Virginia Gives the Finger to Bloomberg

Billionaire busybody and self-anointed nanny to all Michael Bloomberg has spent lots of money in Virginia, trying to turn the state Senate over to the gun grabbing leftist dick weasels, so that our carpetbagging, opportunistic governor can easier implement his progtard gun control agenda. Bloomberg spent $2.2 million on ads targeting Virginia Republicans – repugnant spots that use the relatives of violence to push a political agenda. Frankly, I don’t know what’s worse – a non-resident, busybody jerk trying to affect Virginia politics and the lives of the residents of this state, or the opportunistic jagoff Andy Parker, the father of television reporter Alison Parker, who was killed in Roanoke in an August on-air shooting along with her cameraman.

This is the same Parker, by the way, who physically threatened Virginia Senator Bill Stanley in a direct message on Facebook that said, “I’m going to be your worst nightmare you little bastard” and threatened “YOU BEST WALK THE OTHER WAY LEST I BEAT YOUR LITTLE ASS WITH MY BARE HANDS.” Class act, Parker.

Makes me wonder why gun grabbers are such a violent lot. Perhaps that’s why they demand more gun control – they’re projecting their violent tendencies on the rest of us.

Dear Terry and Mike, Sit and spin, motherfuckers!

Dear Terry and Mike,
Sit and spin, motherfuckers!

Luckily Virginians gave Bloomberg (and Parker) the big, fat middle finger yesterday, and Bloomberg’s millions bought governor Terry McAuliffe McAwful exactly nothing.

The Senate still belongs to the Virginia Republicans, and no amount of Bloomberg cash changed that. Let’s just hope the Virginia GOP remains true to the Second Amendment and torpedoes any attempt on the part of McAwful to infringe on the rights of law-abiding Virginians.

For a while there, the Democrats screeched “VOTER IRREGULARITIES!” in one hotly-contested district, and Democrat Dan Gecker refused to concede to his Republican opponent last night, even after the AP called the race in favor of the GOP candidate. Thankfully, that’s all over now, as Gecker conceded to Glen Sturtevant today.

I will admit, I have no idea about either of the candidates in Powhatan County. I just know one thing, anything that kicks Boomberg and McAwful in the nuts on election day is a positive thing!


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  1. Loudoun flipped tho, 3(Ds), 7(Rs) and the Ds got the Chairmanship


    1. Loudoun was flipping already, Prince William has gone Purple now as well. I’m 2-3 counties out from Loudoun, depending how you drive. But Loudoun is still filling in, I’ll be dead by the time the Blue Zone makes it out to I-81. . .


    2. I am far from displeased that Delgaydio lost. He’s been too happy to tell people that they can’t park their cars on their own lawn and was instrumental in setting up a restricted parking zone on a *public* street. (you have to be a resident and/or have a permit to park on this street that is maintained by Loudoun Taxes.) He referred to it as a “Pilot Program”.

      York was a joke who needed to go.

      Chapman is back as Sheriff. Black is back. Unfortunately Bell got Ramdan seat. I will miss David, he was a good Rep and is a very nice man.


  2. I’m glad I don’t live in Virginia. I’m very happy that Nanny Bloomberg wasted a bunch of his money, though!

    And I love how you tell us how you really feel. 🙂

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  3. Wow.

    Nothing like the sore loser syndrome to rear its ugly little head and show us what people are really like, is there? The threats and angry rhetoric is extremely childish. If these were my kids, I’d have a very large bar of soap for their mouths. But you can’t return that with a ‘meet you in the parking lot, stupid’, can you? No, they can go ahead and trash you, because they have wads of cash.

    It also happens with GOPers. Republican donor, Frank VanderSloot, and his company, Melaleuca Inc, lost a lawsuit they brought against Mother Jones.

    While I have little use for Mother Jones as a publication, it appears that people with tons of money on both sides of the political fence think that they can buy elections to have things their way, regardless of what voters do or do not want. It’s that ‘money talks’ thing, and it needs to be stopped — yesterday.

    Just to add a little note here: shrillary has been banging the ‘gimme money’ kettle during her campaign tour in Chicago. $30 million so far at one stop. You have to start wondering why it’s money that counts, instead of voters, because unless you had $2,500++ to buy a plate of so-so food at her Chicago campaign stop, you didn’t get to attend dinner with her.

    And I thought it was only the Caesars who treated citizens with contempt.


  4. The even better part is this ties McAuliffe’s hands in the legislature!!! Now he can’t slam his obummercare and gun control down the state’s throat with a Dem controlled legislature, which was his whole goal!

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  5. So secret enemies of freedom are in control of the Virginia Legislature, instead of open enemies.
    How reassuring.


    1. It’s far from perfect, but anything that shackles McAwful while kicking Bloomberg in his shriveled raisins isn’t all bad.


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