An observation on third-wave feminist weirdos

I had a conversation on Facebook this morning with a bunch of writer friends prompted by the latest in third-wave feminist weirdness, where they literally display their vaginas to the world as some heavenly entities for everyone to worship.

We’ve seen vaginal knitting, where some performance “artist” (read: some attention whore with daddy issues) decided to shove a bunch of yarn up her vagoo and knit a sweater. I can’t imagine how that sweater would smell – probably some horrid mix of wet dog and sweaty twat – but I also can’t imagine any rational reason why anyone would advertise this to the world, other than “LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!”

brain_bleach2_4427We’ve seen some weirdo make yogurt out of her vaginal discharge. Yes… yogurt. She apparently had to shove a wooden spoon up there to get some bacteria out, and she apparently ate it too. Hey, if I wanted to chow down on vaj, I’d go out and find myself a girlfriend, and lady… I’d be willing to buy you the coolest sex toy I find on the Internets if you find a way to erase that image from my brain! I certainly wouldn’t take the time to ferment yogurt out of my own snatch. She and her friends claim it was just this “weird little experiment” she did on her own time – nothing connected with class, not for a grade. And yet, somehow, the media got a hold of this story, and Cecilia Westbrook became instantly famous. I wonder who went public with this little story…

Now there’s this. I warn you now – if you’re easily grossed out, stop reading. I’ll even give you a fold, so I don’t expose you to the kind of noxiousness these creatures are now parading around for the world to see!

OK, if you’ve clicked on the rest of the story, you’ve been fairly warned.

So feminist blogger Zoe Stavri got inventive and came up with a new recipe for sourdough bread that uses — ahem — her own yeast.


Stavri live-tweeted the experience and provided photographic evidence of her sourdough starter along the way. On her blog, she responds to horrified commenters that the process is no more disgusting than, say, making your own salami — or making regular sourdough, for that matter.

OK, let’s start with the fact that this is NOTHING like making regular sourdough. The yeast in this revolting, cavernous gash likely came from:

  • antibiotics (they lower the amount of lactobacillus, or good bacteria, in the vagina)
  • pregnancy
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • weak immune system
  • poor eating habits, including a lot of sugary foods
  • hormonal imbalance near your menstrual cycle
  • stress
  • lack of sleep

A number of these are a sign of a not so healthy human being, so putting that stuff into anything edible pretty much makes it a HAZMAT in my book. There’s a reason why they call it a yeast INFECTION! And yet, here she is, putting her oozing cock pocket on display for the world to see, because the vagina is queen! The vagina feeds the world! The vagina is to be worshiped and venerated!

Yes, this is her. She describes herself as: Anarchist. Feminist. Queer. All angry. One of the nastiest trolls on here (apparently) She/her/hers.

Yes, this is her. She describes herself as: Anarchist. Feminist. Queer. All angry. One of the nastiest trolls on here (apparently).

This isn’t bold. It isn’t courageous. It’s a sad cry for attention from a desperately ugly, angry troll, who obviously can’t get women or men to give it another look unless she sticks her fetid meat curtains out there for the world to gawp at.

Here’s the thing. These “feminist” trolls are not feminists. They’re pathetic, mediocrities at best, trying to blame the world for their own lack of ingenuity, ability, and skill. And because there’s so little room for the impotent and inadequate in this world, their current plan is to work to outdo one another in the shocking, outrageous, and downright gross department. Because negative attention is better than no attention at all! Their pitiful (bowel) movement is obviously in its death throes, and the only way they can keep it alive is to out-deviant one another.

In the future I’m expecting to see a third-wave feminist shove live artillery shells up her cavernous chasm to symbolize the continued “war on women.”

I would hope that anyone vaguely normal would be so desensitized to their beaver buffoonery, that they would just yawn and move on.

But just in case…

You can buy artillery shells online from fireworks dealers. Get on it, wymyns! Your gash won’t promote itself, you know!

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  1. “Beaver baffonery” — heh, perfect description. Not particularly disgusted by it, but I absolutely agree that this is nothing more than a narcissistic “LOOK AT ME!” cry for attention.


    1. I dunno. Yeast infections are gross, Dave. Eating them???? NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL!!!😉


    2. Well dont try Kambucha then. Candida yeast is sometimes used in making it. Pre-20th century antimicrobial techniques it was sometimes a factor in brewing, usually contaminating from the brewers’ skin. Got to imagine its not uncommon to have some presence in bread — given the amount of time you spend mixing and kneading with your hands, of course baking it kills all. Beer on the otherhand, pre-pasturization, but S Cerevisiaes generally out produces it by orders of magnitude.


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      1. *barf*

        Carb intake for the day – avoided!


    1. I DID post a warning, right? LOL!

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      1. Every potential village idiot has a platform now.


  2. I appreciate the warning. I was eating lunch when I started reading. Err, I stopped reading. The yogurt was bad enough. 😉

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  3. Zoe obviously thinks more highly of her pussy than I do. Or all the rest of her, for that matter.

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  4. I brought this up on another forum and it turns out that one of them was familiar with Zoe Stavri. Apparently she is a user of a mooncup (no surprise there — for those not in the know, a cup to collect menstrual discharge as an alternative to tampons and the like) and was waxing poetic about the consistency of the contents of her mooncup. So, yeah, perhaps a little more obsessed with her vagoo than most.


    1. Oh… dude. WTF! GAG!!!!


    2. So she can make blood sausage to go with her bread?

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  5. What the hell happened to good manners and simple common decency?

    These are not feminists. Not in the slightest sense are they feminists. They are mental cases. They need their own planet – NOT MINE!!!!!!!

    I think I’ll wait a bit to have dinner. I fixed a nice big pot of minestrone, and bought some cheesey bake-it bread to go with it. I lost my appetite. I’ll stick to crackers and port wine salami tonight.

    Oh, my.


  6. My first thought was ” Yuck! ” . My second and third, too. Then I decided to try and comment on the entire disgusting affair.
    I want to just call her names and stuff. That is what she merits, but it really doesn’t get to the real heart of the matter. And that is, that it seems like these attention seeking nuts, be they misguided feminists, or college students whose main educational thrust seems to be how much longer than 15 minutes of fame they can get before they are bounced out onto their rears with no real hope of earning a living in a world that will not bend over and kiss their asses, are continuing to do things in public that just a few years ago, most people would have been ashamed to do in private.
    There was a time when people would just as soon die as to embarrass themselves or their loved ones, whether their spouses or their parents, by doing something in public that society deemed out of the realm of decency. So called ” proper up-bringing ” was seen as a desired thing, something which all young couples hoped to do for their children. Values were also instilled into people. Values like honor, integrity, faithfulness, respect, not only for others, but also for ones self. To bring shame and dishonor to ones family was a thing which was cause for great sorrow.
    Today, it is as if people have no shame. The feminist movement, which I have viewed as a man since I was born in 1960, was supposed to be something that was freeing and empowering for women. Instead, it looks as if it has enslaved women, making them slaves to the movement itself. A woman is not allowed to think for herself, to make a decision for herself other than that which fits some mold that feminist leaders have set for her. God forbid if a woman wants a traditional role of homemaker and mother. She is a sellout, and surely has been brainwashed by the rightwing male dominated pigs.
    If a woman choses to dress modestly, she is also condemned as a through back to a time when women were considered property. Women should bare it all, men can. Women should bare their breasts when feeding their babies in public, it is a natural and beautiful thing, even if the woman feels uncomfortable doing so. To do anything else is betraying the feminist movement.
    Now, by putting this yeast stuff in the public eye, which is obviously being done merely for the shock value, no matter what these female outcasts may say to the contrary, what they are actually doing is desensitizing us to the next thing, what ever it may be. By pushing the norms of our society further and further down the road, these people are, knowingly or not, bringing us farther away from decency and honor as a society.
    50 years ago, one never could have heard someone say the word hell, or damn in a public building. Yet the other day, I heard a group of 4 or 5 young men, about 15 or 16, in a small shop, saying fuck this, and motherfucker that, and I was taken aback. I know, grow up, old man. But you have to understand, that it was not the language that I found offensive, although the fact that there were very young children there made me almost step in. No, the thing that affected me was that I realized that these boys, men, whatever, had no clue that there was anything out of the ordinary with their language. They were not trying to talk big. This was their normal, everyday conversation whether in public or private. I know I am from a different generation, and my parents are now 2 years gone, but until the day they both died, I never uttered a cuss word in front of either one of them. Not because I was afraid of them, or afraid of hurting them, but out of respect for them.
    This is what women like these who are doing all of this botanical baking are missing. Respect. They publish this drivel and expect us to just lap it up like it is Tolstoy or something because they are interesting, when in fact they do not respect decency or humanity. It is for this reason, not because of the fact that what they are doing is gross, that I reject them.


  7. Gaah, these people are literally insane..

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  8. “Idle hands (or beavers) are the Devil’s workshop”


  9. Well, most of the types that do this also tend to deride women who choose to have children – you know, the whole miracle of creating a whole ‘nother human being, creating life, bearing and birthing babies… so it doesn’t surprise me that they need to pull stunts like these to make their vaginas ‘special’.

    When I read about the bread one though I was somewhat surprised it worked. I put it on the realm of very icky science experiment that I happily am lacking the infection to do. I’m more amused about the fact that this crazy critter announced “HIIIII I HAVE THAT BAD A YEAST INFECTION!!!!!!!!!” to the world.


    1. She’s apparently not even embarrassed! And so much crazy!


  10. Gives new meaning to “sourdough”


  11. I have come face to face with this kind of wackjob a couple of times over the years. This is a direct result of the ACLU crusade to close down psychiatric hospitals in the 70s and 80s. People like this need locked in a facility and their chemical intake STRICTLY controlled. Instead they get fake college degrees and jobs in government from which they spread their mental diseases to innocent children.


    1. To be fair, I’ve NEVER seen these wackjobs in government.


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