Make fake clock bomb. Take to school. Get arrested. Profit.

Remember Ahmed Mohamed? I had some sympathy for the kid when his story initially broke. He made a dumb looking clock inside a pencil case, and his idiot teacher decided to call the police, because it looked like a “hoax bomb.” The kid was subsequently arrested, questioned about the “hoax bomb,” and then released to his parents. I also didn’t think the incident had anything to do with “islamophobia,” but rather the idiotic “zero tolerance” policies that around the country led to a kid being booted from school for chewing a breakfast pastry into the shape of a “gun,” an honor student getting in trouble for bringing a butter knife to school with her lunch, a kid getting in trouble for pretending a chicken nugget was a gun, and a first-grader being suspended for bringing a Cub Scout utensil to school that happened to contain a knife.

But there was always something unsettling about the whole thing. Instead of condemning the reactionary “zero tolerance sense” policies that landed his kid in hot water, the kid’s father began to immediately screech about “Islamophobia” and racial profiling. “Zero tolerance” policies are idiotic, nonsensical tripe that allow school administrators to lazily toss kids out of class for “safety” reasons, without using a shred of thought and logic to examine each individual situation. These policies have threatened the futures of hundreds of kids, without regard for race. I would submit that a Pop-Tart chewed into something ambiguously resembling a gun is much more innocuous than the “clock/bomb” Mohamed brought to school that day. So why is it that Mohamed’s father decided to use his child to paint American society around him as bigoted?

This might explain it.

The smear effort made Ahmed the target of anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists and caused his family to flee the country for their own safety, the family’s lawyer claimed Monday in letters addressed to City Hall and Irving ISD—demanding apologies and a total of $15 million to stave off a civil rights suit.

Never mind that the incident resulted in the kid getting an invite to the White House, got a hug from the President of the United States – an African American man who was elected to the highest office in the land… twice (Quite the racist country we are, right?), visited Google, Mecca, met with the Queen of Jordan, and had a very creepy audience with the genocidal maniac president of Sudan.

clock kid

He looks so traumatized taking a selfie with former NASA Astronaut John M. Grunsfeld, doesn’t he? The horror!


That doesn’t matter. He was apparently oh-so-scarred by his experience, that the family decided to move to Qatar and leave this horrible, racist country that allowed him to become a national hero, meet the President and even a former NASA astronaut after bringing something to school that, let’s face it, looked like a bomb.

And the only thing that will mitigate the trauma? You guessed it! Money – $15 million to be exact.

Any sympathy I had for this kid is gone. This is no longer a “stupid school administrators overreact yet again to a harmless object” story that I’ve written about over and over again on this site. It is now an “opportunistic pig tries to extort money from taxpayer, because ISLAMOPHOBIA, and… SHUT UP, RACIST!”

I don’t see the President inviting a little deaf boy named Hunter Spanjer to the White House, because idiot school officials attempted to prevent him from using sign language to say his name, because it violated their “zero tolerance” for weapons policy.

I don’t see public apologies, meetings with dignitaries, invites to the White House, or trips to the DYI Network for the Chicago teacher who was suspended from his job for showing hand tools to his second grade students as part of a math lesson. Screw drivers! Pliers! Wrenches! A box cutter! OH THE HORROR!

I didn’t see a whirlwind tour of Chef Geoff’s restaurants, a hug from the President, or meetings with the Prime Minister of France for Da’von Shaw, a Bedford, Ohio high school student, who brought apples and craisins to school for a “healthy eating” presentation he was giving to his speech class, took out a knife to cut the apple, and wound up suspended for five days for bringing a “weapon” to school.

None of them sued the idiot school districts for millions of dollars. None of them tried to extort money from the taxpayers for some alleged “bigotry.” None of them became grievance merchants, even though they were treated with much less deference and respect. They weren’t covered by the mass media. There was no mass outrage.

Ahmed Mohamed got all that and more, and yet, his father chose to make a spectacle out of the incident, snottily move his family to Qatar, because it’s oh-so-hard to grow up in America, and then attempt to extort millions of dollars from Americans!

This isn’t about racism. It’s about greed, plain and simple. The bastard wants money, and he’s using his kid to coerce that money from the taxpayers.

Because getting scratch from the Qatar Foundation that’s been accused of being linked to Hamas is apparently just not enough.



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  1. I thought the school and police over-reacted to the incident. This lawsuit smacks of exploitative opportunism.


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    I’m sure he’s hoping to settle and avoid a deposition.


  4. Just to be clear, the kid did not “make” a clock. He took a commercially manufactured clock out of it’s original case and put it in a different case. The resultant contraption did look a bit like a B-movie bomb.


  5. While I didn’t agree with how this case was handled [with law enforcement], this just illustrates that this family has assimilated quite nicely into the new American society….suing over hurt feelings.

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  6. That’s the secret! 4 steps. The panty gnomes only had 3. 1)Steal Panties 2)? 3)Profit!
    The really funny part is he made nothing, he re-arranged an old digital clock and the world swoons. I have no doubt that the whole design was to trigger alarm of a bomb, because, as TV shows us, all bombs have a giant digital count down display. Add to that a teaching staff that is STEM illiterate, scream discrimination, the MSM will run with your version without checking a thing.

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  7. Look at the background of his father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed. I have little doubt he orchestrated the event from its start.

    I agree with your premise, Nicki, that “zero tolerance/zero sense” policies are stupid and serve little purpose other than to provide cover for the asses of gutless educational bureaucrats.

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  8. Even if the school and police overreacted, which I’ll remain neutral on, the response to that was way out of proportion. These extortionists have achieved what they so desired. They pitted people against each other.

    I watched people who were normally friends (all bonafide conservatives) go at each other like jackals. And almost all of those who started with the name-calling claimed to be engineers, technicians and other professions more likely to look at it with a trained eye. If non-techie expressed the slightest concern about the clock-in-a-box these “experts” verbally attacked them with a zeal paralleled only by leftists saying it was “obviously” only a clock and anyone concerned was a brain dead idiot of epic proportions.

    It was really in poor form.

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  9. I hate that little smirking bastard and his fake-injury family.


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