I was in a meeting yesterday afternoon when the story about the Paris attacks broke. I came back down to my office to a message that Paris was under attack. There was limited media coverage at the time, so I was desperately searching for any details about what was going on. I have family and friends in Paris, and I was hoping everyone was safe.

I came home to chaos on CNN. Say what you will about CNN, but this is the type of reporting they do best. They were on scene. Interviewing the Mayor of Paris, the Deputy Mayor, witnesses, you name it. My cousin got in touch via Facebook and confirmed the family was fine. One friend is still MIA, and while I’m a little nervous, I’m sure he’s fine.

The “Religion of Peace” has struck again, just after our Dear Leader informed us that “ISIS is not getting stronger,” no less. French President Francois Hollande has closed France’s borders and implemented France’s first curfew since World War II in response, and has come right out and said it. We are at war. More than 100 people are dead from attacks ISIS claimed as their own. The world is in mourning. My Facebook feed is filled with French flag overlays on profile photos, including my own.

It took more than 100 people to die in coordinated terrorist attacks in one of the world’s most beloved cities for that nation’s leader to close down the borders. Until then, every EU member nation buckled under the pressure to allow hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees to enter their borders. Sure many of these people are searching for a safer, war-free life. Sure, Europe hands out benefits like candy – paid by its residents – and the Europeans feel they have a duty to help those in need. Europe is safe. Europe is generous. Europe is welcoming.

And Europe is paying for it.

There are a ton of military-aged males pouring into Europe. I will even acknowledge that the majority of them are probably not jihadists. Probably.

But how many jihadists did it really take to commit these atrocities? How many jihadists did it take to kill thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001?

It’s not about how many. It’s about the fact that they are flooding the borders, and there aren’t sufficient intelligence resources to run background checks to ensure they don’t have terrorist connections. It’s about the fact that the demand for Syrian passports is rampant, because Syrian refugees are given priority entry, and black market Syrian passports are being purchased like candy by anyone with money.

All it takes is a few. Of the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding Europe, it would only take a handful of jihadists to commit an atrocity like the one that paralyzed France yesterday. How many? Ten? Twenty? There were attacks with automatic weapons, and there were explosions. Even if 100 people were involved in these heinous acts, it’s only a tiny percentage of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are descending upon Europe.

A relatively small number of terrorists was able to kill more than 100 people. On September 11, 2001, just a couple of handfuls of terrorists murdered thousands and destroyed thousands of lives. That’s all it took. Just a few.

So while leftists screech how we shouldn’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few extremists, and that the extremists are the very reasons those refugees are seeking refuge…

…they forget about the very real lives that were lost. They forget about the terror that was perpetrated against thousands of innocent people. They forget the families that were destroyed.

This isn’t about blame!

Blame? How callous do you have to be to push a political agenda while accusing terrorized and traumatized people of such things, you arrogant asshole?

We certainly do recognize reality – that in the swarm of hundreds of thousands, a small percentage of monsters could be hiding. If you can’t recognize that it’s not even close to placing blame, no one can help you! Perhaps a course in remedial English might be in order here?

Fact is we don’t know who these terrorists were. We know they were likely ISIS. We know it was too easy for them to slip into Europe, hidden among the torrent of refugees. This is not the refugees’ fault, but those are the facts. And if they didn’t enter with the recent crop of refugees, they still slithered in because – once again – Europe is welcoming, Europe is generous, Europe is safe.

So the only rational, logical thing to do is to close the borders. Yes, it sucks for the refugees. Yes, that means they will be suffering in a war-torn nation or be forced into a nation that may not be as developed, nice, generous, or welcoming as the European nations they’ve been flooding. There are no assets in Syria and no resources to perform background checks on the thousands and thousands of people demanding entrance into the West. Neither France nor any other EU member has the ability to properly check the thousands of military-aged males entering their countries for any connection to terrorist groups.

So yes. They need to shut their borders down. It might be callous, but it’s the only way to protect the citizens of those nations, and after all, isn’t that the basic role of government?

It doesn’t matter if only a small number of refugees are terrorists. It doesn’t matter if they’re terrorists hiding in a swarm of great people. Fact is they are there. They enter countries, and they destroy lives. So how about we focus on that, and stop pushing your idiot political agendas?

And speaking of idiot political agendas…

The racist shitbags at Mizzou have taken their Special Snowflake Syndrome to a new, more disgusting level. Remember how the Uber Idiot at the Washington Post a few days ago tried to justify the abuse of a University of Missouri student journalist by entitled, coddled, cowards? Remember how he claimed they were just so traumatized by their alleged abuse because of their alleged skin color by alleged racists at Mizzou for the alleged entirety of their presence there, that they had to have a “safe space” the media just had to respect?

Well, the media moved on, and that didn’t sit well with these repugnant, attention whoring maggots. aren’t happy, because apparently the attention from the media they claimed they needed “safe space” from – the attention that they claim is a betrayal and doesn’t adequately pick at their scabs – has shifted to true tragedy. And now that they’re no longer in the spotlight, they are whining, moaning, and complaining like the entitled, rotten infants that they are!

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus.

THEIR struggle. They are safely ensconced in their dorm rooms and apartments, getting a university education, demanding and receiving special dispensation, excused from exams, mea culpas and ultimate resignations from university administrators, who had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged incidents in question, and they’re belittling the murder of innocent people by savage terrorists, because they’re not getting the attention to which they’re entitled!

This is beyond repugnant. This is beyond abhorrent.

Upon learning that terrorists attacked Paris, these cunttastic fucksacks decided that the lives of over 100 people at the hands of murderous savages, they decided that it was all about THEM!

screen_shot_2015-11-13_at_7.39.20_pm Screen-Shot-2015-11-14-at-15.03.271

Let’s get this straight. Mizzou wasn’t “terrorism.” The infamous cotton ball incident did not end any lives. It wound up with the arrests of two dumbasses who later apologized for their dumbassery. It will be a cold fucking day in hell before ISIS apologizes for the pain they cause.

The alleged poopstika incident? Yeah… I’ll believe it when I see it. IF this was a real incident, was anyone physically harmed? Was anyone killed? No.

The KKK threats were proven to be false, and the student body president who put the false warning out about those threats on social media admitted he was wrong.


Get over it, you entitled swine! This is not about you. No one needs to discredit you.

By belittling the tragedy that was Paris…

111215_hn_protests_1280By attention whoring and scrambling like hell to turn the spotlight back to you in the face of horrifying tragedy that ended up in the deaths of more than 100 innocent people…

By deprecating and diminishing bloodshed and carnage in an effort to whore more attention for yourselves, you’ve discredited yourselves.

No Twitter “racists” had to do anything. You did their job for them, you malignant degenerates. Hope you’re proud.


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  1. The asses at the universities are the equivalent of the muslim scum that is invading Europe. Both have no redeeming qualitiies, both feel entitled, both are very dangerous. I doubt either Europe or America has the strength or will to get rid of these cancers.


  2. I did a little searching for the poopstika incident, and it may be real. From the report I saw, it was not as serious as it has been recently represented.


    1. Didn’t see this before. This looks more like a drunken moron being a drunken moron than a hate crime. I think someone said it best in another comment. What kind of racist or Nazi would desecrate their symbol in this manner?


    2. I’m baffled how that was any kind of slight against black people. I’d think it was aimed at Jewish people. Somehow, though, Jewish folks don’t seem to have their panties all in a bunch.


    3. Imagine some drunk, entering the unisex bathroom, and not quite making it to the toilet before his ‘urges’ overcame him. Now, he is dealing with an undesirable clean up. While he is standing there, with ample ‘writing material’ he doodles a swastika on the wall. More a protest of his situation than a ‘message’ to anyone (but then SJWs *always* think there is a message).
      The photos of the dribbles on the floor and on the door handle probably support my version of events better than theirs. Of course, it isn’t as exciting to accuse people of being drunk and stupid as it is to accuse them of hidden, microaggression racism.


  3. i grieve with all the people of France today. And i am ashamed of the stupid, i mean, students at Mizerable. How proud their parents must be, knowing that their children are being educated so well.
    The 100 plus people who died is just the tip of the ice burg. There are also the families and the close friends who have suffered as well. i guess these selfish jackasses are too important to care about someone clear across the pond.
    i bet they can get Hillary to give their commencement address next May. She is liberal enough, and she can probably use the money for her presidential campaign.


  4. Photos of the refugees indicate these are mostly young men, not women and children, and they seem to be bypassing or moving right through safe countries like Serbia to get to the wealthy ones. This makes them economic refugees, with a percentage of jihadis for good measure.
    According to AP last week, “The Obama administration is moving to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon.”
    We and the Europeans are welcoming in this huge Trojan Horse, and it is just a matter of WHEN a Paris style attack will happen in the US. And it will be in some “gun free” zone like a stadium or theatre or mall where folks are disarmed and trapped.
    I wonder if the reason so many of Obama’s closest advisors have left like rats from a sinking ship is because even though they shared his socialist vision, they were not on board with his political jihad against America?


  5. While I have sincere sympathy for those who lost loved ones in Paris, the French (and other Europeans) have NO ONE to blame but themselves for this. As Americans are starting to learn, you CANNOT survive as a nation and allow the uncontrolled, unrestricted INVASION of your nations by those bent on its destruction and the imposition of a 7th Century “Caliphate” and the forcible conversion of your citizens to an evil cult or into slavery (those will be your ONLY options–one as bad as the other.


    1. I agree with your comment. I see people illegally crossing our borders, yet I watch our government do absolutely nothing. We bring people into this country with absolutely no attempt to vet them, yet put our citizenry through ineffective groping when we fly. When terror hits our shores again (which it will), we, too, will have no one to blame but ourselves. At this point, it seems the political/media elite ignore the obvious.

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  7. Will what happened in Paris change anything? There have been plenty of preceding incidents which changed nothing. When 9-11 occurred my wife and I were living on the Jersey City waterfront, directly across from the WTC towers. There were the most prominent features when looking east from our condo.

    I walked through the basement of both buildings on the way to my office. The pall from the event was evident for a year and then, once nothing occurred again, life returned to what it had been before. The human psyche is not equipped to remain on constant alert and voters are not inclined to elect those who continually sound the alarm, as we know all too well.

    Paris will be the same. In five months it will be April in Paris, the tulips will be in bloom, the kids will be playing in the park and the sidewalk cafes will once again be full. Life will be good and memories will be short.

    More’s the pity because the future is not bright. The Fench, like most of the West, has so little faith in their future that they are surrendering their future, their culture, their county by declining to reproduce in sufficient numbers to come anywhere near replacing themselves. The void that is left is being filled by those who see see a brighter future and who produce sufficient children to realize that future.

    The need not be any more attacks on the French, or indeed anywhere else in Europe. Time, and sufficient children will accomplish much without ever firing a shot. Madame Le Pen is her ever populist self and the coming elections may well see he become the French President, but for what?

    There is no bright future over the horizon, but in five months the sun will shine and all we seem as it was. But it is not.


  8. Is this type of terrorist attack possible in a nation that recognizes the right to keep and bear arms?


    1. Yes it is. See “Gun Free Zone” and other places that are “Safe” from the evil that is gun ownership . . . you know, like France as a whole.


    2. Not really. If they tried this is Georgia, for example, they wouldn’t get very far.

      Just look what happened when one of these tools tried to take on an art show in Texas.


  9. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to know what Paris went through. Obama has brought 10,000 Syrian refugees to New Orleans already with more to come. It’s interesting how many are being sent to red states. Just a coinkydink, I’m sure. Wouldn’t have anything with trying to gin up violence around our elections, oh, no.


  10. Ms. Nicki- I’m NOT going to say this right. Here recently I’ve stayed away from making my own comments to anything on the net. I work for the government getting to worry about just how free my speech is and if it’s on the net it’s always on the net. After the some of the things said and done at recent Black Lives Matter events I began to worry… then the thousands of Syrians, Afghans, and others running to Europe with a local groups raising money to bring some of those refugees to small town America. The majority of which are military-aged men coming to a place without enough jobs/housing/transportation as it is. Now, add to the Turkish attacks (I lived there back in the 80’s) and now Paris, again…I honestly fear the future. PLEASE I know folks, both parts of my family came thru Ellis Island 70 years apart. A fundamental part of who we are IS our open arms to the masses striving to be free…but the men who wrote that never expected to face other men willing to die to prove their religion is better by killing anyone who doesn’t believe as they do. They wanted them to come and live as they wanted amongst those who didn’t want to live their way.

    So what’s this got to do with BLM? We are just humans, omnivore’s struggling to survive in our “herds,” clans, maybe “prides” says it best. Like a herd we react to threats. With our tools and technology on top of social media where lies are truth we as a people have a habit of over-reacting. Look at our reactions to everything from Hollywierd to Christmas toys to physical attacks. Can you imagine what could come next? Call me a conspiracy monger but even if there is never a clear solid link to IS you push hard enough and the pendulum WILL swing back AGAINST minorities. Find a real or create flat-out lie connecting IS to a local-national group… If as a nation the masses begin to fear or blame a minority enough and we’ll react and react badly- again. African-Americans HAVE to remember they have a core of people who have identified with radical-Islam since the 1960’s and are vocal about it. The Herd reacts to the threat and as a group and in the moment of reaction won’t differentiate between the guilty and the innocent. Now add from a historical perspective they are easy to target and remain around 15% of the overall population… all the makings of Europe how many times over the centuries? We like to think we’ve grown beyond what happened to part of my family and likely part of yours in the 30’s & 40’s and chant “we’re NOT Europe”…until we remember the Japanese-Americans in 1942. Way back then, gee- we wouldn’t do that today! Today? The Patriot Act & NSA surveillance, the things our elected government admit. Now I look around at how the majority is starting to react… and it not just us- the Rodina is returning to the Tsar, Germans are starting to push back against their government’s open door policy and are the Swedes, and on and on and on. I’m not sure anyone can stop or even slow the pendulum of history, or wants to. Sorry if this is a bit turgid- don’t know how to say it… a growing fear makes it hard to articulate….


  11. You said everything I want to say but can’t. I linked to it on my blog. I’m not sure I dare linking on FB Thank You

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  12. Oh yes, CNN hit it
    out of the park – the Moron Park:

    oops. Egg, meet face.


    1. Oh shit!!! Wow!!!


    2. I’ve said this before in other fora – there’s a fine line between reporting exclusive stories and keeping the public informed and crossing the line into endangering current operations. This is a damn shame. CNN generally does well with this kind of story. Very complete, very objective reporting. But that is crossing the line!


    3. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Why am I not surprised? [Frown]


  13. The toddlers at Mizzou have absolutely no clue about the real world, nor do they care. They can’t see beyond their noses (or their skin, as it were).

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  14. Will this wake up the people of Europe? Will they drive out the enemy that is swarming their borders? No. They are all over the media screeching about how they will allow MORE muslim invaders into their countries. F*cking morons.

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  15. Actual TV news headline I saw a few minutes ago: “President Obama Vows to Redouble Efforts to Defeat ISIS” Sadly, though, 2 x Nothing Much = Still Nothing Much.

    And re the College Infants’ latest tantrums: Un-fucking-believable. (I seem to find myself saying that frequently these days.)

    Glad your Parisian family members were OK, Nicky.


    1. Thanks! I’m relieved. Like a tool, I kept telling my cousin, “STAY IN! Don’t you go anywhere!” He was like, “I know!” LOL


    2. Yep, automatic weapons fire and explosions aren’t usually a sign it’s a good time to take a stroll, or to go out for a night on the town.


      1. Yeah, I know. But he’s my little cousin, so I worry.


  16. Here are two things.

    The governor of Illinois has suspended accepting Syrian refugees. Link is here.

    And the other, which did not surprise me, is that the spoiled snots at Mizzou got their undies in a knot because the events in Paris on Saturday night displaced them from the center of the news and media spotlight. If that is not as crass as you can get, then what is?


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