Ann Telnaes – keepin’ it classy… NOT!

OK, I’m going to post a language warning right here, and right now. If you don’t like invective, stop reading and go away, because this is going to be bad.

A Washington Post editorial cartoonist decided it was a wise idea to draw Ted Cruz’s little girls as monkeys in a cartoon yesterday. Monkeys. Not as “monkey-like characters,” as CNN claims, but actual monkeys.

Can you imagine the outrage if the President or his family members were portrayed in such a manner? As monkeys? People would be fired, right? Oh… they were! And there was an apology letter and everything!

But instead of admitting the cartoon was in poor taste and apologizing for targeting Ted Cruz’s innocent children, the turd burglar in question doubled down on the stupid.

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Cartoonist Ann Telnaes is a vile, syphilitic cunt.

There. I said it.

No, I don’t care if she’s won the Pulitzer. No, I don’t give a rat’s flying fuck if she’s won numerous awards for her drawings. I don’t care if she’s a liberal. I don’t give a squatting, flailing, fetid, quiffing, ass munching fuck what her beliefs are.

She’s an odious, sub-human piece of shit.


Here’s why.

The Washington Post removed an editorial cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkeys from its website Tuesday after the GOP presidential candidate lashed out at the paper.

How much of a rancid slunt to you have to be to target two little girls in such a manner?

How much of a rancid slunt to you have to be to target two little girls in such a manner?

You guys know me. I’m a mom first. Targeting any child, regardless of parents’ party affiliation, political status, or government position is just a big, fat “NO” in my book.

These are little girls. They can’t fight back. This donkey-humping, cock-chomping bag of fug targeted the weakest and most innocent among us, and then tried to explain away her scummery, because history or something.

Organ Grinders and Their Monkeys Once Entertained on DC Sidewalks via @boundarystones

— Ann Telnaes (@AnnTelnaes) December 23, 2015

And because Ted Cruz put them out there in a political ad, so it’s perfectly OK to draw his little girls as fucking monkeys in this loathsome creature’s twisted world!

It is difficult for me to even stomach this foul gargoyle’s supposed logic!

She obviously hasn’t heard of the first rule of holes.

Fair game, right?

Fair game, right?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign in April aired an ad inspired by her mother Dorothy Rodham, who was abandoned by her parents at the age of 8 and sent to live live with grandparents who didn’t want her.” Did Telnaes draw Clinton’s mom as one of those abandoned dogs you see in ASPCA ads?

Oh, would that have been in poor taste? You mean it’s not OK to target an innocent family member simply because a political candidate happens to put her out there in a political ad? After all, Hillary Clinton put her mom out there, so wouldn’t it only be fair for that shitslurping sack of monkey jizz to draw her in a political cartoon?

And hell, Hillary Clinton invoked her granddaughter in a September TV spot.  She put her out there, right? So that sweet, innocent baby is fair game for her political cartoons as well, right?

You mean THIS baby?

You mean THIS baby?

At least the Post had enough sense to pull that noxious piece, although an apology was just too much to ask for, I guess.

It’s OK. They’re not human. They’re just Republicans, so apologizing to them would be something akin to inviting that illegal alien who cuts your shrubbery in your house for a drink of water. You’ll hire him, but no way you’ll let him soil your freshly shampooed rug with his filthy shoes! That’s a bridge too far, right editorial page editor Fred Hiatt? You can’t be seen apologizing to those nasty Republicans for not fucking DOING. YOUR. JOB, you turd gobbling shit weasel!

The Washington Post needs to issue a gorram apology. Like, yesterday.

For targeting innocent children in their froth-flecked campaign to destroy political opponents.

For opportunistically shitting on two defenseless little girls.

For what they would enthusiastically label as racism had the target been anyone but a conservative Republican.

For their lack of class.

For their absence of simple human decency.

This isn’t about politics. It’s about simple decorum.

Cue “But… But… But… Limbaugh compared Chelsea Clinton to a dog” screeches in 3…2…1…


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  1. I’m rapidly moving to the conclusion that I need to be off social media. Otherwise, at some point I’m going to become as bad as the leftists like to portray conservatives and libertarians.

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  2. Wow, Nicki, great job of controlling invective. Especially when some noxious crack invites it in such a hateful way. I have always hated the word “cunt,” and don’t associate it wit ladies, but this crack most certainly, by her behavior, defines it. So too do the prog assholes who think targeting children isn’t off limits.
    Best to you.

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  3. Sometimes, I start to type something, but then I think the better of it and ditch it, and start over. In this case, I don’t think you were NEARLY loud or angry enough, Nicki.

    That slimy muck-humping skank should be fired, if she hasn’t been already. Maybe someone should do that old ‘turnabout is fair play’ thing on this useless waste of sperm. But she, and others like her, are the reason I stay off social media. They see nothing wrong with the malicious shit they dump on you and/or your family, but if YOU do it to THEM, well, you’re just a horrible person!

    What a hag-ridden sow she is. She can make all the excuses she wants to. I hope the public reaction gives her unendurable hives that show all over her leprous ass, because her soul – if she even has one – is even more slimy than her words.

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  4. Off topic, are you a Firefly fan? Just curious since you used the word “gorram”.


  5. Wow Nicki! I thought I was upset. I wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of either you or Ann Coulter. Devastating, both of you. (BTW, Telnaes deserved everything you threw at her.)


    1. I have this mom gene that goes into overdrive whenever I see children targeted. And then my brain just goes haywire! 🙂


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  7. Reblogged this on The Arts Mechanical and commented:
    The cartoon was stupid. Especially as it ties Cruz to just about every victim group out there, as a member of said groups. Attack o family, check, attack on Hispanics, check, racism, check, attack in immigrants and the struggle to overcome discrimination, check. The Italian community fought hard to get organ grinders off the streets because they felt that the business was demeaming to Italian immigrants to the point that Mayor LaGuardia shut the grinders down in NYC. I can’t think of a WORSE way to insult more people than this cartoon, yet I suspect that out progs will come up with some.

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