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Socialist Says the GOP Is a Dead Party, and He May Be Right

Note from Nicki: Welcome to Brad Johnson! Brad is a new blogger here and will be writing about whatever he wants. He’s fun. He’s exciting. He’s cool. He’s not afraid to use bad words. What’s not to like?



Filmmaker Michael Moore is ready to write the obituary of the Republican Party, and his logic for doing so isn’t without merit.

The Grand Old Party, according to the socialist fuck stick, faces demographic problems that are hard to avoid. The presence of fringe candidates who use bombastic rhetoric are driving away minorities and young people that Republican desperately need to attract if it wants to remain viable.

Moore“Let me give you a statistic: 81 percent of the electorate in 2016 will be either female, people of color or young adults between 18 and 35. They don’t look like those men on stage for the Republican [presidential] debates,” Moore told “When school started in September, for the first time ever the majority of our kindergarteners were not white.”

Moore is promoting a new film, Where to Invade Next, which was released in Los Angeles and New York just before Christmas. A larger release is scheduled in February. Those of you reading this, of course, would rather ram a screwdriver through your eye than watch one of his flicks. And, really, who can blame you?
Moore’s past films, which, despite what his fans may say, aren’t documentaries, include Bowling for Columbine, an assault on the Second Amendment, and Sicko, which disparaged the American healthcare system and promoted socialized medicine in Cuba and the United Kingdom.

Although Moore is undoubtedly just being an attention whore, his point – “concern trolling” is probably a better term – is a good one, as much as one may hate to admit it.

“We are not the America [Republican presidential candidates] grew up in, or the America they think they’re talking to. Those three groups they have alienated: women, people of color and young people,” said Moore in the interview. “By turning off 81 percent of the electorate, what is their plan to get into the White House? They can’t make it happen anymore. I mean, it really is a dead party.”

HillaryClinton-BernieSanders-Democrat-PartyOfOldWhitePeopleOf course, there is diversity in the Republican field, something their Democratic counterparts lack: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are of Cuban descent, Ben Carson is an African-American, and Carly Fiorina is a chick. The three remaining Democratic are all white, two of them are over the age of 68, and only one is a female (maybe – it’s questionable).

Nevertheless, Republicans do face a demographic problem. In May, the Washington Post noted that the white vote, on which the party has relied to be successful in national elections, has dwindled from near 90 percent in 1980 to a little more than 70 percent in 2012.

Separately, Gallup shows that 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney won 57 percent of the white vote, while President Barack Obama took 82 percent of minorities.

The big problem for Republicans is that incendiary rhetoric from certain candidates further damages the party’s already dismal efforts outreach efforts to minorities.

This includes idiotic statements made by Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, who has railed against even legal immigration, proposed prohibiting Muslims from legally entering the United States, promoted trade protectionism. After all, there’s no better way to engage minorities than to nominate a guy who is, basically, every asshole who has commented on a Stormfront forum.

“The 2016 electorate, demographically speaking, will be worse for Republicans than 2012,” Chris Cillizza explained. “And unless Republicans can begin winning more of the nonwhite vote, the 2020 election will be worse for the party than the 2016 election. And 2024 will be worse than, well, you get the idea.”

The Republican Party isn’t going to win over minorities if its nominee has a record of demagoguery against certain parts of the electorate. And if there is a change in direction, it has to be genuine, otherwise, minority voters will see straight through it. There isn’t an easy solution for Republican faithful here; either they began to embrace minorities or their prospects for winning back the White House will become much more difficult.


Sad Puppies – Still Sad, More Determined

Recently “Game of Thrones” author George R. R. Martin penned an essay on his site, expressing his hope for a reconciliation of sorts between the Sad Puppies and those who insist on keeping us on the outside. Maybe I’ve become jaded thanks to the Puppy Hugo fiasco of 2015, but the tone struck me as too benevolent by half, self-congratulatory, and as if GRRM had nothing at all to do with the rancor and bitterness of the past year. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

And maybe… just maybe… we’ll get our wish. Call me naive. Call me an innocent. Call me too trusting by half, too nice a guy to see how things really are… but, really, I am starting to have some hope. All over the internet, people are already talking about the Hugo Awards, making recommendations, discussing the work… the WORK, the things we love, the stuff that unites us instead of the stuff that divides us. I’ve been trying to do my part, here on my Not A Blog, and will continue to do so. Over at FILE 770, similar discussions are taking place. And on many other websites, blogs, and bulletin boards as well… including Sad Puppies 4.

Naive? Innocent? I’m not even going there. Needless to say, citing VILE 770 as somehow supportive of reconciliation is laughable, given the regular Puppy kicking that goes on there.

When GRRM first published his essay, my reaction was “Oh, he wants to show himself to be the benevolent, magnanimous Patron of Fandom.”

My friend Brad Torgersen, the force behind Sad Puppies 3 this past year, wrote an essay on his blog that echoes my sentiments on GRRM’s benevolence. Brad is a bit more generous than I am. He says he truly believes GRRM’s motives were pure. Maybe. I’m not going to try to read GRRM’s mind. I can only react to the tone of his essay. Go there and read it and decide for yourselves. And definitely stop by Brad’s place and read his post. And then go read the comments, because they demonstrate the profound lack of self awareness that we have all come to expect from the Puppy Kickers.

My perception — and I am not alone in this — of George’s desire for an end to the rancor, is that George still seems to think that a) the rancor was flowing almost entirely one-way, from the Puppies’ side to the Trufan side, and also b) none of the Puppies are themselves fans. Not Fans (caps f) and certainly not Trufans. No. Puppies are still an outsider bunch, who carry an outsider’s stigma.

There is also a bit too much parentalism in George’s tone: dear kids, I hope you’ve learned your lesson, now wipe those dirty looks off your faces and come give your mother a hug!

This. SO much this! That’s the feeling I get when I read GRRM’s essay. It wasn’t reconciliation. It was “You silly pups! See how wrong you were? We, magnanimous ones of TruFandom forgive you! Now, come. Play nice!”

Yeah… You know what? Fuck you. How about that?

The accusations, names, and rancor flew from the Puppy Kicker side like rabid pterodactyl shit. Accusations of Nazism, racism, misogyny, and other such lies. Personal rancor and attacks. The CHORFholes, and “No Awards.” The conflation of Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies, whose missions were completely disparate, with Rabids publicly admitting they wanted to burn the Hugos down (I feel dirty just linking to that).  Vox and the Rabid Puppies glommed onto the Sad Puppies label and rode those coat tails to infamy. By attaching themselves to Sad Puppies, the Rabids became associated with the Sads, and the CHORFs were only too happy to conflate the two. Those who try to claim that the Puppies were the guilty parties in this fiasco need to look in the mirror and do a little self examination. But they don’t and they won’t, judging by the comments on Brad’s blog (check out the arrogant and willfully blind comments from one camestrosfelapton), and even GRRM’s own comment about who he thought “misbehaved” last year (see what Brad means about “give your mother a hug?”).

Sadly, I agree with Brad. No reconciliation will happen unless those involved in last year’s fiasco take several steps to remedy the kind of ignorance they helped perpetuate.

1) A very public admission by the establishment that the NO AWARD bombing of the 2015 Hugos was a gross error.

2) A very public admission by the establishment that the CHORFholes were also a gross error.

3) A very public apology from the establishment, for the deliberate conflation of the Sads, with the Rabids.

4) A cessation of the endless game of shibboleths and street cred checks, on the part of Trufans, as conducted against everybody else (looks hard at Steve Davidson.)

But they won’t. They’re too happy gloating how they allegedly stuck it to the Sad Puppies by using the “no award” at the Hugos and how Trufans won, and Sad Puppies lost. They’re too ignorant to understand what they really did.

The ladies who are heading up the Sad Puppies 4 effort are already getting excoriated and attacked, and the screeching scum at VILE 770 aren’t the only ones participating in the offensive. In other words, it will be same shit different day in the Puppy Kicker world. They don’t want diversity in SF/F. They want their pet causes to run the show, and they’re intent on vilifying the Sad Puppies to do so, regardless of how many fans they alienate, because to them, we’re not “real” fans anyway.

But you know what? They don’t matter. The howler monkeys of the SF/F world are impotent, foul little trolls, who will continue doing what they do in order to destroy those with whom they disagree and those whom they just don’t like. So the Sad Puppies will do what they do – nominate the authors, artists, publications, editors, and others they feel are the best, most entertaining, most interesting, and overall most worthy works of the year. We don’t need their permission, and we don’t need their approval.

Why is Frothy still a thing?


I gotta ask, because I don’t understand how the creepy, uber-theocratic, statist asshole Rick Santorum is still in the game. He’s polling at less than 1 percent. Even the mad dwarf of the Senate Lindsey (INVADE ALL THE THINGS!)  Graham finally gave up hope, took his toys and went home. Meanwhile, Santorum is hanging on. To what? I have no idea. Is he that desperate to get into the White House, that he’s willing to embarrass himself? Is he hurting for money, so getting back on the public teat is his only option? Is he just delusional thinking he can win? Whatever the reason, the Frothy One™ is a revolting example of just the kind of petty statist shitbag we don’t want in the White House!

This is a guy who knows so little about economics, he actually told some froth-flecked supporters last year that gay marriage destroys the economy (never mind the windfall for the wedding industry, the legal profession, and the inevitable divorce industry).

This is a guy who hates gays so much, he wouldn’t even attend the wedding of a close homosexual friend. Personally, I would be shocked if he had a homosexual friend, but that’s another story. And he actually thinks there are re-education camps to brainwash religion-humping dumbasses like him into conforming to that odious gay agenda!

This is a guy who claimed that gays should just stop being gays! Simple, right? Because it’s a choice to be ostracized by your family and friends, humiliated by your church, and beaten up and bullied in school!

This is a guy who claimed that “pursuit of happiness” harms America. Because happy people aren’t suffering for his twisted idea of a deity.

This is a guy who opposes individualism and feels the government has an obligation to impose morals and values on its citizens in order to promote his religious principles.

In other words, he’s a tyrannical shitbag, who only supports freedom and individual rights for people who think just. like. him.

I’ve blogged about Santorum’s other statist stances here. I don’t need to rehash the whole thing here other than a blurb that pretty much sums it up nicely.

He believes that government doesn’t do things better than we do for ourselves, except for “allocating spending”through pork-barrel earmark projects, and funding religious organizations to do social work, and spending hundreds of millions of federal dollars to promote the benefits of the same state-sponsored marriage that he’s worked so hard to deny to gays. He wants to avoid government-driven, top-down policy solutions—except when he votes to pass a brand new prescription drug benefit without paying for it. He’s a freedom fighter, sure. By which I mean he seems to spend a lot of time fighting against freedom.

nanny-bloombergLately, Frothy has decided that the best way to gain support (yes, he’s delusional) is to attack Ted Cruz as not a “real social conservative.” Because apparently Ted Cruz won’t make religious bigotry a priority in his presidential administration.

“It’s basically that he’s not the social conservative that he’s portraying himself to be and is the answer is he’s not,” added Santorum, citing a Politico story where Cruz said on a secret tape at a fundraiser that he wouldn’t make fighting same-sex marriage a top three priority in his administration.

Because there aren’t bigger issues with which the President needs to deal? Nuclear Iran, resurgent, aggressive Russia, the threat of terrorism, yet another military conflict overseas in Syria, economics… All of those PALE in comparison to telling Americans how they need to live their lives, according to Frothy!

The stupid is strong with this one! SO strong! He actually thinks that Americans are looking for a President who will tell them what’s right and what’s wrong, much like a daddy or nanny… Now whom do we know like that?

santorumActually, Americans aren’t looking for a statist dickmange to tell them how they should spend their lives and with whom. In May 2015, 60 percent of Americans said gay marriages should be recognized as legally valid. Personally, I think no government entity should have the authority to recognize or validate any relationship between consenting adults, but this certainly shows that the majority of America does not agree with Frothy. And by the way, 58 percent of Americans also think marijuana use should be legal, so Frothy can shut his yap about that too.

And as far as priorities go, not a single poll supports Frothy’s contention that Americans are looking for someone to shove their morality down their throats.

No one in their right mind wants someone who believes that individual freedom is actually a bad thing running this country!

No one in their right mind wants a bunch of politicians, many of whom are corrupt, philandering ass weasels getting involved in the bedroom, and most conservatives understand that a government big and powerful enough to stick its dick in your bedroom, medicine cabinet, and pants, is big and powerful enough to castrate you in the end.

So I ask again… why is this despotic, bigoted assclown running for President?



National Shame, Part II

In September I wrote about a national shame – a dishonor so profound, that I called on Americans to stand up and vocally condemn unspoken orders to our military to turn their backs on systematic abuse of young Afghan boys by repulsive adult males in power, even as children were being raped by the very people with whom we were supposed to be working and cooperating!

Today, I have to write about another stigma – a black eye on the very foundation of our nation that, as a veteran, I’m embarrassed to even broach.

“A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans.”George Washington

You would have to have been hiding under a rock with the rest of the maggots to have missed or downright ignored the scandals that have plagued the Veterans Administration over the past few years.

Secret waiting lists that resulted in veterans dying while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system and several other VA hospitals.

More than 300,000 veterans died while waiting for the VA to process their applications… waiting for stalled applications in the VA’s byzantine bureaucracy.

Unnecessary veteran deaths due to shoddy patient care, mismanagement, and outright incompetence.

All these stories are inexcusable, sad, infuriating, horrifying, and heartbreaking. Our nation sent these men and women to war – to get maimed both mentally and physically – and shameless, heartless bureaucrats neglect them and steal from them.

151103-House-Committee-Hearing-Diana-Rubens-Kim-GravesSuch was the case of Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves – two VA officials pernicious swamp sows – who not only didn’t do their jobs, but manipulated the system to give themselves positions with less responsibility while siphoning six-figure salaries by forcing lower-ranking regional managers to accept job transfers against their will and stole $400,000 from the VA in relocation expenses.

This is a national shame. This is fraud, waste, and abuse at some of the highest levels of government, even as the VA struggles to take care of the troops it exists to serve. And yet…

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia is refusing criminal prosecution of Rubens and Graves.

The U.S. Attorney’s office said it has “referred the matter to the VA for any administrative action that is deemed appropriate.”

Administrative action? For essentially stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s vets? For abusing their positions, for screwing with others’ careers by forcing them to accept job transfers against their will? For corruption? Fraud? Abuse of authority?

And worse yet, after the two corruptocrats were “demoted,” for their wrongdoing – if you can even call it that, as they were still earning six-figure salaries each – the demotion was rescinded, because someone buggered up the paperwork! These imbeciles can’t even get that right!

The lack of accountability and utter incompetence is beyond appalling.

Instead of working for the very men and women who work to defend this country, they steal from them.

Instead of helping those who have sacrificed for this nation’s safety, they profit at the veterans’ expense.

Instead of working to support the troops who come back traumatized, torn apart, maimed, and emotionally wrecked, these two odious, arrogant gargoyles sat around on their cellulite addled asses and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from America’s taxpayers.

The rot and corruption at the agency that is tasked with taking care of our veterans is reprehensible, and the government’s refusal to hold these and other crooked reprobates at the VA accountable is inexcusable. The fact that they still have jobs is appalling, and since the US Attorney’s Office is refusing to prosecute these two toads, chances are they will be issued an administrative slap on the wrist and allowed to quietly retire with all their benefits.

Is it any wonder Americans are sick and tired of their unresponsive, unaccountable government? Is it any wonder government bureaucrats are a national (extremely unfunny) joke?

They are stealing from American veterans, and they are stealing from the American people. They are a disgrace, as is the entire VA for doing nothing and continuing to pay these two malignant warts on the ass of humanity!

Follow the money

In case you haven’t heard, Virginia’s frothing leftist Attorney General has decided that Virginia will no longer recognize concealed carry permits from 25 states that currently have reciprocity agreements with the Commonwealth.

I warned about this when the vagina voters (this includes the supposed “libertarians,” who were scared the evil GOP was going to limit their right to have their uterii scraped and decided to vote with their giblets instead of their brains) decided it was much more important to elect a leftist carpetbagger Clinton crony to the highest office in Virginia, because VAGINA! I cautioned that Terry McAwful, Ralph Northam, and Mark Herring would work to take large, steamy dumps on the right of peaceable citizens to defend themselves, but the vagina voters were afraid the GOP would climb up their collective twats with a Republican flashlight, so they elected these authoritarian shitbags.

And now, we’re reaping the collective “benefits” of their obsession with their giblets.

Herring has decided it’s time to strip those traveling through the Commonwealth of their basic human right to self defense by ending reciprocity agreements that would allow Americans from outside Virginia to legally carry concealed.

Now, it is legal to open carry in Virginia, so those who used to legally carry their firearms concealed can simply openly carry, and anyone intent on hiding a firearm will do so regardless of authoritarian diktats issued by Herring, McAwful, or anyone else. So I’m not exactly sure what Herring thinks (if you can call it that) his retardery will accomplish.

That said, the reaction of Virginians was not at all positive. In retaliation the Virginia GOP has moved to defund Terry McAwful’s executive protection unit. Virginia state senator Bill Carrico proposed a budget amendment that could strip that leftist, carpetbagging twat, who is working tirelessly trying to disarm the very people who put him in office and who pay his salary, and who has no problem using those same taxpayers’ money to protect his own worthless hide, of his protective detail. “If he’s so afraid of guns,”Carrico said, “then I’m not going to surround him with armed state policemen.”

Hey, this is what you elected, vagina voters! Aren’t you proud?

Meantime, as I wrote for the Zelman Partisans today, it’s instructive to see just who pulls the strings of Virginia’s gun-grabbing pud wankers. John Richardson at No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money did just that.

trumpI know you’re not going to be surprised to find out that the pernicious fuckbag with the gargantuan dead caterpillar on his head wasn’t the only one who contributed $25,000 to elect McAwful as governor of Virginia, the biggest contributor to McAwful and Herring’s campaigns is that statist cock mange Michael Bloomberg.

If you want to find out who pulls the strings for the festering yambags who infest the governor’s mansion and Virginia’s highest legal office, you need not look any further than Bloomberg’s wallet.

Lo and behold the top donor to his campaign for Attorney General was none other than Independence USA PAC. They gave $1,292,417 of in-kind donations to his campaign. The money went for media production and advertising buys. To put this into perspective, the next two highest donors gave approximately half this amount each. The only candidate to get more money from that PAC was Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA).

And would it surprise anyone to know that Independence USA PAC is Bloomberg’s personal vendetta against our Second Amendment rights, and is dedicated to helping to elect candidates who support stricter gun-control laws? It was founded in October 2012 by Michael Bloomberg, and, so far, has been entirely funded by the former New York City mayor, according to

So Bloomberg says “Jump!” and Herring says, “How high, master?” And if he’s good, Bloomberg will toss him a bone

Thanks a lot, vagina voters! You certainly showed those evil Republicans!


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