Bergdahl enters no plea

I did a happy dance when the news reported that (“alleged”) traitorous deserter Bowe Bergdahl would face desertion and misbehavior before the enemy charges at a general court martial, despite the recommendation of some oozing vagoo of an LTC at a preliminary hearing that Bergdahl receive a slap on the wrist for walking off his base and hanging out with murdering terrorists in Taliban territory for several years.

Today, Bergdahl was arraigned in his first court appearance at Ft. Bragg and deferred entering a plea.

The wheels of military justice appear to move slowly in this case. That little prick was returned home last year after the administration traded him for five terrorists, who are even now almost certainly plotting their next attack, but finally, the head of U.S. Army Forces Command General Robert Abrams decided to refer the case to a general court martial instead of a special court martial, which would have carried barely any punishment at all.

Ever since Bergdahl’s release, I have been saying that this shitbag deserves to have the book thrown at him.

He walked off the base.

If you're ever in doubt of Bergdahl's guilt, just remember this photo.

If you ever doubt Bergdahl’s guilt, just remember this photo.

He left his buddies and his equipment behind.

But that’s not all he apparently did.

He apparently played soccer with the Taliban.

He apparently was allowed to carry a weapon at times, because he’d become a warrior for Islam.

He apparently provided information to the enemy that led to attacks against our troops.

Bergdahl did a podcast recently in which he attempts to explain away his desertion by claiming he wanted on one hand to be some kind of Jason Bourne-like super spy, and on the other, to report “leadership failures” in his platoon.

“All I was seeing was basically leadership failure to the point that the lives of the guys standing next me to were literally, from what I could see, in danger of something seriously going wrong, and somebody being killed,” he said.

Bergdahl said he was unhappy with the leadership in his unit and believed no one would take his complaints seriously. He devised a plan to hike 18 miles to another Army base to report his concerns to a general.

“I was fully confident that when someone took a look at the situation…that people would understand that I was right. What was going on was a danger to the lives of the men of that company,” Bergdahl said on the podcast.

This douche canoe is either dumber than a box of hammers, or an outright liar. I tend to lean toward the latter, although his intellect isn’t exactly shining through in this affair either.

If he gave a flying rat’s ass about the lives of the guys standing next to him, I would humbly submit that he wouldn’t have walked off base without his weapon, knowing that the guys standing next to him would have to go looking for him.

If he believed no one would take his complaints seriously if he lodged complaints through his chain of command, how much gravitas would he have had after showing up at a military base after taking a nice, unarmed hike in Taliban territory?

Fact is he wanted to be a badass. He tried to join the French Foreign Legion, and those guys rejected him, so he joined the Army “for the adventure” instead. The little jerk had a superiority complex too, and didn’t think the guys in his unit were competent enough to fight according to what he told former SPC Jason Fry. “If this deployment is lame,” Bergdahl told Fry, “I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.” (emphasis mine)

And now this lying colostomy bag wants us to believe that he cared about his fellow Soldiers so much, that he was going to hike unarmed 18 miles to another military base and lodge complaints about their treatment to command? Please! Whom does he think he’s kidding?

He thought he was too good for this mission.

He thought he was superior to his buddies.

He thought he was going to be a badass Soldier to compensate for his Foreign Legion rejection and the fact that he was discharged from the Coast Guard.

And when all of that failed, he took a hike with the intent of finding the Taliban and helped them murder his fellow service members!

What he did was the definition of desertion and treason, and for that he deserves the maximum penalty.


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  1. I hope he serves a very long and unhappy life in Leavenworth


    1. I hope that immediately after being found guilty, he is marched at bayonet-point to the gallows and given a long drop on a short rope.

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  2. I don’t suppose a firing squad is a possibility?


  3. You forgot, he got tossed from the Puddle Pirates before he joined the Army for having issues related to taking orders. In basic.


    1. Well, I did mention he got tossed from the Coast Guard, although I didn’t specify a cause, because that’s kind of speculative, and the CG wouldn’t comment.


  4. “This douche canoe is either dumber than a box of hammers, or an outright liar.”
    This douche canoe is dumber than a box of hammers, and an outright liar.
    Fixed it.

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  5. I knew that this twatwaffle was a self-centered waste of sperm, but I did not know he’d been rejected by La Légion Étrangère. I didn’t think they were that picky. That is simply disgusting.

    Il peut aller se faire enculer! Le cerveau il etait en option chez lui.

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  6. H
    When he’s found guilty, he should be tied to a fence post and shot. The ghost of Eddie Slovic demands it.

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  7. Way past time to close the books on this collaborating POS deserter.


  8. Releasing 5 top taliban commanders for this useless bag of flesh is one of the top 3 reasons I despise Obama.


  9. Can they court martial the American taliban who traded Bergdahl for 5 the freedom of 5 terrorists? Surely that act is more traitorous than what Bergdahl himself did.


  10. Even if they cannot prove any other charges, he is guilty of Desertion.

    I don’t know the UCMJ, but I thought that Desertion from a Combat position is the equivalent of a Felony – F2 I think. So that should be at least 20 years at Leavenworth.

    Never mind that I would prefer they skip that and go straight to firing squad.


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