Why is Frothy still a thing?


I gotta ask, because I don’t understand how the creepy, uber-theocratic, statist asshole Rick Santorum is still in the game. He’s polling at less than 1 percent. Even the mad dwarf of the Senate Lindsey (INVADE ALL THE THINGS!)  Graham finally gave up hope, took his toys and went home. Meanwhile, Santorum is hanging on. To what? I have no idea. Is he that desperate to get into the White House, that he’s willing to embarrass himself? Is he hurting for money, so getting back on the public teat is his only option? Is he just delusional thinking he can win? Whatever the reason, the Frothy One™ is a revolting example of just the kind of petty statist shitbag we don’t want in the White House!

This is a guy who knows so little about economics, he actually told some froth-flecked supporters last year that gay marriage destroys the economy (never mind the windfall for the wedding industry, the legal profession, and the inevitable divorce industry).

This is a guy who hates gays so much, he wouldn’t even attend the wedding of a close homosexual friend. Personally, I would be shocked if he had a homosexual friend, but that’s another story. And he actually thinks there are re-education camps to brainwash religion-humping dumbasses like him into conforming to that odious gay agenda!

This is a guy who claimed that gays should just stop being gays! Simple, right? Because it’s a choice to be ostracized by your family and friends, humiliated by your church, and beaten up and bullied in school!

This is a guy who claimed that “pursuit of happiness” harms America. Because happy people aren’t suffering for his twisted idea of a deity.

This is a guy who opposes individualism and feels the government has an obligation to impose morals and values on its citizens in order to promote his religious principles.

In other words, he’s a tyrannical shitbag, who only supports freedom and individual rights for people who think just. like. him.

I’ve blogged about Santorum’s other statist stances here. I don’t need to rehash the whole thing here other than a blurb that pretty much sums it up nicely.

He believes that government doesn’t do things better than we do for ourselves, except for “allocating spending”through pork-barrel earmark projects, and funding religious organizations to do social work, and spending hundreds of millions of federal dollars to promote the benefits of the same state-sponsored marriage that he’s worked so hard to deny to gays. He wants to avoid government-driven, top-down policy solutions—except when he votes to pass a brand new prescription drug benefit without paying for it. He’s a freedom fighter, sure. By which I mean he seems to spend a lot of time fighting against freedom.

nanny-bloombergLately, Frothy has decided that the best way to gain support (yes, he’s delusional) is to attack Ted Cruz as not a “real social conservative.” Because apparently Ted Cruz won’t make religious bigotry a priority in his presidential administration.

“It’s basically that he’s not the social conservative that he’s portraying himself to be and is the answer is he’s not,” added Santorum, citing a Politico story where Cruz said on a secret tape at a fundraiser that he wouldn’t make fighting same-sex marriage a top three priority in his administration.

Because there aren’t bigger issues with which the President needs to deal? Nuclear Iran, resurgent, aggressive Russia, the threat of terrorism, yet another military conflict overseas in Syria, economics… All of those PALE in comparison to telling Americans how they need to live their lives, according to Frothy!

The stupid is strong with this one! SO strong! He actually thinks that Americans are looking for a President who will tell them what’s right and what’s wrong, much like a daddy or nanny… Now whom do we know like that?

santorumActually, Americans aren’t looking for a statist dickmange to tell them how they should spend their lives and with whom. In May 2015, 60 percent of Americans said gay marriages should be recognized as legally valid. Personally, I think no government entity should have the authority to recognize or validate any relationship between consenting adults, but this certainly shows that the majority of America does not agree with Frothy. And by the way, 58 percent of Americans also think marijuana use should be legal, so Frothy can shut his yap about that too.

And as far as priorities go, not a single poll supports Frothy’s contention that Americans are looking for someone to shove their morality down their throats.

No one in their right mind wants someone who believes that individual freedom is actually a bad thing running this country!

No one in their right mind wants a bunch of politicians, many of whom are corrupt, philandering ass weasels getting involved in the bedroom, and most conservatives understand that a government big and powerful enough to stick its dick in your bedroom, medicine cabinet, and pants, is big and powerful enough to castrate you in the end.

So I ask again… why is this despotic, bigoted assclown running for President?




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  1. Here in Iowa, they are running ads for this turd on the radio every hour. Of course they are running Huckabee ads too. Neither one has a snowballs chance of getting elected. Makes you wonder why someone would waste all that money.

    Speaking of Iowa, This whole 1st in the nation thing is starting to wear on my nerves. It seems like now that the silly season has started, that’s all anybody can seem to talk about. Sometimes I wish I still lived in Texas, in a cave, away from people.


  2. Huh. Didn’t know he was still in. Like so many, I assume it’s just for the campaign cash.


    1. Hey, Bear! How did you wind up in the spam folder? At least I check the damn thing before mindlessly hitting “empty.”


  3. Beats the hell out of me. Who’s even funding him? I’m continually amazed at how the GOP finds candidates so opposed to the very sloganeering premise that they engage in – Liberty.

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    1. I have. I guess the democrats haven’t learned yet that this is a losing topic for them.


      1. Moth and Flame. Lets make that flame good and hot for them, then put it in a bug zapper.


  4. I’m guessing that, other than the top 4, all the rest are trolling for a cabinet/administration position of the final nominee.


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