Cue the self-anointed terrorism / security experts in 3…2…1…

There was an attack today in San Bernardino. Details are sketchy, but here’s what we know so far.

  • Around 11 a.m., at least one shooter opened fire in San Bernardino at the Inland Regional Center, a facility that serves people with developmental disabilities.

  • Preliminary numbers: At least 14 people were killed and 17 wounded, San Bernardino police said.

  • Police said there were one to three assailants, who were heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor.

  • After a car chase, one suspect has been shot by police, and authorities said one might be at large. The status of another person seen in a vehicle at the end of the chase is unclear.

  • Investigators are not sure whether the shooting was an act of terrorism, an FBI official said.

This is awful. It’s horrible. Fourteen people died at a place that works with disabled people, ferfuckssake! How twisted and gnarled with hate do you have to be to shoot up a place such as this?

And yet, three sub-human savages wearing masks, possibly sporting body armor, and carrying long guns decided a holiday party was the prime place to take out their tiny-dicked, impotent rage on a bunch of folks who work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society! What kind of demented, rabid bag of fug do you have to be to have so much hatred and poison on your heart?

As predicted, two things happened shortly after the shooting became part of the news cycle:

  1. Social media terrorism and security experts began shrieking about a terrorism attack;
  2. Opportunistic politician swine began calling for gun control.

And yes, I felt the need to respond. It shouldn’t surprise me that a manipulative whore such as O’Malley would cover himself in the blood of innocent victims and do the Macarena, but it galls me more than anything to see someone who wants to lead this nation spew without having facts, cast aspersions on an organization that exists to protect the fundamental rights of Americans, and blame millions of gun owners (after all, the NRA consists millions of law-abiding citizens) for the slaughter committed by three shitslurping asstorches, two of whom are currently approaching room temperature, according to latest reporting.

KABC_suv_bullets_cf_151202_4x3_992Let me also specify – it’s not that police are unsure whether this was an act of terrorism. They say they have “no information at this point to indicate that this is terrorist related in the traditional sense that people may be thinking.” It’s simply too early to tell. And yet, the usual shitsharks are already trying to advance a Muslim terrorism narrative. Hate to say this, but it’s just as malevolent to immediately blame the NRA without having facts as it is to instantly assume Islamic terrorism.

Oh, but we heard the name Farooq Saeed on the radio!

Oh, but they’ve chosen a soft target!

We don’t know. We won’t know for a while, I’m thinking.

What we do know is that California has stringent gun control and is beloved by the Brady Center, which holds that state as pretty much an ideal, and yet three cocknuggets got themselves some guns and killed innocent people with them.

Guns are banned in government buildings, and the only thing that accomplished is to make those inside easy targets for murderous savages.

And no matter how much the douchetastic turdcutter politicians use this tragedy to push for more gun control, it’s not going to prevent the bad guys from obtaining weapons.

So let’s stop with the assumptions and wait until the facts are released.


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  1. No, it won’t prevent anything. That only works for people who are afraid of their own shadows. The top five countries with mass shooting rampages are very restrictive. The US falls to 7th place or below that. It’s twaddle, we all know it, but when you’re afraid of shadows….
    I’m waiting for facts to be released. I dislike rumors and speculation. Social media makes the spec part worse.
    Remember when Zokhar Tsarnaev was the object of adoration by teen-bopper girls who were quite sure he couldn’t have built bombs for the Boston Marathon, because he was just too cute? Remember that? That was after he ran over his own brother with his brother’s pickup truck, to escape the police. Delightful fellow, wasn’t he?
    Like I said, let’s get real facts and tell the politicians to keep their tacky tactless shit to themselves.

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  2. Lots and lots of speculation all over social media and the news organizations. Syed Farook (or similar spelling) has been confirmed. There may be two different Syed Farook’s that work for governmental agencies in the San Bernadino area. I’ve seen reports that someone at the scene of the original shooting got into an argument and left. If the person who got into the argument and left was Syed Farook, it could very well be that he was responsible for the shootings. However, outside of gangbangers, I’ve never heard of someone getting into an argument at work and then coming back with backup to do harm.

    I’ve also seen reports that there are possibly explosive devices inside his apartment. If that’s the case, it seems like this might less workplace violence and more planned terrorism. But the original reports of the SUV occupants throwing pipe bombs out the window during the chase have been discounted.
    It could also be a horrible coincidence that Syed Farook got into an argument at work and stormed out, then someone else showed up to shoot the place up. Then when the police go to question Farook end up in a gun battle with him (I’m not totally thrilled by how trigger happy some of the cops in CA are – see how many times they shot up the wrong vehicle during the Dorner search). In the meantime the real shooters get away. I haven’t seen anything from the police (not expecting anything for awhile) that actually indicates that the people in the SUV (Farook) were actually responsible for the shooting at the Inlands Center.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting more information. So many times the media starts jumping to conclusions about what went on and then turn out to be completely false.

    Workplace violence by Farook? Organized Terrorism with suspects ID’ed? Organized terrorism with Farook an unfortunate happenstance while the real terrorists get away?


    1. I must say that I am pretty sure this is not simple case of work place violence. At minimum this had to have been planned out in advanced. I don’t buy the idea that some one gets into an argument, goes home, just happens to recruit two other people at a spur of the moment, all with “tactical” equipment, and returns to shoot up the place. I’d put money on this event was not triggered by an argument that day.

      Also has there been any confirmation that this “Farook” was even in the SUV. From what I have read the suspects were wearing masks during the act, and that some witness said the voice sounded like a coworkers (Farook?). A big problem though is humans have a bad habit of misremembering things especially when the mind is trying to make sense of a chaotic stressful situation. It might be a case of this Farook got into an argument and left than when the shooters showed up the witness remembering the argument thought immediately assumed it was Farook, and there for remembered the voice as sounding like Farrok. So that name goes out as a possible suspect on the radio which people here and report on. At the same time the police have a good description of the vehicle they are looking for and when they find one that matches the description it does in fact contain the actual perpetrators of the crime, who then have a shoot out with police.


      1. I agree you can’t call it workplace violence. Frankly without MORE information, you can’t call it anything.


    2. Just got back home, so not up on what new information there is. What little I did hear was that the house was an “IED factory”, which means straight up terrorism to me. Workplace violence doesn’t involve weeks/months of preparation. Given that this IED factory was associated with Farook, I think it’s safe to say they got the right people in that SUV. I can’t imagine the odds of a terrorist working for a place that got hit be an attack and NOT be involved.

      Given that they were calling the house an IED factory this morning, I have to wonder about those reports of pipebombs being thrown from the vehicle that they later said weren’t explosives. Why make explosives and not take them with for the attack?


  3. I love the LA Times…one of the silly fucks who writes for them is already trying to spin this as work place violence? Oh you mean like *cough cough* FORT HOOD?! Sigh…dishonest fucksticks


    1. The Kostards were trying to claim that there might have been a Planned Parenthood nearby.


  4. If I had to bet I would have bet on jihaddies or radicals of the black lives matter bunch. Unless of course they were Amish or the ladies auxillary of some Baptist church. Ever go to one of their pot lucks? They are capable of incredible cruelty.

    So my bet is on the religion of peace and I’m sure the usual suspects will demand an immediate ban on guns.


  5. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’ve long subscribed to the theory that we will witness a ‘day of wrath’ scenario; a series of coordinated, near-simultaneous attacks across the country….designed to inflict a maximum amount of casualties and torpedo the economy.

    There is little evidence [as of now] that would support a reasonable theory of why the couple were kitted out as they were. As far as we know, they were not preppers, nor regular shooters. I think there is enough to support a theory that this couple was part of a ‘day of wrath’ strategy, that was either the beginning or a premature initiation.

    I could be wrong…..but on the chance I’m right… a reason I carry.


  6. Bravo!

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  7. Pretty much a dead-bang certainty that this was a Jihadi-style attack, though the perps tried to get away instead of becoming “martyrs to the cause”. Their house has been described as a virtual bomb-factory!


  8. walks like a duck,quacks like a duck and all that…..


  9. We are peeing in our pants over the possibility that some of the refugees might be terrorists, but this one was from here. He is not alone. Is it time for religious screenings and camps for muslims?


  10. Of course some will attempt to characterize the San Bernardino atrocity. It’s not like they haven’t done that before. (Hell, they’d have tried to paint the Tsarnaev brothers as “sports haters” if they thought they could have gotten away with it.) But the growing body of evidence seems to make that more difficult; i.e., multiple IED’s found in the shooters’ home.

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  11. If you wonder about the quality of today’s “journalism”, just listen to a “mass shooting” press conference. Based on the questions they ask, a majority of reporters come across as being dumber than fence posts.

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  12. 5 or 6 million NRA members didn’t murder anyone yesterday.

    And just whatinthehell is “assault style clothing.”

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    1. It’s ugly clothes from the 1970s that are coming back in style. 🙂


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