Sad Puppies – Still Sad, More Determined

Recently “Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin penned an essay on his site, expressing his hope for a reconciliation of sorts between the Sad Puppies and those who insist on keeping us on the outside. Maybe I’ve become jaded thanks to the Puppy Hugo fiasco of 2015, but the tone struck me as too benevolent by half, self-congratulatory, and as if GRRM had nothing at all to do with the rancor and bitterness of the past year. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

And maybe… just maybe… we’ll get our wish. Call me naive. Call me an innocent. Call me too trusting by half, too nice a guy to see how things really are… but, really, I am starting to have some hope. All over the internet, people are already talking about the Hugo Awards, making recommendations, discussing the work… the WORK, the things we love, the stuff that unites us instead of the stuff that divides us. I’ve been trying to do my part, here on my Not A Blog, and will continue to do so. Over at FILE 770, similar discussions are taking place. And on many other websites, blogs, and bulletin boards as well… including Sad Puppies 4.

Naive? Innocent? I’m not even going there. Needless to say, citing VILE 770 as somehow supportive of reconciliation is laughable, given the regular Puppy kicking that goes on there.

When GRRM first published his essay, my reaction was “Oh, he wants to show himself to be the benevolent, magnanimous Patron of Fandom.”

My friend Brad Torgersen, the force behind Sad Puppies 3 this past year, wrote an essay on his blog that echoes my sentiments on GRRM’s benevolence. Brad is a bit more generous than I am. He says he truly believes GRRM’s motives were pure. Maybe. I’m not going to try to read GRRM’s mind. I can only react to the tone of his essay. Go there and read it and decide for yourselves. And definitely stop by Brad’s place and read his post. And then go read the comments, because they demonstrate the profound lack of self awareness that we have all come to expect from the Puppy Kickers.

My perception — and I am not alone in this — of George’s desire for an end to the rancor, is that George still seems to think that a) the rancor was flowing almost entirely one-way, from the Puppies’ side to the Trufan side, and also b) none of the Puppies are themselves fans. Not Fans (caps f) and certainly not Trufans. No. Puppies are still an outsider bunch, who carry an outsider’s stigma.

There is also a bit too much parentalism in George’s tone: dear kids, I hope you’ve learned your lesson, now wipe those dirty looks off your faces and come give your mother a hug!

This. SO much this! That’s the feeling I get when I read GRRM’s essay. It wasn’t reconciliation. It was “You silly pups! See how wrong you were? We, magnanimous ones of TruFandom forgive you! Now, come. Play nice!”

Yeah… You know what? Fuck you. How about that?

The accusations, names, and rancor flew from the Puppy Kicker side like rabid pterodactyl shit. Accusations of Nazism, racism, misogyny, and other such lies. Personal rancor and attacks. The CHORFholes, and “No Awards.” The conflation of Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies, whose missions were completely disparate, with Rabids publicly admitting they wanted to burn the Hugos down (I feel dirty just linking to that).  Vox and the Rabid Puppies glommed onto the Sad Puppies label and rode those coat tails to infamy. By attaching themselves to Sad Puppies, the Rabids became associated with the Sads, and the CHORFs were only too happy to conflate the two. Those who try to claim that the Puppies were the guilty parties in this fiasco need to look in the mirror and do a little self examination. But they don’t and they won’t, judging by the comments on Brad’s blog (check out the arrogant and willfully blind comments from one camestrosfelapton), and even GRRM’s own comment about who he thought “misbehaved” last year (see what Brad means about “give your mother a hug?”).

Sadly, I agree with Brad. No reconciliation will happen unless those involved in last year’s fiasco take several steps to remedy the kind of ignorance they helped perpetuate.

1) A very public admission by the establishment that the NO AWARD bombing of the 2015 Hugos was a gross error.

2) A very public admission by the establishment that the CHORFholes were also a gross error.

3) A very public apology from the establishment, for the deliberate conflation of the Sads, with the Rabids.

4) A cessation of the endless game of shibboleths and street cred checks, on the part of Trufans, as conducted against everybody else (looks hard at Steve Davidson.)

But they won’t. They’re too happy gloating how they allegedly stuck it to the Sad Puppies by using the “no award” at the Hugos and how Trufans won, and Sad Puppies lost. They’re too ignorant to understand what they really did.

The ladies who are heading up the Sad Puppies 4 effort are already getting excoriated and attacked, and the screeching scum at VILE 770 aren’t the only ones participating in the offensive. In other words, it will be same shit different day in the Puppy Kicker world. They don’t want diversity in SF/F. They want their pet causes to run the show, and they’re intent on vilifying the Sad Puppies to do so, regardless of how many fans they alienate, because to them, we’re not “real” fans anyway.

But you know what? They don’t matter. The howler monkeys of the SF/F world are impotent, foul little trolls, who will continue doing what they do in order to destroy those with whom they disagree and those whom they just don’t like. So the Sad Puppies will do what they do – nominate the authors, artists, publications, editors, and others they feel are the best, most entertaining, most interesting, and overall most worthy works of the year. We don’t need their permission, and we don’t need their approval.


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  1. I am aware of but have not closely followed the ins-and-outs of the Sad Puppy saga. I do know that the first time I read something from Martin weighing in on the issue, my immediate impression was that he is an asshole. Nothing I’ve seen or read since has changed that opinion of him.

    Meanwhile, I buy and read what I like, with the hope that certain insignificant trolls will eventually give themselves strokes if they continue ranting they way they have been.


    1. And that’s really all anyone can ask. We run across works of SF/F that we think are great and deserve accolades. Only the panty shitting CHORFs actually give a crap whether the “right” author approached the “correct” topic du jour in a way the howler monkeys approve. Fuck ’em


  2. If he really wanted to talk about the Works, he would have thrown in with the Sad Puppies last year. It was after all what the campaign was about.


    1. Not according to the CHORFs!


  3. The rabid puppies are basically SJWs, but with a little geeky weirdness. I haven’t followed much it either. Frankly, they can all crawl up each other’s arses and fight for air for all I care.

    We all grew up knowing kids like this. They start a club and immediately begin tell everyone who can join and who can’t. They were little dictators in training. They had their small band of followers and pranced around lording it over them.

    Now they’re grown up (in theory) and have only gotten worse.

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  4. “much it” should be “it much”. My computer did that 🙂 My computer scares me ….


  5. “SJW always lie.” Vox Day

    The Rabids are just us, after we quit being nice about it. I’m coming around to their viewpoint.


    1. Vox was kind of a shitbag before the Puppy fiasco.


  6. I’ve seen no sign of it, but I only recently wandered over there via JC Wright’s blog. They surely have no patience with imbeciles, which lets about half the country in for a flaming should they visit.

    I thought his book was dead on (SJW AL) and AC’s book on evolutionary psychology is fascinating and offers a potent weapon. Whatever you think of them over there they certainly have the leftys’ number.


    1. I used to read some of his stuff way back when he still wrote for WorldNutDaily. Some of the stuff he’s correct on. Other… he’s a douche of the highest order. Uber religious nut bag – or he was at the time. And the fact that he glommed onto Sad Puppies is indisputable. SP had the recognition and the popular author cred. He rode that to the spotlight, and the SJWs were only too happy to lump us all in together.


        1. Have you read EvoPsych? It explains everything I never could figure out growing up in the warren. “What’s wrong with these people?”
          You can find it here-


        2. I have not. Will check it out.

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  7. My 2 Australian cents…

    To be honest, it wouldn’t have mattered if Vox had a different ‘puppies’ name. We’d be lumped in with him regardless, because to the SJBs/CHORFing ASPs, we are Other. The Other is not tolerated.

    I’ve been quiet on the whole thing, observing (Mostly because of health and grief and RL) and as distasteful as it may seem, everything the ASPs have been doing has only proven Vox right, again and again. SJWs Always Lie is coming off as prescient, and on the money when it comes to talking about the SJW invasion of the everything. And yes, there are readers out there who’ll think I’m sucking his dick or being one of his apologists, but I’ve stopped caring about that because, no matter what I actually do or say, I’m a Vile Faceless Minion even though I’m not. Him, Cernovich, Nero, Roosh,etc, are correct on a number of topics, and I don’t agree with some of the stuff they say, but that doesn’t stop me from saying “That guy’s right on that score.” I do the same to Dawkins, whose contemptuous attitude towards the religious I dislike.

    If someone I don’t like is correct on some point, it is simply honest truth to say so. Going “Vox Daaaay” is a CHORF ASPsie thing, one which I have more ‘nads than required to emulate.

    Hell, saying “That guy’s right on that score’ seems to the SJB ASPs as no different as being in bed with the guy and being ‘tainted’ by the other guy’s sins, no different from how they paint people who want the rule of law and evidence to be upheld as smeared for being ‘rape apologists’ or ‘anti-women’. TLDR: don’t matter what we say or do, we’re painted as haters anyway. (What’s stopping us all from simply embracing the moniker? In my case, I’ve got grief and RL issues taking up my life.)

    I frankly agree with Vox’s post – especially in the ‘I have no desire to be considered one of the pedophile-accepting and covering TruFen’ – because fuck that.

    The ‘call for reconciliation’ is no more than ‘do as I say and we’ll stop beating you’, like an abusive husband saying “Why do you make me keep hurting you?”

    The abused wife/children have the option of walking away and starting anew (and have the risk of the abuser following them) or since this isn’t an actual wife/children thing, go with the metaphorical burn the house down after taking a bat to the sonofabitch BEFORE going away to build again.

    Myself, I keep wondering why GRRM is still ‘wasting his time’ with us – well, other than using us as an excuse to not finish SoIF. If we Puppies really were not worth dealing with, why do they keep hanging onto our every itty bitty word and every slightest action like the obsessive stalkers they seem to regularly welcome into their ranks.

    Don’t they have, y’know, writing to do? In the meantime, Larry Correia and Jim Butcher’s gotten new books out, John Ringo’s collab with Larry is anticipated… and so on.

    I have my nomination thing still there but whether or not I’ll pony up the nearly 60 AUD odd to vote depends on whether or not there’ll be anything there worth voting FOR. With last year’s, I got my money’s worth AND got to reveal exactly how the ASPS were willing to burn the house down (and piss off GRRM in the process by coining Anti Sad Puppies as a bonus prize.)

    But in the meantime, they can huff and puff and blow their own house down by tilting at Vox. I have snacks aplenty to watch the firestorm with.

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    1. Nicely put. Now I have to sharpen my bat. ;o)

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  8. Actually, y’know what? They’re STILL behaving as if Brad is leading the current Sad Puppies, or Vox. SP4 is lead by Kate Paulk, Sarah Hoyt and other lovely ladies… but in typical ASP fashion, dismiss the reality of the women involved and address their commentary at men.

    And they call US misogynistic?

    *eats cherries, entertained*

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