Open Letter to Washington Post’s Terrell Jermaine Starr

Dear Dumbass –

I realize it’s not classy or polite to start a letter out in this manner, but having read your idiotic, vomit-inducing essay in the Washington Post, justifying the threats and outright abuse of a student journalist at the University of Missouri, this is the only way I can possibly address you!

You and I should have at least something in common. You apparently write about U.S. and Russian politics, which is awesome, because that’s where my interests primarily lie as well, having been born in that Soviet shithole. But having read your preposterous nonsense in this particular opinion piece, I have to not only wonder if you and I could see eye-to-eye on anything, but whether you have a brain at all, Scarecrow!

You say the protesters tried to create a “safe space” in a public area. Safe for whom, pray tell? It certainly wasn’t “safe” for another student trying to do his job who was threatened by that warm bag of crazy that teaches communications at the school. It certainly wasn’t “safe” for anyone who wasn’t a specific color, was it? So why don’t you just say it? They wanted to create a segregated space for African-American students, where no others were allowed. Congrats on setting the Civil Rights movement back several decades, jackass!

You claim “The black community distrusts the news media because it has failed to cover black pain fairly.” Excuse me, but where in the description of media responsibilities does it say that it’s their job to cover “black pain”? The media’s job is to report news. It covers stories that are interesting and that will grab attention. Media is a business. Maybe you have forgotten that, but the media’s business is the news. It certainly doesn’t exist to be an echo chamber for whatever slight a particular group might be feeling.

You talk about your frustration with New York Mayor de Blasio’s treatment of the press and claim that as a public official he is obligated to provide access to the media. After all, his salary is paid by the taxpayers. You’re absolutely right. But let me ask you this: where the hell do you think the University of Missouri gets its money? Yeah… the taxpayers. Additionally, probably the parents of the very student whom your Precious Snowflakes and that Crazy Eyes Carrot Top lookalike instructor tried to prevent from doing his job! Yes, he had just as much right to be there as any other student, and for that, he was threatened and abused.

You claim these young people weren’t government entities, and were just trying to find a “safe space” from the alleged abuses they encountered at the school and the alleged “insensitivity” of the media to their alleged “plight.” Guess what, Cupcake! I’m going to be insensitive right now. There is no right to escape reality. There’s no entitlement to be provided a “safe space” from bad words, offensive ideas, and mean thoughts! There’s no right to block that with which you disagree, save by walking away from it, both literally and metaphorically. And there’s certainly no right to claim public space – space others pay for – as off limits to anyone based on the color of their skin!

babiesYou know what we used to call challenging ideas, dissenting language, debate, and provoking principles? We used to call that an EDUCATION! That’s right, an education. It’s where your preconceived notions are challenged, where uncomfortable thoughts are examined, and where you manage to learn something in the process. Those who are brave enough to be intellectually challenged face those challenges with facts and logic. Panty-shitting cowards curl up in a ball, suck their thumbs, and demand mommy and daddy university provide a “safe space” and a fucking blanky!

You claim we should strive to understand the motivations of the people about whom we write. I agree to a degree. The motivations are interesting to this particular story, and they do add some context. There have been reports of stupid, racist crap perpetrated by some students on the Mizzou campus. The cotton ball incident resulted in two years’ unsupervised probation and community service for the two douchebags involved. They also publicly apologized for being dumbasses and causing pain to their fellow students. Not enough? What would have been sufficient?

The events that caused that Privileged Snowflake™ Butler to initiate a hunger strike have yet to be substantiated – especially the poopstika incident. And I would think electing a black, gay man as student body president says a lot more about the Missouri student body than isolated incidents over the years – some of which cannot even be substantiated.

protest-mizzouSo what were the motivations?

You claim the motivation for the “safe space” was to secure “a rare space where their blackness could not be violated.” What the hell does that even mean? These students are black. It’s part of their biology – that’s it. No one can violate that! A strong, intellectually honest individual would acknowledge and move on. But no…. these Precious Snowflakes™ are so insecure in who they are, and get so much identity validation from something as basic as skin color, they’re incapable of not only standing up to racist bullies, but also people of any other race who may challenge their insulated world view!

I will submit to you that if you’re incapable of rationally discussing culture, race, gender, or any other subject in a mature manner with someone who respectfully disagrees with you, you have no business being in the real world. And I would submit that if your means of dealing with racism – whether perceived or real – is to forcibly exclude people of other races from publicly-funded spaces, you have become the very thing you so fear!

You claim that in the conversation about “safe space” we’ve overlooked the protesters’ message. I would disagree. Perhaps the protesters could more carefully craft their message so as not to come off as racist, cowardly, thumb-sucking prima donnas, who can’t tolerate the presence of another minority student of a different color, who just happens to be a journalist doing his job!

You blame the media for reporting negatively on black communities, claiming they’re more interested in broken windows in Baltimore and Ferguson than “black pain.” Excuse me, but do you even grok the actual mission of the career field that you have chosen? The story is the destruction of lives and livelihoods. The story is the burning buildings, the looting, and the violence. There’s nothing in the world that will justify the victimization of innocent members of the communities in question, no matter how hard you try! It is the violation of your neighbors’ rights. It’s the destruction of your neighbors’ livelihoods. It’s the decimation of the very communities these neanderthals claim are theirs. That’s the story, not the mealy-mouthed attempts by people like you to justify the carnage by claiming “black pain.”

In what world do you live that blames every other entity in the world for violence and crime except the people actually committing those acts? In what world is “black pain” or any kind of other pain an excuse for violence against innocent others?

The media reports news. The media should be objective. It should be impartial. If you want an exploration of “black pain,” write an opinion piece, and stop blaming the media for doing its job.

You claim the media should drop its sense of entitlement. I say you might want to turn that mirror toward the Precious Snowflakes™ you so rush to defend. The media has a job. That job is to report the story. If you don’t want to speak to the media, don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been turned down for an interview in my journalism career! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me they didn’t trust me, because they’d been screwed by the media before, and they weren’t taking that chance in speaking with me again.

You know what I did, as a journalist? I worked to keep my reporting above board, free from editorializing, objective, fact-based, and unbiased. You know what happened? I started getting more interviews and more opportunities the more people saw my work. You think “reporting on black pain” is objective journalism? Just where did you learn that lunacy?

Here’s your bottom line, Cupcake. “Black pain” is not news. News is current. News is action-based. News doesn’t kiss the ass of anyone, and it certainly doesn’t try to justify anyone’s actions. News is what happened, NOT here’s why what happened is excusable, because racism – in any form – is not excusable. Period.

Love and Kisses,



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  1. Good one, Nicki! I can just see little snowflake here sucking her thumb up to her elbow.

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    1. These people are really unbelievable. I don’t know why I’m even shocked. But wow.


  2. Nicki,

    You have laid out the arguments with great clarity and force. Bravo!

    With your permission, I would like to send your entire post to the subscribers of a small (about 20) news letter I publish. I will of course include full credit and a link to your original.

    Thank you,

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    1. Of course! Please feel free. And thank you!


  3. But…but…but… their FEELZ

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  4. I am so sick and tired of these whiny little assholes.

    They think they’re being oppressed? I say break out the fire hoses and attack dogs, and show them first-hand what real oppression feels like.

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  5. Well said, and I can only offer a hearty HELL YES! 🙂

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  6. Ever since we elected, or should I say they, Obama president, the state of race relations has gone down the toilet. I swear, I should have seen it coming, but I was totally clueless, and usually, I am pretty good at spotting things like that.
    I had never belonged to the NRA, but the next day after the election, I joined for the first time. Even with Bill Clinton, I didn’t feel as threatened for my 2nd amendment rights as I do with Obama.
    Now, I wonder if racial relations is not going to be used as some type of trigger for even greater control of the people of this country. I guess in a lot of ways it already is.
    I am afraid for my children. I hope that people have sharp pitchforks and hoes. It might come down to that someday.

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    1. To be fair, this shot has been going on since before Obama. I can’t blame him for this. It’s this everyone gets a prize culture that’s created a bunch of special snowflakes.


    2. That’s why he’s been NRAs gun salesman of the year for 7 years running.


  7. The poopswastika is apparently real. The police took a report on it. Though I have to question the sanity of someone who wants to play with their shit. It doesn’t seem representative of the populace. Also, there’s been to identification of the perpetrator or his/her intent. Should it come out that the responsible party is someone with a higher melanin content than average these protesters are going to look even more ridiculous.

    The offcampus racial incident was apparently reported by the same person who said there were confirmed reports of the KKK patrolling campus, and then had to retract that statement. At this point I would question the veracity of the initial racial taunts statement.

    The hunger striker feels so unsafe at the school that he’s only been there for 8 years. Somehow I doubt he really feels unsafe. It sounds more like he wants attention. Come graduation how many potential employers are gonna pass simply because he’s an attention whore? I wouldn’t want someone working for/with me that is more interested in media attention that doing the actual job.


  8. Just like the reaction to a shooting, the first instinct is to confiscate guns from everyone who didn’t do it. These children, because that’s what they are, want to punish collectively.

    They first create groups, and assign people to them based on all kinds of crazy criteria and when one person commits an act, imagined or not, the entire group is blamed and vilified.

    It’s because these people do not believe in individualism. They do not see one person committing the “crime”. They see entire groups as responsible and paint with a broad brush.


  9. “The offcampus racial incident was apparently reported by the same person who said there were confirmed reports of the KKK patrolling campus,”

    They should feel comfortable with the KKK after all they were and are wholly owned by the Democrat party…



    My “friend”, the Batman, should have copied and saved his original comment to this news story. Who knew that the censorius bastards at “The Vagina Pirate” online would leave it unmolested for over a week, and then, when they thought no one was looking, DELETE IT ?!?


  11. The “poopswastika” was apparently designed and executed by critters who like to fling poo, much like chimps in the zoo. I’m not a NAZI, but I’m educated enough (B.A.) to know that no real NAZI nor Klansman would “disrespect” das hakenkreuz in a manner like that. I suspect the noisemakers, just looking for another excuse to whine Out LOUD.


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