Something to make you gag

Misery loves company, so when I find something that makes my insides roil as if I’d just swallowed a live, writhing eel, you’d better believe I will spread the joy and share the anguish.

putin-6-480wSo welcome to the 2016 Vladimir Putin calendar, featuring the Russian strongman in a variety of poses ranging from merely repulsive (sagging, pasty man tits on a fly fishing expedition) to the downright ominous (check out the close-up of Putin’s steely glare).putin-3-480w

This is just the kind of crap that the Russians eat up. They love their petty authoritarians. That’s why Putin’s approval ratings are so high, despite Russia’s economic decline. As long as they have their strong leader, they’re happy.

And speaking of statist assholes, Russia has just issued an international arrest warrant for our old friend Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Now why, you ask, would Putin all of a sudden issue an arrest warrant for a guy he pardoned a couple of years ago – a guy whom he imprisoned for 10 years for tax evasion and fraud because he wanted to steal his oil company?

Khodorkovsky, a loud detractor of President Putin, is wanted for allegedly ordering subordinates to kill the mayor of Nefteyugansk in 1998. Russia’s Investigative Committee say he was attempting to avoid paying taxes for his oil company, Yukos.

For his part, Khodorkovsky, who is currently living in Switzerland, claims Putin has lost his mind.

I’m thinking that since the rollover of EU sanctions is a done deal, and the United States just announced another round of maintenance sanctions against Russian individuals and companies for Russia’s shenanigans in Ukraine, Putin pretty much has dropped any facade of being an innocent victim to the evil west. He’s figuring if the EU and the United States are going to continue to sanction him, he may as well drop all pretense and act like the villain that he is.

Enjoy the calendar!

10 responses

  1. Wanna gag AND puke?

    A President Jugears tough guy calendar.


    1. Oh, dude. STAHP!


  2. Have to agree. If you really want to gag have a President Totally Pussy calendar.


  3. Better yet, Obama in a thong on the calendar…



    1. Dude. Yuck. I’m thinking his moobs are smaller and less pasty than Putin’s though.


      1. I’m guessing that with his shirt off, Obama probably looks like a bird cage.


        1. I don’t think he’s THAT scrawny. I think he probably looks like a soft, suburban, minivan driving dad.


  4. Oh, Vlad, REALLY! You should know better! Get to the gym, wouldja? And get some of that spray-on tan. Or some sunshine or something. Geez!

    Even I wouldn’t be silly enough to run around in a bikini at my age. You’re getting up there, Big Boy. Put your shirt back on. You look silly!



  5. And there is definitely something wrong when they (The Russians in Russia) get in their car and hit the road. Google Russian Drivers/Accidents.


  6. I am NOT looking at that calendar and you can’t make me!


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