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As many of you know by now, the Yale professor who got the Special Snowflakes’ panties in a twist over a Halloween email in which she dared to imply that the offendapotomi were adults and should be treated as such, instead of relying on the paternalistic university administrators to tell them how to dress and how to enjoy the holiday has stopped teaching.

In an email to The Washington Post, Christakis said she cancelled her spring course “The Concept of the Problem Child” — which drew large crowds during shopping period when she also taught it this fall — in response to a campus climate not “conducive to the civil dialogue and open inquiry required to solve our urgent societal problems.”


Erika Christakis’ husband Nicholas Christakis told the News that he will take a sabbatical this spring, cancelling his popular lecture “Health of the Public.”

Erika Christakis’ “Concept of the Problem Child” covered controversial issues in contemporary America. The syllabus for the course includes books on gender, race and teenage pregnancy. Nearly all the reviews of Christakis’ classes are extremely positive.

So Yale has lost a popular lecturer, whose course students nearly universally enjoyed, because the shrieking, sniveling, cry bullies made her life so miserable for merely daring to exercise her right to voice a dissenting opinion, that she felt she no longer conduct her lectures in an environment conducive to learning!

But oh, don’t worry! I’m sure Yale will hire another lecturer to teach early childhood education – one who will focus on training young people to respect victims, to pick at their oozing, dirty sores and demand the world lick them clean, and to worship at the altar of mediocrity – as long as that mediocrity is confused about its gender, identifies as green, and uses words and phrases such as “privilege,” “hetero-patriarchy,” and “cultural appropriation.” It (it can’t possibly be a “he”) will know little about early childhood development, but it won’t really need experience or knowledge. It will be triggered by all the right things and will teach Special Snowflakes how to create whole new generations of Special Snowflakes!

Won’t that be great?

Virginia Commonwealth University didn’t experience the upheaval of Yale and Mizzou, but these cowards decided to preempt the cry bully hemorrhoidery in hopes that they wouldn’t be targeted, according to an email I recently received. This is apparently what VCU plans to do to avoid the Wrath of the Offendapotomus:

University Ombudsperson William King now has an expanded role to serve in student mediation and conflict resolution. We will monitor demand and add qualified staff as needed.

Ombudsperson. Obviously a person named William could identify as a woman… or a goat… or a colander. So we wouldn’t want to offend it. Therefore, ombudsperson.

Within the spring semester, we will establish a bias response team that will operate through University Police and will ensure efficient, effective and appropriate response to incidents that may be characterized as bias motivated.

HurtFeelingsReportInstead of protecting students from violence, campus police will now have a Butthurt Unit. They will probably arrive with a jar of Vagisil and a hurt feelings report to soothe the chafed labia. Maybe a jar of Vaseline for the ass rage.

They might even have the authority to put you in a special program with a curriculum tailored to deal with Special Snowflakes, which coincidentally will be offered by VCU in the spring.

We are offering a for-credit seminar course this spring on issues of diversity and inclusion, open to all students.

I’m sure instruction on microaggressions, triggers, white privilege, ableism, and how to raise a transgender pansexual animal companion will be included.

But one thing is for certain: more resources will be needed, and you can be sure the “savings” will be passed right on to the students at VCU!

Don’t worry, though. It’s worth it, because the way to fend off the Rage of the Disgruntled Anus is to hit every buzzword on the Social Justice Warrior bingo card in your academic program. And in order to do that, the faculty will have to be properly indoctrinated educated. Because race, ethnicity, color, national origin, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, penis size, occupation, and economic status need to be considered in every conversation, lecture, and exam lest the ass frazzled stage a demonstration.

Members of the president’s cabinet and senior leadership team (including deans, vice provosts, and associate vice presidents) will undergo cultural competency training in January.

And to ensure the VCU’s “diversity” agenda is properly implemented, the university president has appointed a five-member group “to oversee and coordinate the timely implementation of these executive initiatives” – The President’s Action Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

You know what this “diversity” panel doesn’t have? A single white male. Because white males are not to be included in inclusion. Or something. 

And those are just the short term goals, boys and girls! The future is even MOAR bright! According to VCU officials, the school that’s already well known for its diverse student body is now exploring “ways to make VCU’s curriculum more inclusive on all levels. This includes reviewing our UNIV100 course.”

Can’t wait for that! Instead of an introduction to the University, its history, the resources available, academic opportunities, career planning, and problem solving, maybe they can focus on Introduction to Spanglish, followed by Ebonics 101 in the foreign language curriculum. Maybe a great history class called “Systems of Oppression” would be a requirement, or some “Two-Spirit Lesbian studies.”

Didn’t there used to be a time when universities focused on training independent free-thinkers and releasing them into the world, instead of fostering thumb-sucking, offensitive Generation Cupcake pansies? But it appears they’re now too scared of the limp-wristed drama queens to do their job.


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  1. “…cultural competency training…”

    God help us all.


  2. Cultural competency training in Yemen would be all these progressive, regressive wankers, wankettes and douchetwattles deserve. I am so thankful that I graduated university in 1977 from a once very decent conservative college that was blessedly overrun with many retired military, LE, teaching many of the courses. A place where cowboys and indians was still played out, there were just men and women, people packed heat and crime was unheard of. Now, it is just another Yale or VCU.

    Great post, truth and nicked.


  3. I wonder how much an Ombudsperson makes? Sounds like a decent gig. No wonder the Yale tuition is $45k!


    1. Maybe VCU is being personist with this “ombudsperson” thing. If it identifies as… Say… A dragon or a jar of mayo, shouldn’t we say “ombudsentity” or something?


  4. Just a question here……exactly who is going to hire one of these children? Employers are going to round file applications from these universities. Yeah, this whole university system is gonna implode. Oh well, I reckon that in the future, folks will take certain courses over the internet that are NECESSARY for the job. As for the students, there’s going to be testing at third party sites to ensure actual competency. You see, that’s part of what the H1-B visa thing is all about. Affirmative action graduates, and grade inflation are producing useless people who aren’t capable of the work. So, capitalism is working around the problem….companies are hiring vetted foreigners who have actual, real life skills that aren’t fraudulent. Just my opinion, of course.

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    1. Then again (I speak from workplace experience) the H-1b foreigners often comes with their own (different) set of issues.


    2. I work with a lot of H1Bs. The levels of competency and work ethic is, from personal experience, on the same par as Americans in the same company. I’ve worked with some that were pretty sharp, but lazy. Just like many Americans I work with. They’re cheaper. That’s all it is. The company can’t lose.


  5. […] FOR THE LIBERTY ZONE THE LANGUAGE IS MILD, BUT: Special Snowflake University. […]

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  6. This is not about jobs or even sensitivity. It is one of the later stages of the breakdown of a society. That in turn dates back to the insertion of Soviet subversives in the Civil Rights and Anti War movements. The Anti War movement was completely compromised by the early 1970’s, if not earlier. The Civil Rights movement hung on a little longer but by the early 1980’s going to college, buying a suit and hitting the bricks was pretty much forgotten and Thug culture was born in a haze of cheap malt liquor and crack.

    These whiny neurotics want men with clubs and guns to protect their delicate skin. The are the result of a culture of social corruption that was embedded in our colleges 50 years ago. When our universities can no longer teach, discuss, study and research freely, our educational system is dead.

    The necessary steps and methods to destroy a society were explained in detail by Yuri Bezmenov, one of the few KGB agents to not only defect, but go public.

    Before he died, he filmed several lectures and interviews where he explains who he is, what he did and how the KGB undermines societies. What impressed me most of all is how perfectly his description of that subversion matches with events and changes I’ve watched in our society since the 1960’s.

    Check him out, you’ll find plenty on YouTube. The videos range from about 10 minutes to an hour and a half.


  7. C’mon. You wrote this as if Walmart doesn’t need more cart-wranglers.


    1. Hah! Do we really need more of these Generation Cupcake idiots screeching for a $20/minute wage?


  8. There is a lot of noise coming from that direction, under the pretense of social justice – whatever that is. I have no idea what they mean by ‘privilege’. We had no money but my mother knew how to make a house look nice. It’s upbringing, not laws, that make things happen.
    These lazy twits do kind of fall into that ‘useful idiots’ category. For example. the teachers’ union is forcing the state of Illinois to raise public school salaries more and more and eventually, the state will run out of money to pay them, which will result in — wait for it! The closure of public schools! Yes, it’s already happening in Chicago and the private schools, which give kids a real education, are blossoming. That’s only one of the results. Detroit’s loss of automobile industry-related jobs is another one. Detroit is a war zone but the mayor encourages everyone to be armed for their own protection. The US steel industry went to Japan. The British shipbuilding industry went to Asia. Your jeans? Look at the label. Ditto your blouses, sweaters and shoes, etc. They’re trying to do the same thing with McDonald’s for Pete’s sake. Would you like to be a waitress who no longer gets tips?
    You see the trend here, don’t you?
    The SJWs and unions move hand-in-hand with each other, and while they are now loud and uncouth, and probably smell like the bottom of your trash can after it’s emptied, they have the substance of scraps of tires. Once they’re out of the protected environment of a university campus and have to face the real world – get a real job, or go hungry – reality will hit them. And it won’t be pretty. The online presence of being a loud-mouthed agitator will not be conducive to any of them getting real jobs.
    Would you like fries with that?

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    1. Oh, they’re idiots alright. Just not sure about them being “useful.”


  9. Don’t complain. Emptying Academia of good people and leaving behind losers in all but the STEM departments is a good thing.
    Hit the damn accelerator pedal, for crying out loud. Get our feet off the brake pedal.
    Molon Labe.


  10. If all immigrants were subjected to mandatory ‘cultural competency training’, The Donald wouldn’t have to shut the borders. They would flee of their own accord.


    1. You mean like make them listen to Nickelback and watch reality TV? 😉


  11. The devolution of our universities continues apace. I wonder where these special snowflakes expect they will find a job. Those of them who are true idiots will put this on their resume as a sign of their success.


    1. I think they expect to bully their way into the job market much like they bully their way into everything else.


  12. Nicki great post again – too much crap – not enough time. This BS, stacked upon the (p)iled (h)igher and (d)eeper (PHD) crap that you so routinely fisk, in your eloquent way, tends to give sane folks seizures, and little hope for the future.

    I can’t comment much, but I read all your posts.
    Kudos for all the effort to expose fucktardism in its fundamental state. You ROCK, girl.


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