National Shame, Part II

In September I wrote about a national shame – a dishonor so profound, that I called on Americans to stand up and vocally condemn unspoken orders to our military to turn their backs on systematic abuse of young Afghan boys by repulsive adult males in power, even as children were being raped by the very people with whom we were supposed to be working and cooperating!

Today, I have to write about another stigma – a black eye on the very foundation of our nation that, as a veteran, I’m embarrassed to even broach.

“A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans.”George Washington

You would have to have been hiding under a rock with the rest of the maggots to have missed or downright ignored the scandals that have plagued the Veterans Administration over the past few years.

Secret waiting lists that resulted in veterans dying while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system and several other VA hospitals.

More than 300,000 veterans died while waiting for the VA to process their applications… waiting for stalled applications in the VA’s byzantine bureaucracy.

Unnecessary veteran deaths due to shoddy patient care, mismanagement, and outright incompetence.

All these stories are inexcusable, sad, infuriating, horrifying, and heartbreaking. Our nation sent these men and women to war – to get maimed both mentally and physically – and shameless, heartless bureaucrats neglect them and steal from them.

151103-House-Committee-Hearing-Diana-Rubens-Kim-GravesSuch was the case of Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves – two VA officials pernicious swamp sows – who not only didn’t do their jobs, but manipulated the system to give themselves positions with less responsibility while siphoning six-figure salaries by forcing lower-ranking regional managers to accept job transfers against their will and stole $400,000 from the VA in relocation expenses.

This is a national shame. This is fraud, waste, and abuse at some of the highest levels of government, even as the VA struggles to take care of the troops it exists to serve. And yet…

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is refusing criminal prosecution of Rubens and Graves.

The U.S. Attorney’s office said it has “referred the matter to the VA for any administrative action that is deemed appropriate.”

Administrative action? For essentially stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s vets? For abusing their positions, for screwing with others’ careers by forcing them to accept job transfers against their will? For corruption? Fraud? Abuse of authority?

And worse yet, after the two corruptocrats were “demoted,” for their wrongdoing – if you can even call it that, as they were still earning six-figure salaries each – the demotion was rescinded, because someone buggered up the paperwork! These imbeciles can’t even get that right!

The lack of accountability and utter incompetence is beyond appalling.

Instead of working for the very men and women who work to defend this country, they steal from them.

Instead of helping those who have sacrificed for this nation’s safety, they profit at the veterans’ expense.

Instead of working to support the troops who come back traumatized, torn apart, maimed, and emotionally wrecked, these two odious, arrogant gargoyles sat around on their cellulite addled asses and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s taxpayers.

The rot and corruption at the agency that is tasked with taking care of our veterans is reprehensible, and the government’s refusal to hold these and other crooked reprobates at the VA accountable is inexcusable. The fact that they still have jobs is appalling, and since the US Attorney’s Office is refusing to prosecute these two toads, chances are they will be issued an administrative slap on the wrist and allowed to quietly retire with all their benefits.

Is it any wonder Americans are sick and tired of their unresponsive, unaccountable government? Is it any wonder government bureaucrats are a national (extremely unfunny) joke?

They are stealing from American veterans, and they are stealing from the American people. They are a disgrace, as is the entire VA for doing nothing and continuing to pay these two malignant warts on the ass of humanity!


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  1. Their asses should be in JAIL, and they should have to pay back EVERY @#$$ penny they stole! Gah…

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  2. And you know there are plenty more like them… but yeah, they’d make a fine example.


  3. I’m starting to think that a New Bonus Army-analog should be forming soon…. only better armed, and more highly motivated….


  4. I’m not much a fan of executive orders, but I could probably support one decreeing that every employee [read: public servant] of the Veteran’s Administration be a veteran. Non-negotiable. Not a panacea, but it would go a long way to fix this broken system.


    1. WordPress Delenda Est. (that other reply was supposed to be to the post)

      Yes, I agree with your stance on both Executive Orders and making all Vets. But there are enough vets out there who’d be just as bad. I’d add that all Administration personnel must take all their health-care anonymously in the VA system.


    2. JP, I agree that my proposal would not be a sure fire fix, but coupled with your addition…that all Vet/employees use VA care, their stake in the system would almost guarantee a dramatic trend toward efficiency.


      1. yeah, well nothing is ever a 100% fix. Too many humans involved … but yours is better than what is likely to happen


    3. JP Kalishek said;
      Administration personnel must take all their health-care anonymously in the VA system.

      The care that vets receive is some of the best. The problem is getting into the system and then getting all of your benefits. I finally got rated high enough that my care and prescriptions cost me nothing. It’s getting them to raise my service conectability to 80%. I’ve been fighting them for almost 12 years and had to hire a lawyer*. Now they are claiming I can do a sit down job. I was a truck driver for years, it doesn’t get more sit down than that. I guess the fact that I was run over by a truck in the service medically discharged and social security saying I’m 100% disabled means nothing.

      *the fact that there are law firms out there with a name like Legal Help for Veterans sends a pretty strong message that the game is rigged against vets.


      1. sounds like you are dealing with one of the worst ones. Before they stopped traveling in their retirement, my folks would look at whether the local VA was worth a damn before planning an extended stay. Really it is the administration of the places that sets the standard. Milwaukee, WI isn’t known for being good, but if you get sent there by a smaller place for something, it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue. Like I said below, the fact a Physician’s Assistant can contradict an Orthopedic Surgeon shows how stupid things are in Memphis …. said PA didn’t even do a check of the hip, just made the call that the Ortho and the referring Doc were wrong.


  5. My Dad has had one hip replaced through the VA. The other is now an issue, and he is now dealing with the VA in Memphis The previous was through the VA in Iron Mountain Michigan.
    He got his Doc to refer him to an Orthopedic Surgeon who exclaimed it felt like bone on bone. The Ortho set him up to schedule the surgery but some Physicians Assistant nixxed it. What the hell is going on that a PA can tell someone an Ortho is wrong to say he was in need of a hip and claim there is nothing wrong? It is bad enough my folks are considering possibly moving back to Michigan to get it taken care of if the second try does not go through.
    Dad can’t walk and carry 20 pounds because the pain is too great.
    I’m shocked he didn’t kill the PA.
    Also, don’t get him started on eye glasses from the Memphis VA.


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      1. I got them all. Not sure why you’re not seeing them.


        1. It hiccuped and it was odd. my reply was to you but showed to CI and had no reply link under it. Then I replied to CI, and that reply did not show up.
          Then I did the last one, and they all moved again, but I was then heading out the door.
          WP, driving users mad since 2003.


  6. Shot, over! Excellent post.

    There are 2 major reasons why this is allowed to happen:

    1. These are members of the Senior Executive Service, which are not very fry-able. They are comparable to general officers, and wield a lot of power.

    2. By nature, members of the military choose not to be political, in keeping with our oath of enlistment. Because of this, we are not perceived as a significant voting bloc. If that were true, that would make our elected officials constantly wary of being voted out of office. It’s time to change our strategy.


  7. The practice of the Vets Admin as described in the originating post and subsequent comments provides another instance supporting my total opposition to the Volunteer Army. Before you, reader, respond with “Say, what???”, think a moment. The Vet Admin practice does just what the Vol Army does: both make war too cheap. The Vol Army enables some to pay others to do the waring for them. It enables politicos to engage in war without proving that war worth the cost. It conceals the actual costs of war, making it mere money (printed, but that’s another story), rather than wounded and dead. Do not conclude I oppose a military. The world has meanies who must get restrained. Instead, I argue for the real costs of war have such transparent clairity that only when necessary do we wage war. And then, when we do, we do so with absolute determination to win it as expeditiously as possible so that we minimize the real costs. And finally, when we win any war, we actually pay the bills, taking care of those who bore the costs most directly, the Vets.


  8. This makes one wonder just how far this nest of vipers extends outwards from the oval (offal) office.


  9. With the exception of Walter Reed type of facilities, that specialize in major medical issues, would it make more sense, financially and service wise to eliminate the majority of VA facilities and just give a vet a Blue Cross Blue Shield card? And a vet that has a duty related injury is issued a BCBS card that allows them to go to the head of the line in any civilian medical treatment facility?


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