Remember I recently told you about Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks? Remember I told you he’s an absolute artist? Remember I told you his holsters are beautiful?

Guess what I got today! 

This one is for my Glock 23, and it’s a paddle holster. And it’s soooooo pretty!

Carrying in this holster will be fashionable and fun. And it smells like… You know what it smells like? FREEDOM! 

Dennis is an incredible artisan, and as I mentioned before, Dragon Leatherworks now has gift certificates just in time for Christmas! So go over there and grab one. 

Trust me. You won’t regret it. 


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  1. Pretty, indeed. And really not all that “girlie” looking. 🙂 Enjoy.

    One like it in a darker color would be perfect for my EDC G23, also.


  2. My spouse has a beautifully tooled holster and belt for his Blackhawk. He loved it so much, the morning after he got it I woke up to him standing at the stove cooking us breakfast and wearing it slung low on one hip in nothing but his jockeys.

    A sight to behold.


    1. Best. Thing. EVAH!


  3. VERY nice, Nicki. However, being opposed to getting some bureaucrat’s “permit” to carry, I carry VERY concealed so the holster wouldn’t be seen by very many other people.


    1. I carry concealed too, although sometimes, depending on the clothes I’m wearing, it’s not possible, because I’m a chick. That said, it’s still gorgeous, and I have it for ME – not to show off for others.


  4. That is the most beautiful looking holster on the market today, by far, as well as one of the best designed. Dennis is a true craftsman.
    As far as concealing so it can’t be seen, it wouldn’t matter. I have a very nice looking knife which I keep in my pocket, and no one can see it. But I know it is there, and I know how nice it looks.

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