In Gratitude

As you all know, my laptop shit the bed the other day. After a couple of days at the shop, they’ve determined the hard drive is bad, so I’m paying them $200 to replace it. I figured I wouldn’t be able to work, or blog, or do anything else for a while, other than surfing Facebook from my phone, for a while, but then came an angel.

Quite literally.

OK, maybe not quite literally, but to me, this person is an absolute lifesaver! We spoke a few times via email, and to make a long story short, he gave me a new laptop. Just like that. I picked it up today, so here I am.

I’m fairly sure he probably doesn’t want me to get into details about him, but needless to say, I’m back, I’m writing, and I couldn’t be more grateful. These are the kinds of people who make this world a better place, who take care of others when they can, and who make me appreciate people and inspire me want to be a better person myself.

As soon as I get my old computer back, copy the documents I need and scrub it, I will donate it to someone who needs it. Because a guy named Michael gave me the opportunity to start working again, and I want to do what I can for someone else.

Thank you, Michael! Thank you so much!

That's how happy I am to be working again!

That’s how happy I am to be working again!


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  1. Sean D Sorrentino

    Thanks, Michael. This also means I’ll get my Foreign Policy For Grownups correspondent back on my podcast, so thanks from me as well.


    1. Selfish prick! 😉


  2. Why am I not surprised? With all the rotten people in the world, there are always a multitude of decent, honorable ones out there willing to help someone in need, paying it forward, asking nothing in return.
    Well done, Michael, and I know it will return back to you in blessings a thousand fold. It probably already has.

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  3. I suspect there are a number of your loyal readers who would have done the same had they had the wherewithal. I know of at least one, anyway.

    But Michael was the one who did, and he deserves great thanks from us all. Thank you, Michael.

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  4. Good on ya, Michael !!!
    Bravo Zulu !!


  5. I had a feeling good things were coming your way based on the comments I had read in the last posting. Great to see you back on the blogosphere, Nicki!
    And a heartfelt thanks to Michael, proof that there are still good and decent people left around.


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