It’s that time

It’s the holidays. Everyone is running around doing their shopping, looking for the perfect gift for that perfect loved one. Well… I got something for you. Something neat, something exciting, something I know every gun owner out there would love. How do I know you’ll love it? Because I love it.

holsterAs you know, my buddy Dennis owns Dragon Leatherworks. You’ve seen his logo on the sidebar of this blog. You’ve seen the outstanding work he did with the holster for my M1911 and my pistol belt. Dennis is a fantastic craftsman, a staunch supporter of our liberties, and a good friend.

He’s done TV and movie work too! His products have been featured in the NCIS series, and most recently in the movie Jurassic World.

You know you like it. You know you love it. And you know that your gun-owning friends want one!

Well, this holiday season, you may very well be able to help them out, because Dennis and Dragon Leatherworks now have gift certificates you can give! Seriously, y’all. You just can’t beat this. The products Dennis makes are just nothing short of amazing! He’s truly a craftsman of the highest order and will make a beautiful holster for you that you will be proud to wear!

And by the way, it really is a beautiful gift certificate!


So do yourselves and your friends a favor – get them a beautiful gift certificate for one of these unique holsters. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love one of these, and you’d be helping support a fellow freedom advocate’s business!


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  1. Pretty, Nicki. A bit flashy for my taste, but I know they also make more “manly” holsters. 🙂 (As shown on NCIS.) Dragonworks is located not too far from my old hometown. Perhaps can I stop by there the next time I’m up that way.

    If that is your holster, and the picture is not flipped, may I assume you are a southpaw?


    1. Never mind. I just went to their site and saw that’s their holster illustration.


  2. […] is an incredible artisan, and as I mentioned before, Dragon Leatherworks now has gift certificates just in time for Christmas! So go over there and grab […]


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