Dear Hashem, here’s a bit of news for you…

We don’t give a rat’s flying fuck if posting a photo of that Jihadist sow Tafsheen Malik without the veil over her face is disrespectful.

The Al Jazeera America producer Hashem Said tweeted exactly this at ABC news when they ran a photo of the murdering helltwat and showed her face. Trust me, Sparky – most of us wish that fugly pig left her foul grill covered, but that said, respect toward a murdering hog is the last thing on our minds.

Said then proceeded, in true SJW form, to berate Twitter users who called him out on his lunacy by accusing them of racism ht_tashfeen_malik_float_jc_151204_12x5_1600and bigotry, because apparently they didn’t know the difference between disrespect of the culture and disrespect of the individual. He claimed that showing that filthy swine’s face was disrespectful to her family.

Guess what!

Nope. Still don’t care.

When a filthy troglodyte launches a terrorist attack against my fellow Americans, giving a crap about her or her family’s alleged “dignity” is the furthest from my mind.

You know what’s disrespectful? Killing a bunch of civilians at a holiday party.

You know what’s disrespectful? Coming to this country, enjoying our rights and freedoms, being afforded opportunities you couldn’t even begin to have in that shithole you left, and repaying said debt with murder.

You know what else is disrespectful? Demanding any kind of consideration for that vile, murdering whore’s family, dog, culture, or anything else after she murdered – MURDERED – 14 innocent people along with that impotent neckbeard she married.

A couple of days later, after being hammered on Twitter by people with a sense of human decency and decorum, and after whining about feeling all victimized, he finally issued an apology.

TAFmPn48pAssGwLfCpxkGtKoPPGboIs5fFke1fxqkEdvRR1RV2-aStkpaCHdsf8zwfoc1gBvUp52jbaJPdCWRLbbDgr8=s2048hat was the last thing he tweeted out before slinking away in shame. Oh, he also deleted the original tweet, but the Internet does not forget.



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  1. Nicki, the comment from coffeypot is amusing.

    As for the hashman complaining about the ugly twat’s face being uncovered, he can fuck off.


    1. Heh! I giggled!


  2. Respect is earned. Murdering innocent people does not gain any rational person’s respect.


  3. Murderers LOSE any right to respect… screw ’em…


  4. Didn’t you just love how Said complained that (critics) have “no idea how respecting a culture works”?

    “Culture.” Muslims keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

    My final thought on the matter: I don’t give a fuck what he thinks about it, either.


  5. My Latino neighbors have more respect for our culture than any of those goat pebbles coming here from the Middle East. PERIOD.

    And that empty suit in the White House still is unable to mouth the correct name for ISIS/Daesh. It’s still ISIL in his world.

    The more these yapping hyenas – no, that’s offensive to hyenas. In fact, it’s fair to say that hyenas have more common decency than any of these mangy dogs coming from the equatorial area of that part of the world.

    Well, the more they do these things, the less likely they are to succeed at their intended goal. They think we’re just a bunch of sheep.

    Big mistake. Big HUGE mistake.

    I’m going to have a nice bacon, lettuce and tomato club sandwich for supper, and with every bite of that nice, crispy bacon, I will think of those murdering thugs. And I believe strongly in reincarnation. May they return as wild hogs in Texas. There’s no limit and no ‘season’, you know.

    Was that inflammatory? I was just venting. If it’s unsuitable, Nicki, feel free to edit stuff out.


    1. mamaliberty2014

      Unsuitable? Heck no, that last part anyway was downright inspirational. 🙂


    2. I’ve noticed that AG Lo-ret-ta Lynch has threatened to prosecute anyone who makes anti-muslim statements that lean toward violence.

      Considering how many people are becoming more and more angry AT the entire muslim community and are speaking out about their anger, just how does she plan to go about doing that? Load them/us into cattle cars and send us off to some undisclosed work camp some place?

      Seriously, if that is NOT the most asinine thing a government official has said to date – even more idiotic than da prezzie, then what is? Has anyone else heard or read anything more grindingly stupid than that, other than Neville Chamberlain’s ‘peace in our time’ claim? All she’s doing is stirring up more anger. She should be looking for an exit door right about now. That is just plain dumb.


    3. Oh, Sara – I think you know me better than that! 🙂


    4. Sara, you had better retain counsel. You need to have a lawyer, ready to spring into action, for when Loretta’s Lynch Mob arrests you for your Anti-Muslim speech that edges toward violence.


    5. You apologize to the goats, then you go on to disparage dogs. Have you no decency?

      Ha! I love sarcasm.

      That aside, one thing I can say about this blog and the comments. My vocabulary has grown exponentially.


    6. Well, crap. I went back and re-read your comment, Sara. It was hyenas you apologized to. Now where in the world did I get goats?


  6. Why on earth do they think that their culture should be respected? They dishonour us, dishonour our culture and kill our people and expect respect?

    With over 60% of religious violence being against Jews and the violence against muslims being the same as against Christians the muslims have no claim to victimhood.

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