What if…

It seems that at least a few universities are pushing back against the wave of sniveling Special Snowflakes™, who are flooding the halls of higher education with their fears, their perceived offenses, their alleged “trauma,” their claims of oppression, and their unreasonable demands for “safe space” to isolate and insulate them from dissent!

WTHThe latest is Oklahoma Wesleyan University, whose president kicked a Special Snowflake™ in the nuts after said offendapotomus complained because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on love that he claimed made him feel bad for not showing love! Apparently, the Special Snowflake’s feelings were hurt, because the sermon challenged him to be a better person, and therefore, the person giving the sermon was branded a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

This instead of looking into mirror and making a change. 

To quote this wise man, “This is not a daycare! This is a university!”

But apparently, these Special Snowflakes are too special to adult, so they are demanding America’s colleges become their mommies and daddies. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we raise the legal adult age to… say… 25 or so? After all if you’re a legal adult who can’t tolerate constructive criticism, dissenting opinions, or your worldview being challenged, what are you doing making adult decisions about your life? You should have a university administrator mommy or daddy who will instruct you how to live your life, so as not to harm your fragile little ego or your sensitive little reproductive organs.

It kind of makes you wonder what kind of bubble wrap the parents of these clammy, entitled, bleating cry bullies have been wrapping them in. Pink. Large bubbles. Lined with fur. And maybe binkies and a soft blanky.

So what if we just stopped catering to these fragile flowers?

What if every time a whiny douche weasel gets publicly chafed labia over the names of Mars’ moons being too violent, we oblige by changing Phobos and Deimos (Fear and Terror) to the even more frightening Sanguis and Decollatio (Bloodshed and Beheading)?

What if the next time some entitled millennial complains about facing the same problems the rest of us face in life, but blames it on being a “person of color,” because mommy and daddy aren’t as able as those privileged whites to throw money at them like white parents supposedly do, we issued them a white, redistributionist liberal who agrees with their philosophy, if they promised to leave the rest of us alone?

What if the next time a BLM protester physically assaults a white student on a college campus by pinning her against a wall, while screaming hateful, racist epithets such as “filthy, white bitch,” the white student throat punches that screeching cunt so hard, her vocal cords fall out of her ass? Would they get the message that their color, their alleged “plight,” and their grievances do not excuse physical assault and will be returned in kind?

What if we gave sniveling, whimpering limp dicks demanding “a rare space where their blackness could not be violated” their own “separate, but equal” facilities? Would they even remember what they were about? Would they even understand the kind of foul, twisted, demented demands they’re making? Would they even remember and respect those who marched and fought against the very same sick thing for which they now clamor?

What if we allowed privileged Snowflakes who attention whored by starving themselves, while hiding the fact that they are the spawn of millionaires, to just starve? Would they sneak a Snickers while no one was looking? Would they give up, because their stunt was a worthless ploy for attention, and everyone recognized it as such?

What if the next time a “feminist” (and I put that word in quotes, because no real, independent, strong woman would actually break down into mental illness due to social media disagreements) screeches about Twitter giving her PTSD and complains about her irritated vagina, we show her photos of women raped by ISIS savages, little girls mutilated in Somalia with shards of broken glass and rusty blades, so they never enjoy sex, and a photo of Malala Yousafzai, who was shot for daring to demand an education, and point and laugh at her for being such a sniveling candy-ass that she wound up bedridden and unable unwilling to work, because people were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mean?

wendellAnd what if next time a privileged Hollywood entertainer dildo who likely lives in a nice, gated community with armed guards and police who respond in no time to emergency calls, claims that “If every Black male 18-35 applied for a conceal& carry permit, and then joined NRA in one day; there would be gun control laws in a second,” we take as many of our black friends as we can shooting and offer to buy them an NRA membership for a year or better yet, a membership to their state gun rights association, no-compromise Gun Owners of America, or the Zelman Partisans, who understand racism and prejudice and fight to counter it every day?

Then tweet the photos from the range trip to this sanctimonious shitslurper, and direct his stupid ass to Colion Noir for an education.

What if society just stopped affording deference to these blubbering, mewling brats? Or better yet, ridiculed them at every turn?

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  1. “offendapotomus”. Snigger, I’m stealing that..

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  2. If the civil rights men and women from the sixties who had armed guards to let them get to class at universities would just speak up at the poor BLM kids today who need a hate speech free zone because someone might wish them Merry Christmas or something, it would go a long way towards stopping this bullshit, but they for some reason sit silently, and it makes the sacrifice that they went through marginalized. Once again, the agenda of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton win out. That is, show me the money. Dr. King, not so much. I.E. show me your character. We all lose, no matter our race.

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  3. I can’t wait to see someone’s vocal chords fall out their ass. That will be glorious.

    In all seriousness though, I don’t believe these offendappotami truly understand what it is they are asking for, let alone what they actually want. These calls for ‘safe spaces’, particularly the racial ones, are hi-larious simply for the fact that they had exactly that for decades and fought against it as as a civil rights issue less than a century ago. Their grandparents were on the front lines demanding, nay fighting, for the opportunity to be treated like everyone else. Now these special snowflakes are actively attempting to reset the civil rights movement to ‘separate but equal’. I would cheer them on if I thought there was a chance in hell of us getting it right this time, but I’m of the cynical nature that it will only end up worse for everyone.

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  4. Progressive university administrators and faculty have sown the wind of political correctness and are reaping a whirlwind which may well blow them away. Apparently “Lord of the Flies” is no longer read and studied in college.


  5. What if we simply told them to “fuck off” and went about our merrily way this holiday season paying them no attention?


    1. WE do it rather well. Others – in fear for their jobs, their livelihoods, their futures, and probably their physical safety – bow to these losers and cower in fear, issuing apologies, creating safe spaces, etc. I say ENOUGH!


  6. Regarding the black NRA meme. Lots of black ex-military are concealed carry NRA members. It’s no big deal, possibly because I don’t think you can have a criminal record and carry concealed so it’s a mark of a good citizen, not just some gift from on high.


    1. More black folks need to be proud of being pro-gun rights. I have a ton of friends who are. They need to speak louder.


    2. I have to admit I am quite conflicted on the whole issue of those with a criminal record not being able to carry a firearm. If someone has a criminal record, but has successfully completed their entire prison sentence, are they denied their right to free speech, or freedom of religion? The right to assemble peacefully to protest a perceived wrongful action of the government?
      I am certain you understand my point. The right to keep and bear arms is not a right given to citizens by the 2nd amendment of the constitution. It is an inalienable right already possessed by ALL citizens, and only spelled out by the 2nd amendment of the constitution. Therefore, it is wrong for the government to attempt to somehow limit that right once a person has paid the penalty for his misdeeds.
      To somehow say that any mistake which results in a criminal record results in a lifetime ban on your right to keep and bear arms in defense, and against enemies foreign AND domestic, is simply in my opinion not what the founding fathers meant for the entire concept of freedom to mean.
      If somehow a person has shown, through a pattern of behavior over the course of time, that they have violent tendencies towards others and are therefore not responsible enough to be allowed to exist in society with firearms, then a legal proceeding in a court of law should be undertaken, whereby he or she could be stripped of those rights, but not without due process.
      What has happened, and you have to admit I am right, just based on the numbers, is that due to a disproportionate number of black men being incarcerated, that means that a larger percentage of black men are disqualified from carrying a concealed weapon legally. If the reverse were true, and a higher percentage of white men were unable to get a ccw than black men, there would be a lot of racial tension and mistrust. Perhaps a high number of white men would chose to carry without a permit, rather than go unarmed in a violent time.
      Sometimes things are not always black and white. Gray does exist. It is the fed.gov. that wants us to continue to see things as black and white. It is easier to control us if we have squabbles between the races. Obama is not as dumb as people might think. He could have united the races. Do you think he doesn’t know that? Politicians don’t do anything for no reason. Everything is calculated. E V E R Y T H I N G.


      1. Most people go through life without going to prison for a violent offense. It really isn’t that hard to not commit a violent crime. You might have a point for lesser crimes but for violent offenders can do without.


  7. “….her vocal cords fall out of her ass

    Money shot! Runner up: “chafed labia”


  8. I still maintain that we should give the Speshul Snowflake Offendapotomuses (Offendapotomusi?) a taste of real oppression by means of fire hoses and attack dogs. Should shut ’em up right quick one way or another. And when they start whining, hit ’em again. “It shuts its mouth and grows thick skin or else it gets the hose again!”


  9. On the other hand, Wendell Pierce cited an actual fact on at least one occasion: He mentioned that in 1967, the NRA backed a law against open carry.

    On the gripping hand, many leftists complain that the NRA was taken over by “loonies” in the mid 1970s. Is Wendell Pierce one of them? If he is, then he’s allied with the old NRA instead of the new NRA.


  10. […] blog of the day is The Liberty Zone, with a post saying “What […]


  11. Very ironic that “The Liberty Zone” lauds an authoritarian Christianist institution which affords students about as much liberty as a Saudi madrassa.


    1. Very ironic that you can’t see that in this particular case, they’re right.

      And by the way, when the college starts FORCING students to go there, I’ll skewer it. Until then, to each his own.


  12. Perhaps true, RJSchwarz, however, I still maintain that the action of stripping someone of their inalienable rights, as spelled out in the bill of rights, should be a separate issue, with a separate and completely different legal hearing.
    How many times have we seen the supposedly blind eye of justice perverted because of television publicity, or political expediency?
    If you think about it, when an individual is convicted of the crime of murder, he or she is not sentenced that same day. No, a separate proceeding is held, in which both sides have the right to present evidence as to why or why not a certain penalty is appropriate. This because they are talking about stripping an individual of his right to life or liberty. Should that same individual perhaps be afforded the same opportunity to argue for his rights to keep and bear arms?
    The hearing probably should be held when the offender is ready to be released. If the state thinks the person should be stripped of his rights, then the state should be the one to prove why the individual cannot be trusted with firearms for the rest of their lives. Or if they are on parole, that decision should be made at the end of parole.
    A mistake made by a man at 18 should not be held over his head for the rest of his life. I actually know 2 men who screwed up, broke into a place, at 18, ended up convicted of a violent crime, which was a stretch. They got out, made good, became good, decent guys. Both got married. One had a child. One got divorced, but he has a girlfriend, and as far as I know is doing good, not in trouble, still working every day, paying his bills, never in trouble, his girlfriend is a sweet kid.
    The other guy is trouble free, doing the same, no problems.
    I just went deer hunting. These guys are half my age, but I could not ask them to go with me even if I wanted to. They can’t be around guns. When they are my age, they can’t go hunting with their son, like I did with mine. They still can’t be around guns. Fair? No. Is society any safer because we kept guns out of the hands of these vicious felons who made an admittedly horrible mistake when they should have known better? I guess we can’t answer a hypothetical like that.
    There was a victim in the crime. The two, actually three, made a full financial restitution to the victim. I am aware that emotionally the victim may have some problems, maybe for life, who can tell. I can’t go into any details at all. I will say that your imagination is far, far worse than reality. Like I said, convicted of a violent crime was a stretch, and a plea bargain, the third party turned on them with lies, they were charged with worse crimes, and they pled to lesser offenses, which I totally understand.
    How is taking away someone’s second amendment right’s without due process any different than the liberal leftist wanting to ban guns for all?


    1. My point is specific to concealed carry, not to firearm ownership in general.


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