I wont be on the database and all the thugs and criminals can know you and your family does not. And since there is about 300 million guns in the US it might be a cheaper database to keep of those who do not own a firearm.


  22. Only an illiterate would think the writer here is racist or fascist. I mean, really, learn how to read.

    While I do not think it should be publicly searchable, I do think all guns should be registered to their owners, and no transaction of any kind ever should take place without a background check by penalty of law. America gun owners have proven themselves too stupid and irresponsible to be trusted not to sell or give their weapons to crazies and criminals. Their must be more accountability and responsibility for gun ownership, by strict laws.



    1. Your first mistake was claiming you think.

      Only someone ignorant of history and incapable of reading comprehension would claim she’s neither racist not fascist.

      Registering people merely because they choose to exercise a constitutionally protected right is about as fascist as it gets, considering they have committed no crime by merely making said purchase.

      You’ve proven yourself too stupid to be trusted with a keyboard with your statement and with your slaughter of he English language. Perhaps we should regulate what you write and say.


    2. LeShonte Demariyusss Justuss

      I bet your butthole screws like soft melted butter.


      1. I’m only allowing this through so people can see how puerile shitbags with nothing substantive to say act.


    3. Nicki…I either apologize for leaving breadcrumbs for Jersey to follow here, or offer a ‘you’re welcome’ for his entertainment value. Jersey has historically feigned willful ignorance of the guaranteed Constitutional rights, the 2nd Amendment especially. If you dread a rebuttal from him, fear not….he’s the master at shallow drive-by’s….as most Statists are.


      1. LOL! No worries. He’s not even entertaining. Just ignorant and dull. He’s offered nothing that any other statist fuck hasn’t spewed about. Not even a fun cat toy! SIGH


    4. “illiterate”
      You keep using that word. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

      Seriously, you’re just as much of a fascist as she is.

      “America gun owners have proven themselves too stupid and irresponsible to be trusted not to sell or give their weapons to crazies and criminals.”
      Really? And just what statistic would you like to use to show that? Because there is nothing out there to support such a moronic claim.

      What was that about “illiterate” again?


  23. The racist cunt could be good for a few laughs during the first get together. After that I’d just have to start bringing the booze in by the case otherwise she’d be end up with duct tape over her hole.

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  24. I am 74 years old next week and in ALL of those 74 years, I have NEVER…not ONCE…had a “play date.” As a child, I played with neighbor kids, but not one time was my play “arranged” by either my or my playmate’s parents. I suspect, too, that ALL of my friends, with whom I played, had parents who owned a firearm of some sort somewhere in their houses…not that I ever saw one–or would have touched one if I had seen one.


  25. C.E…… I am moved to contribute something because of your ranting style..since I do know you, and agree (mostly) with what you’re about…please know that you are MUCH more effective without the bombast.. Francey


    1. If you do know me, then you know I write what I write how I write it. And I think much more folks would disagree with you vis-a-vis my effectiveness when I am bombastic vice not. Regardless, I’m not out to be effective or convince anyone. I blog, because it’s cathartic. People like it? That’s great. If not, move on. *shrug*


    2. Conversely, Nicki’s bombast is EXACTLY why I keep coming back. It enriches my command of the English language and teaches me new words.

      Oh, and it makes me laugh.

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  26. Thank-you. However, I think you seem to be a bit reserved and holding back on your true feelings regarding this statist fascist and her opinions.

    Agree with you on the database, having a database of spineless sniveling statists would be very useful. I don’t want my children or future grandchildren exposed to such stupid people.

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  27. That was good. I read about that bitch the other day, and the author here is right: she is a classic fascist. While she would no doubt deny that, if you gave her a treatise on Mussolini’s Statist Fascism she would no doubt agree with most, and maybe all of it.


  28. Aww, c’mon, Nicki – tell us how you REALLY feel… 😉

    Contrary to an earlier suggestion, please keep your rant turned up to high, for as long as you can. You’ve put my thoughts into readable form, far better than I ever could, and you leave no doubts as to where you stand.

    Please send this piece to Ace at Ace of Spades – it is more-than-worthy of a spot on the sidebar, and you’ll be among friends.

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    1. I think someone already linked to it the other day over there. 🙂

      But thank you!


  29. I admit, I enjoy coming back to see what the others have to say in the comments. I almost thought at first that you had pulled a Trump and planted a couple of shills so you could slice and dice them. But I suspect that in reality, the guy complaining about your style was serious. And Jersey boy took the weekend off from the Clinton campaign and went trolling.
    At least we know where the Baltimore Sun finds writers like this person. They just look for critical comments in pro gun websites. Writing ability, as seen in the aforementioned article, is optional.


  30. Two things:
    1) If she got her way and all of the firearms owners were identified she would see they surround her and she would have a heart attack.
    2) As noted, criminals now know that she has adamantly refused to arm herself and is a “soft target” for their rape and robbery attempts. She may be in the lily white neighborhood, but she now has a big target on her house. and body. Good luck with that, but I won’t shed a tear for you.


    1. You might say she has a big yellow star on her house. Or would that be going too far?


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  32. I mentioned to the author, given her approval of segregation, that the cleaners just called and her bedsheets are ready for the cross burning.


  33. I really need to find that pic of the guns we had with us at the last Flori-duh Rott Fest and send it to you. If you posted it and it was seen by the bed-wetting, Neo-Marxist munt*, her uterus would fall out of her fallow fuckflaps so quickly that there’d be a sonic boom.

    *Note: “Munt” = “Moldy C*nt”

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    1. Oh, I need to steal that!!! Munt – SO perfect!


  34. Umm, Nicki, unless you’re looking at a different picture than I am, NO, she is not “like Pajama Boy with tits . . . ” I looked at her picture, and the scrawny bint ain’t got no tits. Or brains, either.

    Given the unfortunate juxtaposition of her statist whining and her unattractive, emaciated look . . . who the hell would do that???? I wouldn’t nail her with someone else’s dick.

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  35. I agree


  36. […] weeks ago, a Baltimore Sun editor named Tricia Bishop penned an inflammatory column in which she equated gun owners with sex offenders and demanded a registry of those who chose to exercise their Second Amendment rights, so she could […]


  37. “who has a hard time understanding the meaning of rights and freedoms, even as she writes an editorial advocating their destruction.”

    Never attribute to ignorance what can be attributed to malice. The destruction of rights and freedoms is precisely her (Leftist) goal.

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