Congresscreature trying to push gun control in the wake of Paris

Jan Schakowsky (D-umbass, IL) has never been a friend of freedom or the Second Amendment. After all, this is the harpy who suggested in 2013 that the plans for another scary black gun ban and the proposed elimination of the right to lawfully sell your own property to another individual were only the beginning of the leftard assaults on your Second Amendment rights.

The opportunistic sow from Illinois has never been one to allow a crisis to go unexploited, so this week, she decided to use the terror attacks in Paris, France for her own odious purposes – namely, more gun control in the United States.

“No, uh, obviously it is frightening for every western country, but I do want to remind you, before we killed a jihadist named Awlaki, he did a video that said to Americans, ‘join the jihad and get guns, because it’s so easy in the United States of America to get a weapon,’” Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky said on SiriusXM radio this week.

“And that ought to be a chilling reminder because, aside from blowing themselves up, which is uh, of course, not about small weapons,” she continued. “These people used the kinds of weapons that are still available in the United States of America. And I think it ought cause us to have another consideration of sensible gun safety laws.”

Uh… does she even.. uh… know what it takes to legally acquire a machine gun in this country? Well, NRO lists the steps

  • Pay a tax of $200, which in 1934 was worth over $3,500

  • Fill out a lengthy application to register your gun with the federal government

  • Submit photographs

  • Submit passport photos

  • Get your chief law enforcement official to sign your application

  • Wait for the results of your background check to come back

A violation of the national firearms act results in a felony punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison, a $100,000 fine, and forfeiture of the individual’s right to own or possess firearms in the future.

Moreover, because the 1986 Hughes Amendment made it illegal for non-dealers to own automatic weapons that were manufactured after May 19th 1986, the cost of the guns Schakowsky fears is astronomical. You want an AK-47 of the sort used in Paris? You’re looking at spending at least $10,000.

enhanced-buzz-25589-1447858875-7Maybe the opportunistic sow ought to shut her yap before she embarrasses herself any further.

Oh, and we want to also gently remind Schakowsky that the not-so-dearly departed Awlaki wasn’t the one pointing out the alleged “ease” of getting guns in the United States. That was the pig-fucking dick weasel Adam Gadahn. In her froth-flecked zeal to shred Americans’ Second Amendment rights, Schakowsky couldn’t even get her camel humpers right.

And if you want to hear this sow squeal, you can listen here.





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  1. Without a doubt, the obedient sheep in her district will re-elect her. It doesn’t matter how hard she stomps on the Constitution. They should put a fence around that shit hole and once a week throw guns and ammo over it until the problem solves itself.


  2. Pandering to the base…again… sigh Robert is right.


  3. I was reading an old reloading manual, like late 50s early 60s, and they were speaking about “gun legislation”… Pointed out that there were 2 kinds of anti rights idiots then. The busybody do gooder, and the Communists that wished to disarm American citizens…It appears nothing has changed. Except after a lifetime of it, I am sick and fucking tired of it. It takes a deeply dimwitted fool to take steps to try and turn us all into unarmed sheep right at this point in time. Which side are they on anyway? Can’t be ours….

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  4. Because those guys and gals in Paris bought their machine guns at one of the many Paris gun stores, right? It’s just too easy to get machine guns, or, really, any guns in France. Just like it was too easy to just stroll down to the local gun store in Norway. Clearly, if only Europe had more gun control, if only it wasn’t so easy to get guns there, these terrible things wouldn’t have happened.


    1. And now the EU wants to outlaw ALL guns Insanity/stupidity….where do these morons come from?ese. (for the English majors……from where do these morons come?)


  5. Every time I hear one of these harpies start in about mean ol’ guns I think this tried and true saying can’t be repeated enough: When they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.

    How hard is this to understand? The police can’t protect you in your home. All they can do is investigate your death.


    1. And don’t forget, they also have no obligation to protect individuals.


    2. “they also have no obligation to protect individuals.”

      Respectfully disagree. Some of us took up the badge to do just that.

      When I pinned on that badge all those years ago, I swore to serve and _protect_ the community and the citizens of that community. We (at that time) were taught that one of the times that Lethal Force was to be used was to *protect* a civilian.

      If there is no written obligation, there is a moral one – at least for some of us.


      1. I believe that SCOTUS, hearing a case in the mid ’90s, ruled that no law enforcement agency or personnel have any obligation to protect the persons or property of any citizen under any circumstance. Superior Court of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania made a similar ruling in the late 80s after the Philthydelphia rowhouse standoff fire that killed a large group of people.

        In the eyes of the law law enforcement is just that, enforcement. Fire fighters and EMTs are a separate matter, according to the courts. I get home tonight I will go to Thomas Law Library and see if I can dig it out.


        1. “In the eyes of the law law enforcement is just that, enforcement”

          -sigh- Not to all of us. I’m not quibbling the interpretation of the law, just saying that some of us answer to a higher law – and that Law requires us to Defend/Protect.

          (of course that did not make me popular with the Village Manager, I wasn’t adding that much to the coffers’.)


      2. Wyldkat, I’m not saying that many LEOs don’t strive to do just that. But Warren v. DC essentially said there was no legal obligation for police to protect individuals.

        There’s a difference between a moral obligation and a legal one. I guess I should have been more specific. I thought people would get that.

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        1. I understood.

          But, if I understand correct, that ruling came down after I left LE. I only have my personal knowledge to work from here. And in that time and place, to “Protect” was part of my Oath. (in this one’s eyes, Oath trumps SC ruling)

          I breaks my heart to see some many of my brothers and sisters in Blue forgetting that part. 😦 Enforcing the law is (or was) supposed to be only one aspect of the job. We really are supposed to serve and protect our communities, not just write tickets and chase drug users.

          [okay, I’ll nudge that soap box back under my desk before I get going too long.]

          ((I really did understand you intent. I just have a knee-jerk reaction sometimes and a lingering pride in my old profession.))


        2. Hey, I totally get that. Really.

          I also understand that ruling. Otherwise, anyone could sue the police department for failing to protect every individual. It’s just not possible, unfortunately. That’s why people should take responsibility for their own lives and not rely on others.

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  6. If I didn’t understand at the time why the oath I took grouped “domestic” with the enemies from whom I was required to defend the Constitution, I certainly do now.


  7. Funny, she lives surrounded by an army of automatic weapons totting guards(Secret Service, Capital Police, US Marshals etc etc) and will have them for the rest of her life after retiring. Meanwhile she is one of the primary Democrat leaders pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens and is a major proponent of shipping thousands and thousands of muslim “refugees”.

    Her actions throughout her political career clearly show she is NOT an American. She is our enemy domestic. I remember that oath, too, GR6.


  8. That broad is spewing some weapons grade stupid!.


  9. Schakowsky sounds like a Polish name. You would think she of all people would understand one’s right to defend themselves.


  10. In the requirements to purchase a class 3 weapon, you also have to submit fingerprints.


  11. Nicki…if you’re in the mood to fisk a piece that is utterly begging for it:

    I might get to it, but not until college football day is over.


    1. Funny, that ‘guy’ doesn’t realize that the male half of the population over 18 is required to register for the draft already. So he’s obviously an expert in everything else he’s blathering about, too.


  12. […] EVERYTHING IS GETTING MASSIVELY MORE STUPID: Congresscreature trying to push gun control in the wake of Paris. […]


  13. Well, spent 6 hours going through Thomas Law archives, their very obtuse and difficult to sort through archives, and only managed to find reference to WarrenvDC that Nicki already mentioned. Without exact case and individuals names it is a nightmare to try and find any specific case summary or rulings. And I especially like how they separate case summations from ruling files. Almost like they want it to be difficult for people to find things they are searching for.

    Have a request in to my state legislator office for info on the SCofPA ruling on lack of responsibility of police to act in protection of individuals that came out of the prosecution and appeals process after the Philthydelphia rowhouse fire incident. Apparently the public has very restricted access to SCofPA records, again, almost like they are intentionally making it difficult for people to find things. Wonder why that would be?


  14. This Commie was my representative when I lived in Chicago — needless to say, I never voted for her — but my letters to Schakowski were never answered. Then The Mrs. pointed out that I might get a better response if I stopped using the salutation: “Dear Commie Bitch”. Instead, I chose to move to Texas.

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  15. Never forget that Schakowsky is still married to convicted felon Robert Creamer and was Program Director of his crooked, Communist Illinois Public Action “non-profit.”
    All of this is generally airbrushed from any coverage of either. I have a good friend who joined IPA after college as a “door knocker” seeking donations and then as a supervisor of same. He quit in shame and disgust [but stayed on the Left] when he realized how his ‘people’ [the door knockers he supervised] were be treated and cheated by the organization.
    The group is still around under a different name and Creamer is still accepted in “polite” Lefty society. Well, more like “warmly embraced”.

    The only marginally true and useful thing I could easily find on Google just about makes him a saint. [Evidently stealing from a bank is okay if you later repay the money — or use money from abused and underpaid door knockers to do so.]

    And, of course, he did indeed steal $2M.

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